Giving In

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Ryan and I met under unfortunate circumstances. Perhaps it was not so much the circumstances that were unfortunate, but the time in our lives when we happened to meet. We were both in our first year of college. I had never had a serious boyfriend and considered myself incredibly sexually ignorant. He had been in a relationship for over three years, but was also a virgin. The only fortunate thing about when we met was that we were young and incredibly horny, eager to learn all we could about sex.

It was a time in my life where I had more confidence than common sense. I had recently discovered that all men wanted one thing, and I learned quickly how to play up my best physical attributes and approach a guy with confidence. When I first saw Ryan at the campus bar, I was immediately attracted to him. He was tall, with an average build and great looks. He was the type of guy that could be devastatingly attractive to a girl but didn’t realize it. I got aroused just looking at him, and imagining the things I would like to do to him.

As luck would have it, Ryan was in two of my classes that fall semester. Without hesitation, I started sitting beside him and talking to him and we bonded instantly. I worked up the courage to ask him out to lunch, then over to my apartment for lunch, and I began to think that the attraction was mutual. Although he hedged around the topic of a girlfriend, he admitted that he had been seeing someone back at home but brushed it off as a fairly casual relationship.

One Thursday, Ryan came back to my place after our Psychology class. We had lunch, hung out all afternoon watching movies, then separated briefly to get ready to go to the campus bar. I knew from the time spent together that day that it was time to make my intentions to him known. Hanging out with him was great, but I couldn’t help but want more from our relationship. At the end of the night, after many drinks and while we were slow kocaeli escort dancing, I started kissing him, and he responded. With some feigned reluctance, he came back to my apartment with me and my roommates after the bar closed, under the guise of needing to discuss what was going on between us. He admitted that he had a girlfriend but that he was attracted to me as well. Standing in my bedroom, in the dark, I asked him what he wanted, and with only slight hesitation, he kissed me again.

We stayed up the entire night, making out on my bed, but things didn’t go much farther than that. We were both virgins, and although I had every intention of saying goodbye to my virginity that year, I wasn’t in too much of a rush.

At the same time that my relationship with Ryan was developing, I became involved with another guy. We met at work and soon started dating. I cared for him but didn’t find myself physically attracted to him the same way I was to Ryan, but I felt that since Ryan had cheated on his girlfriend with me, I couldn’t ever trust him in any sort of relationship. I lost my virginity to my boyfriend, while Ryan continued dating his girlfriend throughout the school year. We discussed the physical attraction between us, but decided we couldn’t do anything about it. There were plenty of drunken phone calls, and an occasional slippage which found him in my bedroom in the middle of the night, but in general, things remained fairly platonic, although very sexually charged between us.

Over the course of the year, Ryan and I became close friends, able to talk about anything and spending a lot of time together watching movies and going running. Although I was still very much attracted to him, I tried my best to stifle these feelings as did he. It became acknowledged and accepted that our relationship would remain the way it was, a friendship.

Before we knew it, the year was almost over. Spring had come and Ryan kocaeli escort bayan and I went running together several times a week. I found that this was a great way to spend time with him in a safe non-tempting environment, plus it allowed us to charter our sexual tension into something productive. One April day, we ran in the morning and I invited Ryan up for lunch. When we got into my apartment, all my roommates were out, and I immediately started sensing something different in the way that Ryan was acting. Before I could get the lunch started, he wandered into my bedroom, and when I went in after him, it became clear that he wasn’t there for lunch. The months of desire and tension that had built up between us were about to be unleashed.

He looked at me, and my stomach did flipturns. As much as I had tried to be faithful to my boyfriend and push aside the sexual attraction I felt for Ryan, I couldn’t do it with him looking at me like that. My eyes confirmed I was thinking the same thing he was, and before either of us could think about it, we went to each other and starting kissing.

In our earlier encounters together, we’d gone down on each other, so I had a chance to see that Ryan’s member was above average, and I’d often fantasized about what it would be like to have him inside of me. It soon became obvious that I was going to get my wish. It is well known that running, or any other form of exercise, can make you horny, and when I realized what was happening between Ryan and I, I couldn’t wait to fuck him. I had been having sex with my boyfriend for several months, but had yet to have an orgasm during sex. I had been masturbating for several years, but still considered myself sexually inexperienced and the topic had never come up with my boyfriend before. I had read that it was difficult for many women to achieve orgasm through normal sex, so I didn’t think that this was abnormal.

When kocaeli escort I helped Ryan take his running shorts off and I had another look at his beautiful large, wide cock, I could feel how wet I had become. He pushed his fingers inside of me and I groaned with pleasure. We went through the motions of foreplay, but I was eager to get to the main event. I felt guilty because Ryan was still involved with his girlfriend, but my lust for him at that moment outweighed the guilt.

As Ryan entered me, I gasped with delight. My boyfriend’s cock was of average size, but Ryan was both long and wide and he filled me up in a way I’d never been filled before. Knowing it was his first time, and that it likely wouldn’t last long, I tried to savour every moment of the experience. Each time he thrusted into me, I was overcome with the most extreme sensations.

I was amazed at Ryan’s stamina and as we switched positions so that I could get on top of him, I felt a rising within me. I knew I was going to come. Sitting down on his big, hard cock, I moaned loudly. I slid my body up and down his cock and his expression told me that he wasn’t going to last much longer. I twisted my hips round in circles and leaned back so that I could access my G spot. I started rocking faster and faster, knowing that I was going to orgasm, and I did. The orgasms I had had while getting myself off were nothing compared to this. As my clit throbbed with pleasure, I felt Ryan come inside of me, filling me with his warm juices. I climbed off of him, feeling satisfied in a way I never had before after sex. We laid beside each other, said nothing for half an hour, then started all over again. We stayed in my bedroom for the rest of the day, fucking over and over until both of us had had more orgasms than we could count.

Although we both should have felt guilty about the experience, neither one of us did. Over the course of that summer, we got together on several other occasions when our significant others were otherwise occupied, and the sex got better and better. Though we have pretty much lost touch over the years, I’ll never forget that hot, sweaty afternoon in my apartment or the best sex I’ve ever had.

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