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I rolled over in the bed to look at the clock – again. At least this time I managed to sleep until almost 2am. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, the last couple nights I’ve been tossing and turning. I keep having the most erotic dreams, waking up right at the brink of orgasm. Sometimes I actually have to touch myself, make myself cum just to be able to slip back into sleep for a couple hours.

Last night, it happened twice. I’m not sure how many more days I can drag myself to work without anyone commenting. I’m not even entirely sure I know what it is that gets me so worked up. I keep having flashes of memories.

The one that woke me up this time was so intense. It was like I was looking at the scene almost like I was watching a movie. I was lying on a bed, it seemed like it was late afternoon because the sun wasn’t very bright. There were candles lit and I could just barely hear music in the background. I was lying on my stomach and I was almost nude, just a white thong and my shirt bunched up under my head like a pillow. My bra was off, it was somewhere on the floor and I could feel “him”. He was straddling my legs just below my hips, his hands were running up and down my back. He was using oil, massaging my body because his hands were so warm and soft. As he pressed in on my back, I would moan softly. His hands felt wonderful, he was so gentle. He started running his hands up my sides, touching my breasts. I lifted up on my arms, wanting him to cup my breasts. I wanted to feel his hands cover my breasts and hold the weight of them. He laughed softly as his hands just barely touched them, it was like he was teasing me. He moved his hands down to the small of my back pressing firmly. His hands almost covered the span of my waist, and I could feel his thumbs istanbul escort slide under the waistband of my panties. I arched my back and he was so hard I could feel him pressing against me. I tried to roll over so that I could touch him and show him how much I wanted him but he just nudged me back to my stomach. He continued to work on the small of my back, this time sliding my panties down my legs.

Now I was completely nude and he was still straddling me. I could feel his hands still rubbing my body and I was just helpless. I didn’t want to move. He leaned forward and kissed my shoulder softly and then moved to my other shoulder. I was moaning now, I just couldn’t stop. The feelings were just non-stop. My breasts felt so heavy, they were just aching for him to touch me, to lick my nipples. I can feel his hands as he moves them over my body, his hands running over the swell of my backside. He leans forward and nibbling at my neck and ears whispers, ‘Do you want me? Or should I stop?’

My body shudders as feel his bare skin touch my back. My breath is coming faster and faster as I turn to my head. ‘Please, don’t stop touching me, I need you’. Now finally he allows me to roll over. He is still straddling my legs only now he can see my body laid out in front of him. I reach for him just to have him place my hands above my head with one hand. With the other, he braces himself above me. Leaning just close enough that I can’t reach his lips with mine. ‘Close your eyes’ he whispers. Leaving my hands above my head, he runs his hands down over me. I moan as his hands finally get to my breasts. His hands cupping them, massaging them. I’m almost panting, I need him so much. He leans down and ever so softly avcılar escort using just the tip of his tongue teases me nipples. I arch my back against his mouth, bringing my hands down to his head, running my fingers through his hair. He takes my nipple in his mouth tugging gently while his hands continue to massage me.

He moves off me, long enough to take off his briefs. He comes back to me on the bed, this time settling between my legs. He kisses me slowly, his tongue tangling with mine. I keep running my hands over his back and shoulders, loving the feel of his body pressed down over me. I can feel the tip of his dick pressing against me, I open my legs arching against him but he won’t enter me. He presses me back against the pillow as he begins kissing his way down my body. His tongue licking slow circles around my navel, placing kisses on the curve of my hip. He kneels between my legs, leaning in his elbows. He leans in and slowly spreads me open. He lifts my legs over his shoulders as he begins driving me over the edge. I cry out as I feel his tongue working against my body, his hands still touching me using his thumb to stoke my clit. My hands are holding him tight against my body as I cry out again and again. I’m arching my hips against his face, begging him not to stop. As I reach the point of orgasm, he slides one, then two long fingers inside of me. He just holds them inside of me while I ride his hand. As I fall back limply he strokes me slowly. He kneels over me kissing me. It’s so erotic, I can taste myself on his lips, on his tongue.

He kneels on the bed between my spread legs as he strokes me one last time. He places the head of his cock against me and so slowly presses into me. I wrap my legs around him, şirinevler escort not wanting him to leave me. He pulls out of me almost completely, then slowly pushes back in. He keeps this pace tortuously slow, I can feel the orgasm building, I just want this to last forever. I’m so close to cumming, I push my heels back against him urging him on. Still he refuses to change his pace, so deep and slow. My hands now are running over his shoulders, his arms. ‘Please, I need to…oh God please!’ Now I’m at the point of begging.

He rolls us over so that I’m on top. ‘Show me what you want.’ I begin to ride, taking him deep inside my body. The feelings are so intense now, my hands slide up my body to cup my breasts, rolling my nipples between my fingers. I can see him watching me and it just turns me on that much more. My pace quickens as I can feel the orgasm roll through me. I fall forward bracing my self on either side of him. He runs his hands over my hip, to my back. I lean forward to kiss him and I can tell that he is close. His breath is coming faster and faster with every moment. I lean back and begin to ride him faster now, I want to feel him cum inside me. I want to know that I made him lose control. I’m grinding my hips against him now and his hands are gripping my hips so tightly. His eyes are closing now, his hips bumping up to meet mine. I ride harder, wanting him to cum. He slides a hand between our bodies, using his thumb rubs my clit. As my orgasm rolls through me again, my head drops back. He rears up, wrapping his arms around me as he cums. Slowly he lowers us back to the bed rolling us so that my head is cradled on his chest. He runs his hands lightly over my back as our breathing slows back down to normal.

He rolls out of the bed, holding his hand out to me. ‘C’mon, lets go take a shower.’

And it was at that point I woke up. My body was just aching, it only took a moment to make myself cum. Something has to give. I can’t do this every night. I need my sleep. As I roll back over to try and get some sleep, I can’t help but wonder what happens next. Maybe next dream….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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