Down to the Wires

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She flinched and then relaxed slightly as she felt him apply the first electrode to the inside of her thighs.

She had purchased the T.E.N.S unit to help her relieve the pain in her back following a minor car accident a couple of years ago. Once the pain went, it was consigned to her bottom drawer in the wardrobe, only to be used if the pain came back. She had no idea that it was possible for the T.E.N.S to be used like this.

He had suggested it a few days ago after she had recommended it for his leg pain. “I wonder what other muscles this could help to stimulate?” he had asked suggestively, the glint in his eye betraying the fact that he had already done his research.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked him, knowing that it would probably result in one of those amazing orgasms that he surprised her with every so often. Tonight was to be his answer…

He placed the second electrode to the other thigh and asked “Are you sure you want to do this?”

She nodded slowly, knowing that he would stop at any time she asked him to. He smiled at her and switched on the device, waiting for it to initialise. He slowly increased the power and she felt her thighs start to prickle as “pins and needles” spread out from the electrodes. kaynarca escort

As the power ramped up, she felt her leg muscles starting to contract and relax as if her thighs were being squeezed. “It feels like a deep massage on my thighs, it’s not doing much to turn me on though,” She sighed.

He switched the machine off and repositioned the electrodes onto the smooth skin either-side of her waxed pussy. Switching the unit back on, he started to increase the power again.

He saw it before she started to moan, her pussy starting to slowly spasm as the electrical pulses stimulated the muscles in her most private areas. He smiled as she moaned again. “Shit,” she gasped, “It feels like someone’s rubbing my pussy really, really slowly, it feels so good.”

“Turn the power up.” she demanded and as the power increased, her pussy started to spasm faster and faster. “FUCK!!!” she screamed, “TURN IT DOWN!!!”

He immediately turned it off. “Are you OK?” he asked.

“It started to hurt,” she replied. “Start again, but slowly and don’t turn it up so high this time!” He smiled at her demands to try this new form of stimulation once more and switched the unit back on but with a different setting.

“Oh yeah, that feels orhanlı escort good.” She groaned in ecstasy as her pussy began to pulse once more. The pulses built up speed and then died away again, only to repeat this pattern over and over. She moaned again. “Please,” she said, “Please stop it from fading away, I get so close then i can’t cum.”

He smirked and found a setting that pulsed fast for 30 seconds then slow for 1 minute. She screamed at him as the teasing continued, “BASTARD! LET ME CUM!!!”

He turned the device onto it’s final setting, fast, constant and unrelenting. As her pussy continued to pulse away and she got closer and closer, he reached under the bed and produced a feather. Running the feather up and down her legs, he asked “Do you want to cum?”

She could only moan her response and nod vigorously as he traced the feather closer and closer to her dripping cunt. He moved the feather up her thighs, closer and closer towards her aching clit, watching her raise her hips off he bed in an attempt to reach the feather and send herself over the edge.

He continued to trace the feather up her body, circling her breasts, making her moan and writhe on the bed, desperately searching for release.

“Please,” tepeören escort she begged, “make me cum, I need to cum, please…” As her voice started to trail off, he quickly flicked her nipples with the feather. She screamed in pleasure, yet it still was not enough to give her the release that she so desperately needed. He started to alternate licking, rubbing, pinching and tickling her breasts and nipples, bringing her ever close to release but still not quite sending her over the edge.

Sliding her to the edge of the bed, he placed his rock-hard cock in the entrance to her pussy. “Do you want this?” he asked, the desperation in her eyes making him even harder.

“Please,” she pleaded, “Please fuck me, I need your cock inside me.”

“Tell me how much you need it, tell me what you want,” he growled as she tried to force herself onto him.

“I need you to fuck my cunt, I want you to make me cum and fuck me until I pass out!” she screamed, “JUST FUCK ME HARD!”

He thrust against her and immediately felt the walls of her pussy clamp down on his cock. “FUCK ME!” she screamed as the orgasm that had been building in her for the last hour exploded, “FUCK ME HARD!”

He immediately started to pump as hard as he could into her, lost in the sounds of her orgasm and the incredible tightness of her pussy. Her orgasm coupled with the still pulsing T.E.N.S. stimulation sent him over the edge and he collapsed on to her, fumbling for the off-switch as they both drifted into sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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