Nothing in Life is Free Ch. 01

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I’m Bishop. I’m in my mid-forties. OK, I’m a little closer to fifty than I am to forty. OK, truth. I’m a lot closer to fifty than I am to forty, OK?

I don’t feel my age though. I’ve always been active. I don’t have a ‘gym bod’ but I’m not fat either. I guess you would describe mine as a ‘dad bod.’ Still, I’m in good health, I’m upbeat about life and gainfully employed. I’m in marketing and work from home most days; going into the office only about once or twice a week. The office is only a mile and a half from the house so that’s not a big deal either. I live alone in a ranch style home that I own. I have a detached garage and I drive a newer model car. I’m not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination but I pay my bills and always have enough left over at the end of the month to save a bit and to play a little. I occasionally enjoy the company of a woman although not any one woman in particular. My tastes in women run toward the younger end of the scale and since most of them wouldn’t give a man of my age the time of day I often find myself either in the dreaded ‘friend zone’ or ignored altogether. I do have some women friends in my own age bracket but they all seem to want someone to settle down with and I’m not sure I’m capable of that.

I’d like to tell you that I’m hung like a mule and that I have the stamina of Hercules but that’d be a lie. I’m average in the pants, at best. I’m probably somewhere between 5 ½” and 6″ long but with what I suppose is substantial girth. My stamina? Well, that seems to be improving with age, actually. I can’t cum as often as I used to but I can hold out for a while and make that once really count. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about what pleases a woman so I’m also very good, if I may say so myself, with my hands and my mouth. I’ve never had any complaints and I’ve had plenty of ‘repeat customers.’

But, enough about me.

Nikki, at 22, was essentially homeless when we met through a mutual friend. She had been couch surfing with friends for a year and staying with my 30 year old friend Toni for the past 3 months. As it happened, Toni landed a new job and was moving to Florida in three weeks and Nikki had no place else to go. Nikki’s other friends wouldn’t let her come back so Toni asked me if there was anything that I might do to help her friend Nikki find a place to live.

I knew what Toni was hinting at. I have a small efficiency apartment above my garage that was currently vacant and Toni was asking me to take Nikki in.

“What do I get out of the deal?”

Toni said, “You get the knowledge that you’re doing something good and kind.”

“Toni, I’m a nice guy but I usually get at least five-hundred dollars a month, plus utilities, for that apartment. You’re asking me to give up a substantial portion of my income and I’m not sure I want to do that.”

“Please, Bishop! I feel responsible for her but she wants to move to Florida with me and I can’t take her. I just can’t!”

“What’re you going to do to make it worth my while?”

“I can’t afford five-hundred dollars!”

“OK, let’s come up with something else then. How about you come to dinner with me at my place tonight?”

“OK, but,”

“Of course, I’d expect you to stay for breakfast too.”

She laughed and said, “Oh, good grief! You’re kidding, right?

I wasn’t even smiling. “Nope, not kidding at all. Dinner tonight. Breakfast tomorrow morning. Either that or you can take Nikki to Florida with you.”

“Really!? You’re going to take advantage of my desperation to try and get into my pants?”

“Like I said, I’m a nice guy but nothing in this life is free, Toni. I’ve helped you out of jams so many times in the past four years that I can’t even count them. I’ve put gas in your car and bought groceries for you when things got tight. I even stepped in between you and that meathead who wouldn’t leave you alone. I ran him off and you just went out with the next meathead who came along. You’ve teased me mercilessly for the four years we’ve known each other. Don’t pretend that you didn’t know what you were doing. How many times have you swayed your pretty little butt in my direction to intentionally tease me only to sashay away with some other guy?”

“Bishop! You’re old enough to be my dad!”

“That may be true, but I’m not your dad and here we are again; you need my help but maybe this time I want something in return.”

“I’ll come to dinner; but no promises!”

“OK. Tonight at 8:OO O’clock but if you’re not promising anything then neither am I.”

I usually dine alone so I eat at the kitchen table but that night I set a table for two in my formal dining room. I set out candles, dimmed the lights and put on some soft background music. I’d prepared a dinner of grilled steaks with baked potatoes, side salads and I’d even set out a nice bottle of Shiraz.

Toni showed up about 20 minutes late. She was dressed conservatively in tan slacks and a light blouse and sneakers without socks. Toni bostancı escort is absolutely heterosexual but is, nonetheless, very tomboyish and rarely wears any makeup other than a little eyeliner to accentuate her dark brown eyes. Her jet-black hair was pulled back into its usual ponytail under the ball cap that she almost always wore.

Toni is rather broad shouldered and narrow waisted with hips almost as wide as her shoulders. Her tits are smallish, probably B cups, and always well concealed inside a bra that gives no hint of her nipples. She’s not tall, probably only about 5’6″ but she somehow appears taller because of her normally ramrod straight posture. Her butt is quite something to behold. Her cheeks are firm and round with just enough padding to make a man want to rest his head upon them for a pillow. When she walks it reminds one of the proverbial puppies fighting under a blanket. I’ve wanted to have a bite at that apple since the day I first laid eyes on her.

Toni seemed a bit tentative. Who could blame her? I’d asked her for something that she probably never thought she’d have to actually give me. Oh, she’s known that I’ve always wanted her. I’ve made no secret of that fact since the day we met. She always seemed to get a perverse kick out of teasing me and then going off with another guy closer to her own age and leaving me to jack off in my shower as usual.

“C’mon in. I hope you brought your appetite.”

“Thanks, Bishop. I am actually pretty hungry.”

We sat down at the table and we ate a leisurely dinner together. We talked about work and the weather and other mundane subjects until I poured our last glasses of wine from the bottle and toasted to her success in Florida.

She seemed to grimaced and said, “Yeah, I’ve got to get Nikki settled somewhere first though.”

“So you do; and I’m able, if not quite yet willing, to help you with that. Have you thought about helping me to change my mind?”

“Yes, and you’re right. It’s a lot to ask and, looking back, I do feel guilty about the way I’ve treated you and taken you for granted.”

“Well then, maybe we can put that behind us and come to an agreement?” I stepped to her side and reached out my hand to her. She hesitated slightly but put her hand in mine and let me lead her into my living room.

“Here?” She asked.

“I’m not in a hurry, Toni. Are you?”

“No, not really.”

“You are going to stay for breakfast, right?”

Not looking me in the eye, “Yes.”

“OK, then there’s no reason to rush. Let’s sit together for a while. I’ll open another bottle of wine and we can watch a movie. OK?”

“Yes, OK.”

I brought our glasses into the living room, set them on the coffee table in front of the couch and opened another bottle of Shiraz. I’d picked out a romantic comedy to watch and before long we were shoulder to shoulder on the couch, laughing together and enjoying our wine. I draped my arm around her shoulders and at a particularly romantic part in the movie leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. Toni turned toward me and said, “You’re sweet. You’ve always been very good to me. I do like you.”

“That’s nice to hear. I’m going to miss you.” Our lips finally came together and we embraced as we gently explored each other’s mouths with our tongues.

“Wow. You’re a really good kisser. I probably should’ve tried that a long time ago.”

“Yes, but that’s the least of my oral talents, I assure you.”

Toni leaned back a bit, lowered her chin and looked up into my eyes. “Oh yeah? What else have you got, mister?”

I leaned in for another kiss and when we broke away this time, I continued to nuzzle her neck. She leaned her head back on the back of the couch as I kissed my way down her throat to the top button of her blouse. Using only one hand I deftly unbuttoned the top two buttons on her blouse and continued kissing my way south. “You’re pretty good with your hands too, aren’t you?”

“I hope you’ll let me show you just how good.”

“I’m in trouble, aren’t I?”

“You have no idea.” I finished opening the rest of the buttons on her blouse and slid off the couch onto my knees. With my hands on the tops of her thighs I gently spread her knees so that I could kneel between them. She sat watching intently as I proceeded to undo the clasp at the front of her bra. Releasing it I slowly spread the cups of her bra off of her breasts making sure to drag my palms across her nipples. Toni gave a quick intake of breath and laid her head on the back of the couch again as I took first one nipple and then the other into my mouth. I kissed, sucked and just barely nibbled until both nipples stood straight out.

Toni’s breasts were actually a bit larger and fuller than I’d imagined. They didn’t sag but they had that attractive little droop that just begs for someone to cup and lift them. I did just that. I lifted each one to my mouth and kissed and licked each breast thoroughly. I caressed sancaktepe escort each breast thoroughly while paying special attention to her areolas and nipples. Toni groaned and, placing both hands behind my head, pulled me into her breasts and held me there until she suddenly held her breath, shuddered and then relaxed.

I moved up to her lips again and found she had tears in her eyes. “Oh my gosh! That’s never happened before!”

I rested my head on her chest for a bit, listening to her heart racing. When she’d calmed just a bit I pulled back, stood and, taking her hands, pulled her to her feet. Toni stood and hugged me tightly. The top of her head didn’t even reach my chin. Still holding her hand, I led down the hallway and into my bedroom.

There weren’t any words exchanged, only looks. It was clear that Toni was nervous as hell as I sat her on the edge of my bed. I stood between her knees, leaned down and kissed the top of her head as I pushed her open blouse and bra off her shoulders and placed them on the chair next to my bed. Now topless, Toni looked up at me and I kissed her forehead, her eyes, her nose and finally her luscious mouth. Her tongue danced with mine but I broke the kiss after a moment and knelt between her legs. I reached down and pulled off her sneakers and set them aside. I looked up, and we locked eyes as my fingers found the clasp and zipper on her slacks. I opened them and reached for the waistband at her sides. She obligingly raised her hips off the edge of the bed to allow me to slide her slacks down her legs and off. Now Toni was sitting on the edge of my bed in only her panties. They were the plain white cotton variety that covered everything, back and front, but were cut very high on the sides. French cut I think they’re called.

Toni leaned forward a bit, kissed me and then said in my ear, “No fair! You’re still completely dressed.”

I stood, still between her knees, and reached up to pull my polo shirt over my head. “Now I’m topless too.”

“We can do better though.”

Toni reached out and started to work the button at the top of my jeans. Her hands were trembling so much that she was having trouble.

I took both her hands in mine. “Are you OK? Do you want to stop?”

“Yes! NO! I don’t know! I was really pissed off that you’d make me sleep with you just to help out Nikki but now I don’t know what I feel. You’re very sweet. I didn’t expect you to turn me on so easily. I’m… Uhm… Really confused.”

“Lets just take a break for a minute.” I pressed her shoulders back and she let me lay her back on the bed. I crawled onto the bed with her and we just hugged. We snuggled for a long while, not saying anything.

Speaking into my chest, Toni said, “Part of my wants to run away. Part of me knows that if I do then I’ll have teased you again in the worst way. Then there’s another part of me that is so incredibly excited by you that I don’t think I could leave if I wanted to. Does that make sense at all?”

“I think so. You’re conflicted. Maybe I can help you make up your mind.”

I rose up onto my hands and knees and spread myself atop her. She turned onto her back to face me and looked into my eyes, not sure what to say or do. I kissed her. I started at her mouth and kept kissing her. I kissed my way down to and across her breasts and then to her flat, taught stomach. I licked her belly button and she giggled. I kissed her across her lower abdomen from hip to hip and then made my way to the top of her panties. I kissed her through her panties and continued to kiss lower. I didn’t try to spread her thighs; I waited to see if she would. She did. Just barely at first and then wider. As I kissed her, still over her panties, she spread her thighs even wider until I was looking up at her from between her legs. I pressed my kisses a bit harder onto her panty covered pussy and inhaled her scent. She was clearly excited. Her panties were getting wetter under my kisses and it wasn’t me drooling although, to be honest, I might’ve been.

Without letting up I rested my weight on my elbows and began to slide the sides of her panties down. Toni, once again, raised her hips enough to allow me to take her panties all the way down and off. I toss them away and turn turned again to Toni’s pussy. She wasn’t shaved. She had trimmed the sides of her bush but it was still full and continued into the gap between her thighs and barely concealed her opening. Her lips were beginning to open a bit and there were actually droplets of moisture on the hairs covering her opening. I pushed my lips and nose into her and inhaled deeply. I sighed and blew my breath across her pussy from top to bottom. Toni gasped and drew her knees up slightly and spread her legs wide. She didn’t say it but she begged me to kiss her pussy.

I waited and teased. I started at that little crevice where her butt cheeks met her thighs and very gently licked just her hair all the way to the zeytinburnu escort top where it had just been concealed beneath the waistband of her panties. Toni groaned and I licked my way back down along the crease between her thigh and her groin. She was pressing her hands flat against her belly but then she drew them up across her breasts as I continued to tease my way closer and closer to her clitoris.

I kept this up for at least ten full minutes; kissing and licking all around her pussy but never reaching her center. When I finally flicked my tongue over her clit she yelped, arched her back and spasmed through another orgasm. Toni was panting heavily and pressing her hands into her flat stomach again. After she relaxed a bit I began again. “OH MY GOSH! You’re amazing!” She was talking to the ceiling.

I started kissing her pussy in earnest. I spread her lips with the tip of my tongue and scooped again and again from bottom to top, ending each stroke on her clitoris. Her legs were trembling violently. Toni’s hands left her belly and came down on the back of my head. She began to pull me into her as if she wanted me to enter her head-first.

I freed my right hand and, turning it palm upward, began to gently push my middle finger into her while continuing to kiss and lick my way up and down and left to right. Once I’d reached all the way in and my knuckles were pressed firmly against her I curled my finger upward and clamped down on her clit with my lips. I sucked her clit all the while flicking it with my tongue and rubbing the uneven surface at the top of her vaginal canal with my middle finger. I felt her pussy clamp down on my finger and spasm repeatedly. Toni shouted, “OH GOD!” at the ceiling and began to shake all over. It was all I could do to hold on until she finished.

When she calmed a bit, I slowly withdrew my finger, kissed her pussy deeply one more time and turned my head to rest in her crotch. Toni just lay there trembling, panting and murmuring unintelligibly. I thought I heard, “God” “Amazing” “Can’t breathe” as I rested there.

Toni seemed to finally come back to herself and began caressing the back of my head. “Nobody has ever done that to me before. I thought I was going to pass out.”

I scooted back up so that we were both lying on our sides and face-to-face again and she kissed me. She not only kissed me but licked me. She began licking my face clean of her copious juices. She licked my entire face clean. When she was done, she kissed me hard on the mouth and reached down for my cock.

“Oh my gosh! You still have your jeans on!”

She reached between us an almost frantically undid the button at the top of my jeans and yanked my zipper down. She sat up and turned me onto my back and then straddled my hips. She had a look of determination on her face as she dug into my jeans for my cock. When she found it she stopped dead. “Oh yeah! That’s niiiice.” She drew the word out.

She straddled me for a minute or two as she caressed my cock inside my jockeys while I was treated to the view of her toned body atop me and her angelic face that was grinning from ear to ear. “Do you think it’s safe to set it free?” I asked.

“Oh, I hope not.” She said, and scooted backward down my thighs and began to pull my jeans and my jockeys down together. She raised up as I raised my hips and I assisted her by kicking my jean free and off the end of the bed. Now I was also completely nude and my cock was standing taller than I can remember it having done since I was 18 years old.

Toni just sat there with her right hand wrapped around my cock. She wasn’t doing anything with it. She was just staring at it. “You like it?”

“Oh yes! It’s beautiful.” She bent forward letting her hair cascade across my body. Concealed behind that black mane I felt her take me in her mouth. She didn’t stop at the tip. She took all of me. I felt her nose pressing into my pubic bone and then she moaned. I felt her moan vibrate though me from top to bottom and I thought I was going to explode right then and there; but Toni knew what she was doing. She cupped my balls with her right hand and, squeezing very gently, released my cock from her mouth. She kissed the tip and then sat up again. “You like?”

“I like!”

“I want you inside me.”

“Do we need protection?”

“No. I’m on the pill. I don’t want to put a condom on that beautiful thing.”

“As you wish,” and I reached for her hips. I pulled her up my body until her pussy was pressing my cock flat against me. I started to gently rock her hips back and forth along my cock. Toni seemed to melt. She hung her head forward so I couldn’t see her face behind her hair and began to grunt with each movement forward or back.

“You’re so hard.”

“You’re so soft.”

I pressed her hips back and she slid off my cock and was now sitting astride my thighs. My cock was twitching slightly and pointing skyward. I applied a little upward pressure on her hips and she complied by raising herself. Toni planted her left hand flat on my sternum and, reaching between us with her right, grasped me and guided me into her. She wriggled a bit, stopped, gyrated a bit and then, looking directly into my eyes and smiling broadly, she sank onto me and sat atop me as I was buried to the hilt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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