Growing on My Own

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“Jessie, wake up or you’ll miss your ride.” whoever was yelling was really working my last nerve. As you all ready guessed my names Jessie, I’m 18 and moving from London where my mother lives to New York where my brother lives. Was she happy I was leaving? No, but when our parents divorce he was 10 I was 5 so dad took him while I went with mother. Since I was 16 I’ve wanted nothing more than to be with my brother. Some say I have a brother complex, but I don’t believe so.

“Jessie, wake up or you will miss your cab. Don’t blame me if you have to keep living with me.” my mother said sarcastically. If only she could understand I just missed my brother. It’s like she never even cared.

“I’m up.” Rolling out of bed I throw on yellow sundress and wedge hills. Combing my brunet hair I let it hang. Grabbing my hand bag I’m ready to walk out the door.

Mom kisses my head and says when i’m ready to come home to just call. With that I walk out the door catch my plane to the big apple.


The flight didn’t take too long. Doing my makeup and catching some more sleep time fly by. Walking to get my bag my nerves kicked in full gear. Thoughts ran through my head, What if he doesn’t recognize me, What if I doesn’t really want me around? escort kocaeli I tried to get my mind straight and calm down.

After grabbing my bag I turn and see a big banner with my name written across it. Holding it up high was my father and brother. Dropping my bags I run at full speed not caring who see. Justin drops his end of the banner, opens his arms waiting for me to jump right in. All the fears and worries seemed to melt away. I knew in that moment he’d missed me as much as I missed him.

The drive home we played catch up on every thing new and what we missed. Turns out he’s engaged, dads being moved to train new employees at his new plant in Sacramento. Turns out I’ll be living with Justin and his four friends. Why do I get the feeling this is not going to be fun.

“Dad I just got here and your leaving, why? Cant the send someone else.” H e shook his head no. He never replies. Mom says that why they divorced. Giving up I lean back and ready my self to meet my four new roommates.

Getting out the car at dads I notice and party going on. Justin says its a welcome home party for me. Not wanting to deal with anyone right now I walk up stairs to my room. the first door I come to I notice its slightly open so a peek inside.

Sitting gölcük escort at a desk I see a Asian boy, he must be my brothers age, typing away at a computer. I cant seem to make myself look away. Mesmerized by his soft almost delicate hand glide across the keys I wonder what his hands would feel like gliding cross me and not them keys.

YO, Lee come down stairs, the new girl is here.” before I and look away he turns his head and i’m met with the most beautiful eyes. I could drowned in them. His chest was field out, you could tell he liked to work out. Lost in thought I didn’t noticed when he spoke to me.

“Can I help you? This is my room if your looking for the restroom bottom floor,” I’d like to be on the bottom of him. “If your looking for Sam try out back by the pool, where he hangs.” noticing he’s waiting for my reply I quickly answer him.

“No, I’m Jessie, Justins sister. I was looking for my room but got lost when I saw you.” He must have picked up on my distress he seemed to understand.

“My bad names Lee I’m a computer major, that music, and running rule my life. We share the same bathroom so you can come this way I’ll show you the way to your room.” following him straight to my room.

Closing izmit sınırsız escort the door behind me when he starts down stairs. I lay across my bed images of Lee fill my mind. His hands moving slowly up my hips, across my flat tummy, resting on my size C cup breast. Taking my nipples and pinching them between his fingers while trailing his soft lips across my neck.

I cant stop a moan from escaping as I rub my hands eagerly around my swollen clit. Arching my back I dip two finger inside my awaiting pussy. Moving my fingers as fast as they would go I feel the urge building inside, knowing my orgasm is coming soon I clamp my free hand down on my clit rubbing and twisting it. My body shacks I have released my orgasm.

Cleaning myself up I walk down stairs. I end up meeting my brother betrothed her names Allison. She seems sweet, but I cant stop staring at Lee and he noticed. Turning away with embarrassment I walk to find the beer. No one would notice if I take one. I open the bottle when all a sudden some one whispers in my ear.

“Next time you want to fantasize about someone close your doors all together.” Looking up I come face to face with Lee. The smirk on his face says he heard me call his name. Dam, Why must he bee so sexy.

“Didn’t know I need our permission to get off.” hoping he would just drop it I turned away. Boy was I wrong.

“You don’t but I’d be whiling to help next time.”

With that he walked away. If all the guys living here are like him then I’m doomed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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