First Time, Second Time

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Fifteen years since they had last seen each other. Almost to the day in fact and a few weeks more since the day they had slept together and each left the tent still virgins, contrary to what everyone who saw her leaving his tent in the morning thought.

Not just those who saw him leaving the tent in fact as the story had spread like wildfire how the two innocents of the class had been anything but.

And here they were in a café in Cambridge, miles from where either of them lived.


Bruce would have sworn he would still have recognised her at ninety. Certainly at thirty-three there was no doubt. She still had that short bob hair cut, the face that had always drawn him in, even more than her small firm breasts or well muscled legs.

At once Bruce was remembering her sneaking into his tent to escape from the class bullies on the camp that was meant to be a celebration of the end of school. They had been trying to force her to drink neat vodka and once she was drunk who knows what then?

Bruce remembered how scared she had been along with the panic he had heard as they searched the river banks below the camp site.

But most of all his memories were of her softness as her body, clad only in a pair of knickers pressed against his own naked body. How he had just held her and stroked her back. How she had asked him if he wanted to make love to her and her relief when he said that he didn’t think either of them were ready for that step.

Most of all Bruce remembered how they had learned to masturbate each other and how different would their futures have been had they made love that night.


Bruce looked different but she would still have known him, even had he not called out her name as she walked through the door. Rather than the short hair dictated by school rules back at Dundee high school it was long and tied back in a neat pony tail. His shoulders had filled out, making Claire wonder what sort of exercise he did now.

Gymnastics had been his thing back then but kocaeli escort bayan academic work had got in the way of his doing enough to expand his physique to what it was now. 2007 suddenly seemed a long time ago, so much had happened.

They had both been married and lost their partners in car accidents. They had each heard about the other’s misfortune but due to living in different continents at the time had been unable to console each other.

As they hugged Bruce could feel her erect nipples through his t-shirt and the thin cotton blouse she wore. On top of his memories of that night in the tent he could do nothing to stop his penis growing hard. His “new” penis.

The old one had been cut off due to cancer. The new one, grown using stem cell medicine was thicker and about an inch longer than his previous dimensions. And his new one was a virgin. Despite the harm to the environment done by man, Bruce was eternally grateful that some technology had advanced.

Claire too had suffered from cancer. She had had it in two different areas of her body.She now had a new right breast and a new vagina, complete with hymen from that same stem cell miracle

“What are you doing here? Where are you staying?”

It turned out that they had both turned up for the same conference organised by the university and both had booked at the last minute and had not sorted out anywhere to stay yet.

“Last time I stayed at your place. Well tent anyway! You can stay with me this time!”

Bruce was not about to argue, besides staying in one hotel room would be cheaper than two and neither of them were really loaded. The next two hours were spent talking and catching up on all the bits they had missed out on with their email contact over the last fifteen years.

Eventually they made their way along Regent street and finding the first hotel they tried had a spare double room that was more than adequate for their needs they booked in.

They talked, they talked as if they were worried that the activity would be izmit escort bayan banned the next day. They talked about their losses, their careers what their partners had been like, everything except the elephant in the room.

It was Claire who cracked first and even then she didn’t raise the subject directly, “I need a shower before going to bed. Will you join me?”

“Is the pope catholic?” Bruce replied. “The only thing that stopped me losing my cherry that night was not wanting it to be with you feeling scared or just doing it because you were grateful to me. If….”

Bruce’s words faded as in a daze he realised that Claire stood naked in front of him. She held a finger to her lips, indicating that she didn’t want words.

Thirty seconds later Bruce’s hands were rubbing the aromatic shower gel all over Claire’s skin. If her nipples had been erect before, now they would be classed as dangerous! And, Bruce’s hands were now caressing her thighs as they moved towards the one area of her body they were yet to touch.

At the same time his lips became the first to investigate the virgin territory of her right tit. How had he known to go for the right one before the left? Was it just luck or was there some minute difference that she had never noticed. Whatever the reason, her body reacted like never before!

Bruce’s fingers were tracing their way around the skin surrounding Claire’s sex, teasing her pussy which was slick with her love juice. It was with a complete lack of conscious control that her back arched pushing her lips forward to Bruce’s too patient hand.

He parted her labia, in his oh so careful way and felt her slipperiness. Claire felt a rush of disappointment as he took his hand away, followed by an equal rush of excitement as he slowly licked her nectar from his fingers. Her husband and before that her other lovers had never done that.

Without his fingers Claire needed to do something with her excitement and took his erect cock, dripping with pre-cum and started gebze escort rubbing it up and down the length of her sex.

Claire felt her vaginal lips opening even more as the hormones from his penis worked their way through her mucous membranes. She needed more than just playing with the outer part of her vagina. She needed to feel that cock deep inside her virgin cunt.

Pushing aside the momentary shock at her use of that word, even though unspoken, Claire lifted her legs and with one arm around Bruce’s neck impaled herself on his rigid length.

Bruce squatted down, savouring losing his virginity for the second time.At the same time he was aware of a gasp from Claire as she broke her hymen on his cock.

“What the f” Bruce’s exclamation was silenced by Claire’s lips and her tongue which pushed deep inside his mouth. She was not his first virgin and Bruce new to wait till she was used to him. Claire also knew from last time when she was ready and indicated this with a squeeze of her internal muscles.

By straightening his legs before squatting down low again Bruce slowly stroked in and out of her tight vagina. He knew from using his hand that his new equipment functioned perfectly, just as Claire had found she could bring herself to orgasm by using her own fingers.

What Bruce did worry about was whether he could last long enough to satisfy Claire. He had never had any complaints before but…..

He needn’t have worried. Some time later he became aware that Claire was breathing faster and despite her wish for no words was moaning with excitement. He felt one hand leave his neck and push it’s way between their bodies to her clitoris.

Bruce speeded up, adrenaline hiding from him the fact that his legs would ache the next morning from this unusual work out. He was getting close and hoped that his reading of Claire’s moans was accurate. Suddenly he felt her muscles clamp hard around his love organ. Two more strokes and his semen was shooting it’s way into her tunnel.

As her spasm’s finally finished milking the last of his spunk Claire took a deep breath. “That was so much better than the first time I lost my cherry!”

Bruce’s body was shaking with laughter. It would be several minutes before he could tell her that he too had been a born again virgin!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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