A Family that Plays Together Ch. 02

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After the talk of Cousin Kathy and my second Cousin Carla coming to the house to stay with us, Julie, Marcie, and I, decided to go into town and eat supper out for a change of scenery, so we went to a restaurant that had outdoor seating, which is what we wanted rather than sit indoors with the weather being so nice out.

Julie dressed in a snug fitting short red dress that stopped close to mid-thigh, but yet it hid the top of her stay up thigh high black nylon stockings till she sat down, then the tops just came into view. The top part of the dress had a V neck showing off just over half of her cleavage, with two inches strap over the shoulders, and the back of the dress went down to the middle of her back, with a straight line across from strap to strap, then zipped up from the top down to just past the top of her ass.

Marcie dressed in a black and white short dress with the top part snug fitting, with three inches straps on the shoulders, with a square U shape neck line that shows her cleavage and buttoned down to the waist in the front, with the back going down to the same height as the top in the front, and the bottom part flared way out around her from the waist down, and it stopped a few inches shy of mid-thigh, but still hiding the top of her tan thigh high nylon stockings, till she sat down.

The seating on the patio deck had three couples and one family of four seated around, which we decided to sit off to the side at a round table, with a nice gentle breeze to keep us from overheating, under the roof of the patio deck.

All through our supper we made small talk mostly with some teasing under the table, or Julie would turn and open her legs up enough to flash her pussy at me, and Marcie did the same from time to time after she saw Julie flash me the second time, making sure the ruffle under the skirt part of the dress didn’t interfere with the view. A couple of times both of them flashed their bald pussy’s at me at the same time, but they did give enough time to get a couple of looks at both of them before putting their legs back together again.

After we left the restaurant, we went to the grocery store to do our normal weekly grocery shopping, plus pick something up to grill out for supper tomorrow evening when Kathy, and Carla, would be here to eat with us, if they decided to stay with us.

Once we were back home and the car unloaded and the groceries put away we stripped off our clothes with Julie and me grabbing a beer each, and Marcie grabbing a cold pop, we went out on our patio deck to sit back and relax some, while looking at the stars and moon, teasing each other by rubbing each other in the groin.

“Babe, how about you going over to Marcie here, and give her a good licking to see if by chance, she still has some of my cum in her pussy from earlier?”

“That sounds like a good idea babe. I believe I’ll do just that.” as Julie stood up, then stepped over to the front of Marcie, and kneeled down in front of her.

As soon as Julie’s tongue touched Marcie’s pussy, “Oh fuck, I’m about toooo… Fuck, I’m cumming now.”

“I knew you were close, and I just love watching mother lick your hot tight box.”

When Julie finished eating Marcie’s pussy out, then rose up and looked at me, “She squirted in my mouth, all most instantly.”

“I knew she was just about to cum all over my hand, and the way she was squirming, I was afraid she would waist it all, and I do love watching you eat her pussy too. Now I think I want to watch Marcie eat mother’s pussy out, to see if you are any good at it or if you need some teaching on how to eat pussy.”

“With Marcie being grown woman, she should know how to eat pussy.”

Marcie stood up and followed Julie over to her chair, and when Julie was seated in the chair, Marcie kneeled down in front of Julie, then leaned in and started licking Julie’s pussy.

As soon as Marcie’s tongue touched Julie’s pussy Julie moaned, “Oh fuck that feels so good baby. She does know how to eat pussy like I figured she did. Oh, oh, oh, I’m about to cum, fuck… I’m fucking cumming no…w…” as she pulled Marcie’s head in tighter to her pussy, with her eyes rolled back in her head and her head went back too.

When Julie finally calmed down some, she let Marcie’s head go, “Oh fuck baby, you do know how to eat pussy. Have you done that before to some girl friend from school?”

“No. I found out what makes me feel good, and remembered what you did to me, and I have watched some porn videos on the computer.”

“Babe have you been letting her watch porn on your computer?”

“No. This is the first I’ve heard about it myself sexy.”

“Dad’s right mother, I watched at a friend’s house once, and I got the site from her, and then watched it here on my computer, up in my room.”

“It sounds like she used them for learning, if she is that good at eating pussy sexy.”

“Oh believe me, she’s that good babe.”

“How about we go to the bedroom where we have more room on the king size bed we have, and continue playing?”

“That halkalı escort sounds like a plan to me. I need a big fat cock stuffed into my pussy like Marcie had earlier today.”

“I hope he has enough to stuff my pussy again too. That is if you don’t mind mother?”

“Oh I think he has enough even if we need to give him some encouragement to go again.” as Julie gave my dick a squeeze, as I stood up.

“That’s enough encouragement to give it a try anyway.” as the three of us turned towards the patio doors.

Once the three of us were in the bedroom, “Babe, I want you on your hands and knees for me to start this off.”

“Is this how you two all ways start out every time you to fuck?” as I crawled up behind Julie.

“I never know which way Dan wants to start till he tells me what position to get… Oh fuck baby, your tongue sure feels good in my pussy. Oh yes, eat my pussy baby.”

When I crawled up behind Julie, I couldn’t resist getting down low enough to kiss her ass and lick her pussy. While Julie and Marcie were talking, I went to kissing and licking Julie’s ass, then I licked her pussy, which made her quit talking before she was done speaking, to find her pussy juices coating the inside of her pussy.

After making a few passes up and down Julie’s pussy without touching her clit, I then gave it a light flick with my tongue, “Oh fuck me baby, I’m about to cum. Make me cum baby.”

I then stuck my tongue in Julie’s pussy as far as I could and gave her a tongue fucking, then I licked up to her clit and started sucking it, as I flicked my tongue over it, “Oh fuck baby, I cumming now.” Then her cum flowed out in to my mouth as I tried to get all of her cum in my mouth, while sucking and licking her clit and pussy.

While I kept licking and sucking on Julie’s clit and pussy the way I was, while she rode out her orgasm, it wasn’t long till, “Oh fuck baby, stop, I can’t take any more, I need your fucking big cock in my fucking pussy now.” as she tried getting away from me but couldn’t, since I had my arms wrapped around her le, pulling her back into my face.

I then went to kissing and licking her ass, “Are you sure you don’t want me to keep eating at the Y sexy?”

“Oh fuck yes, I fucking sure baby. My clit is too damn sensitive now. I need your fucking big ass cock in my pussy, now baby.”

“I was sure loving, the taste of you honey baby. I don’t want to stop eating it. How about letting Marcie taste your honey, while I fuck you then?”

“Not yet. I want your cock in my fucking hot wet pussy baby, now.” which I got into position to stick my cock into her pussy.

I motioned for Marcie to get over closer, and on her knees, “You want to see my cock disappear into mother’s pussy from this angle baby?”

“Oh fuck yes. I want to see what it looks like back here, when you fuck me doggy.”

I rubbed my dick head up and down between Julie’s pussy lips coating my cock with her pussy juices, then I slid my dick into Julie’s pussy nice and slow, for Marcie to see every inch of my dick disappear into mother’s pussy, “Oh fuck, I love your fucking big cock in my pussy so much, shit.”

“Oh you want my dick in your tight asshole?”

“No, I want your cock in my fucking hot tight pussy. Now fuck me like I need to be fucked, nice and hard.”

I just made a few strokes nice and slow, then I started speeding up some, and as I started speeding up I took one of Marcie’s hands, and started licking and sucking on a finger till it was good and wet, then I got her to rub Julie’s asshole with the wet finger, and then I sucked and licked her finger again, and had her then stick the finger into Julie’s asshole.

When Marcie’s finger first started rubbing Julie’s asshole, it went to puckering more, “Oh fuck, what are you doing babe… I don’t want your cock in my asshole…” then that was when I took Marcie’s finger and got it all wet again, then I had Marcie stick her finger into Julie’s puckered asshole, “Oh fuck no baby, no.” I then speeded up some more with my fucking in and out of Julie’s pussy, while holding on to her hips and keeping Marcie’s finger in Julie’s asshole, while moving the finger in and out.

“Marcie baby, is that your finger fucking my asshole?”

“Yes mother it is, doesn’t it feel good to you, like it does with me?” I turned Marcie’s hand loose, which she kept working her finger in and out of Julie’s asshole.

“Now that you mention it… Oh fuck… I’m fucking cummmming…shit… fuck… I can… stop cum…ing.”

“I want to see you stop cumming mother.”

“I can’t… fucking… stop… shit…”

As soon as Julie went to cumming, her pussy muscles went to squeezing my dick as I kept pumping in and out of her pussy, and her cum was flowing like a river, soaking my cock, balls, and I could even feel it running down my thighs.

When Julie said ‘I can’t’ I felt my balls go to churning, “Oh fuck baby, I’m going to cum in your tight fucking pussy.”

“Yes taksim escort baby, cum in my hot fucking pussy. Fill my pussy with your fucking hot cum baby.”

“There it is sexy.” just as the first shot of cum shot out of my dick.

“Fuck, her asshole is squeezing my finger real tight dad.”

“Can you keep fucking your finger in and out of her ass baby?”

“Not now I can’t.”

“Okay.” then I felt Julie shift as she was collapsing down to lay flat on her belly, which I let her go on down, as I followed her on down as well, with Marcie pulling her finger out of Julie’s ass.

When Julie and I calmed down some, I rolled over pulling my dick out of Julie’s pussy, “What made you stick your finger in my asshole like that baby?”

As Marcie was crawling over toward me, “Dad had me do it.” then Marcie took my dick, that wasn’t fully soft yet not hard either, into her mouth and started sucking it.

“What made you make her do that to me babe?”

“Marcie has told me she does it to herself sometimes when she would be masturbating, while either watching us fuck, or while in her room thinking about fucking me.”

“I wouldn’t think I would like having anything stuck in my ass like that, but with you speeding up with your fucking, and Marcie moving her finger in and out like that, made me feel so damn good, I couldn’t keep from cumming, then I couldn’t quit cumming. Plus the tit play, and nipple pinching, someone was doing, just added to it.”

Taking my dick out of her mouth with a pop sound, “I was doing that too.” then Marcie sucked my cock back into her mouth, then took it back out again with another popping sound, “I see why dad loves eating out your pussy mother.”

“How about letting him eat your pussy out now baby?”

“Oh yes, I would love it.” as Marcie then started moving around to straddle my face, with my dick back in her mouth, that was getting hard again by this time.

“How about you stroke my dick while you eat mother’s pussy out baby, and I’ll eat your pussy at the same time?”

“Oh yes, I will love that for sure.” as Julie got around for Marcie to eat her pussy.

It wasn’t long till I heard Marcie’s moans go from loud to muffled, and then the sucking sound and the moaning from Julie, as I knew then, Marcie was eating Julie’s pussy.

A very short time later, “Oh fuck Marcie, dad didn’t say to finger fuck my ass again. Oh fuck, I’m fucking cumming again, shit. Oh… fuck… ” then I felt my legs getting wet where Julie’s legs were not covering my legs, as she had laid her legs down on top of my legs, and my dick and balls got soaked as well.

A second after Julie started having her orgasm, Marcie started cumming all over my face, as I tried to suck up all of it, but it was just too much for me to catch in my mouth.

I kept licking and sucking Marcie’s clit and pussy till she collapsed down on top of me with her full weight, breathing hard and trying to catch it.

“Oh fuck Marcie baby, stop. I can’t take any more. I’m too sensitive right now.”

“I know that feeling, because I’m that way too. I just need dad’s big fucking cock in my fucking pussy right now.”

“You either need to get off of me and get on all fours, or climb up and ride my dick cowgirl, your choice right now.”

Marcie then crawled up and lined her pussy up with my dick in her hand, and then sat down on my dick slowly, but not real slow, till she had my entire dick in her tight wet pussy.

Marcie just sat on my dick for a little bit, “Oh fuck dad, your cock feels so damn good in my pussy. I wish I could keep it here all the time.”

“I know just how you feel baby. I would love to either keep my dick in your pussy or mother’s pussy, because you’re both so fucking hot and tight.”

I then lifted up then lowered my butt, driving my cock deeper into Marcie’s pussy, causing her to moan, “Oh fuck.” Then I repeated the same move again, “Oh fuck… Oh hell… Oh damn… Oh shit… Fuck dad, keep fucking me, it feels so damn good, shit.”

I then got my hands under her ass and lifted her up, then started fucking up into her, and then she got in to a rhythm of meeting my upward stroke with a downward stroke, with her moaning and going on with, “Oh fuck, that feels so damn good. Fuck me faster, it feels so damn good. Oh shit, I need to fucking cum. Make me cum please. Dad make me fucking cum, I need to so fucking bad.”

“Get on all fours baby.” dropping Marcie down fully on my dick.

Then Marcie got off and beside me on all fours, as I got up and turned around behind her, then I stuck my cock back in to her pussy and started fucking into her as fast as I could, “Oh fuck yes, fuck me, I’m about to cum.”

I leaned over and got both hands full of her tits and gave each nipple a squeeze, as I kept fucking her which then set her off, “Oh fuck yes, I’m fucking cumming dad, shit. Don’t stop fucking me, I’m fucking cumming.”

I slowed down with fucking Marcie as she rode her orgasm out, but I did keep fucking şişli escort her, and after getting my finger good and wet from her cum, I stuck my finger into her asshole and wiggled it around, as Julie got around in front of Marcie and laid on her back, “Baby eat my pussy and make me cum with your mouth, as dad fucks your fucking tight pussy.”

Wiggling my finger around in Marcie asshole while slowly fucking her, she had more cum flow out of her pussy, which made her moan some more into Julie’s pussy, as Marcie had her mouth at Julie’s pussy sucking on Julie’s clit, I couldn’t understand what she may have said, but causing Julie to say, “Oh yes baby, just like that, don’t fucking stop. I’m fucking cumming. Lick all of my cum up baby girl. Oh fuck, I just love your tongue and mouth on my pussy. Do you like mommy’s cum in your mouth baby?”

“Yes mother I do. Fuck I can’t stop cumming dad. Fucking your finger in and out of my asshole like that, I can’t stop cumming.”

I could tell I wasn’t far off from cumming myself, so I then speeded up fucking my dick into Marcie’s pussy, while wiggling my finger around in Marcie’s asshole the best that I could, “Oh fuck m, I cumming again it feels like, and I haven’t stopped cumming yet.”

More cum flowed out of Marcie’s pussy with more for, like she was squirting, and soaking my lower belly and balls more and even my legs got soaked then too.

“I’m going to cum in your wet tight fucking pussy baby.”

“Yes dad, fill my pussy up with your fucking hot cum. I want your cum in my pussy dad, now.”

I could see that Marcie had a finger in Julie’s pussy and one in her asshole, just before she went back to eating Julie’s pussy out again, “Oh fuck baby, your making me cum with your fingers, your mouth ,and tongue. Don’t fucking stop.”

Hearing Julie telling Marcie that she was cumming, and with Marcie still cumming, and telling me to cum in her pussy, did the trick for me, “There it is baby, I’m filling your fucking pussy up with my fucking cum.” I then saw both Julie, and Marcie, squirt, and even felt Marcie’s cum squirt out, around my dick, and it soaked me even more than it had done soaked me.

When I finally did stop cumming and Marcie had quit cumming too, we both collapsed down with Marcie laying her head down, on Julie’s lower belly, and me lying on top of Marcie where I was able to give Julie’s pussy a lick, which caused her to flinch, “oh fuck, no more please, I’m too sensitive now.”

“I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t resist having one last taste of your sweet honey sexy.”

“I’m sure you couldn’t. But I’m just too sensitive right now, to have it licked anymore.”

“Even for me to have one last taste too mother?”

“Yes, even for you to have one more taste. So don’t you dare touch my fucking pussy, right now.”

When the three of us finally calmed down some, we crawled up on the bed more with me getting in the middle of Julie and Marcie and we cuddled up together with me on my back and my arms around both of the women that I do love so much and we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning just as Julie and I finished getting dressed to go the phone rang, which Julie looked at the caller ID and saw it was the same cell number as Carla used yesterday day, when she called, “Hello…”


“Okay. Where are you at, so we can come and meet you there?”

“… Okay give us twenty minutes to get there…”

“…Okay I got it. We will see you in a few minutes. Till we see you next.” then Julie hung the phone up.

“Are they in town waiting for us mother?” just as Julie hung up the phone Marcie had stepped into the room.

“Yes they are.” picking up her purse.

Once we were in the car and headed out toward town, Julie told me which Walmart to go to, so that I would know the fastest way to get there.

When we got to the Walmart that Kathy and Carla were waiting at, and we found the SUV they were in, out on the far end of the parking lot, and we got out to meet them before heading home, or where ever we were going to be going, I saw how much Kathy looked like mother, and Carla too really, except for the hair color.

Kathy has the same strawberry blond hair and blue eyes that Julie and Marcie has, where Carla has red hair and blue eyes, and both are slender and on the short side like Julie is, and looking at their chest they both looked to be about a C size in the tits, remembering back before Marcie was born, as to what Julie’s tits looked like, when she was dressed and had B size tits.

Julie had put on a short summer dress, with straps over the shoulders, and a low square neck line that showed just over half of her cleavage, with dark pink painted toe nails, with sandals that have a strap around the ankle, to hold them on her feet, and nothing underneath the summer dress.

Marcie had put on a very short pleated skirt that did nothing to hide her butt, if she even bent over a little bit, and when she got in and out of the car, or while sitting even, it did nothing to hide her bald pussy. When Marcie hugged first Kathy and then Carla, her ass did come into view for all to see. The shirt Marcie has on is a pull over with shoe string straps with a low neck line, which showed off about three quarters of her cleavage, and her nipples were trying to poke a hole through the shirt, since she had no bra on under the shirt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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