First Things First

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“Nothing I’ve ever dreamed about would compare to the idea of sleeping with him. So many thoughts, so many things I’ve dwelled upon religiously and now it’s all perfect.”

This kept replaying in my head as we got into the cab. A while back, when I first visited his house, we fooled around a bit, and things got a little intense. Wyatt talked to his mom about us doing it, and when she finished listening, she suggested we go to a hotel to… Well, to “satisfy the natural urge to reproduce.” I wanted to say fuck, but it sounds so dirty all of a sudden. She doesn’t want the house to be disrespected.

So Wyatt and I talked about it, and we decided a hotel would be better than doing it in his room where we could be caught. It was about noon when the cab pulled up, and he and I, along with our backpack and my purse piled into the back seat. We kept looking at each other, and reflected in our eyes we both could see just what the other wanted to do.

Me, personally, I was afraid. I’d never had sex before, and I heard that it hurt. Real bad too. And even with all the playing around and intense foreplay I’ve done with him, I didn’t want Wyatt to be afraid of hurting me.

(Last night on the phone we talked about it. He knows it will hurt a bit, and I know he’s going to be afraid of doing something wrong, since he’s never either.)

After a few minutes, I couldn’t contain myself. We’d been kissing, and I was just a little hot and bothered. Slyly, I slid my hand across his thigh and briskly wrapped it around his cock. It was already firm, and I could feel it pulsing underneath the thick material of his khaki pants. I whispered, “If I do anything, do you think you’ll be able to stand up?” Nipping his ear, I giggles softly and began stroking him slowly.

He reached his hand down and laid it on top of mine, grabbing it fiercely and began to move it faster back and forth. I looked up at him smiling, my lower lip playfully being bitten as if asking for more.

He moved his hand closer to the heat emanating from my loins and whispered, “Damn baby, you’re blazing!” I just smiled my seductive smile and turned to face him, one leg bent onto the seat. Leaning in close for another long kiss, I moved his hand so instead of just resting, it was touching. I placed it so gently deeper between my legs, and when I did I saw his eyes go wide.

Quickly, I bit his lip and tugged, and then slid my tongue deep into his mouth, hoping to have a little play. Skillfully he reversed it, my own mouth now filled with his warm tongue.

(He looked dazed, and after a few seconds, I could almost tell what he was thinking. Our very first date no doubt, back when things weren’t as difficult as deciding what position to be in. Because well, let’s be serious now, it was the first time he had ever touched any form of the female sex. The first chance he got though, was my doing. How can I let him just look and not touch? So, why yes, I purposely place his hands on the glorious orbs God had provided me with. His eyes were closed, but I could tell by the smile on his face that he knew what he was touching. The second time, though, was all his fault. Just by a simple look, I unzipped my jeans and guided his hand deeper and deeper til the sigh he let go told me he could feel the wetness. The very first he did this, though, he was afraid he was doing it wrong, but the only thing that kept him continuing was the look he saw in my eyes that told him I wanted it.)

He snapped back to after I pulled away from the kiss, asking him with my kocaeli escort eyes, “What’s wrong?” He shook his head slowly, the simple gesture telling me nothing was and we both smiled as we caught the driven smirking at us in the rear view. (Sadly I think he was watching us more than he was the road, but who’s to say, and quite frankly, who’s to care?) He leaned back in for another slow, lust filled kiss. Craftily, I moved his free hand to my left breast, and I know by his grin that he could feel the ever hardening peaks through the sheer material of my bra. Kissing once more, we looked up and saw that we were but one stop light away from our destination. Looking at him, a mere few seconds from rapture, my smile widened as I heard him say, “More to come Gracey, emphasis on cum.”

The cabby flipped on his blinker, and after a quick look at Wyatt’s slight issue, we gathered our things and started counting cash for the fee. When we pulled to a stop in front of the hotel, Wyatt handed him the money, stepped out of the cab, and with one hand jerkily tugging his shirt down, he walked to the other side and opened my door (in more ways than one).

He tugged our bags off the seat, and while donning the backpack, we heard the driver say, “You crazy kids have fun now!” Wyatt looked back at him haughtily, and nodded his head as if telling the driver, “Hell yeah we will, what’s it to you?” I shut the car door, and Wyatt was already halfway to the Lobby before the cabby drove away. “My purse Wyatt!” I yelled, only to get a response of him swinging it around to show he had it.

We walked into the lobby hand in hand, and nonchalantly started to check in, as if nothing transpired in the cab. My face was quite flushed, and I quickly thought to say that it was hot out, if anyone were to ask. No one did, but I could tell by the receptionists face that she was curious. “Room 170,” she said, handing us our room keys. “Up the stairs, through the breezeway and to the left. Have a good stay!”

Wyatt grabbed my hand, and started tugging me towards our room. “Anxious much?” I say. “No… the backpack is just heavy, I “Yeah, because that bag is SO heavy you want to just get naked and fuck!” I replied. “Yeah, so?” How coy can he get?!

We opened the hotel room and plopped our bags on the floor. I began to kick off my shoes, and I heard, “What do you think you’re doing baby?”

He walked slowly over to me, looked into my eyes, and got real close. I could feel myself aching for him. A feeling I had never felt, yet it seemed so familiar. I gazed into his eyes, and began to slip the straps of my tank top off. His hand caught mine and moved it down his waist til I felt what he was trying to show me. Smiling, I left my shirt alone and unbuckled his pants, my hands sliding firmly over each newly exposed inch, until his pants were around his ankles. Looking up at him, and then back down at his engorged member which was nearly forcing its way out of his boxers, I began to slip them off and down, kissing his waist, his pelvic bones, his thighs… And when he was exposed, I sighed loudly as I grasped his full length in my hands.

“So warm, Wyatt,” with a devilish grin. “Can I?”

He never got a chance to answer, because before he knew it my mouth was on him. The idea of giving him a blow job for the first time was exciting. I looked at his dick, pondering what to do. Gazing up for a second, I began to play my tongue over the smooth head, tasting what my brain could only call pre-cum after all the foreplay in the cab. The taste was kocaeli escort bayan exquisite, and it made me want more. Much more.

After carefully studying his balls, I sucked one into my mouth, scraping my tongue over the slick sphere. Wyatt suddenly hissed, and I took that as a good thing as I released him. I began to run my nose up and down his cock following the swollen veins. I could feel his blood rushing beneath, and it was more than I could take.

Slowly, I drew his entire length into the wet cavern I call my mouth, cautious only for my teeth and hurting him. My hands entwined in his lush, black pubic hair, I allowed him to buck his hips a bit, getting himself deeper and deeper.

Hearing him moan, I sucked him deep and hard, his cock probing the confines of my throat. “Gracey, please, can we try it? This isn’t fair.” A laugh escaped me, mumbled by the thickness crowding my throat. I stood up, his hands already roaming my body, his eyes curious as to what was under my clothes. Hungrily his mouth found mine, and the passionate kiss had me lost, dizzy, and confused. His tongue began a losing battle with mine and before I knew it he was holding my head hard in his hand and sliding his tongue deeper and deeper.He slowly slid my tank top over my head, and with a little instruction, my bra came soon after.

Gazing at my breasts, and breasts, for the first time, his eyes went wide. He looked as if he had no clue what to do, even after all the porn he watched.

Blowing kisses over my shoulders, he let his tongue trail down and over my collar bone, only to rest on a very firm nipple. Gazing up at me, he briskly sucked my breast into his mouth. Playing his tongue over it in short strokes, I was in ecstasy. Moving away, his hands fell to my waist, pulling me close in a swift motion. My breasts were resting on his chest, and I could feel my nipples get harder with every warm, passionate touch.

His hand trailed to the buttons on my jeans, fumbling with them, his hands too numb with excitement to know what he was doing. I moved them away a bit, and unbuttoned them myself, but it was his hands slipping them off my curves and onto the floor. Tugging his shirt over his head, I placed my palms on his chest as he drew me into a hug. While kissing his shoulders, I swiftly moved us to the bed, laying down first, and slowing pulling him down next to me.

His arms encircled my waist, pulling me near enough to feel his heart beating fast in his chest. Rolling on top, I guided my legs around his body, resting them on his spine. His hands dexterously encircled my breasts almost kneading them flat against my chest, I moaned with pure pleasure. My eyes were nearly begging for him to enter me, to fill me up with all his glory.

Reaching down, I carefully placed his throbbing manhood in position, his entrance to me only seconds away, my body wracked with shudders of fear and excitement. I closed my eyes, as if doing that would prepare me for what was next. His hips moved closer, penetrating me slowly. Inch by inch he slid deeper until he himself felt the barrier that kept me virgin. Looking down at me, I nodded, unsure of if I really wanted to do this. I nodded though and he carefully pressed harder into me. I could tell be the shock on his face that he felt my wall break down, and the extreme pinch I felt finally opened the gate to his arrival. Screaming in pain, he suddenly stopped, afraid. I leaned up and bit his shoulder to prevent myself from being any louder.

“Are… Are you okay?” He said breathily, izmit escort not used to activates of this nature. “Y-y-yes. D-don’t stop. It just… S-s-surprised me.” The pain that flooded me was now replaced with sheer lust. Never in all my years had I felt something like this. So much pain so quickly gone, and so much pleasure to take it’s place. He filled me up with himself, every tender, slow thrust beaconing me to believe I was okay. “Please, Wyatt. Faster? I’m alright now…”

“Grace? Do you want to, you know, get on top? It may feel better.” Nodding, I felt him quicken his pace, wanting just a few more seconds of the warmth. Slowly, he slid out, and while looking at me, assuring himself I really WAS okay, he moved off of me, and guided my body on top of his. Cautiously I looked at him, my eyes telling him, “Please, no more hurt.” He smiled then, the sweetest smile I had ever seen, and I knew it was going to be okay.

Straddling his waist. I fumbled with him, but finally found home. His hands lifted, and they rested on my breasts. His fingers splayed, and the hard peaks there were protruding from between his fingers. He closed his hands, and what I thought would hurt felt so amazing. Between his knuckles were pinching my nipples slightly, and I began to rock back and forth.

His hands shied then from my breasts and found my hips. Holding them firmly, he started to push and pull them along his pelvis. Finding a rhythm, I followed suit, and with each long, hard movement, more and more could I feel something insatiable begin to form deep inside me. Continuing, my moans increasing in volume and decreasing in length, I felt myself begin to hyperventilate. “Wyatt, oh my god. Wyatt!”

Screaming, near bloody murder it must have sounded like to those who heard, I felt the most unimaginable thing. The sensation was like nothing I’d ever experienced, and with it, came an intense want. And bubbling from deep inside, the scream led to a fulfilling, creative way to defeat that want. Moaning from the nerve-tingling expense, I fell forward, my brow slick with sweat. Resting my cheek on his chest, he himself began to gyrate against me, moving his hips up and down, he himself wanting the release.

Sighing into my ear, he said one sentence, and one only, before he himself felt the tightening and then releasing of that glorious, delicious fluid. “Gracey, this is… This is just… So much better than what I thought I’d be doing for the rest of my life.” He let go, it flowing inside me, filling up all the spaces he hadn’t and couldn’t. Holding my hips against him as he came, each precious drop penetrating the unseen fortress of virginity.

A soft groan escaped his lips as he finished. And tugging my closer, all he could say was, “Dude. Just… Dude.” Kisses peppered my face and neck and shoulders, and I could feel the sweat that was on his face. He helped my pleasure-numb body move off of him, and when I curled up on the bed next to him I could see what we had done. The sheets below where we had lain with each other were covered in sweat, but not only that. A small stain, no bigger than the size of my palm, was of blood.

Instantly, Wyatt got up to grab a hotel towel. Looking at him curiously, he began to pat me dry, removing the blood and from my nethers, along with the cum that had dripped out. The shift of my body proved no more pain, but a glorious sensation created by the warm fluids flowing out of the valley he will now always call home. Curling next to each other, warm against warm, skin against skin, wet against wet. Cuddling, and slowly regaining our breath, pillow talk began.

The red stain on my sheets is now no more than a old brown spot, but even washing them couldn’t remove all the pleasure they helped create.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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