Exhibitionist Bisexual Pt. 03

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Part 3. My true story discovering my Bisexuality, my first Gay sex with a wonderful lover.

Later that day, that night and the following day my thoughts of Mark and what i had done was totally pre occupying my mind. I could not think or concentrate on anything else.

I had performed oral sex on a random male stranger, swallowed his cum, let him wank me, licked my own cum from his hand by order and now I’m contemplating letting him fuck me and receiving his cum inside my ass.

My biggest concern was that i thoroughly enjoyed it, i am incredibly turned on by it and can’t remember when i was last so excited.

Have i turned into some perverted gay slut?

If i have then currently I’m enjoying my experience, and i want more, a lot more.

The next day was another glorious hot day, i had not slept that well due to my excitement the day before.

I would try and focus on the jobs in hand i had to do today, this was very difficult as i had Marks cock constantly on my mind. Most of the day i had a semi hard on and copious amounts of cock drool soaked into my briefs.

Later in the afternoon i remembered the advice and details Mark had told me on how to prepare myself for anal sex. This i had achieved without too much difficulty.

As it was so hot i thought i would wear a t-shirt, trainers and my high cut split side running shorts like Mark had worn, being cool light weight very thin material with a loose inner net to keep the cock under control. They also was quite revealing being a snug fit.

I arrived in the same layby as the day before at 6.00pm. There was no one else here, i waited patiently but at 6.10pm still no sign of Mark.

I suddenly had a down feeling that Mark would not show at all, i began to feel despondent and disappointed.

Then at 6.15pm a car pulled in the layby, it was Mark, my heart skipped a beat and Adrenalin started to pump again.

Mark came to my car window apologising for being late.

“Would you still like to join me for the evening at my place?”

“Of course i would Mark.”

Mark displayed that gorgeous smile again. I followed him to his address, a little semi detached house just outside Belmont.

It was a very neat tidy clean house, quite modern and comfortable. In the lounge was the biggest sofa i had ever seen. Mark put the kettle on for a tea,

“I’m really happy you waited for me Andy, I had over run sorting some business, then got delayed in traffic, sorry! I hate the thought of people thinking i am unreliable.”

“I never doubted you would turn up.” I lied.

Mark was wearing some home made cut off denim shorts, i noticed they was a nice fit around his crotch. Mark admired my running shorts,

“They are nice shorts Andy, you seem to know what to wear to get my attention.”

Mark groped my bum and crotch sending pangs of excitement through my belly.

We sat in the lounge with our teas and began to chat.

“So what kind of running do you do Andy?”

“Fell running, mountain hopping and cross country.” I replied.

“Wow! serious stuff, what sort of distance?” Mark asked.

“25 to 30 once a week where possible.”

“Kilometres?” asked Mark.

“No miles.”

“What!! Jees that’s a huge distance and over very challenging terrain.”

“yes! I use to be a road runner but i got a little board and since…”

“Since what?” asked Mark.

“My split from my fiancee two years ago, a painful split, I was going out of my mind, so i needed a new challenge and distraction…only trouble is i didn’t know when to stop.” i said laughing.

Mark was 33, five years older than I and slightly taller, he stood at 6ft 4.

“I am a road runner, half marathons the usual stuff, nothing as extreme as what you do”. he added.

The time had shot by, i had so many questions to ask Mark. Mark was very straight acting i would never of thought he was completely gay.

Mark had told me he had always been gay and had never even touched a girl sexually.

His father had never excepted his sexuality and so had to move out at twenty years old and rent a flat.

His younger sister Lisa was really the only person in his family who accepted him and was in regular contact.

I learnt that Mark and i had quite a lot in common, both of us were engineers in the Aerospace industry and we liked to keep ourselves fit.

Mark had a good sense of humour and a smile that would cheer up a wet bank holiday.

“Very few people know i am gay.” Mark said.

“I would like to keep it that way, there are too many people who still can’t seem to accept that we are not all the same.”

We talked about our sexualities, our previous relationships. I just outlined my disappointment and heartbreak on learning of my ex fiancee Susan cheating me.

Mark said he was “Top” only.

I apologised for my naivety,

“What does that mean?” I asked.

Mark smiled, and said, “I do the fucking.” Gesticulating, a finger inserted through a ring made by his fingers on the other hand.

“Oh! I see.” Feeling myself foolishly blush.

“Are bursa escort you hungry? I fancy a Pizza, would you like one Andy?” asked Mark.

I nodded, “Yes thank you, you are so kind.”

I followed Mark to the kitchen, where we continued our chat whilst he put two pizza’s in the oven.

Mark came very close and put his hand on my waist and said,

“I like you Andy, I feel we are getting on well and that you seem relaxed which makes me feel relaxed.”

Mark leaned forward to close in for a kiss, it seemed a natural thing for me to do.

Our lips met and he kissed me quite passionately. Our crotches gently collided, I could feel Marks cock bulge pressing into mine, it felt so good, stirring my cock to an aroused state. I slid my hand down his slim waist and round over his buttock, pausing feeling Marks bum applying light pressure pulling him in further so more pressure is on our colliding crotch bulges.

“I’m very discrete Andy.” Mark said.

“Not from where I’m standing.” I quipped.

Mark looked at me quizzically,

“What you mean?”

I moved my hand around, cupped and felt Marks semi hard cock bulge.

Mark laughed, “You are quick witted too.”

Mark quietly spoke in my ear,

Andy, “Will you stay tonight, i mean, will you sleep with me in my bed?”

I hesitated my answer,

Then Mark said, “Sorry i shouldn’t of asked you that so soon.”

“I would love too Mark!”

“Really!” Mark said surprisingly.

Marks face lit up that gorgeous smile again.

“Well in that case will you have a beer? as you don’t have to drive home.”

“Arrh! I know your tactic, you want to get me pissed so i surrender to you.” I replied.

“No, no Andy, not at all.” Mark replied defensively.

“I’m teasing you Mark.”

“I feel happy to stay, I will surrender.” I said quietly looking into Marks eyes.

“You have a wicked humour Andy.”

We ate our pizza’s and drank a few beers, I was really enjoying myself. Mark removed the dishes to the kitchen and returned with more beer, sitting close by me on this massive sofa.

“So! What kind of porn do you like?” asked Mark.

“Well, I only ever seen straight porn.”

“Well i do have a little straight porn, or i could put something on which i think you might like, but tell me if you’re not comfortable with it.”

“OK.” I nodded.

The video, had began to play, Mark gestured we lie down on the massive sofa and he lay behind me like a spoons in a draw configuration.

The video was of a young and a slightly older man, the younger watching the older in the shower soaping himself and sporting a large cock.

The younger gets caught by the older for spying on him and the older seduces the younger and so sex takes place.

The younger was completely smooth all over and looked very boyish.

The older performed oral sex on the younger, then they swapped and the younger gave the older a great blow job.

The older performed oral sex on the younger mans fuck hole, before positioning his thick cock and entering the younger and slowly fucking him.

Meanwhile Mark was stroking my thighs and sliding his warm hands under my t shirt and up my side to find my nipples, very slowly stroking them and occasionally tweaking them which gave me a funny sensation of both sensitivity and a pleasurable feeling in my lower abdomen.

The video continued, moans of pleasure coming from the younger as the older man slowly bobbed this huge cock back and forth into his lover.

The scene was very erotic, and Mark was doing nothing to quell my increasing arousal and excitement.

I could feel Marks warm breath then his tongue and warm lips kissing my neck, the pressure in between my legs increases, my cock expands as my aroused body pumps more blood to my engorged cock.

Mark has slid my t shirt up around my neck, his soft caressing touch of my nipples, the gentle strokes of my flat belly and his warm wet kisses on my neck are totally turning me on.

“Are you ok Andy?” Whispered Mark.

“No, you are turning me into a quivering wreck.” I replied with a shaky voice.

“I better stop that then.” said Mark laughing.

“Please don’t!”

I felt Marks warm kisses on my neck again and he gently lifts my t shirt over my head.

I turned back slightly to look at him, his brown eyes meeting mine whilst smiling, his lips find my smooth nipple, his warm wet tongue circling, sucking softly then teasingly biting sending that funny feeling down to my crotch again.

I had never experienced this strange pleasurable feeling before.

The sounds of pleasurable sex coming from the video just escalated my own sensual feelings.

Mark wasn’t having sex, he was making love to me in the very same way i had made love to my girlfriends, although them memories were now quite distant.

Turning back to face the video, the older man withdraws his cock from his lover, a gaping hole about 2 inches wide from where his thick shaft had been, such a horny site,

would my fuck hole look like that if Mark fucks me bursa escort bayan i thought.

Then the fuck hole slowly contracts and closes, his lover returns and ploughs his glistening cock deep into his partner again.

Gay sex seems as hot and horny as straight sex i was realising.

Marks hand now was stroking and caressing my bum, his hands gliding over the thin nylon material of my running shorts. I found myself pressing back into his hand, loving his touch.

I turned to lie flat, facing upwards looking at Mark, he seemed totally engrossed caressing my smooth chest, sliding the palm of his hand lower over my taught belly, circling my belly button and even lower so his palm was cupping and resting on my hardness.

I gasped his gentle fingers splaying either side of my huge throbbing bulge, a pleasurable moan escaped my mouth.

Marked looked at me and said,

“Andy you have a very hot body, i want to utter ravish you but I’m going to tease you further.”

Mark removed his t shirt exposing his smooth chest and torso, he also had a very hot body, i wanted to caress and suck his nipples, but he gently but firmly pressed me back down flat and said,

“I’m in charge, I want you to enjoy me, the pleasure is all mine.” he said.

“I’m not so sure about that Mark,

“I’m just lying here on the receiving end of a love machine and i…”

Mark hushed me up and kissed me on the lips so erotic, darting his tongue inside my mouth kissing expertly better than some girls I’d been with.

Mark leading the way, and i’m more than willing to let him, he now lay on top kissing me for several minutes.

He got up and removed my trainers and began to slide down my running shorts.

Removing them, my cock was free to escape, flicking up, swinging a string of silvery clear precum on my belly.

“Oh someone is very hard and turned on!” Mark seemed delighted.

“No cock ring today Andy?”

“Andy you are wonderfully smooth, you look so sexy and boyish.”

“Just like him on there?” I added.

“No you are much more attractive to me than him.” said Mark.

Mark quickly removed his denim shorts, so now we were both naked to each other.

My eyes soon gravitated to his huge cock which seemed to be pretty much thicker and angrier than i had remembered from the day before.

A shining glint from the edge of his huge scrotum revealed he was now wearing a chrome cock ring.

He knelt above me straddling my waist, his manhood looked so impressive pointing vertical against his flat stomach his spunk filled swollen ball sack, containing all that baby making fluid waiting to drench my face, spurt drown my throat or flood my fuck hole i hoped.

Mark lay on top of me, his raging ardour pressing into my groin, and mine pressing into his, our smooth cocks coming together, rubbing along side each other, another blob of precum seeps from my slit onto my belly, then another i think from Mark.

The video had changed scenes, another gay couple in the final throws of their approaching orgasms.

I glance at the TV in time to see the older man ejaculating his love juice deep inside his partners boy pussy.

The sounds of orgasm, fuelled our sex, Mark was grinding his love wand against my dribbling cock, the sticky goo we were making, made us slither and slide in a very erotic and sensual way, by now i would let Mark do anything to me.

We had been at it now for over an hour.

I turned my head to the TV in time to see a long drool of creamy thick semen leaking from his lovers stretched open boy pussy.

The scene nearly tipped me over the edge, my heart pounding with absolute lust.

We kissed and ground together, i felt myself getting closer to spewing my cum.

Mark sensed this. Suddenly he stopped and said,

“Andy do you still want to stop over? Do you want me to fuck you?”

“No Mark!”

His face changing to look disappointed.

“Mark, you are not fucking me, you are making love to me in the most sensual and beautiful way i would ever of thought gay sex could be.”

“Of course i still want to stop.”

“I want what i have seen on the video, i am a bit concerned that i wont be able to fit you inside, whether it will be too painful for me to relax for you.

Marks gorgeous smile lit up his face.

Another wet bank holiday disappears.

“Andy come up to bed with me.”

Pulling me up whilst flipping the remote to turn the TV off.

Mark led me upstairs, our hard cocks bucking and bouncing, dribbling precum as we hurried upwards.

We entered Marks bedroom, he switched on a dimly lit lamp. I could see the room was nicely furnished with a king sized bed, but what wowed me was a great big mirror 6ft by 4ft was attached to the ceiling.

“Oh wow!! You kinky sod!!” I said.

Mark guffored laughing.

Mark pulled the quilt back and playfully pushed me back lying flat, my head bouncing off the pillow, i giggled.

Mark was on top of me straight away his boner had remained rock hard for over an hour now. Come to think of it mine escort bursa was in pretty much the same state.

“Mark, i have thought and fantasised about this for some years, its now or never and i want this.”

“Andy since meeting you yesterday, and sharing your gorgeous body i had hoped for this moment too, so much.”

I wont hurt you, and if it’s too painful for you i will stop.

Mark reached for a little brown bottle, unscrewed the cap and took a sniff from one nostril.

“Whats that?” i ask.

“Poppers.” replied Mark.

“Its like a liquid snuff that relaxes you, yet heightens the sexual pleasure even further.”

Take a deep sniff and holding your breath for 15 seconds, it increases the heart rate, only lasts a few minutes and is harmless but very pleasurable.”

“Never heard of Poppers, Can i try Mark?”

“Yes Andy, but i warn you it will make you feel like a complete slut.” Mark said laughing.

Mark passed the bottle for me to take a deep intake.

Sniffing the vapour in one long go.

Mark took the bottle and replaced the cap.

The first thing i felt, was my heart thudding, my head becoming a bit woozy and light and then the most amazing relaxed feeling of losing all your inhibitions.

Mark watched me and kissed me so intensely, i felt in a gorgeous relaxed state, i wanted him, i wanted all of him i felt i was exploding from with deep passion.

“You ok Andy?”

“Yes Mark, i want you so much!”

Another deep sniff each, Mark straddled my upper chest his monstrous veiny hard cock drooling its precum inches from my hungry mouth.

I would take him in my mouth, his glistening bead of cum dripping on my chin, that bulbous helmet of his parting my lips and forcing my mouth open to its fullest.

Mark groaning with pleasure my mouth was servicing his gorgeous cock. He had allowed me to please this wonderful sexy man.

Tasting his salty manhood, i tongued his slit like a dog extracting marrow from a bone.

I let him slide deeper and deeper, his engorged cock had bumping the back of my throat willing him even deeper, wanting him, all of him.

He withdrew and took another sniff from the brown bottle, i took another one too,

Marks face lit up again, my heart pounding and i felt so horny, he fed his cock it into my face bumping the back of my throat again, Mark knew what he was doing, gently bumping until his enormous cock head had passed the gag point and he was fully inside, his full 8 inch length and thick girth buried in my mouth to the back of my throat.

Mark was moaning and groaning with the pleasure he was allowing me to give him.

He withdrew slightly and i began my gentle bobbing motion using my lips gliding over his swollen bulb.

“Ohh Andy you are expert at this, ohhhh.”

After a short while he withdrew his hard shaft.

“You are not doing that to me this time.” he gasped, struggling to control himself.

“Andy i need you now so much will you?”

“Yes i nodded.”

Mark pulled back off me, grabbed a thick pillow asking me to arch my back and placed it under my lower back so my hips were raised slightly for him.

Mark leaned over and opened a chest draw to extract a tube and squeezed a blob of clear lube on his index finger.

Lowering himself between my legs inches from my drooling cock, Mark smeared my boy pussy entrance.

Mark lowered his lips around my cock and slowly teased me with his lips and tongue.

“You smell gorgeous and taste even better Andy, you also have a beautifully formed cock.”

“Thank you Mark.”

Peering up to the ceiling mirror, I see Marks toned body and cute bum, his head between my open thighs.

Inserting his middle finger into my tight rose bud very slowly, it felt much easier gliding in with lovely sensations and no discomfort, unlike it did yesterday.

Mark reached for a syringe about as thick as his finger, it was already loaded with lube and inserted it about 2 inches deep and injected me with slippery lube.

His lips working my cock again, had me gasping and bucking my hips to meet his mouth, all the time his fingers probed me.

“Take another Poppers hit Andy.”

I did as he said, that wonderful feeling washing over me again.

Mark inserted two of his fingers sliding them all the way in and rotating them in a twisting motion.

This felt amazing such a wonderful sensation, after a few minutes another finger was inserted and the twisting motion proceeded.

Mark had three fat fingers inside me gradually stretching my boy cunt.

He stopped sucking me as he sensed i was close to cumming, my balls ached from being on the edge of orgasm for over two hours.

Mark looked into my eyes and said,

“You look ready for me Andy, do you still want me?”

I practically begged for him, kissing him and wrapping my legs around his waist, whimpering,

“Please fuck me Mark.”

That big smile from his face again, that would melt any girls heart.

Mark reached for the draw again and pulled out a condom packet.

“Oh Mark, would you consider not wearing a condom?”

I felt a little embarrassed as i wanted to feel his warm cum shoot inside me i told him so.

“Well sure, i am free of any STD s i had been tested two weeks ago.” said Mark.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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