A Stranger’s Cabin Ch. 02

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*All Characters are over 18 years old*

***This chapter is for the corrupted good girl who sent me that loooong anonymous email. Thanks.**

I woke in the cold pre-light of dawn. The cabin was freezing, as usual, though not as bad as that first night my daughter and I had spent there.

My daughter, Natalie. Her naked body was still wrapped around mine. I looked down at her angel face and noticed a bit of dried cum at the corner of her mouth. My cum. My gut tightened at the thought.

Memories of the night before ran through my head. Memories of her grinding her teenaged clit against my rock hard cock, of her telling me she was cumming, of her taking me into her mouth and swallowing my sperm.

Quietly, I climbed out of the bed, got dressed, and went to the living room to build a fire. Natalie didn’t stir.

Even then, consumed with guilt, I still looked back at my beautiful little girl, laying in the bed we’d shared since we’d gotten snowed in here. She was perfection itself. Pure, sensuous, perfection.

I tore my eyes away and willed my cock to stop stiffening in my pants.

I got the fire started in the woodstove and cleaned the dishes from the night before, but my mind was still consumed with images of what I’d done with my daughter. I hadn’t fucked her, but I’d made her cum on my cock, and she’d sucked me off. It was incest, and I couldn’t help but think she was going to hate me when she woke up.

Worse, we were still stuck. I went outside to see if any of the snow had cleared, but it was still two feet deep everywhere.

I decided to check the car. Maybe I could get it to start. Maybe someone had come and cleared the road, though I doubted it. Still, at the worst I could at least get our clean clothes and the sleeping bag. With the sleeping bag I could stay on the couch, and not be tempted into taking things further with Natalie.

I put my shoes on and ventured out. I thought about telling Natalie where I was going, but I couldn’t bear to meet her eyes.

My shoes were just Nike cross trainers, more appropriate for my Los Angeles home than trekking through the snowy mountains of Humboldt County. It was more than a mile to the car. By the time I reached it, I had long since lost feeling in my toes.

The car was completely buried in snow. It took me ten minutes just to clear it enough to get inside.

I tried to start the car, but it was just as dead as when we’d had to leave it in the storm. I took off one wet shoe and sock and tried to rub some feeling into my toes, but it was futile. At least the sun was out now. Maybe tomorrow or the next day we’d be able to head back out. We were stuck until then, unless I could find a place with cell reception.

Cell reception! We’d tried it at the car and at the cabin, but nowhere else. Up ahead of the car was a high point in the road, and with numb feet, I climbed it. Walking through the snow was tough, but luckily I kept myself in top shape with a regular gym routine, and my legs were still holding up.

I took out my cell phone and turned it on, having shut it off even before the storm to conserve batteries. I had two bars if I stood on the hill and faced just the right way. I called my brother. It had been his house Natalie and I had been headed to before we’d gotten lost in the storm.

“Hello?” Carl said on the other end. I’d never been happier to hear his voice.

I told Carl about the storm, about getting stuck. I told him Natalie and I were holed up in some stranger’s cabin probably a few miles from his house but I couldn’t be sure exactly where.

“Holy shit, bro! We’ve all been up here drinking and having a great time and you guys have been like a Survivor episode! Look, my truck might be able to handle this snow if I throw some chains on it. We have to figure out how I can get you.”

“No, I can’t even tell you where I am for sure. We’re okay here, especially now that the sun is out. Let’s wait for the snow to melt down a bit, and then we’ll walk to the main road and you can meet us there.”

“Well… truth is I’m not even sure I could get to you, anyway, this snow is crazy. If you’re sure you’ll be okay then it sounds like your plan is better.”

I assured him we were okay, and promised him I’d call and check in tomorrow.

The reality was I was just as happy to still be stuck. I did want to get us out of that cabin, but I wanted a day to attempt to save my relationship with my daughter.

I found Natalie on the couch when I got back. She was wrapped in a thick blanket, but apparently still naked underneath.

“Clothes!” She exclaimed when she saw that I carried one of our suitcases. I’d filled it with essentials for both of us, leaving the rest back with the car. The only other item I carried was the sleeping bag. Natalie noticed it and wrinkled her nose at it, but she didn’t say anything.

She certainly seemed happy enough, and even just that was a tremendous relief.

While sarıyer escort Natalie raided the suitcase, I opened the door of the woodstove and got my feet as close as I could. They were so cold even getting within eighteen inches of the fire was painful. My toes were pure white.

“Oh my God, Daddy!” Natalie said, rushing over to me. She tried to rub some warmth into my feet with her slender hands.

“I’m okay.” I said. “They’re just cold. Once I warm them up I’ll be fine.”

“My hero.” She said with a genuine smile, looking right into my eyes. I think she’d been looking at me the same way last night, right before I started shooting cum into her mouth. My gut dropped at the memory.

“I found a place we can use my phone. I called Carl and told him where we were.” I related all the details to my lovely daughter, who nodded her understanding. I couldn’t shake the images of last night. Despite my feelings of guilt, my cock began to thicken in my pants.

“We have to talk.” I said finally.

“Wait until your feet warm up. I’ll make us some breakfast.”

With that, Natalie stood and walked into the kitchen. I sighed in resignation and kept rubbing blood back into my feet.

A few minutes later and I was back to normal, having changed into some dry clothes; and Natalie had cooked up some oatmeal for us from the stores let by whomever owned this place. We hadn’t wanted for any essentials since we’d arrived, though our supply of wood was getting low. We only had enough for today and the next if we conserved at night, which was why we’d started sharing a bed. We’d needed the warmth.

I joined Natalie at the couch and we ate our breakfast in silence. When we’d finished she started things up.

“Okay Dad, let’s talk.”

“About last night…”

“It was amazing. I loved it.”

“You… really?”


“You don’t think its weird?”

“No, it is. But… I mean what hasn’t been weird about this whole trip? Listen, I think the worst thing we can do is make a big deal about anything that happens here. Whatever we do, I’m still your daughter and you’re still my Daddy, and I will always love you. You’ll always love me, right?”

“Of course, angel. Nothing could ever make me not love you, I just don’t want to hurt you.”

“What we did last night is about as far from hurt as you can get. It felt really good.”

Natalie got up and repositioned herself so she was laying across me, cuddled up with her head on my chest. I immediately felt better about the whole thing. I was surprised – and a little embarrassed – that my teenaged daughter had stayed so calm and mature about all this while I had spent the morning freaking out. I’d raised a smart cookie.

“You’re the first man to ever make me cum.”

I kissed her head. “You did all the work angel.”

“But you were so patient, and you stayed so hard the whole time. I really liked it.”

“I… I liked it too.” I admitted. I had to. Last night had been the most amazing sexual experience of my life. Now that the guilt was gone, I found myself wanting – needing – to do it again. My cock was instantly hard in my pants.

Natalie must have felt my change in mood, because she immediately began breathing harder. My hands held her more firmly, and began to move over her back and leg. Natalie slid her hands under my shirt to feel my chest. Soon we were kissing, our tongues tangling together.

It was different, in the light of day. I could see my baby girl so clearly. The same girl I had delivered teary eyed to Kindergarten was now reaching between my legs to rub my cock through my pants.

With her touch, our need increased tenfold. We were writhing together on the couch now, and I opened the blanket that surrounded her, pressing myself into her naked body. She slid my shirt and sweater off of my chest, and as soon as our skin made contact, she reached down for my belt, her hands working it loose quickly.

“Help me, Daddy.” She said, “Help me get these off you.”

“Okay, but we have to be careful baby. We can’t let things go too far.”

We worked together to get my jeans down over my legs. I got one leg kicked free, but the other leg got caught. I ignored it as I groped my daughter’s firm breasts, and kissed her neck savagely.

Natalie wasn’t happy with just my jeans being off. She tugged and pulled at my underwear and after a moment’s hesitation I helped her take them all the way off.

“Daddy… Daddy… I want you inside me.”

I looked down at Natalie, her eyes wide and dark, her lips moist and parted as she drew in breath through her mouth.

“Baby, we can’t. That’s too much. You could get pregnant.”

“No, no, its not the right time for that. Please Daddy. Please, I need you so bad.”

Natalie reached down and positioned my hard cock at the entrance to her dripping wet pussy. She began to rock her hips, esenyurt escort lubricating the head of my shaft with every motion. Everything around the periphery of my vision began to fade, until I could see only her. Only my daughter, begging me to slide my cock into her tight, teenaged pussy. I couldn’t even imagine it fitting inside her.

“God, Daddy, I’m so wet, I need you so bad. Please put this monster inside me. I need it, I need it.”

I edged forward, sliding the tip of my penis into my baby girl’s vagina.

“Oh yes, Daddy. Please put it in me. More.”

I pushed in a little further, feeling her stretch around me. She brought her knees up to her sides, opening herself completely, letting me invade her soaked little snatch.

“More. Fill my pussy, Daddy. Fill my pussy with your cock.”

“Angel… those things you’re saying are going to make me crazy.”

Natalie gasped and purred as my cock sank into her another inch.

“Oh yes… are you going to fuck me, Daddy? Are you going to fuck your own daughter?”

I couldn’t hold back anymore. I grasped Natalie by the back of her neck and sank my eight inch cock all the way into her in one thrust. She screamed and thrashed, and I felt her nails cut into my back.


“Is that what you wanted angel? You wanted your Daddy’s cock in you all the way?”

“Oh it feels so fucking good!”

I began to thrust in and out of my little girl, and her legs came up and around my hips, locking me too her. Her body was going wild as I fucked her, her head whipping back and forth in lust, her arms lifting her into my chest, crushing her tits into me. I just held on and rammed my cock into her over and over again, the obscene sounds of her juices being forced out of her by my invading organ were the most erotic I’d ever heard.

“Daddy… Daddy… oh fuck, I’m going to cum. Please don’t stop.”

“That’s right, Angel. I want you to be a good girl and cum for me.”

“Oh yeah, I’ll be your good girl. I’ll be your good girl. I’ll do anything you want.”

“Just cum for me baby.”

“Oh yes, oh God I’m cumming Daddy! I-“

The rest was lost in a primal howl that tore its way out of my daughter’s throat. Her pussy clenched around me tighter than anything I’d ever felt before, and then clutched and released over and over again as spasms rocked her body.

My balls tightened and my guts began to churn. My cock got even harder inside her as Natalie collapsed back into he couch.

“I’m going to cum too, baby. Daddy’s going to cum all over you.”

“No, Daddy, do it inside!”

“I can’t baby. I can’t.”

“Oh no! I need it. Fill my pussy with your sperm Daddy. I want it in me.”

“No baby! Oh fuck I’m cumming!”

“Yes! Yes, cum for me!”

I pulled out of her. I don’t know where I found the will power to do it but I did. I pulled my huge cock out of my baby’s tiny pussy and aimed it at her as it jumped and shook and started spewing like a cannon. Hot, sticky sperm splattered on Natalie’s heaving breasts, on her neck, and on her face and hair. There was so much of it, easily more than I’d ever shot before. The cum just kept pouring out, covering my daughter in thick white cream. She cried out as the shots hit her, rubbing her hands in the mess and smearing it all over her skin.

I gasped as my orgasm finally subsided, and watched as Natalie brought her fingers to her lips and sucked each of them clean. She ate my cum with tiny moans, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

I collapsed on top of her, spent physically, emotionally; even spiritually. I had nothing left to give. Natalie continued to lick her fingers underneath me, oblivious to my weight.

“Oh my God.” She breathed, over and over again. Then she reached around me and clutched me to her tightly.

“I love you, Daddy.” She said to me.

“I love you, too, Natalie. More than anything.”

“I know. I know.”

Natalie kissed me then and somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that what we had just started was never going to stop. How could it? Our relationship had changed forever. My daughter and I were lovers, and she was the best lover I’d ever had. What woman would compare? What woman would I ever love more completely? How could we expect to not repeat this experience, as often as possible? It would be insanity to try.

It would be insanity to continue.

We rolled around on the couch until Natalie was once again cuddled up to my chest. We were the very picture of the sin of incest. Father and daughter, naked together, covered in each others cum.

I’d never felt more alive. I doubted I would ever experience something so intense again, or so forbidden.

I was so wrong.

Later that day we decided that this would be our last night at the cabin. This was a decision made more for survival than any real desire to leave. We would burn through most of the wood tonight, and avrupa yakası escort get out in the morning assuming the clear weather held. We would walk out to the main road and meet my brother in his truck. Any other delay would be letting our supply of wood get too low, and if it snowed hard again, we’d be looking at running out of food in about a week. It was time to go. I would leave a check for five hundred dollars on the kitchen table, to pay for the door panel I broke and the supplies we consumed. I also left a note explaining what had happened and a contact number if more money was needed.

So we laid out a bunch of blankets in front of the woodstove and left the door open so we could watch the fire crackle and burn. We lay on the blankets, my daughter and I, naked and feeding each other dried fruits and almonds from the pantry. We smoked the last of Natalie’s pot, and held each other. I stroked her hair, and she did the same to my cock, until it was hard as a pole in her hand.

“I really liked having this inside me.” She said.

“It’s yours if you want it again.”

“I do. I want to suck it a little, and then I want you to cum inside me.”

“Natalie, we can’t do that. I know you think its safe, but its not.”

“It’ll be fine, Daddy. I want to feel your cock jerk inside me while you fill me up. It’s all I’ve thought about all day. Please give it to me. Give me your cum. I’ve swallowed it, I’ve worn it, now I want to have it in my pussy.”

Natalie began kissing her way down my body, until her mouth was inches from my raging shaft.

“Can you do that, Daddy? Can you fill my pussy for me?”

“Yes.” I heard myself say. My little girl took my huge cock into her mouth as far as she could, and began a slow suction, interrupted every now and then by her tongue running up and down my length.

“Baby, that feels so good.”

“I love it.” Natalie answered. Then she climbed her way up my body, centering her petite hips on mine. She used her fingers to spread her labia apart, and then slowly lowered her tight, wet pussy onto my cock.

She went so slowly. I could savor every inch of her silken wetness as she sank down on me, until finally her pubic thatch was pressed into my own.

Natalie rode me up and down while I shoved my cock in to meet her downward thrusts, until eventually we reached a rhythm where she was grinding her hips on me, building in speed and intensity until finally she just lost all control.

“Oh fuck, Daddy. Fuck me Daddy! I’m cumming!”

“That’s it baby. I can feel it. Cum all over your Daddy’s cock.”

“Oh yes, Daddy! Daddy!”

My daughter’s spasms seized her vagina as I thrust my shaft in and out of her. I felt every ripple of her orgasm, lost in the sin of our coupling. Lost in the ecstasy of my baby’s pussy. This was every father’s secret fantasy, and I was living it.

Natalie’s orgasm seemed to go on and on, but when she finally went limp on top of me, I lifted her off my cock and laid her down on her stomach, near the fire.

I crawled up behind my daughter and eased my cock back into her vagina. I let her close her legs, and pushed up onto my hands.

“Oh fuck, Daddy, I feel you so deep. Oh God I can’t take it.”

“You’re going to take it, baby girl. You’re going to take everything I give you. And I’m going to give you everything.”

“Oh yes, Daddy. I’m yours. Fuck me. Fuck your little girl.”

I did. I pistoned in and out of my daughter for everything I was worth. I reached under and through her arms and crushed my weight into her tiny body while I grunted obscene things into her ear. I thrust into her harder and harder, her screaming like a wild cat, me telling her what a good girl she was. I lost all sanity and morality in those moments, and she did as well. We embraced the wrongness of what we were doing. We embraced the horror and disgust of society, and then we forgot it. All we became was man and woman, father and daughter, hard cock and wet pussy. Sweat covered our bodies and our mixed scent filled our senses. My whole world was the young woman beneath me. The one I had helped create, and was now about to make my own.

My orgasm hit like a tsunami. I pushed my cock all the way into my daughter and fired a torrent of sperm filled semen into her. I coated every inch of her vagina with it, overfilling her, my seed spilling to the blankets beneath her. Then I started thrusting again, pushing my cum farther inside, driving it up into her womb.

I stayed hard. I kept fucking my girl, taking her from behind for what seemed like hours, until her moans became delirious whimpers. Then I came in her again, giving her every drop of seed I had left in my body. Only then did my cock soften. Only then did I let myself slip out of her, and take my weight off of her.

“Daddy… daddy.” She moaned.

“Are you okay, angel?” I asked. She seemed to have to pull herself back from some alternate reality just to smile and nod.

I picked my little girl up and carried her to our bed, my cum still leaking from her pussy, and coating the inside of her legs. My daughter. My lover. Mine.

“I love you… I love you.” She said to me as she cuddled against my chest and sleep took her.

“I love you too, angel.” I said. “I always will.”

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