Obey Me, Darling

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“Oh, come on! That has to be cheating!” Eden glared at her computer as the game ended. Her sudden losing streak had gotten a bit annoying as of late, and she found herself quite frustrated. Spying her phone on the desk, Eden smirked, grabbing it and beginning to scroll through her contacts.

Selecting the one she was looking for, she sent a few innocent messages to her boyfriend, Alex. His work shift wasn’t too far from over, and she felt like playing a bit to ease the tension she’d built up over the past week.

Hearing a familiar chime, Eden glanced at the message, peeling her black shirt off her skin to reveal and lacy bra, dark red in color.

‘Hey, baby. What are you up to?’

Smiling, she pulled her bra cup down, exposing a soft pink nipple. Raising her phone above her, she snapped a few pictures, sending them to Alex and eagerly awaiting his reply. Eden sat back in her chair, picturing all the things that her boyfriend could do to her when he got back. Cuffs flashed into her mind and she sighed, wanting to feel him take control of her. The next chime alerted her to his response, and she sat up, opening it quickly.

‘Oh kitten… I wish I was done with work. I want to tear that lace off of you, and suck on your tits. They’re so warm and full and I can’t wait to get ahold of them. Flick my tongue against that sensitive bud until you’re bucking against me in need.’

Knowing that Alex was indeed in the mood to play, Eden thought that she should kick it up a notch.

Taking down her hair, she let it fall around her breasts, now nude. Slipping a hand down to her shorts, she unzipped them and pushed forward, softly stroking herself through halkalı escort her underwear.

Taking her phone in hand again, she took another picture. This one obscured her face but would give a good idea of what was going on.

Alex’s reply was almost immediate.

‘Fuck, baby. I have five minutes until I can be home. Are you having fun? I want to be there, see your fingers pumping into that pretty pussy, filling them until I can get there and shove my cock inside you.’

Eden bit her lip, her fingers sliding over the wetness that was seeping through her panties. She wondered how Alex would be with her tonight. From his texts, it was an assurance that he’d be rough and dominating, something she really needed right now.

Shoving her panties aside, she pushed a finger past her lips and groaned. It had been so long since she had done this, and even though Alex would be coming home soon, she was determined to enjoy herself.

“Ohh…” Eden whimpered, rocking herself against her hand. Adding another finger, she picked up the pace and sunk down in her chair, enjoying the feeling of her ministrations. Pleasure washed over her the more she slammed her fingers into her pussy, her legs shaking.

“Don’t you dare.” A voice growled into her ear, and she forced herself to stop, her oncoming orgasm receding.

Eden shivered as she felt Alex’s hot breath on the back of her neck, pressing herself back into the chair as he palmed her breasts, making her hiss as he pinched slightly.

Taking a hold of her blonde curls, he turned her head to the side, roughly pressing his lips to taksim escort hers. Groaning as their tongues clashed, he pulled back to look at his girlfriend, his eyes dark.

“Get on the bed.”

Standing, Eden hurriedly discarded her clothes save for her panties, laying on the bed and smiling in anticipation as Alex climbed over her.

“Fucking dirty girl,” He said, setting his legs over hers to render her immobile. “I got so fucking hard seeing those pictures.” Moving her panties to the side, he readjusted so his mouth was right next to where she needed him most.

“I wanted nothing more than to race home so I could throw you down on this bed, tear your clothes off and fuck your brains out.” Kissing her inner thigh, Alex smirked, enjoying seeing his girlfriend squirm as he gave a long, slow lick up her slit.

“Please! Baby, please keep going!” Alex pushed into her with his tongue, licking up the juices she was giving. Eden panted and swore as he fucked her with his tongue, even grabbing hold of his hair to keep him in place as she ground her cunt against his mouth, desperately seeking the pleasure she craved.

“Alex, fuck!” Eden cried out, her thighs tightening around his head as she came, her hips bucking involuntarily at the continued pleasure.

Moving back, Alex shed his clothes, wrapping a hand around his cock and pumping once. Staring at a bead of precum, Eden licked her lips, but as hot as filling her mouth with cum sounded, he was determined to leave that for another day.

Removing the rest of her clothes, Alex pulled her closer, teasing her.

“Please, baby,” Eden said huskily, “Don’t stop now.”

Slowly şişli escort sliding into her, Alex groaned, holding her hips down as she attempted to get him to go faster.

“Be a good girl and listen,” He pumped into her with long, smooth strokes, causing her to whine in frustration.

“Obey me, my darling.” Continuing the slow pace, he smirked when Eden’s pleas got louder and pulled out, agonizingly slow.

“Get on your hands and knees.”

As she did as he asked, Alex leaned over her, his chest to her back and moved his mouth close to her ear.

“I’m going to fucking destroy you.”

Slamming his cock into her wetness, Alex grabbed her hips roughly, growling praises into her ear as he enjoyed her moans. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room and their cries grew louder, Alex pumping faster and trying to pull Eden as close as he could.

“You’re so fucking tight, baby girl.”

Eden whimpered at the compliment as rivulets of pleasure ran through her body. It was hard to concentrate with everything going on. Alex’s heavy breathing and grunting in her ear mixed with her own loud moans, and her hands gripped the covers below her as she felt a familiar knot in her stomach.

“I’m gonna cum, baby…” Eden warned, causing Alex to chuckle lowly. Taking a fistful of Eden’s blonde hair into his hands, Alex thrust harshly, turning her head to place a heated kiss on her mouth. Grunting loudly, he filled her with his cum as she shook lightly, riding the wave of her orgasm, Alex lightly stroking her clit.

Moving to lay on the bed, they sighed. “Remind me to do that more often,” Eden said smugly, getting an eye roll from Alex.

“If you distract me at work again, I’ll tie you up and have you begging for me to let you cum.”

“Ooh, gonna use handcuffs?” Alex pulled her close and kissed her cheek, chuckling.

“Don’t tempt me, babygirl.” Thoughts of future encounters danced in their heads as they cuddled close, falling asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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