A Camping Trip

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I had already packed my bags and put them in the car along with the other gear and supplies. I was beyond excited to get out into nature for awhile and disconnect from all the stress of the real world. Plus Anthony was coming with. He and I first crossed paths in a very unique situation, and had gone on a few dates after.

I told him I would pick him up at 2 in the afternoon and when I arrived he was already outside with all of his stuff. He was so pumped he was like a kid on Christmas. We loaded his gear into my car and took off.

The drive to the park was about 30 minutes. Despite it being located in the middle of a suburban city, the park was large enough where it felt like you were out in the middle of nowhere. It had plenty of trails and fishing spots.

We arrived in no time and we pulled into the parking lot. I reserved a remote camp site next to the lake, so we had to hike in a few miles with all our gear. We loaded up our packs took off.

The trail was not too difficult and we only passed one person. We both took a day off in the middle of the week because the park and campgrounds weren’t very busy until the weekend.

We arrived and surveyed the site to determine where to pitch the tent, so we dropped the gear and looked around a little. Anthony grabbed my hand and led me towards the lake. I told him I would really like to set up camp and gather fire wood, but he was having none of it.

We walked down a narrow path and came upon an outcrop overlooking the water. He sat down on the rocks and signaled for me to do the same. I plopped next to him and he put his arm around me. We sat there in silence taking in the beauty surrounding us.

I leaned my head on his shoulder and reached down for a quick grope. To my surprise (and delight) I found his cock already hard as steel. I grinned and murmured a bit. He let out a sigh and spread his legs to give me better access.

I spun to my knees and frantically pulled at his pants to get them off. He could see I was getting frustrated and chuckled a little while he opened his fly. My hand was pulling out that gorgeous cock as fast as it could and I took him all the way down my throat without warning.

His knees went up and his feet came off the ground. He laid back on the rocks and arched his back eryaman otele gelen escort as I took him in my mouth while I stroked him. It had only been about a minute when I could tell he would cum soon. I pulled my mouth away but continued to jack him.

“Baby are you gonna cum for me? Please I need you to cum.”

He responded by thrusting his hips upwards to fuck my hand. I stopped stroking and looked him in the eye.

“I want to hear you say it. I want you to tell when you’re going to cum.”

“Oh baby, I’m gonna explode just for you. Please suck me in your mouth. I need you.”

With that I again took his length all the way down my throat. He began to cum immediately and his hands flew to my head while he groaned and pumped his hot seed in my mouth. I was getting better at taking more of it, but still couldn’t manage to swallow all of it.

He was panting for air but he was reaching for my belt to try to put a hand down my pants.

“Mmm as much as I’m sure I’d love whatever it is you want to do to me, I really would like to get our camp set up please. Can we come back to this soon?”

Anthony looked disappointed but he nodded and helped me up. We went back to our site and set up the tent and sleeping bags. We then gathered firewood and tinder. It was still light out so I asked if he’d like to go fishing.

He grabbed the poles and tackle box and we went back to the lake. We found a decent spot along the shore. I love fishing and couldn’t get my line in the water fast enough. He had other ideas and went to put his hand down my pants.

“Sweetie if you keep that up we might not have dinner tonight.”

“I don’t care Kitty. I just want you.”

“Well at least let me fish for a little while? I said I was going to catch dinner for us.”

He didn’t say anything but kissed my neck and snaked his hand in the front my pants, and the tip of his finger found my clit. I went weak in the knees a little and he moved his finger back and forth on my slit.

It felt so good and I didn’t try to stop him. I also didn’t reel in my line and I had a bite. I set the hook and was trying to bring in the fish, but Anthony’s magical fingers were making it difficult. He was holding me up with one arm while continuing to finger me while I landed sincan escort the fish.

It had to have only been a few minutes of rubbing but he soon had my legs trembling as I hung onto his shoulders. I clutched his biceps and pulled him closer. He had to have felt me tense up.

My mouth flew open and my head tilted back as I began to cum. He immediately covered my lips with his and I cried out into his mouth while I came. My legs felt like jello and I thought they would give way. Thankfully Anthony is pretty strong and never let go of me.

When I came back to my senses I realized I still had the fish on the line, but it was out of the water. It was a fine walleye and would be enough for both of us. I saw the tent in Anthony’s pants, but we needed to take care of this fish. I have him a grope for a few seconds and told him we needed to cook dinner.

We went back to camp and he started the fire while I cleaned the fish. We put some peppers, onions, and potatoes in foil and put them in the fire. Meanwhile we cooked the fish in a skillet over a rack.

Our dinner was absolutely delicious. For dessert we had smores but with peanut butter cups instead of regular chocolate. There was only one thing that was missing.

“I hope you liked dinner baby. I know it wasn’t the most extravagant but we are camping.”

“Dinner was outstanding, thank you so much for catching and cooking the fish. Would you like to go for a walk and stretch the legs?”

“Sure that sounds wonderful. Let’s put out the fire and I’ll grab a few headlamps since it’s starting to get dark.”

We put the lights on our heads but didn’t turn them on since we didn’t need them yet. Once again we went back to the lake but this time we picked a trail that went around the water. There was plenty of room in the path and we passed a few different people on our way.

By now it dusk was approaching and we decided to turn around. We soon had to turn on our headlamps to see where we were going. We were getting close to our camp when Anthony took my hand and led me off the path. He then turned off both of the lights.

It was dark but I could still see his body and knew he was close. I felt his arms slide around my waist and he pulled me in. I reached up to pull his head down to elvankent escort mine and I melted into his kiss. I broke our embrace and looked up at him.

“Anthony I’ve never had sex outside before. I’m so horny right now will you please fuck me? I need you to fuck me.”

He responded by kissing me again and gripping my ass with both hands. Suddenly he turned me around so I was facing away from him and he pushed me up against a tree. He ripped my pants down and I felt his hard cock rubbing along my slit. By now it was really hard to see which only heightened my other senses.

He teased me for what felt like an hour before I couldn’t take it anymore. I was trying to push back to take in his dick but he wouldn’t allow it.

“Baby please. Please fuck me. I need to feel your big hard dick inside me. Please baby.”

He grabbed my hair to pull my head back while he guided his cock in my hot tunnel. He ground into me in circles before he began to moan and switched to humping me as fast as he could. He pulled at my hips to try to get in even deeper.

I was in pleasure heaven when I heard voices and laughed. I opened my eyes and saw lights on the path and heard what sounded to be a small group of people. I put a hand on his thigh and pushed back a little. He stopped and then realized why I stopped him.

We were only about 20 feet of the path and while it was dark, they would be able to see us if their lights shone in our direction. I stayed motionless, but I felt Anthony begin to fuck me again. I pushed back on his thigh again to stop him but he continued to screw my pussy.

He reached a hand around my face and covered my mouth. He leaned forward so his chest was on my back and he whispered into my ear.

“Holy shit this is so fucking hot. Fucking you outside in the dark with people about to walk by. It’s gonna make me cum soon.

The whole time he hadn’t stopped fucking me and we could hear the group getting closer as they were engaged in conversation. I felt Anthony begin to drive into me faster and his hand tightened around my mouth.

The group was passing by and we could hear them laughing. Anthony grabbed my hips tight and began spasming as he shot his load deep in my pussy. He was trying his best to be quiet and while he wasn’t completely successful, it didn’t matter. The group walked by not knowing my sexy guy just blew his load in me at the same time.

He slipped out of me and we walked slowly back to camp. We climbed into the tent and we quickly fell asleep. We’d need our energy for the morning.

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