New Pants

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Neil stepped out of the shower room into the bedroom and stood in front of the mirror. He dropped the towel that was fixed loosely round his waist and began flexing his arms and turning to look at his shoulders and back muscles in the mirror.

“Saoirse! Come and see this!” he called.

Saoirse came out from the kitchen and stopped, leaning against the bedroom door frame when she saw him standing naked with his back to her, admiring himself in the mirror. She folded her arms and caught his eye in the mirror, raising her eyebrows and jabbing her tongue into the side of her mouth to try and hide her smile. “Oh yeah Neil, any excuse to get your bum out!” she said with mock annoyance.

“Well yeah but that’s not why I called you. Look at that!” he said, flexing to show her his upper arm, shoulder and back muscles. “I’m finally getting the definition back.” he said.

Saoirse approached him and squeezed his shoulders. “Oofftt! Delts on you boy! Very impressive, Neil.” she said, surveying his reflection in the mirror. “All that work in the gym is paying off.” she kissed his back, squeezed his ass and turned, walking out of the room just as she felt a sharp sting on her own ass cheek and turned round quickly. Neil had smacked her with his towel. “AAAAHHH!” she cried, holding her hands to her ass and inhaling sharply.

Neil laughed. “Get back here! Let me see you!” Neil demanded as Saoirse stepped hesitantly back into the bedroom. He approached her, sweeping her up in his arms and kissing her while moving over to the bed. He dropped her on the edge of the bed and stood back. “Mmmm new pants?” he asked, taking in her curves. She wore a cropped purple tie-dye t-shirt and a pair of purple, high-leg mesh pants.

“Yes, new pants.” she smiled as she reached up to his shoulders and pulled herself up onto her knees to close the height difference a bit. He grabbed her waist and turned her round slightly, rubbing her ass cheek in soft circles where he’d snacked her with the towel and looking at her ass. “They’re very nice!” he said, running his hand up the line of her pants on her ass cheeks.

Saoirse giggled. “That’s not even the best part! Get a load of this…” she said, turning round to face him, sitting back down on the bed, lifting her right leg up and bending her knee so her foot rest on the bed, spreading her legs in front of him.

Neil’s face fell into a deep frown. “They’re crotchless? Oooh fuck!” he groaned and his cock stirred.

Saoirse gave him a wry smile. “Oooh yeah!” she said, mimicking the tone in his voice. “Do you approve, then?” she asked.

“I’m not sure how many ways there are to say ‘fuck yeah’ but all of them apply!” he groaned, trying his best but failing to look anywhere other than at the little glimpse of her pussy teasing him through the small opening istanbul escort in the crotch of her pants. He lifted her leg and sat beside her on the edge of the bed and turned to face her, pulling her body towards him and kissing her passionately.

Saoirse rested her bent leg on top of Neil’s and placed her left leg over the edge of the bed with her toes touching the floor. Neil’s hands wandered all over her body, stroking and grasping at her skin as he kissed her slowly but hungrily. She found herself tracing round each of the muscle groups in his upper arms, shoulders and back with her fingertips and the palms of her hands. She’d noticed the change in his definition and had told him but he had finally seen the results for himself and his testosterone levels were rising by the minute. He started stroking his hands up her thighs and she moaned quietly as he worked his way up her inner thighs with his right hand. He stroked his fingers in between the bands on the crotchless pants, into her wet pussy. She moaned a breathless “Mmmm.” and Neil stopped kissing her, lifted her right ankle, pulling her right leg across his lap and opening up her pussy to him. They looked in each other’s eyes as he dipped his fingertips into her wetness then stroked up to her clit, gently rubbing her juices over it. “Oooh!” she moaned and jumped and grasped his wrist.

“Too hard?” he whispered, pulling his hand away. She nodded. “Left hand side?” he asked, gently sliding the pad of his middle fingertip along her lips to the most sensitive spot on the left of her clit.

She gasped and closed her eyes briefly, her forehead furrowing with the sensations from him touching her. “You know it!” she whispered. He laughed quietly and kissed her on the lips. “Still a bit too much.” she gasped, reaching for his fingers and guiding them into stroking so gently that they barely moved at all. She looked into his eyes and nodded, exhaling as gently as she could. “Yeah. Like that.” she whispered. He nodded back at her and grasped her round the waist with his left arm, pulling her closer to him and resting his forehead against hers. Saoirse held his left thigh with her right hand, trying to steady herself and gripped his right shoulder with her left hand as she closed her eyes, breathed and moaned softly, letting the pleasure flow through her.

Neil kissed her softly on the lips, keeping their foreheads together. “Is that OK, does it feel good?” he whispered, watching her reaction. She nodded, moving her right hand from his thigh to his chest. “Can you cum like this?” he whispered. She opened her eyes, looking at him. “In this position I mean.” he whispered.

She nodded, looking at him. “Yeah. Yeah I can cum like this. It might just take a while.” she said with a avcılar escort shy look on her face, her voice breathless.

“Take your time, beautiful. I’m not rushing you.” he said, kissing her forehead gently. “Are you comfortable though?” he asked. She breathed out a long sigh and sat up slightly as he stopped touching her.

“I suppose my back is a bit sore.” she said softly, reaching her right hand round to her lower back. Neil held her in his right arm and reached across the bed and propped 2 large pillows and a cushion around her hips and lower back. She leaned back slightly, thinking and nodded. “Yeah, that’s it.” she said.

“Yeah?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. “Now we’re cooking with gas!” he joked, wrapping his left arm around her waist and pulling her towards him again. Saoirse giggled then slid her arms up around his neck as he kissed her in long, slow tongue kisses. He worked his right hand up her thigh, into her wetness and up to her clit again. “Like that?” he asked her as he gently teased the left side of her clit. She moaned and sighed and nodded in agreement. “I’ll keep it like this until you tell me, OK?” he asked, in a gentle tone. She nodded.

Neil kissed her gently on the lips and then down her neck. She panted and moaned softly. She held on to his left shoulder and nudged her hips so slightly against him. He held his forehead against hers and watched her face as he continued what he would describe as barely even a tickle of his fingertip on her. She started to breathe deeper and put her left hand on his neck holding his face and she closed her eyes. “Mmmm yeah.” she moaned. “Oooh.” she breathed.

“Still OK?” Neil whispered, still watching her with their foreheads touching.

“Mmm hmm. Yes.” she whispered. “Get it a bit…” she started.

“Wetter?” he finished, quickly dipping his fingers into her wetness again before moving back up to her clit. She smiled, nodded and gasped feeling his fingertips slick with her juices gently nudging the little spot to the left of her clit that drives her wild.

“Oh yeah! Oh! A tiny bit harder.” Saoirse moaned, starting to gasp and shake. Neil complied, watching her face and she opened her eyes briefly and nodded at him. Her face frowned and her brow furrowed as she felt her orgasm approach in waves. Neil held her tighter in his left arm. Saoirse held his shoulder, she was relaxed, at ease and let the pleasure overcome her. “Yeah. Ooh.” she moaned. “Ooh Neil I’m gonna cum.” she whispered. “Yes, oh yes! Oh! Oh!” she moaned as she came. She moaned and breathed quickly, feeling the aftershocks jolt through her. Neil kissed her lips and neck softly, stroking her thighs and nudged the pillows behind her further back on the bed. He lifted her right leg back across his lap, hooked his right hand şirinevler escort under her knees and shifted her back on the bed. He lay down on the pillows and clutched her to him, stroking her back as she steadied her breathing.

She stroked his chest and looked up at him then shifted up against his shoulder and kissed him. They looked at each other and smiled. “Is your mouth dry?” Neil asked. Saoirse scrunched up her face and nodded. “Back in a minute.” Neil said, getting up, going into the kitchen and returning with 2 glasses of water and 2 slices of toast. “Snack time!” he said, setting everything on the bedside table and then handing her a piece of toast and a glass of water.

Once they’d finished eating, she started kissing him passionately as they lay on the bed. He rolled them over so he was on top of her and she grabbed his ass and they kissed in fast, impatient kisses. She slid her arm down between them and grasped his cock, starting to stroke it firmly and he groaned into her mouth before stopping to look at her. “I want to fuck you from behind,” he said in a low tone, looking in her eyes. She licked her lips, smiled coyly at him and turned over on all fours as he stood up. “Your ass looks amazing in those pants.” he groaned, stroking her ass and up her back. She wiggled her ass at him and he smacked it playfully. He slid his cock slowly inside her and she sat up on her knees, relaxing back against him. “Awww fuck you’re so wet.” he growled as he started fucking her. He held her hips and kissed her back in slow kisses.

“Mmm yeah fuck me.” Saoirse whispered in a long groan as Neil thrust into her faster.

He grunted and breathed heavily, gently pushing her down on the bed. “Let me see your ass in these pants as I fuck you.” he groaned. Saoirse lay her shoulders and chest on the bed and pushed her ass closer to him. He stroked and grabbed her ass, rubbed the material of the pants between his fingers and fucked her faster. Saoirse gasped and moaned. “Can I cum on your pants?” he panted.

“If you want, yeah.” she replied, her breathing jerking against him.

He started to groan and thrust harder, panting. “I’m gonna cum” he growled, pulling his cock out of her and pumping it, groaning and exhaling loudly as he decorated her ass with threads of cum and then rubbing the head of his cock against the material of her pants. “Oh!” he exclaimed. Saoirse turned her head to look at him and smiled coyly, nodding at his still hard cock.

“You can put it back in if you want, if you’re not done…” she teased.

He laughed. “It’s those pants… the feeling of them on my cock… aw they’re fucking hot!” he said, bending down to kiss her ass cheek. “At least clean up is a bit easier.” he said, carefully taking her pants off her and she relaxed down on the bed.

“They’re mesh though so I still need wipes or something!” she said. “And they’re handwash only so don’t throw them in the washing machine!”

He laughed loudly as he fetched wipes and wiped her down. “Details, details!” he said, lying down beside her on the bed. “All I’m saying is, fuck yes, buy them in every colour!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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