First Time For Everything

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Like they say there is a first time for everything. And most first times are really memorable experiences for someone, even if you can’t remember yourself. There is the first time you crawl, the first step you take, the first tooth you get, the first tooth you lose, the first words to ever come out of your mouth, these are ones that are held more dear to a parent’s heart as most people can never remember them. Then there are the first time things that both you and your parents share that are unforgettable; the first day of school (I remember mine because they couldn’t wake me up when nap time was finished), your first pet, the first person you kissed (I can still remember the girl’s name and where it happened), the first time you went on a date (kissing and dating I consider different because my first kiss happened much earlier than the first date), the first time you drove a car (free at last, free at last, thank god almighty, I’m free at last-Rev Martin Luther King Jr.). Do you remember how free you felt the first time you got to drive, still sends chills down my spine. Then we have of course the first time sexual experiences! So do you remember yours? I remember every single one like it was yesterday.

I started late in my life having sexual relations, not including some petting of course. I remember the first time I ever tasted heaven. No, I didn’t convert my religion! I am talking about escort kocaeli the salty, sweet tang of a woman’s pussy. It happened in the back of my parents mini-van during a drive in movie when I was 18 (I know how cliché!). It was with my ex-wife and it was magical. Even though I hate the bitch now and thought she was a part of a horrible downward spiral in another time in my life, the first real whiff of that pungent odor and I knew I was instantly hooked. I marveled in the delicacy that was on my tongue, didn’t even care if I took another breath or not. I remember her screaming, “Yes eat my pussy, god yes! Your tongue feels soooo goood!” Heaven had been found and I didn’t think it would get any better.

The first time I received a blow job was a little different. Although it felt fantastic I found myself not really caring to much for it and my mind always went back to wanting to lick that womanly flower between her legs. Don’t get me wrong I spewed gallons when I felt the soft lips around my hard cock. The slippery wonderfulness of the tongue’s dance was most enjoyable. But even still to this day I much prefer eating my wife’s pussy than getting head!

I bet you all remember the first time you had intercourse don’t ya! I sure do, and I bet a lot of you out there had the same horrible experience that I did. Well not really horrible, I imagine if I had been raped or abused then it would gölcük escort rank as horrible, let’s just say my first fuck isn’t on my top ten list of best sexual experiences. I was living alone, last year of high school and at that time dating my ex bitch of a wife. We had done a few other things sexually as I have explained before. We decided to make a night and make love. I was excited knowing I was crossing that last barrier into manhood. Too excited I guess, because when I first felt those velvety folds of her wet pussy…I came instantly and felt like such a pathetic two stroke fool!

A much better time for me was the first time I got to fuck her in the ass. It was a time in our life where we had graduated from everywhere, anytime sex, quickly past bedroom only sex, right to hallway sex. If you don’t know what hallway sex is then you probably have a stable relationship. I got my high school sweetheart pregnant right quick after we first start fucking and the spiral downward began. We just ended up hating each other; I guess we were just too young and too stupid at the time.

Anyway back to the anal sex! The first time I rammed my hard cock into that tight passage was magical for many reasons. We weren’t having much sex at that point, always fighting about something, but this night she was like okay let’s have sex. Her giving into a pity fuck just pissed me off izmit sınırsız escort and I was fucking her hard as I could (angry sex is so much fun sometimes). I reached down while she was on her knees (we were doing it doggy style, by that time I didn’t really like looking at the broad any how) and an idea popped into my head. So I took my thumb and stuck it right in her ass! I thought this would really make her mad and I would get some rodeo sex out of the deal but to my surprise she really liked it. So I pulled out and stuck my cock right to the hilt. She bucked and screamed, “Fuck my ass, yes fuck my tight ass. I want your cum in me, shoot it right up my asshole!”

She came so hard she nearly passed out! And I did just what she asked me and shot the biggest load of my hot gooey cum deep in her tight hole. It was thoroughly awesome. We never did it again and we ended up getting a divorce (another first…lol).

When they say there is a first time for everything they are right because I remember the first time I actually met my true love. The woman was incredible and I am married to her to this day (read my story My Angel on the Line if you want to know about that!). I have had so many other firsts with her it is mind-boggling. And what is even better I introduced her into a few firsts of her own. Her first multi partner sex escapade, her first taste of pussy, even her first dp! (Let me tell you that was amazing, you can read about it in my story Doubled up Wife).

We all have firsts we remember, good or bad, I just try to remember most of the good ones. But without bad we can really never know how good, good can be.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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