Out of Mind — Out of Body

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She had stepped into the empty elevator, the doors had just closed and the car started to move when she felt the hands cup her breasts. She’d started to turn but was held by those hands and something pressing her from behind. The pressing began a slow gyration and she could feel the stiffening of a cock. She’d started to scream and glanced in the ceiling mirror — there was no one in the car with her. Was she imagining this? If so her imagination was running wild and her breasts began moving as the hands manipulated them. The fitted bra supported her well, but those hands had raised her even more, and then there was a hand inside her blouse and it had squeezed inside the bra. Her ass tingled from that touch and she’d responded slightly to its suggestive action.

Her short skirt had been raised and a hand reached under it and cupped her and just as quickly it snaked inside her bikini panties. It’d rubbed so deliciously and she’d felt the fingers moving and parting her and stroking. The sensation in this dream was so real that she’d moved her hips in welcoming motion as she’d felt the first intense instance of the thrill. Her blouse was unbuttoned and a hand slipped her bra straps down. Then the bra itself was below her breasts and the warmth of a hand caressed them and she felt the nipples fondled and rolled between strong fingers and thumb.

The dream had been so realistic, istanbul escort the hands so warm and her pussy so well manipulated that she’d have sworn this was really happening. Next she was turned and there was still nothing there, but she’d felt the warmth of a naked warm male body pressed against her breasts. Strong hands reached behind her raised skirt and lifted her against the elevator wall. She’d felt the strength in the cock that was pressing her leg. She’d reached down and had it in her hand and instinctively parted her legs and used it to brush aside her panties and guide it in. She’d settled slowly onto that hard shaft and felt it lift her. Her legs went around the imaginary waist and rested on the hips to provide something to raise herself.

Those imaginary hips and hands raised her and then lowered her again and again as she slid greedily into heightening passion. A warm face nuzzled a nipple and then it seemed to be devouring the breast. Hips and cock slammed into her as she was hammered against the elevator wall. This was the most realistic dream she’d ever had. She’d glanced around, again, and no one was holding her, and she was open and exposed high against the wall. Her legs seemingly wrapped around someone that was not there. Suddenly the elevator stopped and she’d noticed it was between floors just avcılar escort slightly below her destination floor.

Her eyes closed in astonished wonder and aroused ecstasy as the sex continued. Her hand was still wrapped around the base of that wonderful cock as she’d felt the hair at its base rubbing her thumb as it moved. Finally, in a surge of desperation and sheer wantonness she’d closed her eyes and responded with all her strength and a determination to drive to a climax. Warm lips now sought her own, and then a lively tongue was driven between them as she’d twisted and turned and drove herself onto that imaginary cock. She’d felt an orgasm, and then another, and a third, but couldn’t resist the intense pleasure as she drove on.

Almost without warning she’d felt the warmth rise in her tummy, her hips, and her nipples as she’d sucked more fiercely on that imaginary tongue and felt the growing quake that began deep inside her. The world began to shake, and her body tensed as her pussy clenched that warmth and she’d felt it pulse. She’d felt the absolute pleasure of her own body and she’d heard a soft sigh and felt the strong release of sperm deep within. Each surge felt wonderful and so warm inside her. That warmth kicked her off the edge and as she fell she was happy. She was intensely and glowingly happy as she was lowered back onto her şirinevler escort feet. Her legs couldn’t support her and she sank to the floor of the elevator.

Hands raised her bra, seated it around her breasts and then buttoned her blouse. Her blouse was smoothed and with her legs extended and open, she’d felt those hands trying to straighten her panties and smooth the skirt. Her hair was smoothed and a light kiss brushed her lips as she’d heard a soft deep male voice say thank you.

Hands were holding her own and pulled her to her feet.

As she regained her balance and attempted to regain her composure, she’d heard the emergency stop button being reset and the elevator began to rise again.

The door opened to a handful of people waiting to enter, and she’d managed in astonishment to walk out and through the throng as amazed eyes followed her.

Instead of proceeding to her destination, she’d stopped in the public ladies room and inspected herself. She looked exactly as she’d felt — worn and tired, but happy as she reached down and felt the wetness that seemed to fill her panties. She’d gone into a stall and removed them, and then in a moment of inspiration she’d smelled the wetness. It was definitely the odor of a man and she’d checked herself slowly. Sticky male cum definitely ran down her leg.

As she wondered, a man two floors above her seemed to come out of a trance and then get out of the hallway chair and stand up. A smile was on his face as he’d straightened himself and glanced down the empty hall and walked toward the elevator. Five days in a row, and in five different buildings he’d managed his out of body escapade and already anticipated tomorrow’s adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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