Our Seventh Encounter: Pool

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For my special muse, Jo

It is the middle of the night, and I am dreaming of you. We are running along a white beach somewhere, both naked, with no one else anywhere in sight. We are holding hands, laughing at some shared intimacy, as we run. We reach a blanket, spread at the base of the dunes. You sprawl on the blanket, arms and legs spread wide, inviting me to join you. As I lower my body on to you—–the phone rings. I awake and look at the clock. It is 3 a.m. When I answer, it is you. I am surprised, but your unexpected call makes me smile. I notice that our dream activities have made my cock erect, and I stroke it gently as we talk.

Your husband is out of town, you say, and you want to see me. Your sister is visiting, so you can slip out for a couple of hours without leaving your kids alone. You tell me to meet you at a certain intersection in 15 minutes. You instruct me to wear shorts–no underwear–a t-shirt, and sandals. I am puzzled by your request, but I agree without hesitation.

Fifteen minutes later I am at the appointed place, and moments after I arrive you emerge from a nearby clump of bushes. You glance around to make sure you are not being watched, and then you open the door and climb in. The dome light illuminates your face, and I see your alluring smile and sparkling eyes. I know by the look in your eyes that I am in for an enchanting evening.

I follow your directions as I drive through the residential neighborhood. There is no traffic, and after only a few minutes, you instruct me to park. As soon as I stop, you hop out of the car and run ahead to a fenced enclosure. Once again I am puzzled, but I follow you. When I catch up to you, you are unlocking a gate, and after we enter you lock it behind us.

We are bakırköy escort at the pool, the pool you have told me you visit frequently. I do not ask how you obtained the key, but I am sure it must be an interesting story. You take a quick glance around and observe that the neighborhood is still. Taking my hand, you lead me toward the pool. You move toward the shallow end, and when we reach the edge, you stop. With a single motion, you remove your summer dress and slide easily into the water. I quickly undress and join you.

You move close to me, and I feel the warmth of your body pressing against me. You whisper in my ear that we need to be quiet to avoid discovery. You add that you can only stay a little while because of your kids, but that you just had to see me. You say that you had been dreaming about me and woke up horny, and that was what had prompted the call. I chuckled and tell you about my dream that had been interrupted by the ringing phone. We have a good laugh together.

We kiss, that same intimate kiss we always share when we first meet. It is a kiss of re-acquaintance, a kiss of renewal, a kiss to remind us where we have been and where we are going. It is a long, intimate kiss, the kind of kiss that always makes my cock hard and your juices begin to flow. As we kiss, I feel your breasts pressed firmly against my chest and your patch of unshaved pubic hair against my thigh.

I lean down and kiss your breasts, first one and then the other. I nibble each nipple, suckle each in turn, lick off the beads of water. Your hand moves down to grasp my cock, and as you touch it a ripple of excitement courses through my body. My mind returns, momentarily, to my dream and your welcoming embrace that was interrupted beşiktaş escort by the ringing phone. My hand finds your pussy, and my fingers slide between its shaved lips. Your sudden intake of air tells me that you are as aroused as I am. Breaking our kiss, you whisper, “Fuck me, now, please.”

I grasp your ass cheeks and lift you up. You position my cock at the entrance to your pussy, and, thrusting simultaneously, we drive it into the depths of your waiting cunt. Your legs wrap around me, and your lips press hard against mine. Your tongue is now demanding, thrusting, uncontrolled. Your body is like a piston, rising and falling on the shaft of my cock. I lean against the side of the pool as you fuck me with a determination that I have not seen before. My hands hold your ass, squeezing each cheek, lifting you, helping you in your demanding, animated assault on my prick.

I focus on the sensations caused by your pussy wrapped tightly around my cock. I feel the warm slipperiness as I glide in and out of you. I feel the slight prickle of your shaved cunt hairs around the base of my cock. I feel the pool water sloshing between us as you thrust yourself against me. I feel your erect nipples poking against my chest with each downward stroke of your body. I feel the rush of heated breath you emit each time my cock slides up inside you. But most of all, I feel the closeness, the intimacy, that exists between us. This feeling causes my climax to swell within me. I want to cum inside of you, to fill you with my cum, to mingle my juices with yours deep inside your cunt. I want your body to absorb my cum so that part of me can become part of you.

These thoughts cause me to thrust harder against you, to drive my prick even beylikdüzü escort farther inside you. I can tell that you are also close to cumming. Your head is tilted far back, and your eyes are closed. You are pounding your pussy onto my cock, taking all I have to give. I cum first, unable to hold off any longer, and my quick thrusts of cumming trigger your orgasm. As you cum, your body shivers, and I feel the walls of your swollen cunt molding around my prick, squeezing my erection along its entire length. My legs go weak, but the buoyancy of my body keeps me from sinking below the rippled surface of the pool. As the final shiver of ecstasy courses through your body, you rest against my chest, your arms wrapped tightly around my neck.

We remain that way, joined together in intimacy, unwilling to part any sooner than is necessary. As I begin to recover my senses, I remember where we are. I glance around, making sure that we have not been discovered, but the neighborhood is still quiet. Your breathing is soft and tingly against my neck. Your body is warm and firm against my chest. I feel that I could stay this way for the rest of the night, but too soon I feel you beginning to stir. You lean back and look into my eyes, and in the pale moonlight, I see that lovely smile that always warms my heart. I kiss you lightly, to seal with a kiss the wonders of this evening. We whisper a few intimacies to one another, and then it is time to go.

Before climbing out of the pool to dress, we look around, but all is still quiet. We dress and then make our way back to the car on unsteady legs. Once inside, we sit and talk for a few minutes, planning our next meeting. On the drive back to your place, my hand is between your thighs, my fingers stroking your oozing pussy. As I pull over to let you out, I raise my fingers to my lips and taste the salty sweetness of our commingled juices. We kiss, briefly but passionately, and then you are gone. On the drive home, I occasionally sniff my finger and smell that wonderful promise of encounters yet to come.

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