From The Neighborhood

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From the neighborhood…

Ms. Daisy was our company’s Employee Relationship Manager. She was my neighbor and a good friend too. She had moved to my neighborhood when I was 20 years of age. Today, at 45 she is 15 years elder to me, but that had not affected our friendship in any way. We both worked for the same company and I was in her department. My role as the Asst. Manager (Employee Attritions) made me report to her directly. Many of our liking and opinions were similar. She was a spinster by choice. One of her lady friends is living with her. Daisy was an attractive woman. She is of wheat brown complexion, has a well curved figure and a lovely face to match. She was rumored to be a hard catch for the men.

I was waiting in her cabin to discuss some attrition issues that aggravated recently in our company. She had gone to the weekly discussions with the unions. I went through some magazines still she came. When she came, it was already 5 PM and everybody was getting to leave. She looked real tired. I asked her putting back the magazine on her table, “You look real tired! The Union guys were real tough today, I presume?”

“Yes, they were very adamant on the demand for higher overtime pays and more over Saritha kept me awake the whole night yesterday,” she winked at me. The last remark didn’t surprise me, as she was always so open with me. I looked at her sympathetically and invited her to my house for dinner. We finished the discussion soon and left the office together.

“Arun, aren’t you coming with me?” she asked taking her car keys.

“Yes, but I will drive,” I offered. My bike was given for service and will only get it the next day.

Our place was only an hour’s drive from the company. On the way home we stopped at a restaurant not too far from the company and had coffee & some snacks. On our drive back home, her tiredness took over and she slept peacefully. All the while I was admiring her body. I had been having fantasies of her for the past two years since that incident. Red chiffon sari that she wore today had fallen off while she slept in the car. Her low cut black blouse showed much of her beautiful cleavage. Her white bra was visible through the sheer fabric of her blouse. I was having difficulty in concentrating on the road.

My hard member was constrained by the soft fabric of my underwear. I shifted myself to get a little comfortable. When I looked back at her, her sari had fallen off fully giving me a good view of her sexy navel. Her smooth yet slightly plump tummy was a view to behold. I was having the treat of my life. I was creating a picture of her gorgeous average sized breasts (34C I guess) and her shaven creamy pussy in my mind. I felt that her breasts need to be free and she needs a man’s attention.

We reached her house. After I parked the car in her garage, I lifted the sari and covered her up. Then after once more admiring her body, I woke her up. She smiled at me and got up.

“The dinner will be waiting for you in about an hour or so,” I informed her giving her the car key.

“Arun, I need to shower. Will be there around 9’O clock,” before going inside she added, “Saritha has gone to her friend’s house.”

I could see the lights going on in her bathroom as I got out of my dress. After a quick shower, I went to the kitchen. I prepared some chapattis and heated the chicken curry from the last day. I also made a green salad. I was the sole inhabitant in this house, a bachelor. My parents passed away in a car accident when I was only two years of age. I was brought up by my mothers’ parents. My mother was their only child. My grandparents passed away two years back. Daisy was a constant companion in my life since she moved into our locality. She was there to help me overcome the loss of my grandparents.

Daisy is the only person in my life now whom I could take for a family. I had an hour more left before she came for dinner. My thoughts wandered to her inviting body. Two years, it’s been a sex less two years for me, apart from the fantasies I had about Daisy. Daisy had once told me about her lesbian inclinations and about her relationship with Saritha. But for me Daisy had become more than a friend and I wanted her badly. But I respected her preferences and privacy, so till date I have not told her my fantasies nor advanced on her.

Last week, I saw Saritha and her having sex. Our houses are side by side and my bedroom’s windows were exactly opposite hers looking right into her room. It was a very warm night and there was no wind, so Daisy had kept her windows and curtains open. I came to see their hot sex by accident. Finding sarıyer escort it hard to sleep that night I had mixed myself a drink and came near my windows. My eyes darted into her room and I saw in the light that came from her bed lamp, this two beautiful women having sex. I got fascinated by what I saw and was glued to it till they fell asleep in each other’s embrace. I jerked off twice, standing there watching them. The next day when I had told her what I saw; she just smiled at me and changed the topic.

I got up from my thoughts, very hard from my thoughts. I wore a yellow tee-shirt and a black sports trousers over my favorite bikini underwear before answering the door bell. Daisy was in a blue sari that accentuated her beauty.

“You look real great in this sari,” I complimented her.

As she walked into the dining hall, I was imagining her beautiful breasts and her shaven pussy under that sari, when suddenly she turned around and asked me, “Arun, what really happened in the car today? How come my sari was out of place when we reached home?”

I was hoping that she would not realize what happened, but women are better in sensing things amiss. I told her the truth.

I told her frankly, “Your sari had fallen off in your sleep. Your body were so inviting, I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. When we reached home I lifted the sari back into its earlier position.”

I feared a rebuke when she just smiled mischievously at me, “You silly boy! So you have desires for me? Since when?” her questions were plain and to the point.

I went silent as my mind was confused about what to say; what I say now might change our relationship. I didn’t want to lose her friendship, but I have wanted her as a woman. I decided to be frank with her.

“Daisy (At home I had the freedom to call her by her name), what I am going to say might hurt you and our relationship but you should known that you have a special place in my heart and life,” pausing to gather some courage I continued, “Since last two years I had been fantasying about you and had no other women in my thoughts.” I was panting as I continued, “I want you desperately. I love you totally. But I respect your sexual preferences and privacy, so all these months I restrained myself from advancing on you in a sexual way.”

Daisy was silent and was looking into my eyes. Her eyes then fell on the small but sure bulge in my pants.

“Lets have dinner first and then we will talk,” she sat on the chair across me.

In an awkward silence we finished the dinner. Taking the plates I went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Daisy came to the kitchen after washing her hands and helped me with the dishes.

“Arun, do you have something hot to drink,” I was surprised to hear that she took hot beverage.

I offered her some wine and scotch from the kitchen cupboard. She took the scotch and poured us one each. We sat next to each other on the couch. After the first sip of scotch she started talking.

“Arun, it’s normal for a guy like you to have such feelings and fantasies about a woman. But I am elder to you by around 15 years. Even if the age difference is not taken, you will find that I am bit different for you. You will find much better girls to love and bed. I am no good a match for you,” she had a serious face when I looked at her.

Her silence gave me a chance to reply, “Daisy, I have loved and admired you and I still do, may be only more. I have fallen for the beauty that is the whole you, not just that body of yours. I have no problem with your age. You are the only one in my life I can call family and you will remain so, whatever our relationship be from now on,” I paused for a second to breath in some air, “If you still prefer a lesbian life I respect that and will not venture into your life in a sexual way, but if you can accept me as a man…” My words trailed away as her fingers touched my lips.

“Arun, what I am going to tell you is something that no one knows about me, not even Saritha. Hope you will understand me and will love me just like now,” she then told me that she was not at all a lesbian before and that she would only love to have a sexual relationship with me.

She was only a bi-curious till Saritha came into her life. “My father was the only family I had till my marriage at 29; he was both my mother and my father. My mother had died giving birth to me. Since then he had looked after me with the help of our maid,” after a pause Daisy continued, “but he passed away just one year after my marriage.”

Daisy searched for disinterest esenyurt escort on my face; seeing that nothing of that sort was there she carried on.

“My husband turned out to be real abusive one. He was all possessive and started beating me up,” tears running down her cheek she carried on, “I divorced him after about three years of marital relationship.”

She continued, “Then after this Saritha came into my life. I decided that I don’t need another man in my life from then on and I never thought that I could trust any other man since him,” stopping for a moment she went on, “With Saritha’s help I turned my bi-curiousness into a lesbian adventure. But for Saritha I am not her single lover. Today she has gone to her other lover. She is also not a full fledged lesbian, but experiments with men very rarely. I have told her about you watching our sexual escaped the other day and she has taken it in a casual manner only. Moreover she is an exhibitionist herself.”

I took her face in my hands and wiped off the tears from her cheek.

“So what do you think of me now? Are you still of the opinion that I am worthy of your love?” she asked while taking another sip of the scotch from her glass.

“Daisy, I thank you for your trust in me. I am also happy that you are okay with my fantasies and don’t mind a relationship with me. I still want you and may be with more intensity. My respect and love for you have deepened further!” her hands were stroking my hard on over my pants as I said this.

“I have been looking for some tender love this evening,” she was shivering with excitement as she continued, “Love me, fuck me and make me yours!”

I hugged her and held her lips in my mouth for minutes. Her tongue darted into my mouth. Our tongues entwined in passionate kiss. I took her hand and led her to my bedroom. As we walked holding each other, she reached into my pants and stroked my hard prick over my underwear. I thought I would cum right there and then. As we reached the bedroom I took removed her sari. In no time she escaped out from her underskirt and blouse. As I had imagined, her love mound was fully shaven. Her pussy lips were so inviting. We kissed passionately before falling onto the bed. We were both stark naked when we hit the bed.

I kissed her again, my mouth open, tongue probing a little, like a passionate lover. I moved my hands to her breasts and she moaned softly. Our kiss was a long one, tongues probing, her tongue meeting mine. Her breasts felt so soft against my chest and I then I started to cup it and squeeze it. She pushed her wonderful breasts up against my hands and I cupped her left breast, my hard cock was now comfortably resting on her pubic area in a vertical angle. My right hand went down and softly rubbed her smooth shaven mound.

My mouth was now on her breasts, feeling their marvelous soft denseness, my right hand still making waves deep in her pussy. “Oh, Arun!” she said to me, “I can’t wait anymore, please take me and make love to me.”

I stood up and looked at her; she was lying on the bed legs apart, touching her pussy lips. “Come, Arun come to me. I just don’t want to be away from you,” she said.

I looked down at her once more, at her full breasts with their dark nipples, erect and standing, and admired her lovely pussy. Kissing on her mouth, I reached my hands between her thighs. Her mouth now completely open to me, her tongue probed into my mouth.

I kissed each of her lovely breasts and then with my tongue I licked all over those beautiful mounds of womanliness. I held my cock in my hand, now leaning over her I started rubbing my dick over her pussy, up and down on her slit, probing a little inside. She opened her legs wider. She couldn’t hold on any more and reached down and grabbed my cock and put its head in her opening. I pushed into the wetness of her dripping pussy and felt myself engulf in her warmth and heat. And she moaned very loud.

“Oh yes Arun, fuck me and fuck me hard!” she screamed aloud. She put her arms around my neck, pulling me to her. I kissed her as my cock went the complete depth of her. I then started to stroke her slowly. “Faster, faster, fuck me harder,” she was pushing up into me as she said this. I began a slow pumping first and then started to go at her a little faster.

“Yes, yes that’s it Arun. You are so good!” her words were no more than whispers.

Now I gathered pace and started to fuck her faster, harder, pushing my cock all the way in with each stroke becoming harder and faster. Her hands were rubbing my back, her legs around me holding me pressing me avrupa yakası escort into her. I slowed down and kissed her, our tongues fucking each others mouth. I took my dick away from her pussy and kissed full her dripping pussy. I inhaled her intoxicating sexual aroma, tasted her wonderful juices. Her breathing was now so fast! I kissed her pussy softly; putting my tongue deep in her pussy I tongue fucked her. I licked all over her love hole and chewed her very prominent pussy lips into my mouth. She was moaning aloud as her orgasm took over her, she shivered and her love juice flowed over my mouth and nose.

I licked and swallowed all that I could get. Her lust filled gaze was always on me. “Arun, you are the best! Not even Saritha could win you there,” her compliments made me want to make her happier. I moved over her, my hard cock rubbing over her pussy; I let my weight down on her lightly, feeling her soft, warm body against mine.

I kissed her again. “Oh, Arun!” she purred softly into my ears. I rubbed my body on hers, up and down, back and forth, in a circular motion, feeling my hard cock massaging her pussy lips. She put her hands now on my back and pulled me under her. She sucked and bit softly on my nipples and then licked her way into my belly button. Going down further without taking away her tongue she reached my dick. She kissed the tip of my dick, squeezed it softly. The tip of her tongue drew circles on my dicks pink tip and then darted into my pee hole. A low moan escaped from my mouth.

“Oh, Daisy, you make me feel so good! You are so good!” I whispered.

She engulfed my cock deep into her throat which sent shivers of pleasure down my spine. My dick became more hard and thick. Her tongue was licking the sides of my dick as her mouth went up and down on my cock. Few more of those strokes and I came hard in her mouth. Daisy swallowed all that she could of my hot jism. She licked into her mouth the cum that was still dripping from my dick. I kissed full on her mouth, tasting my juices from her mouth.

She went back on my cock, making it hard in no time. She then came on top of me and pushed herself down on to my cock. My cock went in her fully and then came back out as she rose up. Holding her by her waist I pulled her down, as I pushed into her.

“That’s it darling, push,” she said. And I did, this time harder.

I slid in so nice and easy; she was still so wet for me. Her soft wet warmth wrapped my hard cock. She started a slow rhythmic action, taking me in and out of her. Her eyes told me that I was now her lover and no longer just a friend or a neighbor. I started to fuck her faster. Moving with my rhythmic thrust she held her legs tight around the sides of my waist. Our lips met in between and then our tongues took over.

My hands were busy on her breasts, kneading them and then I took one of her breast into my mouth and softly bit her tits. I gave her some more soft thrusts in between. “Oh Arun, I’m going to cum!” she said. I was myself ready too, with increasing knowledge that I was just at the point of no return.

“Oh Arun!” she was moaning, “Oh darling, faster and faster.”

I was fucking her wild with hard, long strokes. Then I felt myself cumming in to the soft insides of her pussy and I knew I couldn’t stop. “I’m cumming baby!” I screamed.

“Me too baby,” she moaned loudly. And I felt my jism squirting into her and squirting more with each thrust. The sensation was too intense to contain. She yelled as she came, “Ohhhhh…. Agrrrr…”

I felt so happy at that moment thrusting into her, but at a slower pace. She kissed me hard as I thrust into her, slowing down bit by bit. I kissed her back, ever so passionately. She smiled at me, a very lovely satiated smile. Finally I relaxed and lay under her soft body.

“That was wonderful, Arun!” she said in a soft voice, “Thank you, love you dear!”

“I am the one who should thank you for making me yours!” I said to her, “How do you feel?”

“Wonderful, like a woman possessed. Like I am your woman!” she said.

“Yes, you certainly are,” I said.

“We will have to do this again. I want more,” she kissed me.

“Yes!” I said, “Any day, any time, as you wish.”

“Wilder and kinkier,” she said.

I said, “Sure, as you say.”

We lay there, looking into each other’s eyes as if we had not devoured each other enough. “I love you so much, Arun” she whispered into my ears.

“I love you so much, Daisy, my beautiful girl!” I said. I pulled out from her and lay beside her, smiling and feeling so happy. I was still hard. She was stroking my cock with her hands; she was smiling.

“I’m really happy this happened, Arun” she said.

“I’m sad that this didn’t happen earlier!” I said. She smiled knowingly.

Then we drifted off, my dick still in her hands. About an hour later we woke up and made love and then once more as we took our bath together in the morning…

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