One Rainy Day Ch. 01

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Lauri had been visiting with William for almost a week now. Their relationship had grown beyond either of their dreams. That first day when Lauri stepped off the plane, she didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Both had been the product of broken marriages for whatever reasons, and they had met online in a chat community. Their friendship had grown stronger and stronger, until it blossomed into something totally unexpected. The day they confessed their love for each other had been wonderful. Albeit they had never met face-to-face, they still had come to love each other very deeply. The decision for them to meet, and physically spend time together, was made after they had been talking for almost two years. Both were glad they did.

The days they spent together, both alone, and in the company of his family had been wonderful. But this day had started out a little dreary. A dark gray overcast sky, along with high humidity promised rain would soon follow. Waking in each other’s arms as they had the past few days always brought a special feeling of closeness to each of them. They would lie in bed, holding each other close until the absolute last minute before getting the kids up and sending them off to school. Today they would be driven to school instead of letting them walk as usual. When William left to take them, the dreariness of the day really set in with Lauri. Here she was, a few hundred miles from home, in a place where she knew only three people. She began missing her own children who were back in Canada staying with her ex husband while she was here. Lauri’s mood was starting to turn just as gray as the outside sky when she heard William’s truck pull in the driveway.

When he walked in, William could sense her mood. The look on her face, even though she tried to smile, was that of loneliness, and longing. He went to her, sitting beside her and took her in his arms.

“What’s troubling you angel?” he asked with genuine concern.

“I guess it’s just the weather. It’s going to rain, you can feel it.” Lauri had kept her eyes a little downcast when she said this.

William studied her intently. Leaning in to brush her lips with his, he spoke softly. “There’s more. I can sense it. You’re missing home aren’t you? Your children, your mom?”

Her simple statement carried with it a large meaning. “Yes.”

They talked for a while, about her homesickness, and other things. When the rain started, it came slow and steady. The sound of the drops hitting the rooftop made a hypnotic sounding rhythm that both were soon lost in. Starring out the window, oblivious to anything else around them, they both drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. Lauri awoke to tender kisses on her forehead. William had gotten up some time ago, and made them a wonderful lunch. Lauri felt a little better after eating, but was still down as the rain had not let up. William told Lauri to get dressed, and to make sure it was something she didn’t mind getting wet. When she questioned him, he simply stated that it was a secret, but bakırköy escort that she needed to hurry. Lauri dressed simple in a pair of shorts and a short sleeve shirt along with a pair of sandals. On their way to wherever it was they going, Lauri got a twinge of excitement to her. She had seen the devilish look in William’s eyes she had come to know all to well in the past few days. She knew he was up to something, and that it would be something she would enjoy.

After a short drive, William turned into a path leading into a wooded area. The rain made the path slick, but the truck handled it without any problems. They rode until the path ended in a clearing just large enough for a vehicle to turn around in. When William stepped out into the rain, he reached out to Lauri for her to follow. She hesitated only a moment, then looking into his eyes, she took his hand, and out into the rain she went. They walked thru the woods, picking their steps carefully on the wet ground. When they came to a stop, they were over looking a small stream. They were both soaked from the rain.

“This is my thinking spot” William explained. “Whenever I have something troubling me, I like to come here and watch the water flowing by while I sit and think. It helps relax me and clear my head.” Even with the falling rain, Lauri could see why William liked this place. It was so quiet and tranquil. She could imagine that on days when it wasn’t raining that all sorts of wildlife would be out, birds singing their songs, insects lazily buzzing.

So caught up was she in her thoughts that she was startled when William took her in his arms and began kissing her deeply. She responded by parting her lips and letting his tongue gently enter her mouth to duel with hers. William broke the kiss, and looked deeply into her eyes. He brushed a strand of wet hair from her face, and whispered to her, “I love you my angel.”

Lauri could see the love in William’s eyes, along with the desire he felt for her. His passion burned deep for her, and it blazed in his eyes like an inferno ready to consume her. In that instant, she truly understood why she called him her devil. She wrapped her arms around him drawing him closer as she molded her lithe body to his large frame. Craning her neck up to his, she whispered her reply, “I love you too.”

They began to kiss each other again, this time with an urgent need for one another as the flames of their desire burned hotter and hotter with each passing moment. Soon they were caressing each other through their wet clothes, their hands exploring each other’s bodies. William reached under Lauri’s shirt and covered one of her breasts, fondling it slowly and teasingly. Lauri moaned into his mouth as the sensation drove her further to an almost animalistic lust. William pulled away from Lauri’s mouth and began a slow descent of kisses to her neck, suckling on her sensitive flesh, tracing outlines with the tip of his tongue. This only served to increase Lauri’s excitement. First one side of beşiktaş escort her neck, then over to the other side, always in constant contact with her flesh. He also moved his hand to her other breast as he did. Back and forth he did this, taking her now hard nipples between his fingers and alternating between rolling them, and pinching them, each time increasing the pressure.

Lauri was grinding herself into him as hard as she could. She could feel his hardness through his pants, and wanted to drive him just as wild as he was her. With his ever-increasing fever, she could tell it was working. Lauri’s hands were on the back of William’s head by now, trying to push him down further. She wanted to feel his mouth on her sensitive breasts, wanting him to kiss and lick her nipples. She needed him to give her the pleasure her body so desperately needed now.

Sensing her wants, William pulled back long enough to pull Lauri’s shirt over her head. Taking care not to throw it on the ground, he laid it over a tree limb beside him. When her turned back to her, Lauri reached out and did the same to him. They came together again, flesh against flesh. Again their passions took control, and as they were in nature, they let nature takes it’s course. Each took turns kissing the other’s exposed flesh. They would suckle each other softly, tease each other with the tips of their tongues, and occasionally bite gently on each other’s flesh. There were no words, but each communicated to each other their wants, their needs, and their desires.

William reached for Lauri’s shorts, made tight by the rain soaking them. Undoing the buttons, he soon had her shorts peeling slowly down as he went to his knees, all the while kissing each inch of her exposed flesh, but purposely staying away from the most sensitive areas. He knew this would drive her beyond rational thought. Lauri was in an ecstatic trance by now. The teasing kisses of her lover were working their magic on her. She could feel her wetness seeping out of her in a slow steady stream. Even with the musky odor of the wet wooded area they were in, the scent of her arousal was strong and overpowering. This almost drove William beyond control as he inhaled deeply, letting it fuel his flame even higher.

Once Lauri’s shorts were off and placed on the limb beside her shirt, William returned to his knees in front of her. Taking her hips in his hands, he gently lowered his mouth to her sex. He started by kissing her pussy lips painstakingly slow, lapping out with his tongue to trace her outer lips, kissing and licking all around her sensitive little clit, going further down to do the same to the entrance of her pussy. A soft moan came from Lauri as she reveled in the sensations William brought to her with his tongue. With her increase in excitement, so did the flow of her nectar. William licked up all he could until he felt her legs start to quiver slightly. Pushing her back easy, William backed Lauri up against the tree so she would have some support. He then beylikdüzü escort attacked her pussy with a vengeance with his mouth, sinking his tongue as deep as he could into her.

Lauri had come to love William’s long tongue, the way it reached up inside her as he gave her pleasure with his mouth. On his sudden attacked, Lauri’s head snapped back and her eyes opened widely. William began using his tongue like a small wet cock, sliding in and out in a rhythm that had her head spinning. He pulled his tongue out to take her clit into his mouth, suckling it as he had earlier done to her breasts. He easily slid one of his fingers into her pussy as she was now as wet inside from her flow as she was outside from the rain. Taking her clit between his teeth, he bit down gently as he slid his finger in and out of her. Fluttering his tongue, he teased the very sensitive tip of her button.

William could feel Lauri’s legs quivering more and more. The flow of her pussy juice had increased as well, now literally running down her legs, coating his hand. He added a second finger to her pussy as he continued to manipulate her clit with is tongue. He alternated, using his fingers in her, then moving his tongue back inside her, while he used his slick fingers on her clit driving her closer and closer to her impending orgasm.

Lauri began losing control. As bad as she wanted to make these sensations last, she could feel herself slipping. Her insides began to flutter surpassing the movement of William’s tongue on her clit. When he would reach deep into her with his tongue, bright lights would flash in her eyes. Her head was now craned back as far as she could bend it, with a constant moan escaping her throat. With her hands on the back of his head she started pulling him as close to her as she could. She could feel the wave building, deep inside her. Her moans became deeper, her breathing more ragged with each passing moment. And William kept her in a constant state of perpetual bliss with his assault on her.

Sensing the inevitable, William once again took Lauri’s clit into her mouth. He began licking it hard now, wanting her to reach her climax. He pounded her little pussy with his fingers. Lauri’s moans turned to a sound that could only be described as animal like. A low growl at first, it increased, as did her excitement. As the wave of pleasure grew inside her, her whole body began trembling. Lauri was now slinging her head from side to side. William continued his licking and probing.

All at once, Lauri’s body went rigid and began bucking. The growl turned into an ear-splitting scream. Her head snapped back, and her eyes glazed over, as all she could see was bright white. Her orgasm hit her hard and forceful, and William hung on, steadily licking and sucking on her pussy and clit. It lasted only a few moments, but to her seemed an eternity.

As her orgasm subsided, William held her, slowly letting her convulsing body sink into his arms. He held her close as her body continued to shake in mini-spasms. After a while, Lauri began to think rationally again. Looking into William’s eyes, she whispered, “I love you.”

William bent his head to her and kissed her gently on her lips. “I love you too my angel.”

They sat for while, watching the falling rain splash into the flowing stream.

To be continued…

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