A Long Week Without You

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I closed my eyes as I stood under the shower head, the water raining down wetting my honey brown hair, cascading over my shoulders and down my body. With a contented sign, I let myself relax, pleased to see the end of a very long and difficult week. As steam rose around me clouding the mirrors, the water melted the tensions in my muscles as I enjoyed the warm, comforting sensations roll through me. I pulled my cinnamon scented body bar from the tin and began brushing it over my body, the lazy circles creating a layer of bubbles.

My hands began to rub the soap into my skin, lightly massaging my shoulders, down to cup my firm milky DD breasts, lightly pinching my nipples before sliding them south to my waist and hips, enjoying the feel of skin on slippery skin. My hands moved down further, caressing the arch of my ass (a little more generous than I perhaps would’ve liked, but I loved my curves). My mind wandered to the night ahead, not knowing what it held, but looking forward to seeing you. Living so far apart was hard, and I had really missed you this week. Thinking of you, my hands travelling around to the front of my thighs, gently teasing my pussy. I spread my lips with one hand, feeling my pussy already slippery from the thought of you. A soft moan escaped my lips as my fingers grazed my clit, a rush of warmth flooding my body.

My head fell back, exposing my neck as I lost myself in feeling, rubbing my clit as I dipped a finger into my wet pussy, with one hand pressed against the wall to steady myself. I opened my eyes with a start as I heard the bathroom door click and a deep cough behind me. I pulled my hands up and spun around, drinking in the sight of you standing in front of me in jeans and a tee pulled tight against your chest. I met your eyes guiltily, very aware that I had just been caught. You looked back at me, a hunger in your eyes that I had been desperate to see all week.

“Don’t stop on my behalf,” you told me, as you leaned back against the basin, watching me.

I looked back at you as I dropped my hands again, my left on my breast, gently rolling my nipple between my fingers, as my right dropped to my pussy. A moan escaped my lips as my fingers found my clit again, a guilty look on my face as I maintained eye contact, feeling deliciously naughty to be touching myself while you watched me.

The hunger in your eyes grew as I lost myself in sensation, the need to cum building inside me as I played with my wet pussy.

“Jessica,” you commanded sternly. Not realising my eyes had closed, they snapped open and met yours, my need obvious.

“Do you like playing with your pussy for me?” you asked.

Breathlessly, I answered “yes”, as the pressure on my clit increased, my fingers frantic as I drew closer to orgasm.

“Do you like it when I watch you touching your pussy?” you asked.

This drew a gasp from my lips as I watched you. “Yes,” I answered desperately; the realisation of how naughty I was being hit me, further wetting my already juicy pussy.

Your eyes narrowed at me as you pulled your shirt over your head, exposing your chest. “Don’t you dare cum,” you instructed. I nodded nervously, unable to tear my eyes away from the sight of your fingers istanbul escort on the zipper of your jeans, drawing it down to expose your underwear, before they were both pulled off. I stifled a moan as I saw your throbbing hard cock, desperate to feel you, desperate for your touch.

You moved closer to me. A firm hand cupped my cheek as I continued to tease my pussy, drawing a soft moan from me as your hand moved down to lightly cup my breast. My moan turned into a sharp gasp as you tweaked my nipple; you took advantage of my suddenly open mouth to slide a finger in. I moaned as I licked it, sucking on your finger. You watched my eyes as I did so, seeing the fire that had ignited, knowing how much I loved having a mouthful.

Ever obliging, you nodded at me and I took your signal to mean I was allowed what I needed from you in that moment. I sunk to my knees in the shower, my hand never leaving my clit, suddenly faced with your cock. Unable to control the baser urge that rose within me, I opened my mouth wide and looked up at you, my question obvious but silent.

You nodded your permission to me that I was allowed to taste your cock. I leaned forward, stretching my tongue out to flicking the tip of your cock, delighting in the initial taste of you. Unable to control myself, I took you deep until my nose was buried against the base of your cock and I could feel you touching the back of my throat. My breathing stifled, I looked up at you with wide eyes as I began to pull my head back, my tongue swirling around your length as I did so, my lips teasing your shaft. Letting your throbbing cock escape my mouth for a brief moment, my lips soon returned, lightly sucking the head of your cock, feeling you twitch under my touch. I reached my hand to gently cup your balls, enjoying the soft exhalation I heard escape your lips as they rolled in my hands. One hand flat against the wall to steady you, the fingers of your other hand tangled in my hair to press my head down onto your cock. Although you knew I needed no encouragement, the pressure on my scalp was a subtle reminder of who was in control.

You looked down to watch me, enjoying the sight of my innocent brown eyes looking back up at you as I had a mouthful of your cock.

“Good girl,” you growled at me. The vibrations of my mouth around you as I moaned sent a bolt through you and you pulled me to my feet, pushing me to sit on the tiled ledge of the shower.

You fell to your knees at my feet, spreading my thighs with your strong hands, exposing my hot wet pussy. I reached my hands behind me to support myself, watching you with nervous anticipation. Your fingers reached out to stroke my hot slit, forcing a sharp gasp from my lips as I felt your fingers on me. With a cheeky look, your eyes met mine as your fingers continued to tease my pussy.

“Is there something you would like, Jessica?” you asked innocently, gently teasing my slit.

Your frustrating question caused a guttural groan, one that I thought was sufficient to demonstrate that my body needed more.

You grinned at me. “Use your words, Jessica. I want to you to tell me what you want.”

Quiet desperation in my avcılar escort eyes, I looked back at you, unable to articulate exactly what I wanted as jumbled ideas of touches and positions and toys raced through my mind. I was secretly hoping that my pleading eyes would be enough for you to instinctively know what I craved, and to give it to me.

Instead, you moved closer to me, laying a trail of soft kisses up my inner thighs.

“Well,” you started, every few words punctuated with another kiss, “until you can tell me what you want, you might need some inspiration.”

A soft cry escaped my lips on your last word, as your final kiss caused your lips to land on my clit. You began to suck intensely, occasionally pausing to nibble softly, the pressure building and my body alight with need. Your fingers found my wet hole, pressing lightly at first to gain entry (you knew, even in this state, I was going to be tight for you), before slowly working your finger inside me. The combined sensation of your mouth on my clit and your finger inside me was enough to make me gasp, my hips grinding into you.

“Please,” I begged, desperate for more.

Your lips lifted from me briefly, so you could respond, while your finger continued to slide in and out of me.

“Please, what?” you asked, before your lips returned to my clit, sucking softly.

“More, please,” I begged.

You were silent this time as your movements intensified. I knew that my answer was not enough to get the “more” I needed, but the distraction of your lips and hands on my body had muddled my thoughts and any hope of thought other than how badly I needed you was entirely too optimistic. I had completely given in to my primal urges.

A sharp gasp escaped my lips as a second finger slid into me, your thrusts becoming faster. My body trembled on the edge of orgasm, knowing it would only take a few short moments before I tumbled into the explosion that I knew was imminent.

Unable to hold back any longer, my body overrode my mind, allowing me to finally articulate what I craved. A guttural moan escaped my lips as I begged you, “please, fuck me”.

You lifted your face with a filthy smirk that told me that you’d hit jackpot, finally hearing those words from my lips. You stood and pulled me to my feet, pressing a fierce kiss to my lips as you backed me against the wall, the tiles cool against my back.

My arms were around your shoulders, fingers digging into your back, as I lifted a foot to rest on the ledge, my thighs once again spread for you. You kissed me more urgently, your lips moving down to my neck, nibbling the tender flesh and causing a soft whimper to escape me.

“Greg,” I asked softly, “please, I need you.”

Dropping my hands to your grasp your thick hard cock, you moved between my legs, your palms firmly grasping my ass. Your throbbing head was aligned with my pussy as you asked, “what do you need, Jessica?”

I replied, “I need to feel you inside me”, desperately pressing my hips forward, frustrated that you were too far away for me to feel you inside me.

With a swift thrust, you filled my dripping wet pussy as you placed a firm hand over my mouth, muffling şirinevler escort the sharp gasp that I emitted. The cool tiles were an erotic contrast to the warmth of my body, sending a shiver through me as water cascaded over us as you drove into me, fucking me exactly as I liked it — hard and deep. As you thrust into my slick pussy, I was overwhelmed by a sudden sense of fullness, grateful that you were willing to satisfy my sexual cravings.

You removed your palm from covering my mouth and found my hands, lifting them to pin them above my head as I wrapped my legs around you. I rotated my hips, gyrating on your stiff pole causing a deep growl.

Our earlier sucking and subsequent fucking had heightened both of our senses, and I could tell that you were as turned on as I was. Balancing dangerously close to orgasm, but knowing I wasn’t allowed to cum without your permission, I felt my toes start to curl as I fought to maintain control of my body.

I looked up at you as you held me in place, continuing to drive your hard pole into my desperate pussy.

“May I please cum?” I asked, breathlessly, my breath skipping slightly with each thrust.

There was a dark look in your eyes as you met mine, and I knew the answer.

“Not yet,” you responded, continuing your steady rhythm.

I kept quiet, focussing on the feel of your cock sliding in and out of my, struggling to control my body, to stay on the edge of my orgasm that would leave my ass creamy white, instead of red from the punishment that would undoubtedly follow any disobedience.

My head lolled to the side as I struggled to maintain composure, closing on my eyes to focus on anything other than the intense pleasure coursing through my body.

“Jessica,” you commanded, “look at me”.

I raised my eyes to meet yours once again, the darkness gone and replaced with passion. The combination of the tenderness in your eyes, my heightened senses and the feelings in my body as a result of your fucking, I couldn’t help but again ask…

“Please, sir,” I begged you, “please let me cum?”

You watched me continue to ride you, my hips gyrating against you as I enjoyed your cock filling my pussy thrusting up into me. You watched my eyes, sensing my need, my frustration, my pleasure. You noticed the breaking point, the point at which I resigned myself to any punishment I might receive for orgasming without your permission, but needing it so badly that I just couldn’t hold back anymore.

As I reached the edge of the precipice, just as I began to give into the orgasm begging to take over my body, I heard your soft response.

“Cum, Jessica,” you ordered, firmly. “Cum for me.”

You knew my orgasms were always intense with you; however, you also knew that, without permission, my body held something back.

Hearing your permission to cum, a soft cry escaped my lips as the orgasm that began to course through me intensified, every cell in my body bursting with pure sexual ecstasy. I pressed back against the cool wall as my hips thrust forward, desperate to feel you in me as long as I could. Feeling my tight pussy clench around your throbbing hard cock, you pushed into me deeply with a final thrust, exploding inside me. Feeling you fill me caused an aftershock to course through my body as I collapsed, my arms clutching your neck.

Breathless, you lowered your mouth to mine, kissing me sweetly.

“Hi Jessica”, you smiled at me.

I smiled back, returning you kiss.

“It’s been a long week without you.”

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