My College Education: The Speculum

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It was another one of the many Friday afternoons and once again I had arrived at the apartment that my girlfriend, Abby, shared with her two roommates Carla and Barb. In earlier stories I have told how we had over time gotten extremely close. At first, Carla and Barb treated me like a sibling, but then things warmed up considerably with the result being that I wound up having had both oral and vaginal sex with both of them. Much to my relief Abby has more or less taken this in stride and we all enjoy one another. Our relationship devolved into one where no discussion was off limits. Moreover, it was not uncommon for me to see one of them walking down the hall in their underwear, but on occasion one might be butt naked also.

For the record all characters in this story are age 18 or over. This story does get into some medical issues so if you are the least bit squeamish it would probably be a good idea to stop reading at this point.

I let myself into the apartment and like so many other Friday afternoons Barb was sitting alone watching television. She had a textbook open which said to me that the program was not all that important.

“Hey, Barb. How’s it going?”

“Hey. Oh, OK, but it has been another adventuresome week with our two student nurses,” she replied without even looking up from her work.

“I can only guess. In addition to using each other as patients Abby and Carla, our two soon to be registered nurses, also wanted to practice their newly acquired skills on you? I know that you’ve endured rectal thermometers, enemas, and giving blood samples. What was it this time?” I asked.

“Can you believe that they brought a speculum home?”

“A what?”

“A speculum. It’s an instrument that doctors use when they want to perform an examination of your girl parts. Like when they want you to have a pap smear, or get an IUD inserted in your uterus.”

“A what smear?”

“A pap smear. It’s a test for cervical cancer.”

“Oh, so what’s a speculum do?”

“It widens things so they can see inside.”

“And our two student nurses used it on you?”

“Yes, but only after they had first used it on one another. Look, this is really embarrassing so maybe you better just go ask Abby about it.”

“Embarrassing? What can be more intimate than that you and I have had both oral and vaginal bursa escort sex? It isn’t that I haven’t seen your pussy or anything.”

“I still think that you need to go discuss it with Abby. She’s upstairs in her room,” was Barb’s only response making it abundantly clear that she didn’t want to talk to me about what had happened earlier in the week.

I went up the stairs and got to Abby’s room just as she was changing from the scrubs that she had to wear for doing rounds into her gym shorts and a tee shirt. “Hi,” I said walking in the door and going over to give her a hello hug.

“I hear you have been tormenting Barb with some more nursing procedures. She wouldn’t tell me anything more than that it was pretty intimate.”

Abby started to giggle. “Oh, you mean Carla and me practicing the use of the speculum that we brought home earlier this week. Barb did OK.”

“Want to tell me about it?”

Abby went down the hall to the bathroom and soon returned with a clear plastic device. It was sort of an odd looking contraption. “This is a speculum,” she began explaining. “First. we have to be sure that we put lots of lube on it. Then it gets inserted into the vagina so we can have a look around.

“So why was this such a big deal for Barb?”

“Well, when Carla and I brought it home we began by using it on one another. No problem because we practice stuff on each other all the time. However, because of where it goes you do have to be pretty gentle with it.”

“Does it hurt?”

“No, but it could possibly be uncomfortable if it isn’t done right. By that I mean if you don’t use enough lube or happen to be rough handling it when inserting it past, let’s just say those delicate tissues.”

“So how does it work? And why was Barb so grossed out about it?”

“After Carla and I used it on each other, Barb was really curious so we told her we’d demonstrate . . .on her! She was alright with that that and we told her that all she had to do was take off her jeans and thong, lie down on the bed, spread her legs and then we’d take care of the rest.”

“Talk about vulnerable!”

“Well, yeah. We told her to spread her legs and just relax. I lubed the speculum and Carla gently guided it in. Then once inserted Carla slowly ratcheted it open spreading Barb’s pussy so we could have a look.”

“Sounds bursa escort bayan delightful.”

“It really isn’t as bad as it sounds. But once Barb was spread open we got to look up inside. It turned out that she was just starting her period and didn’t know it yet. I think that was probably too much information for her and she was sort of grossed out. That’s when she made us take it out.”

“So you can really look around up there? Can you try it and let me see inside you?”

“That does sound a little kinky, but I suppose it won’t hurt anything,” said Abby getting a tube of Surgilube out of the nightstand.

“Just tell me what I need to do.”

“The main thing is to not be rough with it,” said Abby taking off her shorts and then peeling off her bikinis. Then she got on her back on the bed and spread her legs. All I can say is that I never get tired of looking at her cute smooth shaved pussy.

“Trust me, I will.”

“Now lube it up really well and slowly insert it into me.”

Following Abby’s instructions, I applied a copious amount of Surgilube and began to gently insert it. “Are you OK?”

“I’m doing fine. Keep going. You have a great gentle touch Maybe you should think about becoming an OB/GYN rather than a civil engineer.”

“No way. Besides as difficult as it is to think about, I might get sick of looking at pussies all day long. I’m think I can be confident in saying that not all of them will be as nice as yours.”

“Now, that is funny,” said Abby laughing. “What you need to do is slowly ratchet it open and shining that light you’ll be able to see a circular dark pink area with a tiny red spot in the middle.”

“Yup, I see it.”

“That’s my cervix. It’s where your sperm wants to get to so it can knock up.”

“No way. We don’t need you having that problem right now. But that leads me to thinking about what your pussy has to look like when filled with semen.”

“There is a way to find out. Let’s take the speculum out, we can fuck, and then put it back in. Want to try?”

“I have always liked how kinky you can be,” I said as I removed the instrument. Then taking off my jeans and briefs I got on the bed and mounted Abby. Being as aroused as I was from fooling around with the speculum it didn’t take long before I shot a decent load into her.

“Oh, but escort bursa you were full. Let’s see what things look like so go ahead and reinsert the speculum.” I did as Abby instructed. “Wow, but things got pretty messy! There’s cum all over up there.”

“Really. Get the hand mirror off the dresser. I have to see this for myself.” I handed Abby the mirror and after a few minutes she had been able to focus it so that she could see.

“Well, what do you think?”

“I am pretty full. But now I wonder what it would look like if we were to try fucking a second time.”

“I’m game,” I said again removing the instrument from her pussy. Nevertheless, I wondered if I could produce enough so quickly to see if the experiment would work. My other concern was that Abby’s pussy was now so incredibly slippery from all of the Surgilube that I would not be able to get enough traction in order to climax.

“Isn’t this fun?” asked Abby as I was busy furiously pumping away knowing that I was probably going to empty my balls. It seemed to take forever, but then came that familiar sensation that I was soon going to cum. And cum I did. I was amazed that I had that much still in me.

I once again withdrew manhood, suitably depleted at this point I might add, from Abby’s pussy and retrieved the speculum. Needless to say it certainly did not require any additional lubricant and slid in very easily. This time there was lots more cum and it had already started to drain out of her.

“What do you see?” asked Abby.

“I see lots of cum. Like everywhere,” I told her.

“Can you see my cervix?”

“No, not really, but also there is cum starting to dribble out. A lot of it.”

At that Abby said that she had better go douche. She held her hand over her pussy to keep the leakage from dripping as she ran to the bathroom. About 10 minutes later she came back and put her shorts and tee shirt back one. “After all that, I think I need what I really need now is for you to make me a drink.”

We went downstairs and headed for the kitchen. Barb was still in the living room watching television and looked up as we passed through. “How was the view?” she asked giving me a wink. Maybe she knew some of the things that Abby had demonstrated but the additional details might have just blown her mind.

I never know what student nurses are going to come home with and look for someone to practice on. Sometimes it’s Barb; other times it’s me. And then there are those amazing situations when it might be show and tell.

I can hardly wait to find out what’s next.

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