A Little Surprise For Him

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I close the door gently behind me. A secretive smile on my lips. I walk over to where you are sitting, working.

“I don’t understand how you can sit in front of the computer for this long.” I said as I wrapped my arms around your neck.

“I have to do it, but I am actually done now, so just let me save this and we can go watch that movie.”

“Hun, that movie ended an hour ago. I have a better idea now.”

“Oh, ok, just let me save.”

You click a few buttons, saving your work. You stand up and stretch. I grab your hand and pull you to the door. I pull your shirt over your head, and I drop it onto the floor. My hands go to your waist and undo the button and zipper on your jeans. I kneel before you and pull them down your legs.

Your hand goes to my shoulder for balance. You raise your right foot. I pull the pant leg and your sock off. I do the same for your left leg. I run my hands up your legs and hook my fingers around the elastic on your boxers.

“You are wearing the boxers that I gave you.” I say with a smile.

“They were the only thing clean. I can’t believe that you would buy these. I mean common, little bunnies?”

“They reminded me of you. You used to want to fuck all the time, like the Energizer bunny. Now I barely see you once a week and you work while I am here.”

“I know, and I am sorry.”

I halkalı escort pull your boxers down.

“Ok, well that is going to change.” I say as I pull you through the door, “Starting tonight.”

You look into the bathroom and see what I have been up too. Candles are burning on every surface. The Jacuzzi is full with water and bubbles.

“Wow, you have been busy.”

“Climb in, I will wash you.”

You climb into the water. Them temperature is just right. You sigh as you relax into the water. I get a washcloth and kneel behind you, starting on your back. My hands roam to your chest so that my breasts are pressed against your back.

Your hands cover mine and move them down to your now hard cock. You moan as I start stroking it.

“Why don’t you join me in here?” You ask.

“I was planning to when I was done washing you.” I respond.

You say with a grin, “I think that you could wash me easier if you were in her with me.”


I stand up and you can see my nipples through my shirt where the material has gotten wet from being pressed against your wet skin. They are very hard.

I pull my shirt over my head and tug my boxers down. You smile at my body, making me feel very feminine. I know that I am far from perfect taksim escort but you make me attractive, beautiful.

I start to climb in but you push me around so that I am facing away from you.

“You can finish washing me later.”

I lean up against your chest. Your hands come up to cup my breasts. I moan as you start to rub my nipples, with one hand, while the other hand sneaks down over my tummy to my clit.

“Oh this is better than I imagined.” I say on a sigh.

Your hand comes up and closes my eyes, then continues to ply my body. Gradually building the moment.


I look down and see your hand holding a candle over my chest; dripping wax over my flushed body.

“Oh god, that is so amazing.” I cry, as the wax gets closer to my nipple.

You lift me out of the water and lay me on the floor, grabbing a towel with one hand.

You dry me off gently, pulling the dry wax off my body. You admire the red marks left on my skin.

I stare up at you wondering how you suddenly had control of the situation. You lay down beside me, hands caressing my body. I watch as you grab another candle. The wax drips directly onto my right nipple, then my left. I can’t stop thrashing, moaning, gasping. You move the candle down my body. A trail of wax down the center of my torso. You şişli escort kneel before me so that you can have the use of both hands.

You spread my pussy and drop hot wax onto my clit.

I scream in pain, it gradually fades into a moan of pleasure. My chest heaves with every breath I take. You blow out the flame, looking into my eyes, a grin on your lips.

You lean over and kiss me, spreading my legs with your hand. You remove the wax from my clit. You fingers begin circling my lower lips, my g-spot.

I close my eyes on a moan. I feel you pushing into my cunt, moving in and out.

“That feels bizarre.” I say as I look down my body.

“Yeah, it should baby.”

I see you pushing the candle into me faster and harder. My body starts shaking. You know that I am about to cum.

“Yes, yes, oh god.” I scream, my juices flowing over your hand and the candle.

You remove the candle and replace it with your hard cock. Slowly penetrating me. Just the tip, then you push in slightly farther, then all the way. You look into my glazed-over eyes, waiting for my body to adjust to your invasion.

Ever so slowly you start to move. I know that I will not last long, my hips thrusting with your rhythm. I feel you pumping faster and faster. You growl in my ear and cum with a one last thrust. Feeling your warmth flow into me beings me over the edge instantly.

We lay together, holding each other. Our hands bumping, as we peel the wax off my body yet again. You lift me up into your arms and carry me to the bedroom.

You lay me on the bed and climb in beside me, spooning against me. You pull the covers over us and kiss me on the forehead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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