A Perfect Love

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Hello My name is Kalia, that’s not my birth name, but the name I have chosen for this story, all will become clear later. You see, I was 18 when I found myself pregnant, it was my first time, and such a thrill to be experimenting, something that came back to me later life as you will see.

After the birth of my daughter my parents where about as supportive as a paper scaffold about my new daughter, after a few years I was old enough to move out and had enough of my own money to rent a small apartment. I got a part time job working at a supermarket doing what ever needed doing around the shop.

Slowly I was promoted threw the shop floor to management. Finally I had enough money to buy a house that was big enough for the both us, the small one bedroom apartment was getting too cramped for myself and my daughter. Falling over each other at every turn, as we moved into the new three bedroom house I rarely saw my daughter, which for us both worked out just great as I turned the third bedroom into a small office, my dream was too study and make something of myself someday, I spent time working a story I was writing on my laptop, who knows, maybe it could be the next Star Trek, well maybe not… it’s a pile of crap!

Although I had made plans, Mel, that’s my daughter, short for Mellissa, had her own plans on how to celebrate her birthday, I can’t say I blamed her, the last thing she wanted was her mother throwing another boring party. The last one was on her 17th birthday, it was, well you know, a disaster!

Anyway, she had met a guy a few months before and getting pretty serious about each other. She had confided in me that she had never had sex, she was nervous about, well just about everything actually.

This was the day when our relationship changed for ever, so let me set the scene for you.

I had just come from work and tired, I had to fire off one of my employees that morning for stealing from the shop. All I wanted to do was have a hot bath, slip into my dressing gown and have a few glasses of my favourite white wine. After my bath I wrapped my self in a robe and left the nice hot bubble bath with my robe left open and free, I love the feel of the cool air on my naked body, as I always kept my self in the best physical shape I could be in and shaven neatly. She had seen a few men come and go from my life, as she grew older and more womanly, she had blossomed into the most kadıköy escort attractive young woman I had ever known, anyway back to my story.

I peaked my head threw the door and saw Mel on her computer, I couldn’t see what she was typing but she seemed to be caught up in what ever it was, slowly I closed the door and walked into my bedroom to change into a comfy white silk night gown I always enjoy wearing after work, more then any thing I own. I love the feeling of a silk negligee against my soft skin, it makes me feel sexy and confidant in myself. Quickly I went into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge, I always enjoyed the first drink of the wine more then anything, kinda like the first drink of an ice cold beer after a hard day at work on a hot day.

I got comfy on the sofa and watched a movie that had only just started, when Mel came down stairs and sat in the chair facing me. It was difficult not to notice the clothes she wearing, almost nothing actually. A white low cut vest and thong, I had noticed that she wore things and g-strings more then panties, although I must admit I preferred them also. As I finished the glass, she offered me another glass as she was going to get a bottle of beer for herself, although in America the drinking age is 21 in Britain it is 18. But I have allowed Mel to enjoy drink from a young age, I have taught her to respect alcohol and what it does to people when they are drunk.

We watched a few movies that night as we drunk more beer and wine laughing and enjoying a night in that we hadn’t had in years, the movies ranged from comedies to action. It was my idea to put in the last film, it was my last boyfriends DVD, it was an erotic movie. I knew that Mel was old enough to watch a movie like this, even sexually mature enough. You see I knew she had been having sex for many years, I could only hope she didn’t fall pregnant at too young an age as I did. There was something in the movie that I didn’t expect, a lesbian scene that made me feel uncomfortable at first, especially as my daughter was sat next to me watching this scene, out of the corner of my eye I saw that she wasn’t blushing as I was. She looked back at me and smiled slightly, her voice was calm and confidant as she spoke.

‘Does this embarrass you?’

With a slight smile I looked back üsküdar escort and shock my head, I was embarrassed, I had never seen or thought of two women making love before. Although I had seen some of this movie, I never gotten this far in before stopping it, her next statement took me by surprise, especially by her tone of voice.

‘You see this is totally wrong, women don’t kiss each other like that’

My eyes shot her a look at the tone and her words.

‘What do you mean?’

The look in her eyes told me everything, but I needed to hear the words from her.

‘I had experimented with women’

I was shocked, my daughter had slept with another woman, I didn’t know what too say.

‘You slept with a woman? When?’

‘It was a year ago’ she answered

‘Who was it?’

Quickly her reply came, but I still couldn’t believe what she had said.

‘Sarah, from school, you where at work and we got a little… well you know, why do you want to know this?’

‘You just took me by surprise that’s all. What happened?’

I could tell she was slightly embarrassed as she explained what had happened that night, especially as she described every detail. Combined with the movie in the back ground and the erotic story being told to me, I could feel a tingling between my legs and hardening in my breasts as my nipples hardened against the silk night gown I was wearing. It didn’t take long before I felt my hand run up her leg to her inner thigh, the story had turned me on so much and I wanted to feel what she had felt during that time. Slowly I leaned in and kissed her on her lips softly, at first I expected her to pull away and yell, until I felt her hand slowly moving up my inner thigh as her mouth opened and her tongue moved into my mouth.

I felt her fingers moving against my shaven pussy and slowly find it’s way between my lips as we deepened the kiss.

My hand moved up her body and under her shirt as I found her amazing 32c cup breast and squeezed her nipples slightly. Softly she pulled away and rolled her hands up my body removing my night gown allowing my breasts to fall free, almost instantly I could feel the tender kiss on my nipples as she rolled her tongue around and sucked as I pulled down her thong. I had never dreamed of being with a woman before, let alone my own daughter, but this felt right as my finger pleasured tuzla escort her in a way that I had enjoyed. It was true what I had heard, a woman knows how to pleasure a woman. Softly I took her arms and stood her up as I removed her vest and lead her to my bedroom. We barely made it to the bed as we entered my room, our passion had increased as we kissed wildly. Softly she pushed me down on the bed as she knelt down beside me and ran her tongue up my legs. My body ached with excitement at the prospect of what was about to happen, her tongue slowly ran over my pussy lips slowly her tongue separated my lips and pushed deep inside. A loud moan left my lips as I enjoyed every moment of the sexual act. Almost instantly I was brought to a screaming orgasm as she licked furiously on my pussy.

Slowly she ran her tongue up my body and smiled as she kissed me, the excitement of tasting my own juices on this young woman’s lips was almost too much to bare as she looked deep into my eyes and smiled.

‘Now it’s your turn, if you want me to guide you…’

‘I think I can find my way around babe’

I shivered slightly as my first taste of another woman drew ever closer to my lips. The sweet smell of her sex drew even closer until my tongue ran over her pussy lips slowly . I could feel myself about to orgasm once more as I pushed my tongue deep into her as I tongue fucked her wildly like a starving man eating his first meal. It seemed like hours as I lapped up her pussy savouring every moment of this wonderful taste of her sex. How could I have missed this, having sex with another woman was the most erotic experience of my life, accentuated more so by the fact that she was my own daughter, my body was tingling at my first taste of another woman. As time seemed to freeze as my first taste of pussy juice enveloped my mouth, I could feel her juices running into my mouth and down my chin as her orgasm exploded. I continued to lick her hard and fast as I brought her to another orgasm quickly, until I ran my tongue up her body until I licked and sucked her nipples with ease and excitement.

The next morning as the sun broke threw the curtains I awoke as I felt the unmistakeable feeling of a hand on my stomach, breasts pressing against my back and the feeling excitement in my body of the night of pure passion that had happened just the night before, I turned over to see the loving face of Mel smiling at me. We spent the morning making love and bathing together, our secret relationship has lasted for years. Around two years ago we sold our house and moved to a small town, where we now run our own business.

Ohh by the way, we now live as lovers, after all, who would believe that we are mother and daughter, it just seems right for us.

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