Fireflies for Miko

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Asa Akira

Fireflies sparkle like stars that have fallen to the earth. “Look at that one! I’ve never seen them fly that high!” Yuichi says with delight, pointing to a spot half way across the field that they were walking in.

“Wow, I wonder why he’s way up there?” Miko whispered, not wanting to break the spell of their surroundings. She was glad that they had gone for a walk tonight, it might be the last time that she saw fireflies for a long time; she was going to attend college in California, and she had heard that they didn’t live on the west coast. Vermont was quiet in the summer, but it had its own special beauty.

They walked together in the tall dew-damp grass, holding hands. Miko shivered in the cool June darkness. The grass was almost mid-thigh height for her, and the seed tops tickled her, spattering her legs with dew. Yuichi let go of her hand for a second, and got down low, stalking the fireflies like a cat. With a quick pounce, he caught one in his hands.

“Ooh, let me see!” Miko giggled and he brought his cupped hands over to her to share his treasure. She leaned in close to look, and he carefully opened his hands. Blink, flash! “Pretty!” she said, just as it flew away.

Yuichi continued to look at her. “I agree,” he said, smiling at her. He sat down in the grass, and held out his hand to her. She took it and sat next to him, leaning on his shoulder. Shyness stole over the two, and they sat quietly watching the sparkling show. “Do you think…” “I read that- oh, sorry!” They both tried to speak at once, and laughed.

He reached his right hand to touch her face, turning it towards his. His lips touched hers, brushing them softly. She sighed, and he rested his forehead on her temple, whispering her name into her ear. “Miko…”

Their lips met once again, gentle at first, and then their kiss deepened, becoming more passionate. Yuichi pushed her, laying her down on the grass, and she gasped from the cold dew that dampened the back of her sundress. She tried to sit up from the shock of it; but he lay down next to her, placing his hand over her ribcage. “Shh-it’ll be OK in a minute, you’ll warm up. It’s only dew.”

He had been lying on his side, and quickly rolled over so he was half-on top of her. kocaeli escort She reached up, touching his hair, running her fingers through it. He closed his eyes for a second, sighing and leaning his cheek into her hand. He kissed her wrist, and when she slipped her hand to the nape of his neck, he touched the tip of his tongue to her lower lip. He kissed her with feather light kisses, trailing them over her jaw, and down to her neck.

Yuichi found a sensitive spot near her left ear that made her tremble as he caressed it with his tongue. She moaned, and he started to suck on her there, but careful not to mark her delicate skin. Almost with reluctance he moved on, nipping her earlobe with his teeth; and her breath sped up. He could feel her heart pounding through the white-and-pink cherry print dress.

Her hands went to his shoulder-blades as he moved down to kiss her collar-bone, then inch by inch lower until he kissed her nipple through the cotton. It grew hard against his lips, and he nibbled at it, causing her to wiggle and arch her back to get closer to him. His hand went to her other breast and squeezed, just a little, and kneaded it until she started to breathe heavily.

They had never gone this far, even though they had been a couple for a while; it was never quite the right moment. He was excited, a lot actually; and hoped that it would be tonight.

Miko tentatively put her hand on his waist, running her fingers under the band back and forth, and he pulled himself from her breast, sliding his body over hers so their hips met as he reached her lips, causing her to gasp again. Experimentally he ground into her, rubbing his now stiff cock against her. Her eyes went wide, and she trembled violently, breath coming in gasps now. Her nails dug into his lower back, almost piercing the skin there.

It IS tonight! He thought, jubilant and trying to hide it from her. He kissed her, less restrained that he had ever done before, and groaned. Their kisses became desperate, more and more, until he was dizzy from it.

He forced himself to pull away, gasping for breath. Beads of perspiration covered her brow, and started to appear in the little spot above her upper lip. Her face was flushed rosy pink with arousal, and he had never seen kocaeli escort bayan anything more incredible. “Oh, Miko…” he said in a heavy whisper. “Miko…”

Yuichi pushed himself up, and sat back on his heels, kneeling in the grass. He lifted the front hem of her sundress, turning it back to expose her panties. She had on lace edged ivory silk bikinis. They looked so soft that he that he ran his fingertips over the place where they covered her hip, then to her belly. She trembled at his touch, and bit her lip in shyness, parting her legs a little. His fingers brushed down further, and he found that the silk there was damp. Moaning, he grabbed them at their top, just behind the side seam and pulled them off of her.

She looked at him, her eyes going down to his groin, and then got up on one elbow. “May I?” she asked in a voice barely more than a whisper. Yuichi nodded, and she unbuckled his belt, having difficulty at first with the rigid leather. It opened up under her tiny fingers, and she worked at the hook of his pants next, and then finally his zipper.

His underwear were snug fitting boxer-briefs, and they did nothing to hide his erection. Her blush darkened, and he asked her if he was her first- he thought that he was, but he wasn’t sure. She nodded, and looked down at the grass next to herself. Yuichi put his hand beneath her chin, raising her face to his, and told her “It’s OK, I promise.”

He moved to take off his briefs, and she stopped him. “No- I want to. Let me,” she said. He couldn’t breathe, and his heart beat madly in his chest. “S-sure,” he answered, and she pulled at the elastic waist and took them off, carefully pulling them down. Timidly she touched a finger to the head of his cock and found the slick pre-cum at the tip. It twitched and she jumped, withdrawing her hand a little from being startled.

Yuichi laughed kindly, and then pushed her back again, making sure that her dress was underneath her bottom to protect her from the prickly grass. A few of the crickets that chirped nearby stopped their song; they must have been really close to them.

Her long hair spread out on the grass, and he touched the ends of a strand as he lay back on top of her, and kissed her. Looking her in the eye, he told izmit escort her that it might sting a little. “Are you ready?”

She again nodded, and he pressed into her entrance, finding her so tight that he had to push harder to be able to get in. He met resistance part way, and had to use almost full force to break through. Miko cried out in pain, and he comforted her until she was only whimpering, and then started to move.

Yuichi pulled out most of the way, and then thrust back in a few times; and Miko’s soreness faded with her growing excitement. He stopped for a second, and pulled off his shirt- he was perspiring a lot from being so aroused, and the cool air felt good on his back. She put her hands on his near-hairless chest, and ran her palms in the sweat there, feeling his heart beating wildly.

They started moving again, this time with him kneeling upright, and her hips lifted off of the ground, the heels of her bare feet behind his back. He thrust as deep as he could, and the sound of her breath changed, so he pulled back and thrust in again, just as deeply. She moaned, and her eyes closed. He went a little faster, and she started to rock her head from side to side, panting.

Oh, god, he was so close. Her eyes flew open wide suddenly, her chest heaved, almost undulating and her head snapped up. Miko cried out, gasping, and Yuichi missed his rhythm, shocked as he felt her muscles grip his cock. Oh my god- she came?! Shit!

…and that was the last thing that was able to enter his mind as he had his own orgasm moments later, unable to hold back any longer. He heard his own voice cry out in the distance as he saw blinding blue-white light against the blackness of his eyelids, and his whole body was wracked with shudders of release.

He fell back onto his heels, kneeling and trying to get his breath back, and felt a tickle on the bridge of his nose. He opened his eyes in time to see lurid green light flash right in front of them- a firefly had landed on him. It took off, and he looked down at Miko. Her chest was still working hard, and her breasts were covered in perspiration, reflecting light from the moon that had just come up into the night sky. Her hair was still spread out around her on the grass, but it was tangled from their efforts, and fireflies had landed in it, decorating her with pale green lights.

“Will you miss me when you are off at college?” He asked her, smiling down.

She nodded silently, and then said “Yeah, I will.”

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