My Weekend

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As I was driving to my college roommate’s apartment in Oxford, I wondered about her new love, who had moved in quite recently, but whom she seemed very enthusiastic about. I needed some good news, as I was still very depressed about my recent divorce, and didn’t feel very good about love or myself.

Susan had insisted that I come and visit for the weekend, sure that she would be able to cheer me up. I always cared a lot for her, and knew that she felt the same for me.

I still could remember how excited and proud she was when she lost her virginity. She had looked at me as her role model all those years, and I had tried to teach her all that I knew. But I wasn’t doing very well now.

When I arrived, Susan was alone, as Sean hadn’t yet arrived from work. It was wonderful to see her, and we spent the first few minutes just sort of babbling about what we’d been up to lately. Then she told me that she had a special favor to ask of me. It seems that it was Sean’s birthday soon, and she wanted to give him something very special, an opportunity to fulfill a fantasy. His fantasy was to have sex with two women at the same time, and Susan wanted to give him that.

She knew that I had participated in such activity before, with other friends, and was hoping that I would be willing again. She did not feel comfortable with any other female the same way, but felt safe in both sharing Sean, and in revealing herself to me.

I was flattered and touched that she trusted and cared that much for me, but I wasn’t sure about this. “Susan, I’ve never even met Sean–what if I don’t care that much for him, or I don’t turn him on-then what? Besides, I haven’t been very interested in sex since the divorce.”

She assured me that she wouldn’t push it, that of course Sean and I needed to get to know each other first. But she wanted to sound me out on the idea before Sean got home, so she could tell him whether or not I was even interested at all. Maybe my recent brief marriage had changed my previous free spirit. I agreed to consider it, and we dropped the subject as Sean was due home any minute.

I liked Sean the minute he came into the door, kissed Susan, and then kissed me as if he had known me forever. He was a dear, and I understood why Susan loved him so much. He wasn’t really my type physically, being a bit on the slender side, but he trabzon escort was very nice looking. We had dinner of spaghetti, the sauce well-flavored with oregano and grass, and got rather giggly on the sauce and the red wine we had with it.

Sean and I were the exact same age, and had many of the same attitudes towards things in general, and were hitting it off very well. I still wasn’t quite ready to hop into bed with the two of them, though.

It got late, and we were all getting sleepy, when Susan took me into the kitchen and asked me how I felt about Sean. “He’s awfully nice, but it would be rather strange. I’ve never slept with someone for the first time with their girlfriend there.” So she told me of their backup plan. What about Sean and I sleeping together tonight, and we’d see how that worked out. I couldn’t really turn them down, as they were being so nice and I was so fond of Susan. Besides, the idea appealed to my old self, which talking about college days had brought back a bit. So I agreed.

Shortly after we all settled down, Sean came to the guest bed where I was sleeping and slid in beside me, totally naked. I was wearing a nightgown, as I still wasn’t quite sure about what I was doing. I hadn’t had sex since that afternoon with my divorce lawyer, which while rather bland physically, had been extremely satisfying emotionally.

Sean asked me in a whisper if I would rather he leave, but I shook my head no, and he hugged me, as I began to shake. After a bit, he began to kiss me, and then to stroke my back. As I relaxed, he raised my nightgown, and slid it off of me.

He definitely knew how to make love, as he stroked and kissed my breasts, and caused my nipples to harden and my pussy to warm. He slid his hand between my legs, and when he felt the beginnings of my dampness, he became more aggressive, rubbing my clit, sliding a finger in and out of my pussy which was starting to waken, and want. As I started to once again feel my pussy open and reach for more, he rolled on top of me, and slid his hard cock into my hungry slit. I gasped, and he started to pump, going faster and faster as I rose to meet his every thrust, until he felt me climax, and then he joined me, moaning into my neck, as I whimpered and cried with my own release.

“It was wonderful, Mary, and I can’t tell you how much it trabzon escort bayan meant to me that you were able to accept me that much. Susan always told me that you were great in bed, and it was all true.” And Sean softly spoke and made it all seem all right. He had been so gentle, willing to initiate everything, and all I had done was relax and respond. It was so good for my ego after the way my ex had treated me. I was able to kiss him and go to sleep as he got up to return to Susan for the rest of the night.

The next day we spent just sitting around and talking, and laughing, and eating and drinking, and smoking, and becoming more comfortable as a threesome. Susan and I had been close for years, Sean and she had fallen in love, and now Sean and I were rapidly becoming friends. After dinner, I told Susan that I was willing to try the birthday present, and she was thrilled.

She didn’t tell Sean until it had gotten late, and she said “Let’s go to bed, Sean, I’ve got a special present for you.” And as he looked at me, quite startled, as he felt that the night before was more than he could ask for, I smiled, blushed, and nodded, and preceded him into the bedroom. He and Susan rapidly followed.

Before we undressed, Susan thoughtfully turned the lights down low, leaving just a soft blue light that left fascinating shadows. We then got onto their king size bed, with Susan on Sean’s left shoulder and me on his right. At first, we were all a bit nervous, but as we lay there and talked we began to relax. Sean would kiss Susan, and then after a bit, kiss me. She and I began to play and see who could give him the most passionate kiss. Then we began to stroke his legs and body, to try and cause an erection, which nerves had prevented. He got into the spirit of it all, and started to stroke Susan’s breasts with one hand, while feeling mine with the other. It was turning into a playful contest to see who could get who turned on first, and it was working very well, as I could smell the aromas of sex begin to permeate the room.

All at once, it was no longer a matter of giggling and playing, and Sean had an erection that begged to be used. I looked at Susan, and she nodded, so I took his cock into my mouth and began to lick and suck it. At the same time, he was fondling and sucking on Susan’s very large breasts and nipples. escort trabzon As his groans got louder, I stopped, as we did not want him to come too soon, and eliminate any possible experimentation we might try. So after we females gave him a chance to cool off, we traded places, and Susan buried her head between his legs while he sucked my nipples, and rubbed my pussy, getting it wetter and wetter. I knew that I would come more than once.

As Sean began to moan, Susan stopped, and he started to complain that he couldn’t take much more of this. Since both Susan and I were also getting very frustrated, we agreed that he deserved one climax.

I lay on my back, my knees raised, and my legs spread wide, exposing my sopping wet pussy. Susan guided his cock into me, squeezing his balls as he began. She kept her hands on him all the time he was fucking me. And he was fucking me well. I came almost as soon as he entered me, my pussy grabbing the length of him, my hips grinding against his. He continued until he came, gasping and moaning, and bringing me to another orgasm with him.

As he rolled off of me, his cum and mine mingled and ran out between my legs, giving off that so distinctive aroma. Susan said that she didn’t want to be left out, and began to kiss and stroke Sean before he had a chance to barely recover. She was smiling as she said it, knowing that it would take a little time before he could begin again.

The erotic situation caused Sean’s prick to rise, much sooner than any of us expected. He was so grateful to Susan for arranging this wonderful present that he could not wait to pleasure her. He rolled her onto her back, and began to lick and suck on her clit and pussy, slipping a finger into her as she became wetter and wetter. While he was busy with his face buried in her pussy, I was sucking his cock, and licking around his balls, taking them gently into my mouth and softly sucking them.

He shortly lifted his head, and told me to stop, as he wanted her to come before he did. She soon was moaning, and I, for the first time in the years we had known each other, saw her lost in the throws of an orgasm. Then Sean, with my help, slid his cock into her pussy, and pumped and thrust his way to a mutual climax.

We all lay back then, smiling, slippery, and satisfied. I hugged Susan and she thanked me for what I had done for her, as Sean lay back, bemused by what had happened to him. It was a wonderful experience for all three of us, and as I left the next day, I realized that I felt better about myself than I had in months. I once again felt loved, and that I was worth loving.

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