Francie Erotic Evening

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At Francie’s house, it was a dark and stormy night. The power was out and the only light came from the sensual candles she had lit. Normally they were used for other purposes, but this night they provided the necessary illumination needed to change into her sexy sheer nightgown. Just putting on this beautiful yellow silk gown began to get Francie wet as she thought of what she would really like.

Thinking those thoughts began to make her nipples hard. They pressed again the silky night gown, and the pressure felt like soft lips nibbling on them. That caused her to get wetter and deeper in thought. She moved her hand to the wetness between her legs, touching herself, and feeling the hardness of her little love bud. Oh, how good that feels…..The doorbell rings, interrupting her pleasure thoughts. Shit, who could that be, she thinks.

Should she go to the door in this sexy gown that barely covered her hard nipples? She thought it would be very erotic, but could not do that. She put on a cotton robe and loosely tied the cotton belt to keep it together.

She opened the door and found her neighbor, Tony, standing there in the stormy rain. Francie could not believe he was there. She had just been thinking about him seconds ago, with her nipples so hard. It was Tony’s cock she wanted, but she could not just tell him that at this moment.

Francie opened the door.

“Come in Tony. Is everything OK?” She asked.

“Thanks, Francie. My powers out too. Is there any chance you could spare some candles?”

Damn, she thought, is that all he wants.

“Yeah, come on over here.” she replied, “they are in the bottom drawer of the cabinet.”

As she walked over to it, Tony followed, and as she bent down to open the drawer, the cotton belt slipped. The robe opened and revealed Francie’s beautiful hard nipples straining against the silky gown. She could hear him gasp at the sight. She made a failed attempt to close the robe as she reached for the spare candle. The only one she had left was 6 or 7 inches tall and ‘she thought’, about as big around as that hard dick Tony has.

Whew, what was she thinking, but as she brought her eyes up from the drawer, she noticed a bulge in the sweat pants Tony wore that excited her more. With her mind racing she made little effort to close the robe and just let him enjoy the sight.


When Tony saw her bend down, he began to get aroused instantly. He wasn’t really hard yet, but it was growing quickly. He remembered sucking on those lovely tits, rubbing his hands all over them and enjoying the pleasure they had both gotten from that.

As she stood up, the robe remained open and the beautiful mounds of her breasts were uncovered above the nipples which were still hard and pressing against the silk.

‘What a beautiful site’, Tony thought, and ‘what should I do about it.’ He was getting hard and his cock was pushing out the front of his sweat pants.


What a site it was, as Francie noticed his hardness and her eyes fixed on the swelling in his pants. They both could feel the excitement in the air, the tension, the erotic sensation, and the sensual smell of the candles that were burning in Francie’s home.

Taking the candle from Francie’s hand, Tony said “Thank you, I’ll take that, and you take this.”

He halkalı escort moved her now empty hand to his swollen member and his lips to hers. The excitement was almost too much to bear. Her hand felt so good, her lips felt so good, and her breasts pushing into his chest were enough to make him cum immediately.

“But no, let’s enjoy this and make it last.” he thought.


When he placed my hand on his swollen cock, I could not believe how great it felt, Francie thought. How much I wanted to enjoy it in so many ways, and could not wait until I got my mouth around it, and then to squeeze it between my wet pussy lips. Ahhh, I could cum right now, but no, lets enjoy this and make it last, she thought.

As their lips and tongues dances and tumbled together she pushed him back a little and began to unbutton his wet shirt, playing with his chest and nipples as she stripped it off and left nothing but his hairy chest. God his chest was hard, just like that cock of his, she thought. She could hardly wait, but wait she would. Tony pushed Francie’s robe off her shoulders and just stared at the delights before his eyes: the sheer yellow silk gown, the protruding nipples, and the shortness of the gown to just a couple of inches below her sweet spot.

He could see some dampness on the bottom of the gown that at some time recently touched her wet pussy as she did not have any of her sexy thongs on. As he took it all in, his cock just got harder. One of the hardest he had ever had. Oh, what a feeling.


After removing his shirt, Francie put her hands on the sides of his sweat pants and pulled them down slowly. As she leaned down pulling them off, and as they moved below his large cock and balls, she could see the top of the cock just peeking above his shorts. She wanted it in her mouth right then, but continued to lower his sweats until they were at his feet. He pulled his feet from the sweats and stood straight up in nothing but his shorts, with the crown of his cock exposed. Francie just stared at him and glanced down at the head above his shorts and wetness began running down her leg. God it looked great.

Tony began kissing her lips, her neck, ears, and using his tongue everywhere he kissed. Francie just pushed her head back, pushing her chest out, wanting him to kiss and touch those love mounds. He got the message, and moved his hands down to the bottom of the gown, began pulling it up slowly. She raised her arms high in the air, so he could pull it up and off. As Tony pulled up the gown, his hands grazed the stimulated nipples and a bolt of electricity went through her entire body. With the gown now off, Tony’s lips found one of those delicious nipples, ran his tongue over it, began sucking on it and with his hands was also massaging those beautiful sexy mounds. His mouth went from nipple to nipple, kissing and sucking, making them as hard as his cock. God, they both thought, it felt so good.

Francie could not stand it any longer; she pushed Tony slightly away and moved her hands down to his shorts to begin lowering them. His dick was so hard and long that now more than the swollen head was sticking above the band of the shorts. He had grown another inch or two in the seconds since she removed taksim escort his sweats. What a sight, she thought as she removed the shorts. His one eyed monster was sticking straight up at her, and she thought it winked at her while she was mesmerized with her thoughts.

After a moment or two taking in that sight, she took his hand and led him to the bedroom.

Once on the bed the hands and lips of Francie and Tony were all over each other in slow passionate kisses and touches. Francie began moving her lips down Tony’s chest, to his stomach, kissing all the way, and then down to his swollen member. His hard cock was sticking straight up at her. She could tell he was so excited, but she did not want him to cum just yet. She had pleasure to give and receive.

Her tongue began dancing up and down his swollen cock, making him moan with pleasure as she did so. She continued down to the bottom of the shaft and lower to the balls that were on fire. She took one of those cum filled love balls in her mouth, put her hand around his cock, and gently moved the ball around and around licking it with her tongue. She could feel the pre-cum with her hand seeping out of the eye of that wonderful swollen cock.

After a few moments of that enjoyment, she released the cum filled ball and moved back to the cock. She continued to move her tongue up the shaft to the top of the head. She moistened her lips with the pre-cum and opened her mouth to accommodate the enlarged head. She knew exactly where she was and where she wanted to proceed. She looked up into his eyes and beamed her smile to him. She paused, seeing those kind and sexy eyes glazing back down at her.

Focusing on her prize, she closed her eyes and slowly, very slowly, moved her head towards the base of his cock. As she moved her mouth towards the base of his cock, she smelled his manliness and it excited her as she hadn’t been in a while. She slowed even more as his cock entered the beginning of her throat, and after a brief pause, she continued to move her mouth up and down the hard shaft so very slowly. When her mouth came back to the swollen head of the cock, she squeezed her mouth around to feel the ridge of the head and give him the pleasure just like her pussy lips would do later. Oh GOD, it felts so good, they both thought. She was making love to his beautiful cock and savoring the wonderful taste, smell, and the site of it all.

She could tell he was not going to last much longer as he was so hard, moaning uncontrollably and almost begging to let him cum. And she was going to grant his wish. With her mouth going up and down on his cock, she put one hand on his balls, massaging them gently but firmly. When she had both balls in her hand and her mouth half way down the cock, she could feel the eruption beginning in her hand.

The cum began fighting to get out and release through the shaft. And then it began, the eruption of the first spurt of cum was so strong she could feel it rip into the roof of her mouth and she thought she would erupt herself. After the first spurt, and with his balls in her hand, she could feel the next one coming, and it did, just a second after the first and was just as strong. The third and fourth shots were a little weaker, but very intense and she was having a hard time taking it şişli escort all, but she caused it, and was going to take it all the best she could. He was yelling with excitement with the release, and as it continued the spurts were weaker and smaller, until his balls were empty.


But to Tony, it could not have felt any better. When he finished the eruption, he laid there in total bliss. Francie came up and kissed him with her lips and tongue on his mouth and the taste on his own cum was erotic and sent chills all through him again.

As his cock began to shrink, he moved his lips from Francie’s lips and down to her breasts and nipples. As he began to nibble on the on the hard nubs on the end of her tits he felt them get harder and harder. He just hoped she felt as good as she made him feel, but he was not nearly done yet.

After a few moments making love to the nipples, he moved down to her sweet spot, stopping numerous times along the way to kiss and lick everything in between. Tony savored the sweet smell of the swollen pussy lips and blood began to rush once again to his cock becoming hard again. He began to lick the wetness from the swollen lips, moving his tongue up and down and inching closer to the hard little love bud. She shuddered and bolts of electricity shot through her as he put his lips around this little bud and licked and sucked on it slowly.

As he lay between her legs, with his tongue slowly licking her hard little clit, he inserted one and then two fingers into her slippery pussy. As he pushed them in, he reached inside and began to rub the ‘G’ spot. Francie was moving and screaming with passionate sounds as fast as she could talk. Knowing she was very close he took out his fingers and inserted his tongue, in and out, in and out, giving her a good tongue fuck.

She was very close now and would be cumming any second. He moved his tongue back to her clit, reinserted his fingers in her wet pussy to stroke her ‘G’ spot. As he began to slowly lick her clit again, and rubbed the ‘G’ spot she began her orgasm with a yell and a scream. He continued to lick and rub, lick and rub, as her body spasmed. He could hardly keep his mouth and fingers in contact with her. But he did, and continued his licking and sucking as her orgasm continued, seeming to last forever.

Her orgasm released sweet juices that he licked up and enjoyed. As he finished licking and sucking, and her body relaxed, he moved back up to kiss her with the taste of her juices still in his mouth, and now his cock as hard as a rock. As he gave her a taste of her own musk, his hard dick found its way to the still wet pussy and entered with ease.

It filled her up, and they moved together in sexual excitement. He pulled out and began to just insert and remove the swollen head of his cock back and forth over the soft pussy lips. Over and over again, just the head, in and out. It felt so good to them they could hardly contain their orgasms.

As his balls began begging for release, his dick as big and hard as possible, he pushed his hard cock all the way in and they began to cum again together. The hot cum pored into the wet pussy and deep into the love canal. After the orgasms subsided they lay exhausted with their arms around each other. Not able to talk much, they got into the spoon position and drifted off to sleep.


When she woke, she thought, what a dream, so satisfying. It was almost impossible to believe she could have such a realistic dream. Then she realized an arm was around her, holding her breasts, and something hard was pressed against her backside….but that’s another story to be told.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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