Getting Vibes with BF Roommate

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I have always had to hots for my boyfriends roommate. When I shack over, I fantasize about doing a threesome. But I know my boyfriend is not into that.

So one night, when we were going on a double date with him and his girlfriend, I decided to get sexual in a more subtle way. I went to the store and acquire a pair of remote control panties, the ones with a little vibrator that sits on a pocket up against your clit.

I put them on and went over to their place to meet up. While we were hanging out, I scope out the right moment. Just before we left, his girlfriend excused herself to the restroom and my boyfriend went to get his jacket from his room. I pulled out the remote and tossed it to him. I catch it with a quick reaction and asked what it was. I point to my crotch, and from the smile could tell he understood.

As my boyfriend came back in, he flipped on the vibe. I jumped a little and blushed. Then he turned it back off with a wink.

From kaynarca escort there we all went out for dinner. For the longest time, he did nothing. I was starting to get pretty disappointed, thinking he may not be into this. But then dessert came, and I felt the rumbling. As I ate the chocolate cake, I moaned a little with pleasure. Only the two of us knowing the real reason. Thankfully it was dark so no one could notice the change in color in my face.

I was getting quite stimulated and could feel my panties becoming rather wet. With the vibes, I was imaging his fingers rubbing me under that table right next to everyone else. I was nearing climax and starting to bite on my lower lip when the waiter brought the bill and the vibe went off. I gave him a look to let him know I wanted more but he just gave me another wink.

Then we all wandered down the street to the movie theater. I made sure to sit between him and my boyfriend. About 10 minutes orhanlı escort in, the vibe kicked up again. It was dark and noisy for no one to see, so I just enjoyed myself. After about another 10 minutes I was back on the edge of climax. But after another 10 minutes I was still there. The vibe just did not have enough power to take me over the edge. The teasing was almost unbearable.

At that moment I would have happily taken any penis in the room. My body ached to get something inside me. So I decided to be bold. I grabbed the hand of my boyfriends roommate and placed it inside my pants. His fingers rubbed around the crotch of my panties feeling the vibe.

He then rubbed under the panties, slowly stroking up and down the outside of my lips. But I just wanted his fingers inside. So I pressed my hand on to of his to give him the hint. He put his fingers down over my hole. I was bracing for the feeling of being penetrated, but he just left them tepeören escort there. I pressed his hand again, but he still kept the there and starting circling just outside.

My body was in pure agony. I could feel the wetness dripping down my thigh. And my vagina muscles were clinching, hoping for anything to squeeze up against. But he was not budging.

Finally, I felt his finger press slowly inside my. My muscles released a bit as the feeling of fullness came over my body. I thought about the pleasure of knowing my fantasy man was inside me and neither his girlfriend or my boyfriend were the wiser. I enjoyed sitting there still for a while with just that thought.

Then after a bit he began rubbing inside. My body was right there waiting to explode. All my muscles tensed and it took all i had not to make a noise as I held my breath. When it was over, a calm happiness was all I felt. He pulled his hand out and turned off the vibe.

We did nothing more the rest of the night. But just before going to my boyfriends room that night, I caught his roommate in the hall. He asked me if I wanted the remote back. I told him to keep it for next time and gave him a deep, passionate kiss goodnight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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