A Mother’s Love in 1949 Ch. 09

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This story involves incestuous relationships.

All characters are eighteen years of age or older.

This is a continuing story, you may want to read the earlier chapters for background.


Lucy kissed Rick and her mother warmly as she was leaving for work.

“Have lots of fun today.” She told them. “I’ll see you this evening.”

Rick and Carol had their arms around each other’s waist as Lucy left. They were kissing hotly as soon as the door closed.

“Let’s have some breakfast, Sweetheart,” Carol told him. “I don’t want much, maybe some cereal.”

Cereal sounded okay to Rick. He didn’t want to overeat and not get maximum enjoyment from the hot woman with him. Rick had a soft spot for Carol. She had been the first, after his mother, to take him as a lover.

Carol, in return, felt a great deal of affection for Rick. She wanted the day to be special for him. She felt his face and suggested he shave while she dressed for him.

Carol debated whether she should shower. She decided not to. Edna would want Rick to come home with her and Lucy’s essences still on his body. If he wouldn’t be showering than she wouldn’t either. Besides, she enjoyed the scents of lovemaking.

She drew on seamed nylons. A black lacy garter belt encircled her waist. A white, sheer and silky slip covered her body. Her pubes and areolas showed as shadows through the filmy fabric. She was sitting on the bed putting on a pair of white pumps when Rick came into the bedroom.

His hard dick stood straight and erect in front of him. She drew him close to let her lips kiss his hardness; they parted to let him slide into her mouth.

She reluctantly relaxed her lips and released his hard cock. She drew him down onto the bed with her.

Rick wanted to eat her. To lick at the hot red inner flesh of her pussy. To sip the juices that flowed so strongly from her hot cunt. To suck her clit between his lips and let his teeth nibble on its firmness. He wanted to feel her cum, to feel her nectar on his face as she rubbed her pussy on him.

He pushed her onto her back. Instinctively her legs parted lewdly, inviting him. Her slip slid up her thighs to show him her lush bush, wild and untrimmed.

Between her thighs he ate her wet and ready cunt. She caressed his head as his tongue and lips and teeth worked their magic. He ate her until she had cum and cum again.

He turned to give her his cock. Hard, throbbing. Engorged with blood from the excitement of eating her fragrant pussy; from the joy of feeling her cum. She let his rock hard shaft slide into her mouth again. She felt the blood throbbing through it. Her lips and tongue welcomed it, needed it. It was as if she was born for this, to suck his cock, to eat pussy. To be sucked, to be eaten. It was all so gratifying, so fulfilling.

He was hot and ready. She came once more before he did. Before his creamy thick cum spewed into her mouth. She welcomed it, welcomed the heat of his cum, the hard thrust of his cock as he sent his seed into her. Her body sang. How had she ever thought sucking a cock was anything other than a sensuous delight? Or pussy either; hot wet pussy.

He softened and his head lifted from her pussy. He turned and kissed her. He let his tongue taste the cum in her mouth. She hadn’t swallowed. She didn’t want to. She wanted to feel it, taste it, to slide her tongue through its creamy goodness. She wanted to kiss him, to taste her pussy juices on his lips and tongue. She held him tight as they kissed and fed each other the cum in their mouths.

They rested, but not for long. Carol sucked him hard again and drew him on top of herself. She guided his hard cock into her wet cunt, to fill her, to fuck her. Her hand reached behind him so that her fingers could dance in the crack of his ass.

As his slick cum gushed into her welcoming pussy she came strongly and intensely. It was wonderful; her whole body shivered with the excitement of orgasms rushing through her.

They rested again and dozed off. When they woke they had coffee and a light lunch. Both were exhilarated. They had sucked and fucked and thoroughly enjoyed each other.

There would be more love after lunch. Rick led her to the bedroom chair and knelt between her thighs. She let the silk slip drape over his head. He responded favorably as Lucy had told her he would. As he ate her warm, wet pussy he slid his finger into her ass. She squealed with delight as orgasms overtook her.

She returned the favor as he sat in the chair. She sucked him as she slid her finger into his ass to find his prostrate. His cum exploded from him when he felt her touch on the gland. He grasped her hair to hold her close and poured his cum into her wet mouth.

They cleaned their hands and rested. Lucy found them blissfully dozing in each other’s arms when she came home from work. They woke as she stripped her clothes off and climbed onto the bed with them. Rick would have to leave soon, but she could at least exchange a few kisses sarıyer escort with him and feel his bare flesh against her own, before he left. She got more than that; Rick ate her pussy while she ate her mother’s hot cunt.

It was only a couple of hours later that Lucy had to drive Rick home. They all had supper before Lucy threw on a dress, wore her coat over it and drove him to his home. Rick invited her in. but she declined. Edna would want him to herself to savor the essences she and her mother had left on his face and body. They kissed deeply, told each other of their love. Rick went in the house to his waiting mother. Lucy drove home to her waiting mother. By the time she got home her pussy was wet with anticipation.


When Rick came home to his mother she knew, as soon as she kissed him, that something grand had happened. She led him upstairs to the bedroom. Normally they would have sat together on the couch and Edna would have tasted the cum and essences left by the other women. She would have kissed and licked him about his face and chest. She would have sucked his cock. They would have moved from that to making love.

There was something special tonight, though. Edna’s excitement grew as they went upstairs. Rick picked up on his mother’s eagerness. He felt anticipation build in his own body. He was building on an already upbeat mood. Rick had experienced some wonderful sex since he had last seen his mother. His body hadn’t forgotten it. They worked together to get his clothes off and fell onto the bed.

“Talk to me,” she spoke with a husky voice. “Tell me all about it.”

Rick didn’t have to wonder what she wanted to know. He began to tell her about the threesome with Lucy and Carol. When he told her how both women had squirted almost simultaneously Edna had gasped with excitement and rubbed her face over the dried lady cum on his chest and pubes. Her body quivered with an orgasm as she sensed the excitement of the two women, mother and daughter, who had poured their cum onto her son.

She took his cock deep into her wet mouth when he told her about fucking Carol without a rubber. She could taste both Carol’s and Lucy’s essences on his dick. Neither had become pregnant, but both seemed willing, even anxious, to bear his child.

With her son’s hard cock in her hot mouth she straddled him so they could eat each other in a sixty-nine. She had cum several times before she felt Rick’s warm cum in her mouth. The warm slick feel excited her. Her pussy flowed from her passion, from the heat of her lust. Her nectar coated his face as she rubbed her wet cunt over him.

They laid together afterward and she told him about spending a day and night with Cynthia after Carol had left.

“You can go see her tomorrow,” Edna told him. “You are both over the worst of your horniness, maybe you can talk about business.” She laughed at her joke. She thought they might talk some, but she knew, too, that there would be much hot sex between them.


Rick called Cynthia in the morning to let her know he was on the way. She was already dressed for him, with bare pussy, nylons, bare tits and a negligee. He had another idea, though.

“Would you do something special for me today?” He asked.

“I’d do almost anything for you, Sweetheart.”

“I wonder,” he paused to gather his thoughts. “I wonder if you could dress up as if we were going out. Or maybe like you would for church or an important meeting.”

“Yes,” she told him. “That might be fun.”

“I mean completely, from the skin out.” He paused as if thinking. “Except for panties.”

“Okay, Sweetheart, give me an extra few minutes before you get here. I’ll leave the door open, just come on in if I’m not downstairs.”

As soon as she had hung up she raced to the bedroom and quickly changed. She left her nylons and heels as they were. The garter belt wouldn’t be needed. She put on a lacy bra, she wiggled into her girdle next and attached the garter straps to her stockings. She had debated about the girdle, but he had emphasized ‘from the skin out’. She got her best suit and blouse from the closet. The blouse was satin and monogramed, she loved the feel of it against her flesh. It was winter now that was why she had chosen the suit. In the summer she would have worn one of her best dresses.

She wondered about a hat. She would wear one to church, so why not. She sat at her vanity to touch up her makeup and put a dab of perfume behind her ears. She put the hat on. It was rather small with a short veil. She set it a little to the side of her head and used hairpins to hold it in place. She arranged the veil so it fell across her eyes but left the rest of her face uncovered. She checked herself in the mirror. She thought she looked quite good, like a well-to-do matron. She did wish she showed more of her nylon sheathed legs. Hemlines were quite low that year, the skirt fell to mid-calf.

I look very stylish, esenyurt escort she thought. Respectable too, but my pussy is so wet its almost flowing. She laughed at the thought.

Rick was already hard when he parked his car and walked the two blocks to Cynthia’s back gate. He was hoping to act out a fantasy that had become common while away at college. It usually involved either his mother or Cynthia, but Carol and Lucy were in it a few times. Whichever one it was they were dressed nicely as if for church. In his imagination he would lift the hem of the skirt to find a lush bush and wet pussy. The lady would never be wearing panties. He would lick and suck at the offered pussy while they were dressed in their best. The vision always resulted in his jerking off to one of his dream girls. The orgasms were always strong and intense.

I seem to like a few clothes on women, he thought. Maybe I want a little mystery. Although the sight of a bare pussy is so enticing.

His thoughts touched on the times one, or another of the women had sex with him while clad in a slip or negligee. Even better was the thought of the woman in a dress or skirt. He remembered how excited he had been when she would let the garment drape over his head as he ate them. Today might be a logical extension of those times. From a slip or a skirt to a fully clothed woman. Well except for panties, of course.

He let himself in the back door. Cynthia wasn’t in the kitchen where she would usually greet him. He went into the living room and saw her coming downstairs.

She looked just like Rick had seen her in his fantasies. A sophisticated, even elegant, mature woman. They met at the bottom of the stair and kissed warmly. A hug too, but lightly. Rick did not want to muss up Cynthia’s outfit.

“You look lovely,” he told her. “You smell lovely.”

“I feel lovely, and more; amorous perhaps. I think most women get somewhat aroused when they dress to look their best.”

She took his hand and led him to the couch. They stood together in front of it. Another kiss, longer this time. Her tongue slipped between her lips to dance with his. His embrace was still light. To be sure he had often seen her dressed up, like this, before; in church or, occasionally, at the store. But those times making love with her had not been on his mind. Despite his hesitancy his dick was responding. It was hard in his pants and Cynthia rubbed her body against it as she kissed him again.

The feel of her body rubbing on his cock was enough to jolt him out of his diffident mood. Another kiss, one that he initiated. She responded. The kiss escalated until it was wet, open mouthed, with dancing tongues. She opened the buttons of his shirt and pushed it off him. He had not worn an undershirt. She worked on his belt buckle next. He helped; between them he was shorn of his shoes, pants and boxers.

He slid to his knees, holding her body as he did. He pressed his head against her skirt covered mons. She caressed his head as she held him close. She was unusually excited by what was happening, but she wouldn’t have been able to explain why.

His hands gripped the hem of her skirt and lifted it. Lifted it up her sensuously nylon clad legs. Over her thighs to expose the elastic of her girdle. It was open at the bottom. He could sense rather than see the shadow of her pubic hair and the glisten of her wet pussy. Her scent was not hidden. It wafted freely to invade his senses with the bouquet of her lust.

She held the hem of the skirt as he opened the clasps that held her nylons. He pushed the bottom of the girdle up, up onto her hips to let him view the lush garden of her pubes. A garden crowning her beautiful wet pussy. Her juices glistened on her thighs and on the hair surrounding her slit like a halo.

His arms encircled her hips. His tongue licked his lips. His body thrilled with excitement. It was like his fantasies come true. He pressed her face to her mons again, this time against the elastic of the girdle and the nest of her pubic hair. His tongue flicked out searching for her slit to lick at her dew flecked labia. He inhaled her musk, the scents of her arousal. His already hard cock was throbbing from his lust and desire.

“Oh yes, Rick,” he heard her say.

He loosened his grip on her hips and she sat on the couch behind her. She lifted her nylon sheathed legs over his shoulders and drew his head to her hot, wet and eager pussy.

To Rick it was the stuff of dreams. He wanted to bury his face in her aromatic folds, to lap up her fragrant juice, to lose himself in her bouquet. To feel her juices coating his face.

“Yes,” she screamed as an orgasm took control of her body. Her legs clasped his head. Her heels pressed against his back to hold him close. The feel of her nylon clad legs delighted him.

Even as Rick ate her hot pussy Cynthia clawed at the buttons of her blouse. She managed to get it open and pulled the bottom from her skirt. She pushed his head avrupa yakası escort back.

“I want to suck you, Rick,” her voice was husky with desire. She slid from the couch to face him. They exchanged hot, wet kisses. She pulled back from him to reach behind her back, under her blouse, to open the clasps of her bra. She lifted her tits up and out of it. Free now, her boobs were on display for him.

More hot, wet kisses. She slid down his body to lie on her back with her hands held up to him.

“Get on top, Rick,” she murmured. “Give me your cock.”

He straddled her. He rubbed his cock over her erect nipples. She moaned softly. He slid forward, she lifted her head to accept the iron hard shaft of his cock.

She knew as soon as she began to suck his throbbing dick that he wouldn’t last long. She didn’t know why she did what came next. She took her mouth from his cock.

“Cum on me, Rick,” her voice was husky with desire. “Cum on my face. Cum on my tits.”

She took his cock back into her mouth to suck until he was ready.

Rick was euphoric. This was more than he had ever expected. More stuff of dreams.

He felt his cum surging from his balls. There was much of it. His cock throbbed with anticipation, eating her pussy had aroused him to a high pitch.

Elation engulfed his body as his hot cum gushed onto her face, her neck, over her veil and hair, her hat too. He slid back slightly, stroking himself, to let another spurt spew onto a tit, a third spurt onto the other tit. Back to her face he let the last of his warm cum join that already on her face.

Cynthia was ecstatic. Never had she thought she would enjoy such an experience. She had, though. She felt waves of joyous orgasms as his warm cum bathed her flesh. An almost religious feeling of submission, of giving herself and her body to this young man; of joy at being anointed with his seed as he loomed over her.

She scooped up his cum on her fingers and sucked them clean. She offered her fingers to him, dripping with more cum she had scooped up; he opened his mouth to accept them.

He lifted himself off her and laid beside her on the carpet. They kissed with warmth and love. The initial heat was satisfied. It would return, but for a little while they could just snuggle together without arousal.

“I need to clean up,” Cynthia told him.

“I like you like you are,” he responded.

“We need to talk. We’ll have more love afterward. I won’t change my clothes, but I think I’ll take the bra off.”

“Ok, let me get my robe from your closet. I’ll put coffee on for us.”

“The coffee is all set up, Dear, just put it on the heat,” said Cynthia.

They went upstairs together, their arms around each other. Cynthia had bought a robe to fit Rick, one he could wear while visiting. He put it on. They kissed as if they would not see each other for a long time rather than a few minutes. Rick left her to go to the kitchen. He started the coffee and sat to wait.

Cynthia removed her jacket and blouse. She slipped her bra off. She took the hat off. She smiled at the cum in the mesh of the veil. There was some on the hat too. She combed and brushed her hair to remove the worst of the cum globules. She would shower after Rick left.

But maybe not, she thought. Maybe I’ll leave his cum on me as long as I can. It was a first for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

She dressed again in blouse and jacket. The satin blouse felt good against her nipples. They were extra sensitive after that wonderful loving. She left the hat off. It was no longer needed. She went downstairs to join Rick.

Rick had the coffee poured. There was a plate of cookies he had found. Cynthia sat at the table opposite him and smiled warmly.

“You seemed to enjoy our little dress up game, Rick. I certainly did.”

“I did,” he replied. “It was something I had been having dreams about. It was every bit as exciting as I hoped it would be.”

“Well, Darling, I had a thrilling first, too. When you came on my face and tits. Being dressed as I was added much to the excitement. I think we must do this again, but not too often.”

Rick smiled broadly, “Just often enough, Sweetheart.”

Cynthia decided she must start talking about farming or she might never get to it. “We really need to talk, Rick. It’s important enough to put off more loving for an hour or two.”

Rick nodded.

Cynthia explained her concept. She wanted Rick to understand that they would be in the business of farming, not farmers. He grasped the idea and liked it. They discussed the concept and whether he would have the necessary experience.

Rick, thought he would need more actual experience to become knowledgeable enough to handle multiple farms.

“I thought you might say that,” Cynthia told him with a smile. “I have been having a tentative discussion with a farm manager who is about to retire. We can use him to teach you what you need to know. He has expressed a willingness to work for us for five years after his retirement from his present position. I have also been in contact with a couple of others, but the first seems most suitable.

“If you have no objections I’ll press ahead with our negotiations. His planned retirement is after the fall harvest next year. We could begin our farming enterprise the following spring.”

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