A Sister’s Seduction Ch. 02

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This is a work of fiction and all characters are over the age of 18.


In chapter one, with our parents away, my brother convinces me to drink, smoke pot and to get into the hot tub wearing only our underwear. Gary becomes very aroused when my pale green cotton bra practically vanishes when it becomes wet. I am intrigued, and excited by the huge boner my brother is sporting, the first erect penis I have seen up close. With his encouragement, and perhaps insistence, I give my brother my first ever hand job.

Very aroused after jacking off my brother, I suggest we go inside and clean up. The story continues:

Gary nodded, and climbed out of the spa, naked. His penis was still erect, and poked out in front of him, swaying as he walked. God, he was a good looking specimen. His broad shoulders and chest and his tight abs were so very sexy to me at that moment.

He was not the least bit shy or modest. In fact, he seemed to be quite proud of his physique and how well endowed he was. I know he enjoyed me looking at his naked form.

I had momentarily forgotten how transparent my bra and panties became once they got wet in the spa. I was too distracted trying to process what I had just done…I have masturbated my older brother to orgasm! I felt so wickedly naughty.

I was also very aroused. I knew I had to get to my bedroom and masturbate. I needed a release. I needed it badly.

Gary went to the upstairs bathroom, which we shared, and took a shower as I went to my bedroom. As I glanced at myself in the mirror, I was shocked at how exposed I was. You could see right through my bra and panties. My pubic hair was plainly visible, as were my nipples and areolas. I really would not be more exposed if I had been completely naked. I admit, I was pleased that seeing me like this aroused Gary so much. I was the first time I had ever felt really pretty and sexy in my life. I liked the feeling.

I grabbed a towel, dried, and stripped off my wet panties and bra. I climbed under my covers, naked, and slowly began rubbing small circles around my ‘little nubbins’. I was already very aroused; it would not take much stimulation to achieve my climax tonight. I wanted to savor this moment, this climax, so I intentionally slowed down. I teased myself; alternating between rubbing my clitoris and teasing my erect nipples.

I honestly, did not even consider any further contact with my brother at this point. I assumed we were done for the night. And I was not contemplating what tomorrow would bring, or if we would ever have a repeat performance at some time in the future. I was simply enjoying the memory of my first encounter with an erection, and my first hand job.

I heard the shower stop, and moments later, without knocking, Gary entered my room. Although the lights were out, the light from the hallway illuminated my room sufficiently for me to see my brother fairly clearly. Gary left my door slightly ajar as he entered my room.

He was naked except for a towel he had around his waist. The tent in front of the towel made it clear that he was aroused.

I quickly pulled my fingers from my clitoris and remained silent, naked under my covers.

“Liz, can I come in?” Gary asked as he entered my room, not waiting for an invitation.

I did not answer. I did not know what to say or do. My mind was swirling. On one hand, I was not prepared for us to go any further than we had, or even to resume our little game of discovery. On the other hand, I was aroused, and on the verge of my own orgasm; and I desperately wanted to share it with Gary. So I remained silent; neither discouraging nor encouraging my brother.

Gary sat on my bed next to me. His erection poking straight up under the towel. God, he was a sexy sight.

Gary placed his hand on my leg, on top of the covers, and started massaging my leg slightly as he moved his hand slowly up my inner thigh.

“Gary, I don’t know if we should be doing this. I don’t think you should be in here, in my room like this. It doesn’t feel right,” I said in a very weak protest. But I made not attempt to physically stop him. Truthfully, I did not want to stop him. I did not want him to leave. But I was scared.

His hand traced up my inner thigh and across my vulva, still on top of the covers. Involuntarily, I arched my hips ever so slightly, pushing my vulva into his hand to increase the pressure of his touch as he teased me through the pink and water comforter on top of my bed.

Gary then ran his hand up over my abdomen and touched my breast. He found my erect nipple through the covers and tugged it gently. I closed my eyes and let a soft moan escape my lips. I was so aroused. I could feel my wetness seeping out of vagina, soaking my upper thighs.

Gary slowly pulled down the covers, exposing my breasts.

“Liz, you are so pretty. Your breasts are perfect.”

I blushed at the compliment. The tone of his voice and the look in his eye left no doubt that Gary was genuine and sincere in his praise. All halkalı escort I could think to say was “Thank you, sir”.

I fought the urge to cover my breasts. I lay there shamelessly, and just allowed my brother to study them admiringly. Gary then lowered the comforter further past my tummy, past my navel, and slowly past my vagina. With the pink and white quilt down around my thighs, I was totally exposed.

“God, you are a beautiful woman.”

The term ‘woman’ shocked me a bit. I don’t believe anyone had ever referred to me as a woman before. I thought to myself, ‘well you did just turn 18. you are technically a woman now.’

He leaned forward and took one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking gently as his fingers teased the other nipple.

I placed my hands on the back of his head, caressing him as he suckled on my tit. I could not help rocking my hips from my arousal, humping against the air. I was so turned on; I wanted to climax, I needed to climax. I could not stop him now even if I wanted to.

While still sucking on my nipple, Gary slowly ran his hand down across my stomach and found the thin patch of blonde pubic hair between my legs. Gary quickly found the source of my wetness, and gently began to open me with his fingers. He soon had one finger inside of me, slowly opening me further as his finger seemed to rotate around the first folds of my vulva, causing my vagina to dilate open.

I continued to caress his head as he suckled my breast and I humped against his intruding finger. My brother was now the first person to ‘finger fuck’ me.

Gary released my nipple from his lips and began slowly kissing up my neck until we faced each other, our lips an inch apart. Then he kissed me. Gary kissed me.

This was the most beautiful and intimate kiss of my life. Instinctively, I opened my mouth to accept his tongue.

My brother was French kissing me while he fingered me.

I know this was wrong, but at the moment, it felt so right, so beautiful, so intimate, and mostly so full of love and affection. I moaned around his probing tongue as I spread my legs, opening my thighs to grant him better access. I wanted to cum for my brother; I needed to cum for me.

I felt Gary gently start to insert a 2nd finger into my dilated vagina. I moaned loudly as his probing fingers stretched me open wider than I had ever been before. I pushed against his fingers, and spread my thighs to fully accept this intrusion. I could hear the sloshing sound of my lubrication escaping around his two fingers.

Gary broke off our kiss so he could position himself better between my thighs. I kicked off the covers as he climbed between my legs which were splayed apart. His fingers were soon back inside me. In this position, Gary was able to curl his fingers forward so that he was massaging the front wall of my womb, deep inside me.

Suddenly, as Gary tried to extend his fingers deeper inside me, I felt a sharp pain, and let out an audible ‘yelp’, as I stiffened.

Gary stopped moving his fingers momentarily, and asked, “Are you okay?”

“I don’t know. That hurt, but it is okay now, just be careful,” I requested. I did not fully understand what happened at the time.

Gary slowly resumed the internal massage of the front wall of my uterus, more cautiously at first, but as I responded and began moaning again, his assault became more and more aggressive.

Soon he was plunging his fingers in and out of me, punishing my tight, little virginal pussy, as I felt my orgasm building. This was very different that the pleasant little climaxes I could induce by rubbing my ‘little nubbins’; this was a powerful and intense build up whose origin was deep inside my womb.

I was absolutely in heat. I lay there, my legs splayed apart, granting my older brother unfettered access to my wet, dilated vagina. I moaned loudly as his two fingers invaded my virgin womb, arching my hips to accept this intrusion into my core. God, I wanted him to make me cum. I was in ecstasy as I gave myself to Gary.

“Oh, god, Gary, please… don’t stop… oh, my god… oh, my god… oh, please… deeper…” I started babbling incoherently.

I was arching my hips up to meet each of Gary’s plunging thrusts. I was now lifting my bottom up, off the bed, to allow him to plunge as deeply as possible.

I felt my climax begin to quake across my core.

I arched my hips up and the first wave of convulsions crashed through me, sending a massive spasm through my vagina and womb.

“Oh, god… oh, god… oh, Gary… I am cumming…” I was literally screeching.

Gary continued to massage my inner core, and I felt another wave of spasms crash over me.

Gary continued to punish my tight little vagina with his fingers, and I could not stop the continued series of orgasmic waves overtaking me.

After the third series of orgasmic waves rocked my core, I needed to stop. But I could not while Gary continued to olgun escort assault my pussy.

“Oh, Gary, stop… you have to stop… please let me come down…” I was almost begging. But Gary was intent on forcing one more orgasmic spasm on his little sister.

As he wiggled his fingers deep inside me, rubbing my uterine wall, forcing me to convulse yet again. I reached down between my thighs and grasped his wrist with my two hands. I tried to force his fingers deeper inside me as I humped shamelessly against his fist. I was out of control and the climax continued. Another wave of orgasmic pleasure crashed through my core.

“Oh, god… oh, god… Oh, Gary… Oh, Gary, I love you…” I screeched loudly as I came yet again. And I did, I did love my brother.

But I needed to stop. I begged again, “Oh, please… stop… please… I have to stop… you have to let me come down…”

Gary smiled, and stopped his invasion of my tight vagina. He slowly withdrew his fingers from my womb. My vagina spasmed at the sudden emptiness. My vagina seemed to be trying to find something to grasp as it convulsed against the emptiness it suddenly felt.

Gary looked at his fingers and we both saw the trace remnants of blood. I reached down between my thighs and touched myself. I was bleeding slightly. I then realized that our vigorous foreplay had ruptured my hymen.

“Gary, you popped my cherry,” I said, not certain how I felt about this.

“I am sorry, Liz. I did not mean to do that…at least not with my fingers.”

“I guess it is OK. I guess I am glad you are the one to do it,” I said, trying to rationalize the situation.

Gary was still erect, and in need of some relief. As I lay naked in front of my brother, my chest heaving as I panted to recover my breath, I tried to process what had happened, and where this was leading.

Gary’s erection looked absolutely painful it was so firm, rigid and hard. It stood straight up, straining towards the ceiling in my bedroom.

Gary started to climb between my legs to position himself to enter me.

I attempted to close my thighs. To prevent this, but he was already between my legs.

“Gary, you cannot do that. We can’t do that,” I said with a resolve that surprised both of us.

“Oh Liz, I need to be inside you. Please…” he begged.

“Gary, I can’t get pregnant,” I stated with a genuine resolve.

“I won’t cum; I promise. I just want to feel inside you. Just for a minute… honest… I’ll be careful.” Positioned between my thighs as he was, I could see his boner arching up and down as he spoke, beckoning me with each throbbing pulse. God, I did want to give myself to him. I wanted my brother to deflower me tonight.

But I knew better. “We cannot take that risk.”

Gary stopped and then said, “I’ll wear a condom.”

“You have one?”

“Dad keeps a box in his dresser drawer. He always told me that I could take some if I needed them. He wanted me to have access to condoms. I guess he never envisioned that I might use them with you?”

I simply nodded. I agreed to losing my virginity tonight to my older brother. I wanted Gary to be my first.

Gary bolted out of my room, down the stairs, to retrieve the prophylactic. I had several moments to contemplate what was about to happen while he was gone. I really was going to let him enter me. Was I really was going to let my older brother fuck me? Things would never again be the same between us. Never again.

My mind swirled in a confused blur as I waited the two or three minutes for Gary’s return. I thought to myself, ‘Are you sure? It is not too late to stop this craziness. Liz, this is not how you envisioned your first intimacy… not at all.’

But despite the anxiety attack I was enduring, I did not want to retreat. I remember thinking, ‘I may regret this some day, but tonight I want to give myself to my brother, totally and unconditionally…”

Gary bounded up the stairs and rushed back to my room. Instinctively, I pulled a cover over my naked form as I heard him approach. I could not help the natural modesty in front of my brother. I realized then, as I do now, how absurd this modesty was in view of what we had just done, and what we intended to do next.

His stiff erection wagged wildly in front of his naked form as he burst into my room. His excitement was evident and I found it quite cute and endearing. Gary wanted this as much as I did.

As he approached, he was wrestling with the foil wrapper to access the prophylactic.

“Gary, have you been… you know… with other girls before now?” I wanted to know how experienced my older brother was.

Gary looked up, smiled, shook his head slightly, and said, “Liz, you will be my first. I am a virgin, just like I imagine you are. I am as nervous and unsure of myself as you are.”

I cannot explain why, but knowing Gary was a virgin pleased me greatly. şişli escort I liked the thought of being his first; as he would be my first. My brother and I would lose our virginity together tonight. That knowledge made the entire situation seem more pure, innocent and far less depraved.

Yes, now I was quite sure, I wanted to give myself totally to my brother.

Gary continued to fumble with the foil wrapper until I sat up and said simply, “Let me help you with that. Let me do that for you.” And I took the condom from my older brother.

I opened it and removed it. It was a yellowish, beige color. It was slippery with lubrication. It felt almost slimy in my fingers. It took me a moment to determine exactly how it was rolled. I signaled Gary to step closer to me as I sat on the edge of the bed. My breasts were now exposed to his sight, but the blanket still covered my legs and pubic area.

I took Gary’s rigid cock on my left hand and stroked it a couple of times to make sure it was fully erect. It felt so large, thick and heavy in my tiny fingers. I leaned forward and kissed the large, purplish head once. I did not take it into my mouth, merely kissed the head affectionately and said, “Gary, are you sure you want to do this? Are you sure you want to fuck me?”

I felt his penis pulse up and grow as I said the word ‘fuck’. It was clear that the thought of fucking his baby sister aroused him.

“Liz, I have never been more certain about anything in my life. You are so beautiful, and I love you so much… yes, I want to share this with you.”

“Okay then, big boy. Let me get you ready for your big event.” With that, I placed the beige, latex ring of protection on the head of my brother’s hard erection and slowly rolled it down the length of his shaft, all the while looking deep into his eyes. I have never felt more love for anyone than I felt for my brother at this moment.

I liked how Gary’s boner throbbed repeatedly in my hand as I prepared it to enter me safely. The pulsing heightened my already aroused state. I could feel my juice slowly leaking out of my, coating my upper thighs and buttocks. I had never been this turned on before.

The condom had a cute little reservoir at the tip that would capture my brother’s semen, protecting us both from pregnancy. It looked like a little hat on top of his latex encased cock. Once the condom was fully in-place and secure, I lay back on the bed, removed the blanket and opened my legs.

Gary climbed between my thighs and positioned himself at my wet opening. I could see his rigid erection bobbing up and down as he positioned himself to enter my virginal pussy. That image is seared into my mind; and the memory arouses me even now.

“Gary, you are very large. Be careful and go slow. Don’t hurt me… I am very tight down there…” I cautioned.

Gary nodded, indicating that he understood.

I felt the large, bulbous head pressing against my vulva, stretching me open as he entered me about an inch or two.

“Oh, god, Gary, you are too big… oh my god, easy… go slow…” I panted.

At first I was not sure I could take him without tearing my tight vagina open. My voice quaked with a level of fear and excitement. I was scared, but I wanted to prove I was woman enough to fully accommodate him. But I needed him to go slow, and be gentle.

“Oh, god, Gary… I don’t know if I can take you… you are too big…” I whimpered. I knew that he only had the head inside me an inch or too, and it hurt. “Stop for a second… let me adjust… please, Gary… you are stretching me so wide…”

I panted as I lay there with Gary’s erection just inside my opening. “Slow, go slow… god, I feel so full. I don’t know if I can take all of you. Oh, god, you are so huge…” I could feel every pulse and throb of his large cock as it stretched me wider with a combination of pain and pleasure.

He pulled out slightly and slid back in, a little deeper this time. I grunted and panted as he slowly filled my tight, virginal vagina. This time he entered me two or three inches deep. The pain was subsiding. My vagina was adjusting to this massive intrusion into my inner core.

It was really, really happening. I wanted to take all of him. I wanted to do this for him. I wanted to show him his little sister was mature enough to accommodate all of her big brother. I wanted my brother to fuck me good.

I moaned as Gary pulled out yet again and slowly slid in a little further. I could feel him deeper inside me. My brother was actually fucking me. He was actually inside me and I liked it. I was his now.

By the fourth attempt, Gary was deep inside me. He was all the way inside me now. I could feel his balls pressing against my bum. Yes, he was buried inside me all the way! I was no longer a little girl; I was a woman, with her older brother’s large penis inside her!

Now Gary began stroking in and out of me, a little harder each time. He would pull out and plunge back in slapping his balls against my ass. He started pounding my tight little pussy with increased force. It almost seemed like he was punishing my tight little pussy with each violent thrust.

I could feel the pleasure building inside of me. The head of Gary’s cock was striking up against the front wall of my uterus, deep in my womb. Each thrust sent a wave of excitement and pleasure through me. I could feel another orgasm beginning to build inside me.

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