Mickey Takes A Break

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It had been quite a while since I had seen any of the people I went to school with. I had graduated and become a jaded little designer, hopping from job to job, knowing that it was killing my “career” but, who the hell was I kidding? I didn’t want to keep doing this. My real passion was in the art of design, not the every day working with clients. I was getting restless. I was tired of getting up every morning, wearing the same damn boring clothes, going to work at 8 am and not getting home until 7 pm. Dealing with the same boring clients.

I had no life. Really, that’s what it came down to. Here I was, 24, single and in a great city with a great nightlife, and what was I doing with my free time? Painting whenever I could but usually falling over from exhaustion before I could finish a piece. I had become what I never wanted to be, decidedly corporate. My designs were never fulfilling, my painting didn’t get me excited anymore. Nope, all I was left with was this stupid job that was slowly eating my life away. I hadn’t even had a good fuck in months. So many nights I was too tired to even stimulate myself. So many nights I lay awake, frustrated as my tired hand refused to push me toward climax. I was bland. I was boring. I was stressed out.

“C’mon, come out with us!! You know you need a break!” exclaimed Sheryl, one of my equally jaded co-workers at the huge design firm.

“I dunno, I kind of wanted to go to sleep,” yawning as I stretched my slim arms up and behind my head, pushing my full breasts outward, “I mean, it’s become such a luxury to have an early night I was looking forward to watching a movie and crashing.”

“Yeah, probably some stupid romantic comedy or something, not a movie to get the senses going, if you know what I mean!?” Sheryl joked as she started to pack up her things. “You haven’t gone out with me in months, I’m started to feel like an abused friend here.”

Her pouting usually did it for me. I couldn’t say no to her sad, puppy-dog eyes and those big pouty lips jutting out all wet and plump. So delicious looking, so wanting…Wait a minute…what was I thinking? Obviously there was some tension somewhere in my body if I was thinking of my friend in this way. That was enough to get me up, scurrying around my corner of the rat maze, picking up random things and putting them in my briefcase.

“Alright, what the hell? Just a couple of drinks will be fun.”

“Yeah, and maybe some insatiable man will pick you up and carry you away to his house for a little ‘tension release’…Lord knows you could use a good release,” she said to me as she flipped bursa escort my brown ponytail up playfully behind my head.

“Ha, yeah, we’ll see but we both know I’ve only met one of those and I almost got him in trouble…” my eyes drifted off as I thought back to my professor from school who gave me many blissful months of passionate and mind-blowing pleasure before one of the grad students walked in on us kissing in the library. It was a good thing he hadn’t walked in about five minutes sooner or he would have gotten an eyeful of my tongue doing it’s duty to Gary’s rock solid cock.

“Yoohooo….earth to Mickey?” Sheryl laughed as she snapped her fingers in front of my eyes.

“Sorry, just, uhm, eh, reminiscing.”

I made my promise to meet her at the Monkey in about an hour, I just needed to go home, de-corporate my outfit and let down my hair. After letting myself into my apartment, I rummaged around my closet looking for something sexy to put on. My hands brushed against something deliciously soft and silky as they fumbled through the hangers, my breath caught in my throat as I picked out the top. It was the color of my favorite wine, deep, dark and murky red with just a touch of illumination. Instantly I knew that this top was destined to go out tonight. Picking out my favorite skin-tight black pants to go with it, I moved into the bathroom with my clothes and turned on my cd player. A little Jeff Buckley crooning always helped me to feel sexy.

Slowly, I undid the button and zipper on my suit pants as my hips gently swayed to the music, slipping the tailored fabric past my thighs and down to a pool on the floor. Next, I wrapped my fingers through the strings of my black satin bikini panties and slid them down toward my knees. Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror I stopped with them around my calves. I turned so my ass faced the mirror and thought to myself, “Not half bad”. Continuing the striptease for myself, I pulled my pale blue tank top over my head, watching as this sexy brunette moved rhythmically to the bass and kick drum. Next, the bra, what a sweet little lacy strip of fabric it was. I loved to wear it under my work clothes because it gave me a sense of rebellion. The lace barely hid my large erect nipples as my fingers traced over the mounds of my pert breasts, the fingers stopping to tease and pinch the reddish-brown nipples as they poked through. An uninhibited moan escaped my lips as I watched the girl in the mirror doing this to herself. I turned toward the mirror so I could see the neatly trimmed hair covering my mound and the black lace keeping my bursa escort bayan aching nipples in tension.

Lazily, my right hand traced it’s way down from my breast to my stomach, lightly turning curves over the pale white flesh that no one else ever saw. As the words “you know everybody here wants you” blared out of my stereo my right hand found it’s way to the tight curls below my belly and began to stroke out stronger circles there. My left hand found it’s way to the back of my bra and proceeded to undo the hooks there, releasing my breasts from their restraint and letting the black fabric fall to the floor.

As I played with my silky curls, I watched the lips of the me in the mirror and licked them. My tongue flickered it’s way over the backs of my teeth and onto my lips where it played with the ruby red moisture gathering there. I walked closer to the mirror so I could stare more intently into the blue eyes reflected there. Lower and lower my right hand went, parting my other lips with ease, releasing a gasp from my mouth. So wet, so hot, so wanting. I allowed my index finger to prod through the engorged and pink flesh below to find my hole, the center of my lust. Dipping in sweetly, my finger traced wetness back up to the hot little button above my aching, throbbing love. Blessed with the slickness my first two fingers joined together to lightly tease my clit.

Dropping to my knees so I could get a closer look at my own satisfaction, I crawled toward my reflection and pressed my nipples against the cold mirror. The contrast of my own heat and the cold of the mirror sent goosebumps over my entire body. I watched, slack-jawed as I drew my left hand down to join the right. It caressed my curls a bit but then, with more urgency than the other hand, dipped three fingers as deep as they could go into my hot sex. My muscles tightened around the intrusion but my throat let out a deep growl as the rhythm of my persistent thrumming of my clit began to increase. I spread my legs further so I could watch the thrusting motion of the fingers in my hole. I was quickly approaching a climax that I had desired for a month now. Looking deep into my eyes in the mirror I began to smirk.

“You’re such a fucking slut.” I began to berate myself.

“You love the way that looks, don’t you? Watching your fingers slam into you like they’re the ones on a mission”

I bit down on my lip as the sensations became more intense.

“That’s right you little bitch. Fuck yourself, you little whore” Briefly I let my right hand come off my clit to rare back and smack my own ass as hard as I escort bursa could. My intention was to stave off the impending release but instead this threw it into overdrive. With my ass still stinging from the self-inflicted slap, my right hand returned to thrumming my clit as my pussy began to clench on the fingers shoved in it. Waves of heat radiated from my spine and spread down through the muscles of my abdomen and legs causing me to fall backward, giving me a front row seat to the slickness gushing out of my finger-stuffed hole.

“Holy fuck! Yes, oh yes! Oh Gary! Oh Gary!” the words came screaming out of my throat, so loud it hurt my ears.

Gary, huh? I guess I still wanted him, and why not? He gave me the most intense orgasms and did the most insane things to me. My mind started to wander to the time he tied me naked to the handle of his front door and proceeded to smack my ass until it was red and my cunt was dripping a puddle on his floor. Only after I was on my knees in tears from the pain did he rip into me with his thick dick.

This memory, combined with the afterglow of my last orgasm caused my fingers to find their way back down to my slick snatch. Surprisingly, my clit had come back to life and was begging to be rubbed into oblivion. Just as I began to stroke the little nub I faintly heard my answering machine pick up.

“Yo, Mick, it’s Sheryl, where the hell are you? There’s someone here I think you’d be happy to see, get your sweet ass over to this bar! I mean it, you won’t regret it.”

This made me pause long enough to consider the mischief in her voice. Hmm…won’t regret it. Maybe she was right. I decided to tease myself a bit longer and then get cleaned up, always knowing I could get out my toys later in the evening and call up the memories of Gary to help get a few more wet and sloppy orgasms out. Hell, maybe I could find someone to bring home with me who could take my mind off of Gary.

Reluctantly, I got up off the floor of my bathroom on unsteady legs and grabbed a washcloth. Gently I soaped up my throbbing pussy and cleaned off all the cum that had crept down my legs. I slipped on my silky red top without a bra and found a tiny black thong to slip on, more with the purpose of soaking up any remaining wetness that would seep out between now and later than for the sake of wearing any underwear. After zipping up my black pants and finding a suitable pair of spiked heels I decided to just amp up the lips tonight with some slick red gloss. I swiped on another coat of mascara, transformed my ponytail into a French twist and put some simple silver hoops through my ears and some silver bangles on my left wrist.

“Alright,” I said to my reflection, ” don’t come home without a plaything…”

Out the door and on to see what this night might hold…

To be continued…

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