Florida Fun

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The Florida rain was beating down as I pulled up to the hotel. I got out of my rented Chrysler and was immediately soaked by the sudden thunderstorm. Oh well, I thought. Can’t say I wasn’t expecting some good old Florida downpours. I mean, I had just arrived her from England, and it rains all the time there. But not like this. Not with such ferocity, and the rain isn’t so warm either. I mean, here in Florida, the rain is nice. Anyway, I climbed out of my car and ran around to the back, opening it with my keys. I pulled out my two suitcases and placed them on the rain-drenched car park, before closing the boot and locking the car. Wouldn’t do to have it stolen. I picked up my luggage and dashed for the lobby of the hotel, relieved when the warmth hit me as I stepped in. I could almost see the steam rising off me.

I turned and looked outside, seeing the grout gouts of water being thrown up by passing cars, ricocheting off windscreens and rolling down frames. Some tourists were running through it, trying to reach the hotel lobby, their drenched ponchos gleaming bright yellow. The words “Universal Studios” had been blurred by the onslaught. I held the door open for them as they entered. They said thanks and nodded to the reception staff, before heading to the lift and disappearing. I let the door close before picking up my luggage and walking over to reception, setting the two suitcases down and shuddering with cold.

“Brrrrr,” I said jokingly to the receptionist. She smiled back. I looked her over as she typed something on the computer. Her nametag said Lucinda Cromwell. She had long, blonde hair. It was the golden type and tied in a ponytail. Her face was flawless, with high cheekbones and a small mouth with full, red lips. She wore a pair of black glasses that actually made her very attractive. She looked like she had a nice rack. Looked like a 30DD cup to me. Nice and large.

“What can I do for ya’?” she replied, looking up. I quickly diverted my eyes, so as not to let her know I had been looking her over, but not quick enough, she saw me.

“Em…I’m a Mr. James Reynolds, I believe I have a booking for an apartment here.” She looked at me and then looked at the computer screen, typing in something.

“And you said your name was Reynolds?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“OK, James Reynolds… yep, we’ve got you here. Here’s your key, Room 101, just…”

“Room 101? Isn’t that where they conduct all the torture?” I asked jokingly.

“You’ve read 1984? My God. No one except me has read that book. What did you think of it?” she replied.

“It was alright,” I told her. “Bit depressing though.”

“I agree. Anyway, back to the point. It’s one floor up, on the left. Do you want me to show you?”

“Yes,” I said, hoping to get a nice view of her ass as we walked.

She stood up and stepped out of her booth, another receptionist coming to take her pendik escort place.

“Oh,” she said, turning to look at me. “Looks like my shift is over anyway.”

She turned and walked away from me as I picked up my luggage and followed her to the lift. She had an amazing ass. Tight cheeks, and it swayed rhythmically as she walked. She pressed the lift button and waited. Now I saw her standing up she was about 5’10″. Quite tall. I was 6 foot, so she wasn’t much shorter. When the lift arrived she stepped in, and held the door open for me. I waited and the lift took us up one floor, before I stepped out and saw my room number. I walked towards it and waited as she opened it with the key.

“Right, here you are Mr. Reynolds.”

“Thanks,” I replied.

“Ok, your mini-bar is over here, the pricing plan inside. I’ll just check… yep, they all seem to be in there. Your TV is over there, with 15 channels. 3 of them are pure sports, I’m sure you’ll be glad to know. The bedroom is through there, with a king-size bed, but quite what you’ll be doing on a bed that big is beyond me.”

I smiled at this and she turned to face me.

“Well that’s the guided tour over and done with, I better get back to my post.”

“I thought you were off-duty,” I asked.

“Oh yes, you’re right. I forgot. Wait, can I just use your phone?”


“This is going to be quite a personal call, so, could you shut the front door, and maybe like, go into the bedroom, or bathroom or somewhere away?”

“Fine. Just tell me when you’re going, then.”

“Sure. Right now what was that number again…?”

I walked off into the bedroom with my luggage, and dumped the on the floor. I zipped open the largest and began to unpack it when suddenly I heard a sob from the other room. Intrigued I walked to the door and put my ear to it, trying to here what she was saying down the phone

“What?” she practically screamed. “You’re breaking up with me? How could you?”

I became increasingly intrigued with this conversation, it felt as if I was in a soap opera…

“So I met up with Zack, so what? You dated Zoe, but she’s going out with Mike and he’s already engaged with Rosanne! I can’t believe this. Sure, I met with Freddie, but nothing came of it, but you, you and your despicable lies. Well I hope you and Samantha will be very happy!” And with that she slammed down the phone. I heard loud sobs coming from the living room, so I thought she might need some help. I slowly opened the bedroom door and saw her standing there, glasses on the table, crying her eyes out.

“What happened?” I asked. She spun around and glared at me, before breaking down into tears again.

“My boyfriend broke up with me,” she replied. “I can’t believe it. We’d been dating for years. Turns out he met someone else. I’m not worth anything any more.”

“Oh, kartal escort no that’s ridiculous,” I said, trying to be comforting. “Who would have said that to you, huh? I bet even your apparent bastard of a boyfriend never said that.”

“Want to bet?” she managed to gasp out before breaking down again, turning away from me.

I felt really sorry for this girl. I mean, she had a body to die for, but still some guy who she seemed to have really liked had found the courage to dump her. What an idiot. She could have won a Miss World competition! I walked up to her and put my arms around her, giving her a hug.

“Now, now,” I comforted. “There’s no reason to be upset. He obviously hasn’t got his head screwed on straight, the fucker.” She laughed a tiny bit.

“I mean, you’ve got the looks of a goddess, and you’re sweet as hell, so don’t go listening to what a nut case like him tells you.” She looked up into my eyes and I carried on. “So, I want you to go out there, go home, and when the rains stopped I want you to go out into town, and find a boy you like. And I want you to make a relationship to last a lifetime when you meet the right guy. And no more meeting fucked up guys, and getting to attached to them OK?”

“OK,” she replied. Suddenly, she put her hands behind my head and pulled my face into hers, driving her tongue between my lips. Taken aback by the sudden passion of this I tried to break away, and she let go, aghast.

“I’m…sorry…um…I…um…don’t know what…um…came over me,” she stammered, crying. She tried to run from the room, but I grabbed her arm as she ran passed.

“It’s OK,” I whispered in her ear and immediately re-initiated the kiss. She responded with even more furious passion, her sadness seeming to have been swept away. I drove my tongue into her mouth and she wrapped her own around it, sucking on it. I was so hot. Here I was, kissing the most beautiful blonde ever. I reached around for the clip on her ponytail and undid it, tossing it across the room. Her long, golden hair cascaded around her shoulders. I stepped back, breaking the kiss and looked at her. God, she was beautiful. I grabbed her arm and led her into the bedroom, where I figured it would be more comfortable for what I wanted to do. When we arrived she clasped her hands behind my back and we continued to kiss, her large breasts pressing themselves against my chest. I couldn’t take the anticipation any more; I pushed her back and grabbed either side of her shirt, ripping it open. Some buttons flew through the air in millions of directions. She was wearing a black, lace bra that was confining her wonderful melons. I pushed her back on to the bed and climbed on top of her. Her tears had disappeared and she giggled as I swept her flowing hair out of the way and unclipped her bra.

I removed it agonisingly slowly, and her large breasts maltepe escort spilled out into my hands. I grabbed them and fingered the nipples. She moaned and I began to lick the top of the right nipple. She seemed to like this a lot, so I switched to the left nipple. I was switching nipples for at least 5 minutes and she didn’t seem to get bored in the least. Eventually I decided I had at least made her feel better, it was my reward now. I spun round so that she was on top of me, and she immediately crawled down, unbuckling my belt and pulling down my trousers. She pulled off my boxers, revealing my 8-inch cock. She stroked it slightly and pulled off her executive skirt, leaving just her panties left. These were quickly removed. Soon we were both completely naked. I felt so much lust for this stranger and I picked her up and practically dropped her on my member. She didn’t mind, and she gasped as her pussy engulfed my huge member. She began to bounce up and down on my crotch as she began to scream. I grabbed her breasts and began to squeeze them, thumbing her nipples. Her bouncing began harder and her screaming louder as she neared orgasm, her climax building. Her arms began to flail wildly as I started to thrust my hips in rhythm with her bounces. My thumbs continued their assault on her nipples and she screamed louder and louder. Suddenly, her hands came around, grabbing my ass and pulling me deep into her, she shuddered, screamed as if someone was murdering her and a look of pleasure came over her face.

I grunted as I shot my fluids deep inside of her and she flooded out all over me.

I let go of her breasts and she collapsed on top of me, rolling over and I just about pulled out of her before falling asleep through sheer exhaustion.

In the morning I awoke and saw no sign of her. I climbed off the bed and entered my bathroom. I turned on the shower and climbed in. About 5 minutes later I heard the bathroom door. I turned, it was her! She hadn’t gone, and she was wearing just a robe, showing her cleaving magnificently. My hard-on returned immediately. She smiled at me and pulled the string on her robe, letting it drop to the floor. She climbed in the shower with me and knelt down, engulfing my cock with her mouth. I groaned as the water beat down on us and she sucked the tip. After a few minutes I felt the cum rising and I shot my load right down her throat. She stood and climbed out of the shower, not even expecting anything in return. But I wasn’t going to let her get away that quickly. I ran out of the shower, pulling her by the arm and threw her on the bed, and immediately shoved my fingers in her pussy. She arched her back and screamed. Damn, she’s so loud! I thought. I fingered her with all my strength and stuck my tongue out, and began to lick her clit with it. She screamed more and eventually came all over the bed. She climbed up afterwards and got dressed. I got a hard-on again as she put on her bra, but she tutted me and said I would have to wait until the evening, after she was off her shift again. She gave me her phone number and left, but not after I had groped her right breast. She kissed me deeply and left. Wow, this was going to be the best holiday ever…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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