Female Sexual Response: Subject 337

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This is Part Three told from the perspective of one of the graduate assistants who is helping Dr. Matthias conduct the research study. College girls have volunteered to wear a device that teases them and forces them to have multiple orgasms. Please read Part One and Part Two first (Subject 326 and Subject 334) in order to get the most out of this story. Enjoy!


I felt sorry for some of the girls. The ones who tried so desperately to retain some level of dignity or modesty. They were the ones who were struggling with it the most, the ones who always cried at the end. That had been me just a year ago when I signed up for the research study during my senior year. And I knew exactly how they felt.

I was just a few months away from graduating with a degree in Psychology when I participated. I wasn’t planning on going on to graduate school. I was thinking about advertising or publishing actually. After 4 years of studying, I was done. I didn’t want to open another book, unless it was a cheesy paperback that I had picked up at the local bookstore. But after I signed up to be a subject in the Female Sexual Response study, my life changed forever.

My number was 267. I had no idea what to expect when I showed up that first day. It seemed like a legitimate study, and now that I’m one of the graduate assistants, I know it is. Even more legitimate than the study that researched the effects of cocaine on laboratory mice. The machines they used on me weren’t as sophisticated though. The girls in this study have no idea how good they have it compared to the bulky primitive home monitoring devices we had to wear. Technology has come so far in just one short year, thanks in large part to Dr. Matthias and his hard work. He’s teamed up with the computer science department to perfect the data gathering sensors – that’s why we’re filming all the sessions, so the computer science department can analyze the results and make any adjustments that are necessary.

Dr. Matthias is a brilliant man. And he genuinely cares about women. I know some professors in our department think he’s in this for his own selfish reasons, but he has always shown the highest level of professionalism and decorum. He’s trying to help those women who are afraid to let go of their inhibitions, and he has helped me let go of mine. And the information he has gathered so far has been really eye opening. Everyone has always known that the data gathered from questionnaires–even anonymous questionnaires–is faulty. People lie all the time. But the sensors never lie. From the information we’ve gathered, we’ve discovered that more women are highly aroused by being forced to do something pleasurable against their will. And almost all women are aroused by homosexual sex, far more than the previous studies conducted by Masters and Johnson. Dr. Matthias wants women to feel liberated by their sexuality, to embrace it. I have to say that I owe Dr. Matthias so much more than just my time analyzing the data, fitting the women with their monitors, photocopying questionnaires and testing the new prototypes of home monitoring devices. I am such a happier person now.

The girls who dropped out of the study — there were only 3 this time — have no idea how detrimental it will be, not just to our study, but to their lives. After participating for two weeks, they were halfway done. But they just couldn’t handle it. I know I thought about dropping out after two weeks. But now I know this is the turning point in the study. By now, most of the girls learn to embrace the feelings elicited by their experiences, but there are always a few who resist it.

It’s my job to do a followup exit questionnaire and exam with the girls who dropped out. Really, it’s a way to try and convince them to stay in the study, more for their emotional health than for our benefit. All the girls had signed an agreement saying they could always drop out of the study at any time, as long as they agreed to an exit interview and exam. If they refused, well, it basically meant they wouldn’t graduate on time because all of their research credits would be taken away. But, I was always able to get most of the girls to continue on with the study after I met with them.

The first girl I had to see was Subject 337. I called her and scheduled her to come in for an interview and exit examination. She resisted, but after I told her it was just a formality, she agreed. Anyway, she needed to bring back her monitor.

When she came in, I immediately recognized her. She had long blond hair and a cute smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. I remember her because her smooth areola blended in with the rest of her skin, making her large breasts look like she only had coral pink nipples, but when you looked closely, her areola were the size of a half dollar. She wasn’t one of the vocal ones, but I could always hear soft whimpers and moans as she climaxed. And she always cried at the end of every weekly appointment.

I led her to an examination room and told her to sit in a chair. kaynarca escort She looked around nervously, but I told her to relax. I asked her some basic questions to get her comfortable before I started on the harder questions. And I knew these next questions would be really hard for her.

“Would you say your orgasms are more powerful now or before your participation in the study?”

She looked at me confused. “Do you mean while I’m wearing that thing?”

I smiled. “No, after you dropped out, are your orgasms more intense than they were before the study?”

She blushed. “I– I haven’t had any orgasms since dropping out”

“So, you’re unable to climax now? Hmmm…”

“I don’t know. I haven’t– I haven’t tried,” she whispered.

“Well, we would like to know if you are unable to orgasm now. Some of the dropouts have a hard time afterwards.”

Her eyes grew large.

I flipped through some paperwork. “According to your original paperwork, your orgasms are the strongest with oral manipulation. We need to know if they’re still just as strong.” I reached over and gently placed my hand on her leg. I smiled reassuringly. “I know exactly how you’re feeling right now. I volunteered to be a subject in this study last year, and I wanted to drop out too. But I’m so glad I didn’t.”

She looked up at me, surprised. I nodded. “I had to go through it too, and I’m glad I finished the study. In fact, when Dr. Matthias offered me a position on his team, I applied to the graduate program and now I’m helping him further his research. That’s how much I believe in his work.” I could see her resolve break down. “Here are your options,” I continued. “You can either complete the study, or you can drop out. But if you drop out, you’ll have to answer some more questions and we’ll have to gather some orgasmic data without the use of any of our equipment. It’s pretty simple, really. You’ll be hooked up to the same monitors to check your heart rate, your breathing, brain wave activity, etc. And then we can gather the data while you masturbate. We’ll need about twenty orgasms for comparison.”

Her eyes grew wide. “Twenty?”

“Minimum. But you don’t have to use your hand for all of them. We can help you as well, if you need help, and we have visual aids that can help you too.”

She sat there quietly, I could see the gears in her brain, working it all out.

“Okay, I’ll continue.”

I smiled. “We’ve already lost 2 days of data though, so you’ll have to put on your monitor now.”

“Wha–?? Now??” She panicked.

I smiled again reassuringly. “Relax. We have a lounge set up and you can wear it in there. You’ll have complete privacy. We’ll need about two hours of data though.”

She hesitated but then slowly nodded. I asked her to disrobe and I left the room so she could put everything on in private. When I returned, I told her I had to check to make sure her nipples were erect enough. I slipped my hands in the cups and found her hard nipples. They were probably hard enough, but I enjoyed watching her face as I aroused her even more. She looked so cute when she bit her lip. This was definitely one of the many perks of my job.

“Hmmm… they don’t seem to want to get erect,” I said. I unhooked her bra and used some lubricating gel to tease her nipples. She closed her eyes and started breathing heavily as I rubbed and pinched them.

“This isn’t working,” I said and I saw the apprehension in her eyes as she realized what was going to happen now. “Why don’t you lie down? Are you nervous at all? Try to relax now.”

She lay down and I hesitated a few moments, waiting for her anxiety to reach a certain level as she waited for it. I knew she was feeling dread mixed with eager anticipation and I waited for her brain to register her own arousal before I took a nipple into my mouth and suckled it. I bit them with my lips as my tongue made tight circles around and around. She was starting to struggle a bit on the table. I moved to the other breast and did the same thing while she made soft little noises.

I knew what she was thinking, because I had thought the same thing when I was in her position last year. She was hating herself for enjoying this. She wanted me to stop and she wanted to run out the door, but it felt too good. She was wondering if she was a lesbian for feeling attracted to me, and she wanted to rub her clitoris until she came right then and there. A year ago, I was so insecure, but now I believe it when people tell me I’m beautiful because I finally know it’s true. I could tell right away on that first day that this girl was attracted to me, although she would always deny it, just as I had denied the feelings I had for Daniela, the pretty graduate assistant, who had convinced me to stay in the study when I had wanted to drop out.

I finally closed her bra and told her I was going to make sure the clitoral stimulator was in the right spot. I reached inside her panties and rubbed her hard clitoris, circling it with my finger, probably a few more times than orhanlı escort I needed to. Then I pressed the stimulator into place. She had a dazed look in her eyes as she stood up. She was probably already at a 6 or 7. According to her chart, she always got aroused pretty quickly, and she always came pretty quickly too.

I led her down the hall to a room that was decorated to look like a living room, complete with sofas and chairs. There were some books on a shelf and magazines on the coffee table. “This is our lounge where we take our breaks,” I told her. “No one will disturb you here.” I showed her a sign I placed on the door that said, “Do Not Disturb. Research in Progress.” I told her I could stay, if she wished. She quickly shook her head. I nodded and told her the room was soundproof and that I would be back in two hours to collect the data and then I closed the door. I walked down the hall to the control room to watch her on the closed circuit monitors we had set up all around the room.

I watched her walk over to a sofa and sit down. I could tell by a low moan that it had turned on and she was receiving a good fuck. She looked around nervously, presumably to make sure she was really alone and lay down on the sofa, her legs spread wide. She closed her eyes and started moving her hips, slowly at first. She stayed like that for a few minutes, her hips moving faster and faster. I could see sweat covering her body now. I jotted notes down with my observations. She started moaning and pressed her hands down on her breasts and I made a note of that. Her moans were getting louder, but not too loud. I had a feeling she didn’t trust me when I said the room was soundproof, which it is, but she didn’t know we had microphones set up all around the room. Her breathing was coming faster now, she had a hand pressed on top of her mound and her head was thrashing back and forth. She was close and I waited for it, unable to ignore the wetness between my own legs. I loved watching this, and yet I hated it too. But I knew I would have my fun later.

The device would know exactly when to stop, just a fraction of a second before her orgasm and I knew when that moment was because she screamed and frantically bucked her hips, hoping to make contact again before collapsing after a few frustrated thrusts. She lay there panting and then when she started moaning again, I knew it was pushing her further. I watched her as she was teased mercilessly for about an hour. She never moved from the sofa. Usually the girls walk around or try a different position, but this one stayed glued to the sofa.

She was screaming now, in pleasure and in frustration. Her whole body was covered in sweat and her hair was matted and covered her face.

“Is she close?” I heard from behind me. It was Dr. Matthias with Daniela. She gave me a smile and squeezed my shoulder. When I first started working for Dr. Matthias, I always thought he was dating Daniela. But now I know that would be against his ethics. They’re both tall and beautiful and when they stand together, they remind me of a couple in one of those perfume ads where they’re wearing riding outfits and standing next to a horse, or they’re wearing evening wear and lounging on a velvet settee. Today they were both wearing white lab coats though.

“She’s almost there,” I replied. “She’s really close.”

“How long has it been?” he asked as he looked at my notes.

“About an hour.”

“She’s holding back, isn’t she?”

I nodded. “But she’ll learn to let it go in a few weeks,” I answered, knowingly.

We sat there watching her as her moans got faster and faster, her hips moving faster and faster and then she let out a piercing scream as she arched her back, almost lifting herself off the sofa. “Yes!” she screamed. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” I jotted down what time she achieved her first orgasm. The second one followed pretty quickly. And so did the third, fourth, fifth, sixth.

“Stop,” she whispered after about 30 minutes of continuous orgasms. “Please, stop,” she cried. “Stop! Stop! Stop!” she screamed rhythmically and I knew she was having yet another orgasm. Then she lay there, quietly. Not moving. It almost looked like she had fallen asleep. I zoomed in on her face and I could tell she had passed out. The ones who are holding back almost always pass out. After about five minutes, she started moaning and moving her hips back and forth and I knew the device had woken up, and it had woken her up. She turned her head to the side and looked around the room as if she didn’t know where she was. She sat up and threw her head back, and started crying and moaning at the same time, tears streaming down her face. She was grunting now and I could tell the device wasn’t being gentle with her.

She was teased again and again for the next 30 minutes as she sat there, her legs spread as wide as they would go, her feet resting on the coffee table. The device wasn’t being kind to her, but I knew that it was programmed to know what she wanted. The girls didn’t know it at the time, but it could sense if tepeören escort they liked to be fucked violently, or if they liked to be teased over and over again, or how many orgasms their bodies would be able to handle. Most of the girls didn’t even know what they liked, but that’s the beauty of it. I know what I like now, and I can teach my lovers to give me exactly what I want. But most of these girls had no idea. Yet.

She was racked with another violent orgasm and I got up to go to her. She had been in the room for two hours now. Plus, I wanted her to orgasm in front of me. This was my favorite part. Walking in on someone in the middle of their orgasm, knowing how depraved and humiliated they would feel, especially in this room where they thought they were alone. And especially girls who secretly enjoyed being watched. I could almost pinpoint the exact moment when they realized that they were actually aroused by my presence by the shame and humiliation that dripped openly down their souls. I opened the door and her eyes shot open and then quickly looked away, in shame. But she couldn’t control her body and she screamed out as she came again, hard. I sat in a chair across from her and watched her as she came three more times, refusing to open her eyes the entire time. When it finally stopped fucking her, she started whimpering. I just sat there quietly.

“This is so wrong,” she cried. “I hate this, I hate it.”

“No you don’t,” I replied, gently.

She cried even more. She knew I was right. “It’s okay to enjoy it,” I said. “Our research is showing that women are more repressed than we originally thought. Women enjoy being watched, they enjoy watching, and almost all women are aroused by the sight and smell of another woman. That doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian.”

I could tell by her body language that I had hit the nail right on the head.

“Let’s go back so I can gather the data,” I said, extending my hand to help her up. She was really unsteady on her feet and she still refused to look at me. She was going to be a tough one to crack, but I hoped she would open up and let it all go because if she didn’t, she probably would have a hard time reaching orgasm when the study was done. Unless, of course she agreed to additional therapy, which was another duty of mine. Most girls reported that their orgasms usually intensified after the study, but Dr. Matthias had a very special program for those girls who felt their orgasms had diminished in power, usually the ones who were repressing their desires.

I had a feeling this girl would be one of the ones who would need additional sessions in order to learn how to orgasm again after the study was concluded. She had called her monitor ‘that thing’ which was a huge clue to her state of mind. Most girls by this time were in love with their monitors, sometimes even giving them names and personalities. I left her alone in the exam room to get dressed while I plugged her data in to the computers and downloaded all the information. Before I cleaned it off, I made sure to taste the phallus and inhale her lovely scent. I loved my job.

I conducted two more exit interviews that day and convinced both of them to stay in the study. One had started her period and didn’t know how to manage it. I explained to her that the phallus would adjust to the tampon and it wouldn’t hurt her. In fact she might enjoy it even more. The other one had just entered into a relationship and thought it would interfere. But I explained to her that she would probably find that it would enhance their relationship, especially when I told her that the ‘no intercourse and no masturbation ban’ would be lifted during the 4th week.

I watched both of them in the closed room as they logged their two hours and I found that they were both very open about their sexuality. Neither of them had any inhibitions about using the furniture to enhance their orgasms as they humped cushions and rubbed against chair legs. The last one was a screamer and I had to turn the volume down in the control room.

I like to end each day on a high note, and watching them wasn’t as arousing as watching Subject 337 so I popped in her DVD and watched her exam from the first day. The look of fear in her eyes was so real, it was almost like she was being raped. Even when she achieved orgasm after orgasm she still looked frightened. I fast forwarded the DVD to the second session and watched the last ten minutes. The girls didn’t know this, but we had cameras in the ceilings trained on each girl throughout the whole hour session while they played the mental acuity games. Each subtle movement was captured on film, each hip thrust and each expression of pleasure was videotaped for further analysis and study.

Unlike some of the other girls who moved around the room, or straddled their chairs, 337 stayed in her chair with her legs closed tight. I could tell she had obviously experienced some powerful orgasms, raising her hand timidly after each one, but she wasn’t enjoying it like some of the other girls. I could tell she was trying to hide, trying to blend in and not bring any attention to herself. I recognized the look of anxiety on her face because it was the same look I had on my face when I watched my own DVD. It reminded me of how far I’d come this past year.

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