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Big Tits

I cannot walk past a golf course without getting excited, and I don’t even play the game. Whenever I see golf on TV it turns me on. It may just be another news feature on Tiger Woods or a preview of the Masters, and I start throbbing. I can’t even walk past the golf shop at the Mall without feeling a tingle in my pants. What is it about golf and my arousal rate? It isn’t that I have something kinky for Tiger and Co., or that I am excited by the thought of the new ladies of golf in Playboy features (although that is a hot idea!), my reason for finding golf and everything associated has to do with an evening when I was just over 18 years old.

I never played golf, but I was an eager (and moderately good) club tennis player. My serve and volley were quick enough to have me playing doubles among the adults before I was a junior in high school. What I rally loved, though, was playing mixed doubles, partnering some well-toned, athletic woman as we worked up, as a pair, an enjoyable sweat for a common purpose – something about that just felt sexual. Many of the women played in short tennis skirts, or even shorter tennis shorts, and the way they used to reach up these outfits to stow away their extra tennis balls used to drive me mad. One woman, Roseanna was the subject of many late night fantasies because of the whopping bounciness of her breasts and her tendency to crush me to them whenever we won together (or even if we lost, at times). Another one, Grace, was a tall, leggy woman from somewhere in southeast Asia, and I swear she played with no panties, allowing me the kind of view of her ass when she bent over the net that would now launch a hundred upskirt sites on the internet.

My favorite partner was a girl a little older than me, Barbara. She was 20, had long chestnut hair which she tied in a pony tail when we played, an encouraging smile and a smooth manner which included raising one eyebrow every time I hit a good shot. And I would be a liar if I said that I did not lust after her gorgeous bod. She had grapefruit sized breasts that she would leave free under her tennis T-shirt when we practiced. When she worked up a sweat, they would stick out at me like pencil points. The sweat would also allow me a view of her rosy areolas through the increasingly transparent fabric. But it was her legs and ass that were the most memorable. Her calves were well muscled from the tennis and Barbara had perfectly tanned and tapering thighs that would sneak up her dress leaving me with a longing to follow them to wherever they met.

But it was not even that which kept me up at night stroking myself. It was the way she spoke. Barbara was from what was then called Czechoslovakia, now called the Czech Republic. I don’t know if it was her accent, her gravely voice or the way her lips pouted with every word, but she could say anything and it would turn me on. When she said “your serve”, she may have well as said “fuck my wet pussy now!” When she turned to me and mouthed “great shot”, it was as if she had invited me to suck her round tits. It required a great deal of strength to focus on the game, but I guess I did, because we were soon among the most successful pairs in the club. We seemed to have a natural understanding and we loved playing with each other. I liked the way she never lost her cool, and she appreciated that, unlike most men who play mixed doubles, I never poached her shots.

We would often chat after games and we both obviously enjoyed each other’s company. Unfortunately she had a big hulk of a boy friend, Sven from Sveden, who would pick her up scowling on his booming motorcycle. So, I kept my virgin dick, and its desires, to myself.

Until the day that we played our first club tournament together. We won a number of hard fought matches, and although they were exciting in themselves, they are the subject for another website. Here I will skip to the point where Barbara and I beat the number one pair in three sets. After the game, she and I went to the pool and relaxed for a while in the sun before the evening’s award festivities. I enjoyed looking at her ass covered by only a sliver of the one-piece purple and white bathing suit she had on. Part of me died and went to heaven when she asked me to apply some suntan lotion on her back. She untied some straps and lay down on her belly. I could see the sides of her teen tits as she crushed them against the sundeck. I swallowed my soda and squirted some of the gooey lotion on my hands and then worked her back in larger and larger circles until my hands were alternately touching the top of her ass and then the sides of her breasts. I thought she was asleep, so I moved down to her ass and legs. As I brought my hand up one thigh I noticed that her bathing suit was designed such that the white portion ran across her crotch, and there was a definite darkening near where her pussy opening would have been. Barbara made no attempt to close her legs and so I kept massaging her thighs. My face was close enough for me to catch a whiff of an unfamiliar perfume that I later identified as Eau de Barbara Pussy.

“Come kocaeli escort into the water with me” she startled me from my cunt reverie. I had no idea she was awake and was a little sheepish. Had she noticed me staring up her legs, or even heard me inhale deeply near her ass. She sat up holding her bathing suit to her tits.

‘Would you like to tie me up?” she asked in that sexy accent and I wanted to scream “Yes! Sweet baby, I will tie you up and tie you down and fuck you until you yell for mercy”, but instead I knotted up the strings of her suit.

We jumped in the water and swam together as we often had. But this time I noticed Barbara looking at me differently. We started chasing each other and playing pool tag and spent a great deal of time touching each other’s wet bodies. She “accidentally” swam past me close enough to brush against my erection and I did the same so that my hands would repeatedly brush against her nipples that were standing up. The most memorable moment was when she was sitting on the pool steps, and I was swimming toward her underwater, pretending to be Jaws, and she opened her legs wide apart to let me swim between them. If that was not exciting enough for an 18-year-old boy, I noticed that the water had made the white portion of her bathing suit, the part covering her pussy, transparent. I slowed down and while I could not catch a glimpse of her nether lips, I did see delightful curls of unshaved pussy hair, pressed against the clear suit. I brought my head up gasping. She caught my face, kissed me once on the lips and said, “we better get out now and get ready for the awards dance tonight”. The suntan lotion, the dark spot between her legs and the curl of her chestnut private hair had made me forget that we had won a championship earlier in the day.

At the dinner we sat and talked about the fact that I was leaving town with my parents in a few weeks and how it was too bad we would not get to kick some more grown-up ass in tennis. We moved smoothly to the dance floor and I noticed how her breasts moved freely under her low cut black top. Her cleavage shook with every step. Her nipples pointed out at me. Her skirt was tight and I could see the delicate curve of her young, tennis-toned ass whenever she spun around, which fortunately she did often. We danced to a number of great 80s tunes before the DJ played a slow song. Barbara grabbed my hands and placed them on her hips before I could even ask if she wanted a break. She threw her arms around my neck and stroked the back of my head. My hands wandered so that I was soon holding her ass. She moved in closer and I knew she must have felt my growing dick against her groin. I could smell her sweat mingled with her deodorant and a hint of chlorine from the pool earlier. I felt her soft breasts and hard nipples through her top and my shirt. She moved one hand against my chest and played with the few strands of hair near the collar. She turned her head so that her kips brushed against my cheek and she gave me a peck on the lips as the song ended. Before she let me go, she whispered in my ear, “I am going to pee, meet me at the tee off for hole one on the golf course in a few minutes” and then she was gone.

I stood there stunned. The dance had been exciting enough. If she had left me with just the kiss I would have been a satisfied teenager. But she had whispered into my ear in that sexy east European accent. She had talked about peeing and images of Barbara opening her legs and releasing a stream of steaming golden pee went through my head. And then I remembered she had said to meet her. Before I had a chance to analyze that request too much, I was at the tee and soon I saw her walking toward me in the bright moonlight. She grabbed my hand and we started walking. I let her lead me as if I were a blind baby and she my seeing-eye mother. As we walked past the first hole, she said,

“I wanted to find a way to say thanks for being such a great partner, congratulations on our victory and good luck in your next home, but I could not find a present that would say all those things. I was going to give you a photo of you and me that my Mom took, but even that was not enough. I want to give you something you will never forget as I will never forget you.” We had reached the fifth hole green, the furthest from the clubhouse where the party was. And before I could respond, she had pushed me down on the far side of the slope of the green and she fell next to me. Her arms went around my neck as she started kissing me on my lips, gently at first like on the dance floor, and then deeper using her mighty tongue to feel me teeth, my tongue, the top of my mouth and as far down my throat as she could. I was panting in excitement and I was doing the same exercise in her mouth. After wrapping one leg around me so that she could feel my erection, she moved so that she was lying on top of me. Her crotch was on my throbbing pole and she started moving sexually as we kept kissing. I was leaking fluid out of my dick like a hosepipe and her tongue action was making me throb. She moaned into my mouth as kocaeli escort bayan she felt my cock move on its own strength against her. She sat up, untied her hair and shifted so that her pussy was no longer in contact with my rod.

I moved too, sat up and said “Whew! Thanks, that was memorable. No one has ever …”

She shut me up with another kiss and then said, “You silly boy, I have not even started on the gift yet.” And with that she moved her head down to my neck and started unbuttoning my shirt.

“Mmmmmm …I have always been excited by your chest hair, you little big man” and she ran her hands around my chest as her kips found my nipples. I had never understood why a man would want his nipples fondled during sex until Barbara started licking and biting mine on that grassy slope under the bright, full moon. She opened my shirt completely and played with my belly button as she admired my abs for a while. She then started rubbing her breasts against my cock and I moaned.

“You like that?”, she asked me on that sexy voice of hers that had earlier only said to me things like “go down the line”. I moaned some more and saw her begin to unbuckle my pants while still rubbing me with her tits.

“You feel so hard, I did not know a little guy like you could have such a big one,” she said as she opened my pants. She lowered my zipper with her teeth, a trick no woman has repeated with me since. She pulled down my pants and started sucking my bursting cock through my boxers.

“I love the sight of a man erect under boxers, and hmmmmm….you have wet your boxers so much. It is like a full day of pre-cum on here, you naughty boy,” and she lowered her mouth to suck some of the juices from the damp fabric.

“That started on the dance floor…the precum.” I admitted

“My pussy was getting wet even when we were having dinner,” she said and then she put her fingers under my waistband and lifted the elastic over my sensitive head.

“Oh, so hard and …” I did not hear the next word as she had placed the tip of her tongue on the center of my cock head, “I have never seen one more beautiful, so different” as she used one hand to peel back the foreskin completely. I had to admit that my cock looked different to me too. It was bigger, harder, wider than I had ever made it with my magazines. The veins were popping out, there was a noticeable red slit down the middle of the head and the head itself was like a big red, mushroom head.

Barbara placed one hand on my full balls, the other at the base of my still-expanding member and licked me just where the foreskin was attached to the rest of the penis. I screamed in pleasure as she started placing pressure on areas I did not know existed until that night. She licked me from tip to base as she wanked me with her hands.

“I love the taste of your juices …so sweet” and I noticed a thread of precum between her tongue and me. I threw my head back and howled at the moon. I heard her giggle throatily, just before I felt her warm lips covering my smooth head, first partially, and then completely. I enjoyed that feeling for a while before I started feeling the unmistakable signs of an approaching orgasm. I had never been sucked off by a girl before but I knew that this was coming like a tornado.

“Oh Barbara, you’ll have to stop, I think I am going to come soon”

In response she dived deeper on my cock so that soon her mouth was lost in my pubic hair, every time she lowered it. I could feel the back of her throat and the very thought, and the sight, of this lovely girl deepthroating me, was enough to send me over.

“Aaaaaaaah, here it comes” I yelled as one final warning, and she moaned so that I felt her mouth vibrate around my cock. I felt the pleasurable pain start near my ass, move up to my scrotum and then, like a hot geyser, make its way up my cock and into her warm, welcoming, wet mouth. The first shot hit her throat and I felt her swallow it, and I squirted some more in her mouth, but she must have not been prepared for the amount I unloaded because she had to open her mouth and let some of the white cream dribble out of her mouth. That made me throb once more as I saw her lick up and swallow as much of the cum as she could. I had to remove her mouth from my inexperienced and extra-sensitive cock head. She moved up and kissed me. I tasted my cum for yet another first of the night.

“I have never …” she kissed me to hush me

“I know” she said softly.

“I am sorry I came so quickly, but your mouth and your lips on my …”

Again she kissed me quiet “I wanted you to come in my mouth. This way you will remain harder and stay longer for what I really have planned for us. For when I put that monster of yours on my juicy, pink pussy”

“But my cock …” I had never been able to get my dick hard faster than an hour after coming when I masturbated, and while I knew this was very different, I doubted my abilities.

‘Oh, I think I can help there,” she said as she sat up, and lifted her blouse off over her head. Sure kocaeli escort enough, the sight of her pink nipples starting hard at me, surrounded by saucer-sized, pink, puffy areolas sent a vibration down my spine and up my cock.

‘You like them?” again that voice dripping with sex and cunt juice, “then suck them for me. I need them sucked …hard”

So I lifted my head and started servicing my first tits.

“Oh I love having them sucked …oh, just like that, like that, you champion tit sucker”

I marveled at the juxtaposition of the softness of her white globes and the hardness of the pink nipples. I tested their firmness by biting down, I licked clockwise and counter, I nibbled, I chewed, I pulled and everything I did made Barbara hornier. She was moaning loud and she took my hand from behind her back and placed it on her ass.

“ Did you like what I did to your cock earlier?” she asked. I gulped at without letting my mouth leave her left tit.

“ You know, I have never swallowed cum before, but yours were so sweet, so delicious and I could not take my mouth off even when you said you were coming, and once you exploded,” she moaned here for effect, “I knew I had to swallow your cum like a passionate love juice.” I moaned at the memory of her swallowing my cum, and my dick did some more throbbing.

“Your juice really is sweeter than any previous boy I have sucked off …how come?” she punned

‘I lifted my head for a second to say, “All semen has a combination of sugars as an energy store for the tiny sperm that are too small to take any storage space with them. Some men have more fructose and …” I stopped because I did not want to break this sexual mood with a lecture on the biochemistry of semen, but she giggled naughtily.

“Like a delicious energy drink during sex.”

I felt around until I could slip a finger under her thong panty. It was all one wet mass underneath, but before I could find her opening, Barbara had stood up.

I wondered for a brief flash if the night was over, or if she had head someone approaching the green. But she stood on top of my chest, turned around so that she faced my feet, and bent at the waist. I looked up and was treated to a sight of a wet black panty deep inside her butt crack, hidden between two equally exciting butt cheeks. I moved my hands up her legs as Barbara grabbed her panties and lowered them in one well-trained maneuver. In a second I was staring at her pussy lips looking at me from under her ass. No Playboy pictorial I had seen until then (or since) had excited me as much as this view of the perfect ass and more. She bent further and ran her finger up and down her pussy and then stuck it in. It made a sound like a spoon entering a bowl of jello.

“I am soooooo wet, baby, and” she paused her to raise her cunty fingers to her lips, “I want you to lick me there” and with that she lowered her ass to my face and I instinctively stuck my tongue out and licked the spot between her asshole and her pussy. She moaned and moved so that I had further access to her sweet, dripping pussy. I licked her with a slow rhythm first, thrusting the tip of my tongue deep inside her where the taste was tangier, sharper. As I kept tongue-fucking her, I felt her juices become runnier, dribbling down my chin and onto my lap. I stuck one finger in her, and it was soon lost in the pinkness. From where I sat I could just make out the few curls of chestnut hair above her pussy that had driven me wild earlier in the day in the pool.

She bent over more, revealing a flexibility I did not know she possessed. While I licked her pussy from the back, she touched my balls and lowered her head so that her mouth surrounded my renewed cock. No woman I have fucked since has been able to repeat this move with me, but if you are a woman and you can do this, let a man lick your pussy from the back while you are standing, then bend over and suck his cock, please contact me now.

That night Barbara spun around without ever breaking contact between her cunt and my mouth. I grabbed her ass and held her pussy on my face and kept licking higher until I reached the little swelling above her pee hole. She grabbed my head and aimed my mouth onto her clit. I licked for a while, but soon she was moaning out,

“Suck it, suck me, suck my clit” and so I did, softly and first, but then with the same passion with which I had kissed her mouth earlier. She started moving to simulate fucking. She was humping my face and I used my hands on her ass to help her get the rhythm, and to provide support.

“Oooof, you will make me come right now on your beautiful, talented lips.”

There was sweat running down her back, down her ass crack and one of my fingers slipped into the crack and then into her asshole. She moaned, and started shaking. I held her more firmly against my face, scared that she would stop me from licking this delicious pussy mound in my face. I jiggled the finger I her ass so that it penetrated her past the sphincter up to my second joint. She got louder and louder, pushed one last time against my mouth and then released a flood of the sweetest nectar I have ever tasted. I felt a muscle inside her pussy press against my lips two or three times, she screamed into the night air and then she collapsed allowing her body to run down mine and sat on my lap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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