My First Time

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The following has not been edited just submitted. If you would like to assist with editing any of my stories please DM or leave a comment. Daddy Big Dick


Speaking of first times, have I told you the story about the first time I had sex?

Well, I was what you would call a late bloomer. Literally. When I started high school at age 13 I was one of the shortest kids in class, by the time I finished I was one of the tallest at 6’3″, but as I progressed through high school I was this way too skinny, pimpled faced kid, bit of an unco, shy, awkward, you know every girls dream. This all meant I was still a virgin by my 18th birthday. But things started to look up when I got a job at the local supermarket where I made a few new friends.

Now it’s fair to say that back then I didn’t have my big dick attitude that I sport today. To be honest, because I was shy, I didn’t actually know I had a big dick. Sure my cock was longer than my two hands put together and I guess it was kind of thick and heavy too, but all the cocks I saw in my old man’s sex magazines were similar so I had thought nothing of it.

But back to my story. It was a couple of weeks after my 18th. My final year at school had finished and I was working a few extra shifts giving me more money to spend on the things I needed like booze and weed. I had made the decision to not continue studying as I was enjoying working and getting paid too much. I felt the shackles of school life had been removed and I had this new found freedom, and a new group of friends to enjoy it with.

So one night we were all enjoying an early summer’s night at our regular hang out in one of the local parks. What can I say, it was a bit juvenile considering I was now an adult, but bad habits are hard to break and I was happy where I was. I had a small bag of weed in my pocket, a beer in hand and I was already two or three cones in.

Then suddenly everything changed. A colleague from work had invited one of her school friends to the gathering. Now at this stage of my life I wasn’t sure if I had a type, but if you were to ask me now what my type would be, it would be her. She was perfection personified, a 5’2″ petite little blonde girl, flawless skin, beautiful facial features, tight body with a cute pair of B-cups, a sexy set of slender legs and a cute tight round ass. As I said perfection!

Then it happened, I couldn’t believe my luck but the tiny little pocket rocket actually starts talking to me. I almost fainted my cock got so hard when she did. mersinescort I always get really horny on weed, it’s part of why I like to smoke to be honest. So we started to have a decent conversation which was intermittently interrupted by our friends, so we decided to go for a walk. We had shared a couple of joints together which, with the earlier bowls, meant I was just as baked as my cock was hard.

Next thing I know I was in this lovely little haze, walking hand in hand with my newly acquired friend, when she suddenly jumps me forcing her tongue down my throat. I squeezed her tiny frame against mine in response, her arms and legs wrapping around my much larger body. We had spoken earlier how funny it was that she was half my size weighing 45kgs to my 90 but how she was the older one having turned 18 back in July.

So we end up in a small clearing in the bushes, we laid down and the two of us started to pull at each other’s clothing. I had a small inkling of what I was meant to do, luckily the new love in my life had a better grasp of the situation and was taking control undoing my pants to fetch out my cock. I was nervous as I’d never had anyone this close to my cock before and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

She pulls out my swollen manhood from my pants and momentarily stares at it. ‘That has to be the biggest cock I have ever seen. How do you expect me to fuck you with that?’ Fuck, did she really mean fuck? I was lost, I had no idea that was on the table I thought maybe a blow job when she started to pull at my pants, but really, fuck? Wow!

My mouth opened but my stoned mind had no words then I heard someone way cooler than I was say ‘the same way you usually do it’. Who was that? There was no one else around. ‘You’re such a dick’ she playful slaps me on the chest then straddles my lap dry humping my exposed dick. Her body was warm compared to the cool night air. I felt her tremble as she slides her hips up and down my length. I removed her T-shirt and tossed it beside me then fondled and sucked at her exposed tits. Luckily for me she had turned up to the party braless. Sexy!

The night was silent except for her occasionally moaning. I had hoped it was from the attention she had been receiving on her little titties, but it was more likely from my rock hard fuck stick rubbing up and down between her pussy lips. She mutters ‘you’re going to have to finger me before I let this monster inside me’ braking the silence. Now that I knew how to do.

I slid one of my hands between our bodies, I think my yenişehir escort other one was still mauling at her breast. I reached beneath her denim mini skirt I could feel the warmth of her pussy through her panties and stroked at the their wetness. She kisses me harder and moans into my mouth. I then cupped her mound tightly and rolled her over with a protest of ‘not on the ground’ but her protest was in vain, the leaf litter below cracked as her petite body landed with a light thud in our isolated corner of the world.

Obviously this meant her legs had spread opened as she braced herself for the fall, and like the horny teenager I was I pounced on the opportunity to dive right in. I pulled the damp shroud of her panties to one side exposing her smooth pussy lips to the night air. I ran my middle finger between her delicate folds hunting for the hidden entrance, her hips aided my search and we were both rewarded for our efforts, my long slender digit sliding into her.

Her back instantly aches, her pubic bone crushing the invader in response. She felt tight, tighter than anything I had experienced, but I needed to investigate further. After several long strokes, and a couple of satisfied moans her back relaxed and I was able to insert a second digit. Her volume increases as her pussy is being stretched out by two of my fingers. I increased my speed, her entire body responds to my assault, but if she was to fuck me like she said she would then maybe a third finger would allow her to accept my ‘monster’. I pulled the first two fingers out so just the tips remained within her warmth, then I slowly pushed all three of my digits inside.

She wails as I tried pushing the three in past the first knuckle. No chance, the slut was way too tight, her pubic bone again grinding at the intruders making it difficult and painful to continue. So the three finger experiment was called off and the original two were pushed deep into her. Out of relief I think, she throws her arms around me, or maybe she was getting impatient because she suddenly whispers ‘do you have a condom?’ Yes. I. do!

Luckily one of my school friends decided to buy me a box as a gag present for my birthday and I had chucked one in my wallet, you know ‘just in case’. I reluctantly removed my fingers and scrambled to get my wallet out of my pocket and retrieve it. We’d had a couple of Sex Ed classes that taught us how to put one on, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t tried it at home too, so I looked like a fucking sex god when toroslar escort I put it on with minimal fuss, maximum speed. Let’s do this!

Cock hard, check. Condom on, check. Pussy freshly fingered, check. She gets up off the ground and returns to straddle my lap taking hold of my dick at the same time. I still remember that feeling, my swollen cock squeezed into the little bag and the heat that came off her sex as she rubbed the tip along her cunt. Next thing the fire was burning more than just the end as suddenly about two to three inches sinks into her depths.

I was in heaven, it finally happened. I had dropped my guard, and my pants, and now my virginity was gone. I could not of been more ecstatic. The feeling of her hot, wet box was incredible and it drove me crazy. I felt the need, no the urge, to push more of my man meat further inside her, so I took hold of her hips and thrusted upwards matching the rhythm of her downward movements. Our reciprocating motion inciting a series of yelps from my new lover. They were different from the sounds she was making before. I wasn’t sure if the sounds were her usual sex sounds or if maybe I was somehow hurting her, either way I just couldn’t stop. I was also sure that at that volume everyone else heard it.

We’ll it didn’t take long, it was my first time after all, but shortly after we began, everything stopped as I unloaded into the latex receptacle. I held her close in my post orgasmic haze, occasionally discarding small bits of debris off her sweaty body as my hands roamed her naked back.

Then without warning she jumps up pulling herself together, picks up her T-shirt hurriedly putting it on as she leaves our hideout claiming ‘I’ll catch up with you later.’ Then she was gone. I laid there a bit longer, you know, to collect my thoughts, one minute I was having sex, the next I was alone, semi naked, with a full condom stuck to my cock and a barrage of questions running through my brain.

I got up and wiped the dirt and debris off my back and ass, took off the condom and chucked it somewhere in the bushes, pulled up my pants and underwear, then straightened my T-shirt before collecting my wallet and keys which I’d removed earlier from my pocket whilst retrieving the condom. Then I realised it was also gone. I searched our love nest looking for my small bag of weed but no luck. I finally emerged from the bushes and returned to the party to confront the pint sized thief but the bitch, plus my colleague, had left for the evening. Fuck! And all I really wanted was one more cone.


I hope you enjoyed reading my story. Please note that all participants were willing and aged at least 18 years old. If you recognise the story I would love to here from you, hit me up. Daddy Big Dick

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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