Peggy Sanford and Friends Ch. 02

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Please read Ch. 1 to understand why Peggy acted as she did.

Resume: Bonnie had learned through a very shy friend about a new type of massage. Her shy friend had told her that it was nice. She also indicated that she had to be naked, but that the masseur had been “professional.”

Bonnie came back after having had the best orgasm of her life. She had just cum without anything really sexual being done. She could not understand it, but had to tell her best friend Peggy Sanford. Peggy is, as you know, a slut. Like Bonnie she loves cocks and cum and the occasional pussy. Peggy travels the world and has had more encounters than she can remember. At the age of 44 she had “The ultimate orgasm” and had been searching for it ever since without any luck.

After she had that talk with Bonnie she decided to ask her friends, the readers of her stories, if she should go for a massage. Because of your feed back she decided to do so and contacted Henrik. So, now we resume her story.

There is very little sex in this story.

Thanks to my editor Translucent Girl. You made my story better. Hopefully some of the readers will like it.


Peggy tells Kathryn

My dear friends.

You all told me to go for it. You know I am not scared of anything, when it comes to men, but this time, I was reluctant, afraid to be disappointed again. You all know what I want. Once in my life I experienced what the French call “The small death.” I call it “The Ultimate Orgasm.” Or TUO. That was 6 years ago. 6 fucking frustrating years.

Bonnie has given me the contact information to her masseur, Henrik, so I sent him a mail, asking for more information. Shortly, I got a return mail, that looked like a standard mail, describing the massage. He stressed that my private parts would be covered by a towel during the massage and would only be removed if I needed it. What he told me was innocent and without any sexual message.

I was not prepared to talk to him directly. I know this is so unlike me. I love any challenge involving a man. But now I was feeling unsure of myself. It was so unlike me. It was like I was a teenager again, going on my first date.

This was strange. I am a confident woman with a strong sex drive. I love seducing men and fucking them. What the f… was wrong with me?

I decided to talk to my good friend Kathryn, another woman that I met through Literotica. She is a very direct woman. I can talk to her about anything, and I do. I mean, I hold nothing back from her and she loves to post hot stories at Lit. She is horny and naughty and very much a woman. Sometimes I masturbate while reading her stories. She has a wicked mind, maybe even dirtier than mine, but very arousing. She has like a million pictures of herself and of herself with her numerous lovers. She shares halkalı escort those photos to people she trusts.

Actually I think, I turn her on when I tell her about my encounters with men. It is almost like I can smell her arousal. Well maybe it is just my own arousal, but I can see it in her eyes that she is turned on. I like women, but Kathryn and I have never been in a sexual relationship, which I’d really want. Also I need a friend to unload to. I could I do that, if I only made love to her. I like women and I would love to please her, but for the time being I decided to be just her friend. The thought of her playing with my pussy made me, oh, so wet.

Kathryn knows everything about me, we have been friends like forever. She knows about my frustration having turned 50 and still hadn’t experienced TUO. She actually advised me to go on hormonal treatment.

I had told her about my search for TUO. She understood. She had had it a few times, but there was too much time lapse between them.

She and I met the day after I talked to Bonnie.

Maybe I need to tell you about Kathryn, or just Kat for her friends.

Kat is a red haired woman with very blue eyes. I think she is beautiful and very sexy. Her breasts are just perfect for her very shapely body. I have seen her naked so many times when we had sleep over together and during other “activities.” I know I lusted for her, but I had the feeling she was looking only for male company. She never sent me “The Signal.” In all the years I have known her she has been single. We talked about men and sex, and I always felt that she was content. She loved to be together with several men at the same time, she loved when one after the other unloaded in her cunt while she was having orgasm after orgasm. But I also understood that she was frustrated, lacking that extra something.

I wondered how she would react when I told her about the Bonnie’s experience.

I met her at her place. We had a glass of wine.

“Kat, do you remember when I told you about my frustration with men? That I was getting bored with them even if they gave me nice and numerous orgasms?”

She replied that she knew about my craving for TUO, but went on telling me that she had the same problem. She could only speculate, but it was like the same thing over and over again; nothing really spectacular but plain nice. She attended more parties and wanted to be gang-banged more; many men giving her almost continuous orgasms helped her a bit, but she wanted to feel again that all consuming orgasm.

Then I said, “I have another very good female friend, Bonnie. She had visited a new place, run by a man called Henrik. She went there to get a massage at the recommendation of one of her friends.”

Then olgun escort I went on and I told her about what Bonnie had experienced in her two hour encounter with Henrik. I held nothing back. I told her in detail what Bonnie had told me. I tried to convey to her how I had sensed Bonnie’s joy. Because that is what it was, Bonnie was full of joy. I know Bonnie had had a lover some years back which almost destroyed her marriage. She had the best and strongest orgasms with this man. But it was just lust, not love, so Bonnie decided to end it, although she still dreams about it.

In my frequent contacts with women I know they have had secret lovers, too. Some of them even tell me that when they make love to their husbands they dream about being with their secret, past lovers.

Bonnie told me that this was so much better than her past lover. I knew she was infatuated with him, maybe even had fallen in love with him, but now it was like Henrik had cleansed her with his massage . Was that what it was all about, I wondered. Henrik had told Bonnie that it was about relieving stress, but could a pussy massage do just that? I had my doubts. For me, any action involving my pussy was just about getting off, but Bonnie did not get off, she just felt wonderful. What a puzzle.

I could not understand, so I asked Kat if she ever had a Yoni massage. She told me she hadn’t and agreed that according to her the pussy was a place to get satisfaction.

Then I told her what Bonnie had told me, and what I could not understand.

“After the massage he just put his finger at my g-spot, I exploded and passed out.”

In my world, nobody ever did that to me. I have had many orgasms, but each one of them was after a long lasting hard work.

Kat could not understand it either, but I sensed that she became more and more aroused by the story; I could actually smell her arousal. I know it so well. How I do, maybe I will tell you later.

“Did the story about Bonnie turn you on?” I asked, knowing she was aroused.

“Yes. I am sure Bonnie had a big one, I want it too!” she replied.

Then, she leaned on me and kissed me. This was new and very nice. She had the most wonderful lips and feeling her tongue entering my mouth almost made me cum.

Soon our clothes were gone and we ended in a 69 with me on top. Kat is so beautiful, with soft lips and a pussy that calls for my tongue and fingers. When aroused she is so wet, her taste is like the best wine and there is plenty of it. Her pussy lips are so beautiful, pink and full. Her little clit came out to greet my tongue. With lips, tongue and fingers we gave each other some relief from our frustrations. We spent the rest şişli escort of the day and the night in bed making sure that we knew everything about each others’ body. A few of my tools were in action as well. I have this double ended vibrating dildo. With that in place, sitting together and rubbing our clits we both came hard. I even think that Kat squirted a little, at least there was a big wet spot on the sheets. Maybe we both of us made it with drippings from our aroused pussies. I love messy, smelly sex. With Kat it was like I lost myself in my arousal. I needed that, I needed to forget my frustrations with men. Making love with Kat was just what the doctor ordered.

We were lying together naked, cuddling and kissing and then fell asleep into each other’s arms.

During breakfast we both decided to visit Henrik. I would go first and tell her about it.

She wanted to wait for me at my place, so I could tell her how it went right after the session.

We both hoped that a few miles down the road heaven was waiting. We really hoped that. Bonnie had told me that stress release was a major goal of the massage but maybe it could restore our joy with men too.

After a few days of thinking it over I decided to contact Henrik to book a yoni massage. I just needed to know how it was. Could I have the same strong orgasm that Bonnie had? I told Kat the date and time, and told her that I would be back some two hours later.

On the day of my massage Kat arrive early; she could sense that I was very nervous, so she kissed me and told me that everything would just be fine and that she would be here when I returned. She is such a good friend.

So I left home and drove to meet Henrik.

What I did not know was that it was so much better than I had hoped. This wonderful man blew my mind.

I am still recovering, sitting in my car ready to go home to an eager Kathryn, and later when I, hopefully with Kathryn’s help, understand what actually happened, I will tell you, if I ever decide to do that. Now I can just tell you that it was so much better that anything I had ever experienced.

Please give me some time to understand.

No. We did not have sex. But I so wanted to be together with him. He understood my body better than anybody ever before. I love him, but I don’t remember if told him, and it makes me sad. I want him to love me too.

I know I am pathetic, like an 18 year old virgin, but i can’t help feeling like that. I want to cry and smile at the same time.

Some day, if I am strong enough, I will tell you about my massage. But first I needed to tell Kat about it.

What should I tell her? That it was nice. Do I want to share Henrik with her, Bonnie and all the other women, who would probably fall in love with him, too?

Deep down in my soul I know that he is the only one that will ever make me happy. I also know that he will just continue to do what he is so good at, for me and all the other women.

I wonder what makes him happy. He looked happy when he held me close after my session with him. Him holding me felt so wonderful. Should I start studying how to massage his cock? I think it is called Lingam massage. I better prepare myself.

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