A Lasting Impression

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Cuckold Sessions

In the great life of Julianna Hayes, there were plenty of men that she had been with throughout her latter twenties, as she had grown into quite the avid harlot because of her younger teenage days. It all had to do with family, as most of the time it does. Her roots came from a horny overbearing father, a nonexistent mother, and there were also her neighbors, which unfortunately were related to her porn loving Dad. They were her Uncles, Tim and Matt.

Now, for the duration of her childhood, there was nothing in the least bit slutty about Julianna’s life. She had boyfriends but remained faithful to her Christian beliefs, which were solid Catholic, thanks to her Mother. That changed once she grew the magical age of 18, where anything was fair game after final adulthood.

It was not in the nature of this girl, particularly petite, with an emphasis on being 5’3, quite skinny, and small in the ass as well as boobs. At 21, she was still being mistaken for a young adolescent, but she was still young at 18, still in high school, still naive, and yet she wasn’t. Her friends were all whores, which came from going to private schools all their lives. They were in cheerleading and dance together, and it was just natural for being so closed off to unleash their sexual energies upon the boys of the city that they lived in.

However, Julianna was timid around the opposite sex, even though her face was exquisitely perfect. Her skin was creamy and flawless, and her eyes were a brilliantly shade of sparkling blue, and she had the straightest, finest blonde hair imaginable. She literally had never worn makeup, so everything that you saw was pure Jullanna, in all her gorgeous beauty. She did not even pretend to be a slut, as some girls tended to, being that it was the cool thing. Rather, she moderately dressed in jeans and humble tee-shirts, flip flops or sneakers, and this was all due to the fact that she was very athletic, playing volleyball as well as cheerleading.

It was easy to see how aggressive the girl was when she played the sport. Julianna was scrappy, very limber, and jumped very high when on the attack of a spike. She almost always got an ace against the other team. She was the weapon that no other team had, and her Father and Uncles went to all the games and cheered her on. It almost always got the girl embarrassed by how loud they would yell and jeer at the other team, but as long as her team won, she was in a particularly heavenly mood.

On other days, it was not as such. Either she was not accurate or ‘on’ or the other players were messing up, or perhaps the other team was just giving them a good run, but if Julianna did not beat the competition, hell broke loose. Such was an occasion, when her Father and Uncles had actually elected to stay in for the evening, when she came home, sour and defeated, and automatically against anyone.

Julianna walked in the house with her uniform on, a glowing face because of the sweat during the game, and slammed the front door with such a force, that the clock on the foyer’s wall fell to the ground. It was not a very sturdy mounted piece, but as it was made of plastic, it did not shatter or break, just the cover for the battery compartment flew off and across the wooden floors. Next thing was the stomping to the kitchen, her sneakers squeaking as she hit the tile and swung open the fridge’s door. Scowling at her Father, who had been hollering at her not to be so damn loud, Julianna continued to march around, slamming drawers, rummaging through knives and forks, muttering about how there were not any clean spoons.

“Doesn’t anyone do the dishes anymore?” She spat, leaning against the cabinet, having cleaned one off herself. The sink was full of dirty dishes that she knew needed to be done, but of course, she wasn’t going to do them, as her father was the one who ate so much.

“I think someone must have lost a game,” Uncle Tim chuckled and picked up a card from the table that they sat around, playing some sort of poker, or so it looked like to Julianna, who grunted in response.

“Must have been because her lucky charms weren’t there,” Matt commented in his throaty voice, rubbing his bare belly and scratching it, peering at the glare in Julianna’s fiery eyes.

“Eh, she had better calm down, or it’s going to be restriction time,” her Father interjected in their teasing, shuffling the cards and turning his head to look over the shoulder at the girl who was acting like a brat in his eyes. His firm gaze did not soften as he clenched his jaw and returned his attention back to the game. Pausing, he said, “Julie, join us and have some fun. I’ll even let you drink with us.”

“I don’t want to drink. I’m not a drunk like you and Uncle Matt,” she retorted, sipping on the can of Coke and twirling her spoon around in the carton of ice cream, looking down at the box.

Disgruntled, her Father raised his voice and placed his hand down on top of the cards, saying as he straightened his back in kadıköy escort a very clear and stony voice that demanded respect, “Get over here and sit down.”

“Fine.” Julianna set down her empty can of Coke and put the ice cream back in the freezer. She came up to the table and looked at the three grown men. Her Father wore a wife beater with board shorts, his arms bulging as well as his beer gut, and her Uncle Tim sat with a full tee shirt and jeans, drinking water as usual. Uncle Matt was gulping down the last of his Bud Ice and gleaming with a slight sweat, while sitting with his shirt off as if he did not have an abundance of hair over his tan and white body, a characteristic of the farmer that he was. She sat momentarily, raising a brow, and watching as the hand was dealt, cards placed in front of her each time that her father dished them out.

Julianna frowned and pushed the cards to the center. “I don’t know how to play poker, so I’m just going to watch or whatever.”

Clearing his throat, her Father shot her a dirty look and pushed the cards back to her hands that sat on the tabletop. “You’ll play. We’ll teach you as we go.”

“Whatever,” Julianna answered nonchalantly, taking the cards in her hands with no particular sense of the game. She was just going to wing it and learn as she went, but she really was in no mood to play anymore games that evening. She wished her ignorant Father could understand, but of course, he was too busy trying to prove his dominance in the household. Rolling her eyes as they went around, she had no idea what to do and eventually, showed them her cards with a look into their laughing faces.

“No good, hon. You got to take something off,” Uncle Matt declared with a big smile on his lips as he cracked open another beer and shifted in his seat. His stares were more than just looks, his eyes seemed to be dancing from downward to upward and then to the faces of her Father and Uncle Tim.

“What?” She paused, glancing from Uncle Matt to her Dad. She furrowed her brow and shrugged her shoulders. “Take what off?”

“Shoes or whatever, this is strip poker. We play for clothes, ‘cause that’s how poor we are.” They all had a good laugh over her Father’s statement, nodding and agreeing that was why Uncle Tim had his shoes and socks off, Matt his shirt, and her Father had taken off his flip flops earlier. It all seemed believable, so she thought that it was harmless. They were her family, and so what if they were poor, this was how they played poker. She had never really played anyway, and even though something told her it was not right, she obliged to take off her sneakers and socks, as Tim said they were on in the same.

Sitting forward, she was not exactly upset about losing her first round. She had no idea how to play and was still learning. Julianna figured that she get it the next time ‘round. So, the cards were dealt, and she waited, playing everything just like she thought she should. She wished that she had changed, as her spandex shorts were cutting in her small thighs, and the girl felt like she smelled slightly from the activity earlier in the night.

Once again, she placed her hand down and looked at everyone’s faces, which were smirks and little chuckles. Grouching, Julianna muttered, “What?”

“You lost again, take something else off!” Her Father shouted in mid-chuckle, covering his mouth in knowledge of the bad temper that lay within his daughter. She would explode if she lost again, but the game was not going to make it that far. The Uncles, as her Father noticed, were already getting excited by what was happening presently.

Julianna took the ends of her jersey in her hands, untucking the shirt and then pulling it up and over her blonde ponytail, eyes closed as she lifted and tossed it aside. Opening her beautiful eyes, she stood for a second in just the sports bra, which pushed her little buds of breasts together and hugged tight to a prominent rib cage and little waist of chiseled abs. Her spandex shorts were tight and short, almost fitting like boycut panties as they rode up to her pussy and the bottom of her ass cheeks. It was a sight to behold for the three sexually deprived men, who were all divorced, widowed, or single.

The girl sat down, biting her tongue to keep remarks that only a sore loser would make. She did not want to prove her Father right, which was what she thought this whole game was about, making her realize that not everything was about winning or losing, but she did want to win. She just wanted to prove that she could hold her fire in throughout the game, even if she continued to lose. Telling herself to keep on remembering it was her first helped through the process, as another hand was brought to begin.

It went around and came to her. She bit her lip, almost smirking, cause she knew that she had something this time.

“Show us your cards, girl,” Uncle üsküdar escort Matt demanded, his own hand still held secret to him as she smiled and placed the hand down, proud that she had beaten her Father, who had dropped out some time before, as well as Uncle Tim.

It was down to her and the Madman, who looked slightly upset as he placed the hand down, but then, to her dismay, he had been faking! Uncle Matt pounded the table with his fist and called out, “WOOHOO! A ROYAL FLUSH, woman! Take that bra off right nah! See them titties!”

Aghast, Julianna sat there in her peaked surprise, silently thinking, “Fuck all of you, this is total bull shit! I fuckin’ can’t believe I lost…” but what she really did was swallow hard, ignored the laughter and talk between her Father and Uncles, which was going something like this.

“Take it off, girl.” or “She LOST. I guess she doesn’t have that beginner’s luck like you Uncle Tim.” and “She ain’t got no luck tonight!” Big laughter.

She pushed her fingers up underneath the fabric of her sports bra and stared at their eager faces, wondering just why they would be ogling a teenage daughter and niece as such. Sighing, Julianna couldn’t bare to look at them when the naked flesh of her breasts was finally revealed, simply by pulling the bra up and over just like the jersey. Looking down, the nipples of her small twin peaks were perked and bright pink.

Whistling and cheers came from the men, sitting back down at the door as they had stood to look long and hard while she had stripped off the under garment. She huffed and took and seat, covering up her chest by folding her arms and avoiding the need to shiver in the chill that was in the house’s air.

“You can’t cover up!” Uncle Matt howled, pointing it out to the other guys. He leered at the girl, who stared back with as much contempt and animosity, wishing he would just shut up, the old fart.

“Sorry to say, honey, but he’s right. Don’t be afraid, girl, we’re all family here, just havin’ some good fun, no worries,” Father told her, placing a hand on her shoulders and rubbing her gently to soothe any anxieties that she had, which were running quickly through her head. Was that lust she saw in their eyes as they started a new round?

She removed her arms and let the breasts free. Every time, she peered up at the men, their eyes were flitting from her chest to their cards, their tongues lapping their lips, and their legs shaking, as if they could not hold something in. Julianna gulped and hoped to God that the next hand she was dealt was good, because she wasn’t wearing anything beneath the spandex. Thongs rode up too far while she played, causing minor distractions, and panties would also ride, as well as look funny. Chewing on her lip, she eagerly picked up the cards, only to find them to be a dismal display. The turns were taken, each one giving her nothing, and she prayed harder in her head, hoping against everything that something would prevent the revelation to her male relations that she did not wear panties at the games, and feed their ravenous hunger to see something of their younger kin.

“Alright, show us your cards, baby,” Uncle Tim told her, after just placing his down.

breathing ot, she placed down a pair of 6’s and Aces, looking at Uncle Matt, who disappointedly revealed that he had nothing, and then her Father, who shrugged his shoulders and placed down a hand to beat her own, like it was nothing.

“HOT DAMN!” Uncle Matt yelled pushing his chair out and slamming his hands on the table once more. His Father laughed at the gesture, getting up as well, and so did Uncle Tim. They all folded their arms and looked down to Julianna, who sat contemplating what she should do. They were wanting her to take off the shorts, but she would not, could not do it.

“Um…” She trailed, holding her hand against her lips and biting her nail, trying to think of an excuse when the phone rang.

Julianna turned and jumped up to run. Uncle Matt roared, “HEY!”

Suddenly, she was yanked back by the waistband of her tiny shorts, and twisting around, she found Uncle Tim holding onto her, glancing to her Dad as he let the phone go to machine. He rubbed his hands together, looking rather ominous as he marched over and smacked the girl’s face. “What the hell do you think you were doing? You play fair. I’ve always taught you to play fair. I can’t believe you. Take those damn shorts off now. We have one more round to play.”

“But-I-but!” She wailed, covering her face as Uncle Tim spoke loudly.

“There ain’t going to be another round. The girl lost already. She don’t no wear no panties, no thong, no nothing, John!” He told my Father, an incredulous tone to his words as he pulled back the band of her shorts, undoubtedly showing off Julianna’s bare bottom.

“Uh huh, so that’s what she been hidin’ all this time!” Uncle Matt said, walking around Uncle TIm to face Juliana, standing tuzla escort next to he Father with an arched brow. “I think that’s pretty damn slutty if you ask me, John. I thought you been teachin’ this here heffer right.”

“I am. I bet she just couldn’t stand wearing a thong during volleyball. It probably hurt that little ass crack of hers. She’s all bone pretty much,” her Father explained, as if reading Julianna’s thoughts.

The blonde head bobbed up and down as she nodded, piping in fearfully with, “Yea, that’s why I did, no other reason. I’m not a slut, Daddy, really. Please don’t think that I am!”

“It’s still slutty of you, Julianna Hayes. You a god damn slut now, huh? HUH?” He screamed grabbing my hair to jerk my face directly down to his crotch, which was bulging with an erection underneath the colorful shorts. “Is dick all you fucking want? This position good for you? On your knees like that, HUH?”

“No, no! I swear it’s just like you said, Daddy. It hurts me to wear them, and I wanted to focus. I didn’t know I’d ever have to take the shorts off like that in front of people!” She bawled, bringing her delicate hands to cover up the tear streaked face.

He slapped her hands away and pulled up on her chin forcefully. “We’re not people. We’re your fucking Fathers, even if your Uncles weren’t here through everything. They’re your Daddies, too, and you know what, Uncle Matt, I think you were right.”

“Right? About what?” he asked stupidly,blinking over a blank stare when he turned from staring at the pretty young thing on her knees to my Father’s red face of fury.

“About teaching this fuckin’ broad a lesson, man. Remember, you whispered it to me before this last hand. You said something about what you’d like to teach her a lesson in..besides the poker?” Her Dad reminded, and in Julianna’s horror, hinted at a sexual relationship between her mid-age Uncles and her own Father.

Gasping, the blonde shook her head and cried desperately, “No, YOU CAN’T! I’m your daughter. That’s wrong, and I’m just 18!”

“That’s the good part, honey, you’re young, limber, and tight, too. I should know. I kept you that way,” he moved his hand to feel along her hair, moving to grab the beginning of her ponytail and yank her face back.

She drew a sharp breath in and cried again in torment as the zippers of the three men went down, zinging in her lovely ears. The grip on the back of her head grew firmer as three dicks pushed to her face. At the sight, she closed her mouth and pulled her head away, shaking her head and mashing the lips together, screaming through the lock of her mouth.

“Open that mouth, slut!” Her Father yelled down to her, jerking her forward and then sharply back, manipulating her like a rag doll as her mouth flew open and a dick was pushed in. It tasted horrible, and Julianna coughed as it was forced down to the back of her throat.

“Oh yea, that’s it, little girl, you fuckin’ take that dick, sweetheart. Mhm.” It was Uncle Matt’s obviously as she allowed her mouth to wrap around it, heeding her Father’s command to suck on it lively. She did so, as best that she could. This being her first time experience with oral sex of any kind. It being her Uncle’s dick, she could hardly fight back the terror of this experience, what people would say and do if they knew that she had been blowing her Uncle’s cock at midnight.

“Remember that story, baby. You think you can, you think you can, chug that sweet dick, I think I can.” Uncle Matt continued to encourage, pulling out and listening, “Let’s hear it, say what I want to hear.”

“I think I can,” she whimpered weakly, before the dick was lunged right back in her mouth, a pat of the hand on her head.

“Suck the cum out, baby, that’s it. Good girl. Nice, hot, nasty girl.” A hand moved to brush the pieces of hair away from her darling face, tucking them gently behind her ear as the dick pushed and pushed, until she drew back sputtering the pre-cum that had seeped out.

“Dang, she can’t even swallow cum right. John, you sure didn’t raise this girl to be a good cocksucker,” Uncle Matt declared pressing the dick again to Julianna’s pouty lips when she raised her head by means of her Daddy tugging up. She opened up without a command, only feeling her Father’s fingers digging into her scalp as the call to part the lips and let the dick drive down into her wet mouth. She whimpered and tear drops fell down her cheeks from the width and length of the monstrous dick. It must have been 10 inches as it sank past her tonsils and rubbed her chords, tickling and making her want to gag again. She was held there to take it. Two other dicks waited on their turns, poking her cheeks and chin, slapping her face at intervals while they held on conversations.

“She’s going to be after tonight. She’s got three cocks to suck and fuck. Reckon, it’s going to be a loooong night for all of us. Ain’t that right, sweetie?” He asked, then nodded her head for Julianna, as she knew and he knew she would not have while glaring at them as she was. They all chuckled.

Uncle Matt worked the dick down her throat, groaning all of a sudden. He thrusted as her Father made her head bob up and down, making her give the best head she could to her wild Uncle, who groaned loudly and shouted,”Mmm, slutty, nasty girl!”

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