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My Mom was telling me for a long time that I should go to a doctor to do a check-up.

She considered that that is something that everybody should do, particularly a young woman like me.

I knew it was a good advice and there was a long time since my last visit to a Family Doctor.

We tried to determine when was the last time I visited our Family Doctor… Last time I had 11 years old due to flu.

So that was it.

I had to schedule an appointment with our Family Doctor.

My mom asked me if I wanted her to go with me.

Of course I told her to come with me…

I am not used to go to doctors because there is always some fear that they find something wrong with us.

So, there we went.

My mom scheduled the appointment.

I was a little bit nervous.

We went to the office and waited a few minutes.

The waiting room had 3 people waiting.

At 17:00 p.m. we were called to the consultation room.

My mom told me that this was our family doctor for a long time.

He still remembered me, but has a child.

Now I had 18 years old and he said that now I was young woman.

He was a 60 year old man, regular face and a little bit fat.

Not an unpleasant man.

My mom went with me and the doctor asked me why I was there.

I told him that my mother thought it was a good idea to do a check-up at 18 in order to see if everything was ok.

He agreed with my mom opinion and started to ask me those regular questions that doctors do to people.

Apparently I had no relevant symptoms kocaeli escort bayan and he told us that probably he would request some routine exams, but first he told me that he wanted to exam me.

He asked me to go to the observation room, which was a little division separated from the consultation room by a wall.

He told me that I had a gown there that I should dress and tell when I was ready.

I went there.

Inside the room there was a regular observation bed, a gynecology observation chair and a coat hanger where was a gown.

I understood that I had to remove my clothes and dress that gown, which I did.

I undressed my clothes and dressed the gown.

I let my bra and panties stay on me.

So I told the doctor I was ready and he came in.

My mother stood in the consultation room.

The doctor asked me to sit on the mattress.

He started to auscultate my back.

The gown had an opening in the back, so my back was relatively exposed, but I had my bra and panties.

Then the doctor got to my front and asked me to remove my bra, because he wanted to palpate my breasts.

So I removed it and let the top of my gown down.

For the first time in my life I was topless in front of a 60 year old, man.

Then the doctor started to palpate my breasts.

I felt his hands wandering in my young breasts and a strange feeling started making my nipples getting erect.

I shouldn’t be feeling like this but it was very strange.

Then he asked me to lie down on the mattress.

I lied on izmit escort bayan the mattress topless, then the doctor pushed the gown a little bit down exposing my abdomen which he started to palpate.

Apparently, as he told me, everything was fine until now.

Then he asked a nurse to come in to the office and told her to prepare everything for the gynecologic exam.

The nurse asked me to sit on a special chair, a gynecology chair.

This chair had stirrups and I understood what I had to do.

I removed my gown and my panties, so at that precise moment I was completely naked.

Completely naked in front of my family doctor and his nurse.

I just kept thinking that it was normal for him and her to see women like me in his office and he was having a totally professional approach.

Then I just sat in the chair and then the nurse asked me to place my legs in the stirrups.

She told me that I shouldn’t be afraid and placed a protection sheet at the level of my waist.

I positioned myself in the chair, so there I was, completely naked and with my legs completely spread apart.

I saw my family doctor sitting in front of me to exam my most intimate parts but due to the protection sheet I couldn’t see what he was doing.

I just had the perfect notion that he could see me completely exposed, completely naked.

I felt his hands touching me.

He told me that I shouldn’t be afraid and he would tell me when he would be “more invasive”.

He told me that outside everything was ok.

Then gebze escort he asked the nurse to give him the speculum.

He told me that now he would introduce the speculum and that I could feel a little pain that he would try to avoid by examining me gently.

So I felt the speculum being slowly introduced inside me.

It was a strange new feeling.

Not like I was getting close to an orgasm but it wasn’t a real discomfort.

And I have to confess that I got a little bit wet.

This wetness facilitated the introduction of this speculum.

Then the doctor told me that he had to open the speculum inside me.

He told me that I was fine until that moment, and then I felt this speculum stretching my inside.

I could feel that the doctor was being very delicate in his exam but I could feel that he was really stretching my inside.

I had already initiated my sexual life at that time and I had never been so stretched.

It is hard for me to say that “it felt good” being stretched like that, but I can say that it wasn’t a totally unpleasant feeling.

I can´t say for how long the doctor kept that speculum inside me.

Maybe a minute or two.

And then I felt him removing that speculum.

I can say that I was a little bit wet.

This wetness wasn’t all mine because the doctor used some kind of lubricant to facilitate the introduction but I can say that I was a little bit wet.

After all this exam he and the nurse kindly told me that I could dress, which I did.

We got back to the room were my mom was waiting for me.

The doctor told us that I was fine which I found great and we got out of his office.

Things to remind for this experience:

– first time completely naked in front of a much older man;

– the biggest stretch I had until that day.

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