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My friend Chandra was in town and I was excited to go out with her. My boyfriend Al had always had a crush on her, but I knew it wasn’t anything to worry about. After all, she only dated black guys.

I jumped into the shower while Al watched TV in the living room of our apartment. I took my time to carefully shave my legs and pubic area; I was planning on wearing a skirt and didn’t want to have a nick on my legs.

Chandra always looked good when we went out, and I didn’t want her showing me up. I found a shiny purple shirt and black skirt to wear. I knew from wearing it one other time that the shirt showed a lot of cleavage especially considering how it plunged below my breasts. Normally I would have put on some double sided tape to hold it close to my chest, but I didn’t have any.

“Wow,” Al said whistling as I walked into the living room.

“Do I look ok,” I asked, already knowing what his answer would be.

“Too good! You should be going out with me tonight. You’re going to have all kinds of attention from guys dressed like that,” he said checking me out.

“Good,” I responded grinning. Just for good measure I lifted my skirt and flashed him my thong.

Chandra texted me a few minutes later to tell me she was waiting out front.

“Bye honey,” I said leaning over to give him a kiss.

“Oh my gawd, the guys are going to get a show tonight,” he said looking down my shirt. I playfully slapped his cheek and left.

Chandra and I had fun catching up as we drove to the club. The place was just starting to pick up when we walked in. Several guys turned and watched us walk in. Chandra was wearing a black leather skirt and tight shirt which showed off her full breasts.

We ordered our drinks at the bar and walked over to a table.

Fifteen minutes later a couple istanbul escort of guys offered to buy us a drink. They weren’t all that attractive but we figured we would at least get our free drink out of them. They left a short time later after they realized they didn’t have a chance.

Chandra and I each had a shot and then went to dance. Several guys moved around us showing their moves as the DJ pumped out the music. I noticed Chandra smiling and grinding against a large muscular black man who seemed to be enjoying himself. The song ended and Chandra whispered something to the guy who nodded.

I went back to the table and Chandra followed.

“I invited Charles and his buddy to come over to our table,” Chandra said licking her lips. Before I could protest the two men appeared each carrying an extra drink for us.

We sat around and talked. I learned the other guys’ name was Joe and they were both college seniors. I had never dated a black man before, but Joe was extremely attractive and funny. We had a couple more shots and went back to dance again.

Joe was a great dancer, showing off some moves and keeping rhythm with me perfectly. When the ‘Thong Song’ started playing I teased him by lifting my skirt and showing my thong.

“Damn girl, you have a great ass,” he said running a hand along my back side.

I turned around and faced him shaking my hips to the beat. I got a little carried away with my moves and my shirt shifted exposing my left breast. Joe gasped as he watched me cover back up.

“Girl, you just hot all over,” he said licking his lips and smiling. We walked back to our table. Chandra and Charles were still out dancing.

“Damn I wanna see that again,” he whispered in my ear. He moved avcılar escort his hand slowly to my shirt. I made no move to stop him as the thought never really crossed my mind. He slipped his hand inside my shirt and cupped my breast. I have full c-cups but his big hands easily were able to hold my entire boob. He nudged the material aside freeing my breast for him to look at. I could feel a couple of other guys staring but didn’t care.

Just as slowly and carefully as he had freed my boob, he covered it back up.

“I need a drink,” he said standing. He returned with two more drinks and two shots.

“Hey guys,” Chandra said drunkenly as she sat down with Charles. I could tell she was having a good time. “Charles invited us over to their apartment for an after-hours party.”

Joe looked up at Charles who winked at his friend.

“Yeah, why don’t you girls come over?” Joe added.

“Come on Pam,” Chandra whined looking at me. I knew I wasn’t going to get out of it.

“Sure, why not.”

It was getting close to closing so we left. Charles rode in Chandra’s car and I went with Joe. It was only about a ten minute drive. Joe led me in and turned on the light. I was surprised at how nice it was, especially considering two guys lived there. In my experience guys weren’t usually good about keeping their places clean.

Charles and Chandra showed up just as Joe got me a drink. We listened to some music and had a few more drinks. I was drunker than I had been in a long time. I briefly thought about texting Al to let him know I would be late coming home, but let the thought slide.

Chandra and Charles were kissing on the couch.

“Damn Chucky, get a room man,” Joe said with a deep laugh. Charles’ middle finger rose up to greet his friend.

“I şirinevler escort have a TV in my room,” Joe said taking my hand.

“I take it no one else is coming to the after-hours party,” I joked, already knowing the answer. Joe grinned slyly.

He closed the door and turned on some music. “I want to see some of those moves again you had at the club,” he said dancing around his room.

“Which one? This one?” I said moving my hips around.

“Or this one?” I did a booty shake for him.

“Maybe I should play the Thong Song again,” he said smiling. He looked thru his iPod and Cisqo started singing. Being drunk, the moves flowed all the freer.

“Oh yeah baby,” he said staring as I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. His eyes were glued to me as I pranced in my thong. My breast had popped free of my shirt but I didn’t care. Joe moved over to me and placed his mouth over my nipple. His rough tongue felt perfect.

I ran my hand over his crotch and felt his stiff pole sticking out in his pants. I unfastened his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. I gasped at the huge shaft pointing back at me!

He helped me out of my shirt and laid me on the edge of his bed. He hooked his fingers in the waist of my thong and slid it down my legs. Shivers shot up my spine as I felt his tongue lapse against my opening. He proved to be better at oral than any other guy I had ever been with. My first orgasm was so intense I almost blacked out!

Joe had by far the largest cock I had even attempted. My pussy was soaked and his massive cock slid in easily, stretching me further than ever had been.

“Oooohhh gaaaawwwwddddd that feels good,” I panted breathlessly as he rhythmically moved in and out. His massive hands massaged my breasts expertly sending me into orbit.

“OOOOOHHHHHH FFUUUCCCKKK,” I cried experiencing my second orgasm of the night. Joe couldn’t hold out any longer.

With one final shove and grunt I felt his stream of cum hit me deep inside. Exhausted, he lay down on the bed next to me and we both fell asleep.

I awoke early the next morning. Joe was still lying beside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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