Forget Romance

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“Happy Valentine’s Day,” I murmured to myself, as I eagerly ripped open the box that had come in the mail. I knew what was inside since I had ordered it myself, but I was still excited to open it.

I tore the tape that sealed the product packaging and pulled out what was inside: an eight inch dildo. Just as it had been advertised, it looked exactly like a nice big gorgeous cock, and I smiled in appreciation. This was exactly what I needed to enjoy my holiday. Being single on Valentine’s Day was as bad as being single at Christmas, probably worse. All women can talk about at Valentine’s Day is what wonderfully romantic thing their partner did for them (or what they didn’t do). Having no partner myself, I was fed up with all the hearts and flowers and romance. So, I had decided to treat myself to a little pleasure instead of moping around and eating too much chocolate.

I stroked my hand over the toy in the same way I’d have stroked a man- with admiration and appreciation. I’d always loved a nice hard cock, loved the way it felt in my hand, changing from soft and pliable to long and firm. I loved the way a cock’s head flared out, the way the shaft could twitch in excitement. I had spent many an hour with past lovers showing my appreciation, and not just during the fucking. I loved to touch, to fondle, to tease, to lick, and to suck.

I sighed, as my hand neared the “testicles” of the toy. I had wanted something that would be almost as good as the real thing, and I had gotten my wish. The expense had absolutely been worth it, especially since it was bigger than any man I had ever been with. It was long and thick, and I knew it might be a struggle, though a good one, to get it all the way inside me.

I pulled it out of the box and measured it with my hand, and though I knew it wouldn’t be the same, I brought it to my mouth and gave it a tentative lick. Yes, it tasted artificial, of silicone, but the heaviness of it against my lips was a pleasure. It had been a few months since I’d had a man’s kurtköy escort cock in my mouth, and I missed the feeling, the power of it, the salty sweet taste of a man’s come spurting over my tongue and down my throat. There was nothing quite like being on my knees in front of a man, in that age old position of submission, and knowing that I had all the power by holding him in my mouth.

Looking at the dildo, I wondered again about it fitting inside me, how tight it would be. I decided to pull out the bottle of lube, just in case I needed it. I could feel how damp I was, though, and I suspected I wouldn’t need it. I found the bottle in the bathroom and carried it, along with the dildo, to my bed where I set them down. I pulled my shirt over my head, taking extra time to stroke my hands along my breasts, to pinch my nipples hard between my fingers and enjoy the pucker of flesh I had created. I slipped my pants off, and smiled at myself for not wearing any panties. Just because I didn’t have a man in my life didn’t mean that I couldn’t still be sexy. Or naughty.

I climbed onto my bed and leaned back against my pillows. Slowly, as if I had all the time in the world, I slid my hands down over my breasts, down over my stomach, until I reached my bare mound. I was clean-shaven, as I always was, and I sighed, appreciating the silky flesh between my thighs. I had been right; I was quite wet, I discovered, as I slipped my finger into my pussy. I removed my finger and brought it to my mouth and tasted the juices. Almost as good as a man’s.

I picked up the toy and began to tease the tip of it over my clitoris. I loved the tease, even if I was doing it to myself. My clit responded, hardened, against the movement, and I knew I would have to give into a quick burst of an orgasm before I went any further. I quickened the pace against my clit, rubbing against it harder, faster, until my body bucked off the bed, and I moaned. The first orgasm was always fast and hard, but never as delicious as the second aydıntepe escort one.

Not taking any time to recover, I lowered the head of my cock a few inches and began the push inside. Because I was so wet, there was little resistance against its presence, but still the size of it felt awkward. Inch by inch, I pushed it in, slowly, taking my time to feel the expansion of my pussy, to feel myself stretching around it. I moaned again when I had it firmly, fully, inside and felt the base of it against my mound.

With my other hand, I alternated between my nipples, pinching and pulling the areola until it was almost painful. I wished for teeth against me, biting and tugging at my sensitive skin. I loved that sting of pain of a nice, quick bite that was more than a nibble but not enough to draw blood.

Even as I worked at my nipples, I began to fuck myself with the dildo, pulling it out and pushing it back in. The heel of my hand rested against my clitoris as I thrust the cock in and out. Almost as good as sex, I thought, reveling in the pressure on my clit and the fullness of such a large cock filling my pussy. Quicker and harder, I pushed it in and out, the rhythm of a rough fuck. I missed that kind of sex, the slam you against the wall type sex, the bent over the dining room table and fucked senseless kind of sex. Thinking of it, I tightened around the toy and fucked myself harder. I let out a strangled cry as the orgasm built inside me. One more thrust would send me over, so I pushed the cock into my pussy and held it firmly inside. I could feel the throb of my muscles around it, could feel the pulsing of my clit against my hand. My whole body quivered from the impact of it, and it was several minutes before I could catch my breath.

But it wasn’t enough. I needed more, needed to be filled more, pulled more, stretched more. Leaving the dildo inside my pussy, I leaned over the side of my bed and pulled my anal plug out of my nightstand drawer. Double penetration was exactly tuzla içmeler escort what I needed. I leaned back against the pillows again and grabbed the lube I had tossed on the bed. I worked the sticky gel over the plug, making sure to get it completely wet so it would be ready for me.

I lifted off the bed a few inches and then reaching under my leg, I pushed the plug into my ass, fighting the resistance until I could slip it inside. Once it was fully immersed, I lowered myself back to the bed and switched the mini vibe on that was held in the middle of the plug. The little vibrations weren’t as powerful as some of my other toys, but it was exactly what I needed. I squeezed my ass around the plug and began to fuck myself again with the cock.

“Yesss” I moaned out loud, satisfied now that I was completely filled. I could feel the dildo and the plug, separately and together, and I wondered what it would be like to be full of two men this way, to be stretched by the presence of two hard cocks fucking me and using me for their pleasure. Would they feel each other, I wondered? Would they feel the motion of the other, feel as the other came and spurted deep within me?

How I wished I had a man standing over me, too, his cock thrust proudly out from his body waiting to push against my lips and into my mouth. Thinking of that, of licking and sucking a hard cock while being fucked by two others, my body tensed, ready and willing for another orgasm. I tightened my ass even more around the plug and held the dildo deep within my pussy. I wanted to overwhelm myself with the fullness, the completeness of it. Holding the dildo inside me with one hand, I brought the other down to stroke my clitoris. I rubbed my fingers over the tiny nub hard and fast, enjoying the surge of pleasure that shot through my body. My body lifted from the bed, pushing against my fingers, as my climax began. It was too much, and just right. I cried out and continued the pace of my fingers until I began to tremble, to pull away from myself, the way I had pulled away from many a lover when the pleasure had become too much.

I lay collapsed on the bed, exhausted, satisfied, completely content. “Happy Valentine’s Day” I told myself again. I couldn’t have given myself a better gift.

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