From Across the Room

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I see her as she walks into the room. She is wearing a white button down blouse, left open to expose the sleeveless t-shirt underneath. There was plenty of her beautiful body and some cleavage showing. She is wearing a short black skirt buttoned up the front with large silver buttons, the bottom one left undone. Her gorgeous legs exposed a couple inches above her knee. She looks at me and makes eye contact. Her incredible brown eyes make me forget there are others in the room. I want her, now.

I slowly make my way across the room, watching her the entire way. She sees me making my way towards her; she smiles and walks out of the room down a side hallway. I follow her and quicken my pace. She opens a door and turns to look at me. I reach her and see she has opened a small janitorial closet. She walks in and pulls me close. We begin to passionately kiss. Our lips, tongues and hands immediately go to work. The taste of her lips will remain with me forever. We break our embrace long enough for her to ask me if I approve of her outfit. I answer by picking her up and setting her on a small bench in the back of the room. I begin kissing her ears, her neck, and her lips. I kiss all around her neck and down her chest into her cleavage. She pulls my head up, holds it close and whispers into my ear that she wore this just for halkalı escort me. We once again begin to kiss. I slide my hands up her legs, slowly. I trace her lips with my tongue, her eyes are close, and her hands are holding on to my ass. My hands find my way up to her thighs and reach her hips. I feel no panties.

I break our embrace and look deep into those gorgeous brown eyes. She is staring at me intently as if to communicate her intense need. I smile, and return to kissing her. This time, I start with her ears, and slowly work to her neck. I kiss down to her cleavage then back up the other side to repeat the process. As she leans her head back and closes her eyes enjoying the soft kisses, I slowly unbutton the skirt. I stop kissing her and grab her left leg in my hand. I bend down and begin kissing her ankle and calf. I slowly kiss my way up her leg passed her knee, around her thigh paying close attention to the sensitive inner portion. I slide my hand down her right leg, pulling it up. I begin kissing that ankle and once again slowly kiss my way up her calf, knee, and thigh. She grabs my head pulling me up to look at her in the eyes. With intensity in her eyes, she tells me to quit teasing and just take care of her. I kiss higher listening olgun escort to her moaning. She spreads her legs as I reach her hot, dripping pussy. God, it tastes so sweet. I work my tongue around until I find the spot that makes her grab my head and moan louder. Her hips start to move in concert with my head and tongue. Suddenly, she grabs my ears and pulls my face away from her. She tells me enough playing around and fuck me. Who am I to argue?

I step back and pull down my pants. As I step out of them she grabs the back of my head, kissing me deeply. She then slide she her hips forward, leaning back on her elbows. I grab her legs under her knees and slide my hips against hers. I stand there poised to enter her, yet I pause and look into her eyes. She has never looked more gorgeous! I slowly enter her waiting pussy. Once fully entered, I realize neither of us is breathing, we are savoring this long awaited moment. The feeling is indescribable, better than any of my fantasies. I begin to move slowly at first. She again tells me quit teasing and fuck her. I begin to go faster, harder. Her eyes close, breathing becomes shallow and ragged. She suddenly starts shaking and squeezes my legs with hers. I can feel her şişli escort start to cum. Suddenly she begins to moan loudly, repeatedly telling me to keep going. This seems to last forever. I am driving my hips forward, driving me deep inside her womb. She is so wet, so ready for this.

Suddenly, she all but collapses on the bench. She is breathing quickly and her arms relax as she slowly opens her eyes. She pushes me back and stands up. She kisses me deeply and passionately. She gives another of her cute, sexy smiles and turns around. Leaning on her elbows on the bench, she bends at her waist. Her skirt slowly rises exposing her sexy ass. Her waiting and wet pussy is staring at me waiting for me to continue inside of her. I step up and slide back into her. I knew I would not last. I start to move faster, much harder. Our bodies are slapping into each other. I feel my balls hitting the inside of her thighs. Suddenly she starts to groan “oh, god, oh god” repeatedly. She is beginning to cum again. This is too much for me. I begin my own orgasm. I grab her hips and slam into her as deep as I can go releasing inside of her waiting womb. We stay like that for seemingly hours enjoying the last moment of each others company.

I slowly pull out of her. She equally as slowly stands up and smoothing out her skirt. I lean over and give her a soft, sensuous kiss on her tender lips. I break away and step back into my pants. She bends down and pulls my pants up for me. As she stands she looks at me and softly whispers “thank you”. She kisses my cheek and buttons up her shirt. I lean against the bench watching her straighten out her clothes the best she can. She turns smiles and walks out of the room. I am too weak to move……….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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