Part 2

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Note: I wrote this for a good friend of mine. I am an 18-year-old virgin female. I have blonde wavy hair, I’m about 5′, 36D, average weight, and very fair-skinned, and this is my fantasy…

I awake at about 9:00 to feel your strong chest rising and falling slowly beneath my arm. I decide to take a shower to freshen up, expecting you to wake in the meanwhile, before I make my way back to my hotel room for the night. I slowly creep from the bed and the warmth of the sheets. The sudden cold of the room on my body makes my nipples stand erect. I feel them gently as I watch you sleep, hoping to get at least one last kiss before I leave. Little do I know that you are watching my naked form through barely opened eyes…watching me play with myself. You are somewhat relieved as I turn and walk to the bathroom, for fear of my seeing your rising hardness, spoiling your perfect show. You wait for a few minutes after I have entered the bathroom. sarıyer escort You hear the shower start, then the curtain open and close. A few moments later you are sure that I am well into my shower, and you rise from the bed to follow my path to the bathroom.

Opening the door slowly, you listen to my sounds to hear if I have detected your presence. All is quiet, so you creep inside and close the door quietly behind you. Peeking around the edge of the curtain, you see that I have lathered up my body and hair thoroughly, and I am rinsing a bit of soap from my face. My eyes are closed, completely oblivious to your immersion in my activities.

I let out a soft sigh, just enough for you to open the shower curtain a gap large enough to fit you. You step into the shower slowly, my back turned to you as I run my hands all over my soapy body. I widen my stance to esenyurt escort maintain my balance on the slippery floor of the shower. You smile, realizing this as a perfect chance. As I wipe the water from my face and begin to lean back from the warm stream, you make your move. All in one fluid movement, you slide one hand around my waist to my stomach and place your other hand firmly between my legs as you pull me near. I gasp deeply at the sudden touch, but you hold me firm so that I cannot turn around.

I relax a bit, but I am still somewhat tense with excitement. As you slip a finger into my slit, I moan and lay my head back on your shoulder. I reach down and begin to massage my swollen clit with my right hand as the other hand lays on top of yours on my stomach. First one, then two of your fingers probe deeper inside me, testing my wetness. I moan and gasp as my head rolls from side to avrupa yakası escort side on your shoulder. Once you are sure that I am very ready, you remove your fingers and pull my reluctant hand away from myself. Turning me to face you, my eyes look dreamily up at you, my body limp and tingling as if it were on fire. You pull me close and kiss me passionately, letting me feel your hardness against my stomach. I put my arms up around your neck, kissing you back. You place your hands firmly under my ass cheeks and lift me up. I wrap my legs around you, my slit open and waiting just above your member. The soap rinsed from my upper body, I am able to lean back some and slide down onto your hard rod.

Once it is firmly lodged within me, I begin to move my hips slowly, grinding against you. My muscles clench you inside me, pulling at you, begging for more. As my hips move, my breasts are pressed against your chest, squeezing them into creamy white firm mounds between us. You can feel my nipples hard against you. My mouth breaks away from you to gasp and moan almost too loudly as we climax together, your juice spraying into me, filling me. I am so overcome, I collapse onto you, my legs, arms, and neck weak. You place your chin on top of my head, holding me, as I breathe heavily against you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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