My Wife’s Best Friend Ch. 3

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Marge and I had been spending more and more time together, at first only on weekends and then, several nights during the week. Those times at my house, I would get home from work, shower and then we’d fall into bed and fuck. It seemed we were forever trying to make up for lost time.

One weekend we had gone out for dinner and a movie. When we left the movie, we were both horny as hell. We were so impatient, I drove to a secluded area of the city park and parked next to a park bench where there was little light and we fucked right there. Marge just pulled her panties off and I unzipped my trousers to free my cock and, sitting there on the bench, she straddled me to get my prick into her wet cunt. The idea of fucking in public although there was no one around, made the act more exciting to her and she climaxed almost immediately. Then she had two more orgasms before I could cum.

After about three months, I convinced Marge to move into my place, it seemed so much more sensible than maintaining two houses. What’s more, my king-sized bed made a much greater ‘play ground’ than the double bed at her house.

We even discussed marriage but Marge had an income from a trust her husband had set up for her and it would end if she remarried. She wanted to maintain that income so we became married only by action, not by paperwork. She put her house up for sale.

Several times, while I had my face buried between Marge’s thighs, I touched her anus and each time I felt her body stiffen and she would push my finger away. Jane, my late wife, had always enjoyed anal sex, had often demanded it. Truthfully, I too, enjoyed it.

After the third or fourth time this happened, she finally told me about how her husband, Hank, had, in effect, raped her ass. It had hurt so bad, she said, “I bled a lot and it hurt for almost a week after. He thought it was great but I never let him touch me there again.”

One night, as we cuddled in bed, I was caressing her body, paying special attention to her tits. I was intrigued by the way her nipples, always somewhat puffy, became engorged and stood out, not like the pencil erasers everyone speaks about, trabzon escort but much larger.

“Suck my boobs, Pete, I love it when you do that, it feels so good.”

I rose up on one elbow and leaned over to take her nearest breast in my mouth, swirling my tongue around the already hardened nipple. At the same time, I reached over with my free hand to her other breast, cupping it and pinching the nipple between thumb and forefinger. Her breathing became heavier and she began moaning with pleasure.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her reach down to her pussy to slowly stroke her clit. After several minutes she was panting and I felt her body begin to tense up as she neared her climax. “Oh yes, love, oh god yesss, I’m cumming Pete, OH GOD’ I’M CUMMING.” She clamped her legs together, holding her hand imprisoned, while with her other hand, she crushed my face against her tit.

When her climax had subsided and her breathing returned to normal, I drew back from her to lay flat on my back, my erect prick pointed at the ceiling. Marge got onto her knees beside me and took my cock in her mouth. After bobbing up and down on it for a few minutes, she raised up and said, “Cum for me Pete, cum in my mouth. I want to taste you,” then bent back to her task.

It wouldn’t take long…I began thrusting my hips up to meet every stroke she made on my cock. When I hit the point of no return, I grasped her head in both my hands and lunged upward, trying to bury all my rod in her mouth. As my jism exploded into her throat, she gagged a little then began sucking and swallowing, capturing all my cum.

When she was satisfied that she had drained me completely, she fell forward onto me, her face on my chest. We lay like that for several minutes, until, out of a clear blue sky, she asked, “Did you fuck Jane in her ass?”

“Yes, love. Quite often she asked for that and on those times she would cum pretty hard.”

“Do you want to fuck my ass,” she whispered?

“Yes,” I answered truthfully, “but only if you want me to. I don’t want to spoil what we’ve got over something like that.”

She was quiet for a while, trabzon escort bayan then, “I think I want you to.” then after another period silence, “Would you stop if I asked you to?”

“Of course, my love, of course I would. do you feel like I’m pressuring you?”

“Oh no,” she exclaimed. “You’ve made everything so wonderful and I just want to experience everything you had with Jane.”

It was out of the question right then, my cock needed a lot more time to recover. I pulled her face up to mine and we kissed and I tasted some of myself still in her mouth. We lay back in each others arms till we both fell asleep.

It was almost dawn when I woke hours later. We had separated, Marge now lay on her back, one arm on her pillow, curled above her head, the other with her hand cupping her pussy. As I gazed at her in the half light, my prick began to stir with my desires for her. She had given me so much satisfaction and I wanted to do the same for her.

Moving slowly so as not to awaken her, I got to the foot of the bed and, gently prying her legs apart, kissed my way up the inside of her thighs till I reached her pussy. In her sleep, she moved her hand away and I licked my way up her cuntlips till I reached her clit. As my tongue touched her love button, she shivered and came awake.

“Oh god, Pete,” she whispered, “what a delicious way to wake up.” She pulled her knees up, opening herself even more to me. Laying on my stomach as I was, I could look up over her softly rounded belly to watch as she grasped her tits, pinching and pulling those beautiful nipples. As her hips began undulating with my ministrations, I pushed first one finger then two into her cunt. She was already wet, her love honey almost flowing out of her.

Taking some of that honey, I moved a finger to her anus, feeling her tense up, then slowly relax. I smeared more of her juice around the puckered, brown rosebud, pressing gently but not penetrating.

“Do it, love,” she whispered, somewhat apprehensively. “Put your finger in me.”

I pressed a little harder and my finger slipped into her to the first joint. I continued licking escort trabzon and sucking her clit to keep her moving towards a climax. I slowly stroked my finger in and out of her ass, going a little deeper with each stroke and meeting no resistance. Marge began panting heavily.

“My god, Pete, that feels so nice. Fuck my ass just like that.” She was moving with every push I made into her rectum. A second finger slipped in easily and she was relaxed to the point where I thought I could ease my cock into her.

I crawled up so that I was on my knees between her legs, my cock now stiff in anticipation. With my arms under her knees, I raised her hips up to where I could press the purple head of my prick against her ass. She made no resistance as I slowly pushed into her. Suddenly, with great effort, she lunged her hips upward against me, forcing my prick half way into her ass.

“Oh god, Pete, you’re in my ass and it feels good. Fuck my ass, love, fuck my ass!” I pulled back till only my cock head was inside her, then, slowly pressed forward again till my prick was completely buried. I continued to withdraw then slowly plunge deep again. God, but her ass felt good!

“Harder, love, fuck my ass harder…make me cum, lover, make me cum.” As I watched her, she had one hand at her clit, rubbing furiously while with the other she was still punishing her nipples.

I fucked faster and faster, burying the entire length of my prick with each lunge. “Yes, yes, oh god, yes, oh god it feels so good. FUCK MY ASS, LOVER, FUCK MY ASS! I’M GONNA CUM, OH GOD IT FELS SO GOOD, I’M GONNA CUM,” she was almost screaming. The perspiration was dripping off my face as I tried to hold back my own orgasm but when I felt her sphincter begin convulsing on my cock, I couldn’t help myself, I pumped my jism into her almost virgin ass. When my cock spasms ended and my prick began to shrink, I pulled my arms from under her knees, letting her hips fall back down onto the bed. As I looked down, I could see my jism seeping out of her still open ass hole. I had broken her barrier to anal sex. We had been at ‘it’ for over three hours!

I fell forward onto her and she wrapped her arms around me as we kissed. After a few moments, she pulled her face away and, looking me in the eye, “I never in a lifetime would have thought I would let anyone do that. God, but Jane was a lucky person.”

We slept almost the entire day.

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