A Fantasy Fulfilled

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Double Penetration

I have a fantasy. I am sure everyone has had a dream of being out in public totally naked. Maybe in a store or in a classroom. It’s a common dream. My desire is to be outside, naked, and be in a situation where I almost get caught.

My name is Carol Jones. I am 24 yrs old and weight about 110 lbs. I am a runner and work out 3 times a week in the gym. I have shoulder length blond hair and I am 5′ 4″. I have a tight firm body. My tits are 34 D’s. They don’t look like those fake ones, all perfectly round and no sag. Mine are 100% real. A perfect teardrop shape with large areolas and nipples that get very hard. They have some heft to them, not sag really just a heaviness guys love. Most people say my ass is my best feature. It is high and tight from the running, a perfect heart shape. When I go to the store in tight shorts I get lots of looks. If I wear a t-shirt with no bra and my big jugs are undulating I can stop traffic.

I recently have moved into a new place, a townhouse. My old boyfriend was just too jealous. He couldn’t handle the looks I get or the innocent flirting I give back. This has given me a lot of free time especially in the evenings. I find myself this evening watching some TV but not really paying attention to it. It’s a Friday night and I have had some wine. I keep thinking about my fantasy about being outside naked and walking around. The thrill of almost getting caught is overwhelming.

I turn the TV off and walk to my backdoor. I step outside on my porch. It is a warm night but there is a cool breeze. I take a deep breath and remove my top and shorts. The air feels so good on my nipples they get hard in an instant. The wine has gone to my head some and I close my eyes and breath deeply. I take off my panties and I notice they are damp and have a musky odor. My period ended about a week ago and since I broke up with my boyfriend I have stopped taking the pill. I am probably ovulating. All I am wearing is some running shoes. This is nice but not all that exciting. Nobody could ever really see me here. I decide to walk down to the gate that leads to the alley.

It’s about 10pm and as I reach the gate I decide to open it. I just stick my head out to look both ways up and down the alley. My townhouse is in the middle of the street about 12 houses down from the main road. Across that road is some woods that have a trail that leads back to a pond then back around that pond and back to the main road. I have run that trail a few times and have always wondered what it would be like to do it naked. I don’t see anyone or anything in the alley and I have a big decision to make. Should I try this tonight? What if I get caught? Indecent exposure for sure. Caught by the wrong people I might even get raped. My heart is pounding as I take one step out into the alley.

I take another then boldly let my gate close behind me. Trembling I take a few steps along my fence in the shadows to the next driveway. I am still close enough to make a mad dash back to my gate. I reach the driveway and peek around the corner. Nothing. I decide to walk across my neighbors driveway and keep going. I continue like this then decide to get bolder and just walk down the middle of the alley. I am about 6 houses down from mine when I see a cars headlights turn into the alley from the main road. I freeze. What do I do? I am nude and totally exposed. Too far to run back to my gate, I run up the nearest driveway and see some trash cans to hide behind. I crouch down low and wait for the car to pass. What if it turns up into this driveway? I will be caught for sure. I pray it doesn’t do that as it gets closer. I see the headlights come across the driveway , then it passes on continuing down the alley. bakırköy escort

I breath a sigh of relief and stand up. My legs are a little shaky from the adrenaline rush. My nipples are hard and I give them a pinch. I think my pussy is wet too. Suddenly I hear something. I turn to see the garage door for the driveway I am standing in start to open. Any second now the person opening it will see me. I make a mad dash down the driveway and turn up the alley. I hide in the shadow near the fence and listen, my heart pounding. Praying I don’t hear a cars engine start and brakelights come on I hear footsteps and what sounds like trash cans lids being opened and closed. Who ever lives there must just be taking the trash out. I wonder if they would ever suspect that a naked woman was crouched down next to their trash cans just second before.

When I hear their door close I start making my way to the end of the alley. This is such a rush, I giggle to myself thinking that I am actually doing this. I make it all the way without further incidents. I’m about 100 yards from my house. This is really exciting. I look up and down the road for traffic. I move out from the alley and hide behind a big tree. It’s about 40 yards across the four lane road to the trees on the other side. I have picked out a spot where the street lights don’t reach and is in shadow. I will have to time it so as approaching cars won’t see me in their headlights. I know this is the most risky part of my journey. I feel drops of sweat drip down between my breasts. I’m a pretty good runner so I think I can make it across pretty quickly. Maybe that’s just the wine talking to me. I stand up behind the tree and wait. Looking both way I finally see what looks like a big enough gap in traffic to try it.

I don’t hesitate and come out from my hiding place and sprint across the road. Everything was fine except I didn’t count on one thing. My tits. I usually wear a tight jog bra when I run. I obviously didn’t have one on tonight. My tits were flopping all over the place, kind of hurt actually. When I had 15 yards to go I had to grab them with one arm to stop their movement. Had I misjudged the cars and could their headlights allow me to be seen? I made it across and continued to run a few yards into the woods. I stopped and looked back to see if any cars were stopping. It didn’t look like it so I bent down and grabbed my knees breathing hard. I’m in shape but with all the excitement I was out of breath. I was sweating and I am sure my pussy was wet too.

I was this far and felt great so I started down the trail. There was just enough light to see the trees and path. The trail led to an open area in the woods. Kind of a meadow about 30 yards across. I walked to the center and stopped. I raised my arms up enjoying the feeling of being out in the open in the nude. This was the best feeling in the world and it made me oh so horny. I kept walking and reached the pond. The trail led around the back of the pond and I followed it. As I made it around the back of it I stopped. I looked around and saw that I was in the middle of a group of nylon dome tents. What the hell? I must have walked into somebody’s campsite. I saw a bonfire about 50 yards away and a group of adults and boys sitting around it. I don’t think they could see me because the light of the fire blinded them. Very quietly I made my way through the tents. I heard some snoring coming from some. I had made it to the last tent when I stopped. I heard the zipper of that tent being opened.

I was only about 12 feet from the tent, but in total darkness so I don’t think they could see me. Some one crawled out of the tent. It was a man about 6′ 2″. beşiktaş escort He took a few steps away from his tent. I didn’t move an inch. I recognized him. He was my next door neighbor. I figure him to be about 35. He must be camping with his son. He was dressed in a t-shirt and boxers. He reached in his shorts and pulled his cock out. I guess he had to pee. I looked at his cock. It was really big. Bigger then any I had ever had. About 10 inched long and very thick with a large knob end. He let go his stream of piss. I was really horny and felt my pussy get wetter looking at his cock. This would be a one time chance if I was willing to take it. Would he keep quiet?

He finished peeing and shook his big cock a couple of times. He pulled on it for awhile and that’s when I made my move. I silently walked up to him and took his cock in my hand and gave it a tug. I whispered in his ear, “If you want to have the fuck of your life be very quiet and follow me.”

I let go of his cock ready to sprint down the trail but he just stood there and said, “OK” I had him follow me down to the pond where there were some picnic tables. When we reached one I knelt down and removed his boxers. His big cock came free and was stiffening quickly. I grabbed it and started licking it and tried to get it in my mouth. His head was so large that I could only get that in my mouth. I sucked on him and stroked the rest. He had a set of large balls that hung down low in his big sack. I played with those as I sucked.

He moaned some and I said to “shhhhh”.

I new he would come if I continued so I stopped and stood up.

I whispered, “Now be quiet so no one will hear us.”

I turned around and bent over the picnic table and presented my ass to him. He reached out with two hands and rubbed my firm ass. He moved forward and I felt his cockhead touch my entrance. He rubbed it up and down to lubricate it with my dripping juices. He lined it up and pressed it forward. My lips spread far apart and strained to let the invader in. This was by far the biggest cock I had ever had. He kept pressing forward bit by bit until the big head popped in. I think we both let out the breath we were holding. He pushed forward in my oh so tight pussy and got a few inches in. He pulled out then pushed back in, repeating that until all 10 inches of his fat cock were in me.

The head of his cock was pressed up tight against my cervix. He started to pull out then pushed back in each time reaching the end of my vagina. His big balls were banging against my clit. This was so exciting. We were so close to people hearing us and finding out. He reached around under me to grab my full breasts. He squeezed them and pulled on my large nipples as he stroked in and out. I could tell he was getting close, his strokes started speeding up. I was lost in the moment, my tight pussy milking his cock.

I felt his glans start to swell and he whispered through clenched teeth, “I’m going to cum.”

Suddenly I remembered something. I turned toward him and whispered, “You are going to have to pull out, I’m not protected.”

He whispered, “Too late baby, too late.”

I felt rope after rope of his seed shooting against my cervix. That sent me over the edge too and I orgasmed. My cunt squeezing him forcing more of his semen up and out of his big cock. I sprayed his balls with my essence. I have always been a squirter.

His big cock started to soften and he reluctantly pulled it out. I collected myself and stood up and turned around. I stepped toward him and gave his big cock a squeeze and kissed him on the lips. I whispered, “I have to go.” I turned and jogged down the trail, leaving beylikdüzü escort him dumbfounded and satisfied. I am sure even if he told someone nobody would believe him.

I made it around the rest of the pond and through the trees to the road. I guessed it was about midnight and there was less traffic on the main road. I felt really good and wondered if my neighbor had recognized me. I was a little fearful about getting pregnant, but thought of it actually excited me. I crossed the road without any problem, lightly jogging and holding my tits to prevent excess flopping. I started up my alley hoping there would be no more problems. I had made it most of the way when I stopped near the driveway to my neighbors. The light was on from the garage illuminating the driveway and alley. I heard two voices. A woman’s who was giggling and a man’s speaking in low tones. I approached carefully and peaked around the corner for a second. In that second I saw a woman, my neighbors wife, and another man I did not recognize. It was obvious that she was fooling around while her husband was on that campout. I couldn’t walk across the lighted driveway of the would see me. I squatted down and waited for them to say their good-byes.

Squatting there I felt like I really had to pee. I knew I couldn’t hold it for long. Heck I was naked and hidden, I might as well just let loose. I relaxed and my flow started, a strong steady stream.

I was causing a little puddle in the dirt and then I heard someone say. “Do you hear something?”

That was my neighbors wife.

“Yes I think I do.” said her lover.

Damn it, were they going to check it out? I moved away from where I was squatting and down the alley to another driveway. I found a shadow to hide in and stood very still. The man walked down the alley and looked directly to where I was hiding. Could he see me?

He left and walked back and I could hear him say, “I guess it was nothing, I have to go.”

He got in his car and started the engine. A couple of more giggles and a kiss and he backed out of the driveway and drove off. I heard the door to their garage close and knew I was home free.

I walked the last few feet toward my gate and sighed that my adventure was over. I reached up for the latch and something was wrong. It wouldn’t open. I hadn’t ever tried to come back through the gate this was before and all I know is no matter how I tried it would not open. What do I do now? These were zero lot line townhomes and there was no way around to the front of them from the alley. I had a key under my front mat but I would have to go all the way down the alley again and then come up my street in the front of the houses. Even though it was after midnight that was a huge risk to be seen. I had no choice it was the only way to get back in my house. I jogged down the alley to the road and turned right to come back up my street in front of the houses. I stayed in the shadows as best I could and made progress up the street. As I got closer to my house I noticed a group of what appeared to be teenage boys across the street. They seemed to be having a party because I could tell they were all drunk. I kept moving eventually reaching the house directly across from them.

I moved as quietly as I could but I heard one of them say, “Hey look at that bitch with the big tits.”

I threw myself down on the ground behind a tree.

I heard some others say, “Man, Alex you are so drunk you are seeing things.”

They all started laughing and making fun of the one that said he saw me.

A cop car patrolling the neighborhood made them scatter. After it passed I got up and walked the rest of the way to my house. I had left my front porch light on and if anyone was looking they would see me walk up. I didn’t care at that point and I walked to my front door, bent over and showed the world my ass, and got my key from under the mat. I unlocked the door and stepped inside. My adventure was over and I was home.

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