My Turn

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Waking this morning, I can feel the long warmth of you stretched behind me in the bed. Your cock, nestled against my backside, is stiff. As I move gently against it you sigh, breathing in the perfumes of my shampoo and body wash. You nudge a knee lazily between my legs, spreading them slightly.

Your arm is bent beneath mine and my breast fills your hand. You play my nipple between your thumb and index finger before gently tickling down my flank to my narrow waist and up the slight flare of my hips. A series of chills takes me as you use one hand to gently spread my ass and lay your erection in the crevice created. I squirm against you again, tightening my cheeks around your warm cock.

You moan softly and I remember the erotic treat of yesterday; the way you trapped my hands above my head and held me prisoner with pleasure as you made sure I came. I did cum, again and again with even the mere thought of your cock buried within me. My turn.

I smile and turn in the circle of your arms to face you. You groan in complaint as your cock looses its tight little warm spot against my ass. I push you gently to your back, wicked gleam in my eyes, red flush on my cheeks.

I kiss your lips softly and then deepen the kiss. As I lie half trabzon escort atop you, I trace the contours of your torso with my finger tips. Over your pectorals and nipples, down your abdominals, swirling around your navel and finally teasing down the definition of your iliac crest.

Teasing aside, I take your large cock into my small hand, for my business this morning is your pleasure. I reposition myself, kneeling between your legs, my long dark hair falling to cover my breasts. As I lean forward, my thick curls tickle the inside of your thigh.

I hold the length of your cock against my cheek, nuzzling it softly with my lips and face. Leaning up a bit and looking into your eyes, to make sure you’re still paying attention, I press it between my breasts and move against it gently. Your hips buck slightly as you fuck my breasts slowly.

It isn’t long before I have achieved the desired result. I slow my motion, and still holding your cock between my breasts, I smile up at you briefly before licking the few drops of precum that have escaped the tip.

You make a deep noise and your cock twitches. Holding your shaft in my hand now, I rub my face against your throbbing erection again. As I pull back, I kiss the base trabzon escort bayan softly and then proceed to land kisses up the length of your cock. Parting my lips I tease along your shaft with my tongue, repeating my kisses with tender licks. You start to move your hips against my kisses as I move to the head.

I take just the head of your cock into my mouth, at first. Sucking it softly and circling it with my tongue. I moan my pleasure as I enjoy the slippery saltiness of your precum against my teeth and tongue. I feel one of your hands tangle into my hair, and I plunge downward, taking your entire length into my mouth.

Sucking more fervently now, moving my head up and down as I fuck your long pole with my mouth, my tongue still works on you, stroking you with each motion from the base up. I can feel you twitch against my lips and tongue and the precum is no longer just a fleeting thought. You are coming to a climax. I pull back languorously, creating extra pressure just at the head as I withdraw.

You cry out softly for the loss of my mouth, but watch eagerly as I squat over you, and without any further teasing, I guide your cock into my wet cunt.

Using my legs and arms to brace myself carefully, so that escort trabzon only my fuck hole is touching you, I ride up and down the length of you. Relaxing my inner muscles on the ride down, clenching on the way up, simulating what I have just done to you with my mouth.

Despite my care to keep my own pleasure in check, I am trembling from the sensation. Your hands reach for my swinging breasts, I let you have them. You make a grab for my shoulders and sit up as you do, impaling me roughly on your cock. I can’t help but cry out for the pleasure of it.

Staring me directly in the eye now, you buck against me from your sitting position, fucking me hard and fast. Your hands drive my hips up and down against you, kneading my ass.

Suddenly you pull me against you firmly, burying your face in my neck. I feel your release, the tension draining from you as you fall backwards onto the bed.

Sighing and curling up next to you, I can’t help but place a hand between my legs and stroke my clit as a thousand little tremors pass through my body.

I kiss your strong shoulder affectionately and when you don’t stir, I bite it gently. Your wonderful eyes open slightly and stare down at me.

“Naughty little girl.”


Note from the Author: To give credit where credit is due, this was written with another Lit author in mind as inspiration. If you have questions, requests, comments, or suggestions, I would love to hear them and will always respond to any feed back I get. Thanks for reading!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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