Harvest Adventure in Spain

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The note on the front desk of the youth hostel was simple and brief.

‘Picking fruit. Free board and lodging and a good wage. Hours 7 AM to 12 PM. Single rooms, swimming pool. Tell the desk if you are interested and I will pick you up at 9 AM. Pedro.’

Kathy was there at 9 AM and there was another tall Swedish boy that she hadn’t seen before. Kathy was not her real name, but you couldn’t easily pronounce the original Khadija, from Somalia. She was very tall, good-looking, great smile and was 27 years old. The Swedish boy, Oscar, was 18, tall and blonde and strong. At 9 o’clock a middle-aged Spanish man walked up to the desk and asked if they were the two who were coming and when they responded in the affirmative, he took them out to his car. It was only a 20 minute drive and they arrived at a large orchard with a nice house in the front and in the back an annex with four separate rooms, a kitchen, and a small swimming pool.

“Put your luggage in the room and we’ll go out to the orchard until midday. “

There were others picking fruit as well who must have been locals.

“Here is a basket, fill it up and somebody will come and pick it up and give you another one. When the bell rings at 12 o’clock you can go back to the rooms and have some lunch.”

Kathy was not used to physical work like this and after lunch said to Oscar, “I’m going to have a nap for a while.”

When she looked out the window of her room two hours later she could see Oscar lying on his towel next to the pool with nothing on at all. Kathy stood back from the window so that she could not be seen but her eyes were transfixed on the naked body in front of her and especially on his large penis flopping to one side of his body while the sun beat down. It brought back memories of when she had last been with her husband two years ago before he was imprisoned and she tried to remember the last time they had had sex. It’d been two long years and the desire to have sex again was welling up in her mind. What to do? She knew they were alone. Valour was the better part of discretion. She opened the door and walked towards Oscar whose eyes opened as she approached. He could see she was still dressed.

“You should have a swim. The water is beautiful and warm.”

“I haven’t got a costume”.

“Neither have I. Why don’t you just swim with your clothes on?”

“Okay. I could try that.”

She slipped her bra from under the top and took her jeans off and jumped into the water. It was so refreshing. She splashed around for a while and then came out and lay next to Oscar.

“Did you like that?”

“Yes. I hadn’t really expected to go swimming on this trip. “

She placed her towel next to Oscar’s and lay down. It was uncomfortable lying on the towel with her wet T-shirt and panties on and it was unthinkable that she could take them off and lie in the sun naked, next to a man she hardly knew. All the time that she was laying there, her eyes were focused on that large, limp penis that was so close. It was Oscar’s hand that reached out to hers and grasped it. Kathy squeezed back until she rolled on her side and reached out for Oscar’s penis.

Oscar didn’t object and she kept on playing with it until she could feel it getting erect. It was ages since she had done this with her husband but it felt so good. She didn’t look at Oscar for approval. He would have taken her hand away if he didn’t like it. Oscar was loving it. It was the first time any woman had touched his penis and he loved the soft feeling of her fingers.

Oscar was uncircumcised and it was the first time Kathy had encountered an uncircumcised penis. She enjoyed looking at how, when she pulled it down, his foreskin revealed his beautiful crown underneath and then she would pull the foreskin up again so that it covered it and up and down, up and down. There was only so much that Oscar could take before she could feel that he was about to ejaculate. She pulled up his towel to cover the tip so as not to make a mess and she watched as his penis subsided again.

Oscar engaged her with his eyes. They looked at each other in silence.

“Wouldn’t you like to take your top and panties off? I’m sure you would be much more comfortable.

Kathy didn’t hesitate. They were off in a flash revealing a really brown body with a nice pair of breasts, a hairy bush, nice long legs and a big smile. Kathy waited for him to do something but nothing happened.

“Is this the first time you’ve ever been with a woman?”

“Yes. I live on a farm in Sweden near a very small village and there are hardly any girls around. It takes an hour to get into the village and so I don’t get many chances to socialise.”

“What’s your name?”


“My name is Kathy. I’m from Somalia and I’m a doctor. Until two years ago I was happily married and then my husband was arrested and put in jail for political crimes. I was told it would be better and safer for me if I left Somalia and I went to London and worked. It was so cold and I missed the heat of the summer so I came to Spain and kocaeli escort bayan that’s why I’m here.”

“I wondered where you were from. That’s a very sad story. You must miss your husband.”

“Very much. I won’t see him again for another three years.”

Oscar’s hand squeezed her breast gently. It was the first breast he had ever touched – in fact, it was the first he had seen in the flesh. His fingers squeezed her nipple gently and he could feel her purring. He hesitated what to do next. Sex Ed had shown him the roadmap but not what to do when he got there. Kathy could feel that she was getting wet and moved his finger down to her clitoris and moved it around. The expectation of what would come next raised her excitement levels considerably and she played with his erection to make sure it was nice and hard.

‘Do you know what to do next?’

‘Sort of. Show me what to do. I’ve never touched a woman before. I’m happy to learn and you look like a good teacher.”

“Do you know how to give a woman an orgasm?”

“Only what I learnt in Sex Ed . I think we should go into one of the rooms. It will be much more comfortable.”

“You’re right.”

They picked themselves up off the grass and Kathy took Oscar into her room. It was only a single bed but it didn’t matter. She kissed him and drew his hand up to her breasts. They kissed for quite a while and then she drew his hand down to her pussy.

Oscar said, “I was looking before and I can see you haven’t got a clitoris. I remember in Sex Ed that they taught us that many of the girls in Egypt, Somalia, Kenya and right across Africa suffer from FGM.”

“Well actually I have had FGM but I’ve still got a clitoris.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Let me explain. My mother was a doctor and my father was a high official in the UN. When I was six we left Somalia and went to Europe and lived in different places for a few years. I came back much laterto Somalia and they only removed the clitoral hood and didn’t touch the clitoris. Then I became a doctor and I met my husband, who is a doctor also and we got married. We were married for three years and then he got arrested for belonging to the wrong political party and was put in jail and I’ve been alone ever since.”


“So tell me about you.”

“Well, I just finished my school and the weather wasn’t good and so I decided to go to Spain and I was going to go to Ibiza and find a nice girl and have some fun and here I am.”

“Do you remember, I was in the middle of showing you how to make love? I’m not going to waste my time talking when I could be making love with you instead. Put your finger on to my clitoris. You feel that little bump. Well that’s the clitoris. All the skin over the top is gone. That’s not the clitoris. Now you rub for a little while and if you put your finger a little bit further down you’ll see that I’m getting wet. Can you feel that?”


“Okay. I’m now going to make sure that you’re nice and hard and then I’m going to roll you on your back.”

Kathy positioned herself with her vagina above his penis and lowered herself gently down. She could feel the crown opening her up and it felt good. She wanted to have the image of her husband’s face in her mind as he did this but she couldn’t help seeing the wide-eyed look of delight on Oscar’s face as she forced his penis into her. The relief of having something inside her vagina was immense. She had not gone on this vacation with the intention of having a fuck but when the opportunity arose, she couldn’t resist. She wasn’t telling herself the truth. When she was arranging the trip she went back on the pill. She just didn’t want to admit that she was hoping to have sex, and not with her husband.

“Well, I’ve taken your virginity. You are no longer a virgin. How does that feel?”

“It feels so good. I can’t believe it.”

“Just put your finger on my clitoris again and start rubbing.”

All the time she kept moving up and down slowly and then his body went temporally stiff and relaxed and he began to lift himself up and down uncontrollably while he sprayed his seed inside her. Kathy enjoyed the feeling of the twitches. Her vagina was very sensitive. Kathy thought to herself – he is 18, I wonder how many times we can do this.

Kathy took great delight in showing Oscar new positions. She loved it when he went from behind. He was in so deep. Oh God. So deep.

“I’ve got to go and have a wash and clean up. I must look a mess down there.”

They both proceeded to the bathroom to have a shower. Their hands were all over each other and then she dried herself.

“Let’s go out and have a quick sunbake and then my hair will dry completely.”

They came back in and she lay on the bed. She motioned Oscar to kneel between her legs and then she lifted them up separated them.

“You can kiss my clitoris. I’d like that.”

“Okay, now I’m ready for you to put it in.”

She lifted her bottom in the air so that she could clearly see his long, hard penis slip into her. It wasn’t izmit escort bayan actually that much longer than normal but just as absence makes the heart grow fonder so absence made the part grow longer. The combination of being able to watch his penis disappear and then reappear and the feeling from her vagina was too much. She tried to buck under the weight of his body and her legs wrapped around him and held him in until he too had an orgasm. Kathy and Oscar made love several times that night until finally she was beginning to feel a bit sore.

The next morning they were up bright and early and went to the orchard and came back at 12 o’clock for lunch. Two new faces were there. They must’ve started to work that morning. One was a nice-looking girl from New York who had just finished her studies and was travelling around Europe. Linda was originally from a farm and didn’t mind a bit of hard work. Gunter was had just finished his second year at University and was on his way to Ibiza to meet some of his friends. They all had lunch together and moved out to the swimming pool.

Kathy and Oscar took their clothes off and jumped into the water and played around splashing each other. Linda didn’t have a costume and wanted to have a swim so she took all her clothes off too. She stood at the edge of the pool contemplating the water while Kathy and Oscar looked at her. She was tall, had a nice figure, but most noticeable of all was the fact that there was no hair on her pussy and that she had a clit ring. Kathy and Oscar just stared.

“Haven’t you seen one of these before? “


Linda jumped in while Gunter went back to get his swimming trunks. He looked great and very muscly and had a large package. He jumped in and began swimming like a fish backwards and forwards and they all watched his technique. He was good. After a few minutes they all lay down on their towels and baked in the sun which was really hot. Oscar was starting to get red – his pale skin wasn’t designed for the sun but Kathy loved it. They couldn’t stay in the sun for too long and went inside to have a drink.

Kathy said to Linda, “I want to talk to you alone. I’m going to send the boys down to get some wine on the two bicycles that are in the back.”

“Oscar and Gunter, Here’s €10 to go down to the local shop on the bicycles and buy two bottles of wine. It shouldn’t take too long.”

As they disappeared Kathy said to Linda,” I’ve never seen anybody with a ring like you’ve got before. How do they do it?”

“You’ve got an English accent, but where are you from?”

“From Somalia. You might not know it but it would be impossible to find a girl in Somalia with a ring on like that.”

“Why is that?”

“Didn’t you know they are all circumcised?”

“I forgot. Oh My God. Does that mean you had the operation too?”


“Do you mind if I have a look?”

“First let me have a look at that little ring close up and then I’ll show you mine. How do they do it? Does it hurt?”

“Yes it hurts. It’s a very short, sharp pain and then it’s okay.”

“How do they do it?”

“Well there are people who specialise in doing them, mostly men, and they put you in a gyno chair and they separate the hood from the shaft of the clitoris and then they push a needle through the skin and that’s when it hurts like hell. Then they replace the needle with the ring and it is done. Can I look at you? I’ve never met anybody who’s had an operation like that.”

“Do you know that in Somalia your operation would be illegal? Nobody is allowed to do any alteration to a woman’s genitalia.”


Kathy lifted herself onto the table and opened her legs for Linda to examine her.

“Oh My God. You’ve still got your clitoris but the hood has gone. “

“That’s right.”

“So you can still have orgasms.”

“Of course.”

“Can I touch you?”

“If you want to.”

Linda’s finger gently descended onto Kathy’s clitoris and began rubbing. She couldn’t help herself. She was actually bi-sexual and had been with many women before. She was so fascinated with what she was seeing. She could see Kathy was enjoying it and continued on until she had an orgasm.

“Wow. That was quick. Back in New York I have boyfriends and girlfriends and I love to lick pussies. Can I lick yours?”

When she was with her husband nothing pleased Kathy more than when he licked her to orgasm over and over again.

“I’d love you too.”

In a very short time Kathy had another orgasm.

“I’ve never done that to a woman. Can I do it to you? It will be my first time.”

“Sure. I would love you to.”

Linda jumped up onto the table. She had been travelling for a week and living in youth hostels had found it very difficult to use her vibrator. The need for an orgasm was great and she was looking forward to seeing how this novice in the art would perform.

“Don’t worry about the ring. Just make sure you don’t pull it because that can hurt.”

“Where do I start?”

“Just put gebze escort your tongue on my clitoris and start licking and sucking. Just move your tongue around and around in different directions.”

Kathy applied her tongue tentatively and as her confidence grew became more vigorous.

“That’s great. Try and put your finger in my vagina and find my G spot.”

“Where is it?”

“On the upper side of my vagina, just a little way in. I think you can feel it.”

“Is that it?”

“Yes that’s it. You are doing great. I’m going to come.”

When Linda had stopped twitching Kathy took her mouth away.

“You did great. I don’t think I can teach you anything. Do you like the taste?”

“Very different to me, but I like it.”

“We’ll have to stop this. The boys will be back soon and I don’t want to be seen doing this. I don’t want them to think that we are lesbians.”

The boys came back with the wine and Kathy gave everyone a small glass.

“We’ll finish them off later with dinner.”

They sat around the table and chatted for quite a while and Kathy said, “It’s time for a swim. “

They all went out to the pool but still Gunter kept his swimming trunks on. He swam a few laps and they all baked in the sun for a while. The heat of the afternoon made everybody lazy but Kathy said,” I think you all ought to go indoors, otherwise you will get burnt.”

They went inside and chatted for a while and had dinner. The meals were all prepared and all they had to do was microwave them. They sat around and talked for a while and drank some more wine and talked and talked. Kathy said,” It’s time to go to bed. “

She held Oscar’s hand as they left the kitchen and a few minutes later it was obvious that they were making love and then Kathy let out a short cry and there was silence. Linda and Gunter kept on talking but she couldn’t work out why Gunter wasn’t coming onto her. She was sending out all the signals that she was available and nothing was happening. Soon the sounds of lovemaking came again from the room next door and then there was the little cry again.

Linda decided it was time to take the initiative. She took out her phone and started to play some dance music and drew Gunter up from the table.

“I like dancing.”

She held him close and tried to engage her body with his. It finally hit her that he must be very shy for some reason and that’s why he didn’t take his costume off.

“Don’t you like to dance?”

“I do, but I am a bit shy.”

It suddenly clicked in Linda’s mind that he must be a boy who took a long time to start a relationship and that he just wasn’t used to the pace of her life which included plenty of one night stands. There was only one solution if she wanted to have sex with him tonight. She pulled him close and put her hand inside his shorts.

Gunter didn’t miss a beat, while Linda’s hand fumbled around trying to find his dick. It was too difficult and with both hands she pulled his shorts down and there it was – hanging long and soft. Gunter was so surprised by the turn of events and also by the excitement of the prospect of sex that he allowed her to massage his dick. It soon came to life in her hand.

She looked down and said, “You’ve got a really nice dick. You’ve got nothing to be shy about.”

“Well I was just a bit embarrassed about showing it in front of two ladies I had never met and they were older than me. When I was with my girlfriend two years ago, we only made love under the covers and then she dropped me. She never showed herself naked and neither did I. I think we were both shy.”

“I’m only a few years older so you don’t have to worry. Did she ever have an orgasm?”

“No never. I think that’s why she dropped me.”

She held his hand and led him to her bed. Linda had forgotten what it was like to be with a man who wasn’t really familiar with fucking. She was sure that with a little training he would be really good. She had never failed. They lay down together with the lights on.

“Don’t be shy because the lights are on. It’s better when the lights are on. You can see my breasts and my pussy and I can look at your dick.”

Linda had nicely shaped breasts and she drew his hand to them and he started massaging them as well as her nipples. He could see by her face that she was really enjoying this. After a while she reached down to his erection and commented to herself – this is the thickest one I’ve ever seen. She had no idea how it would fit but knew it would. After a while she removed her hand and put her mouth over his cock. Gunter sucked in air as her head bobbed up and down.

“You’re ready. Really good and ready. Have you ever seen where you are going to go?”

“No. Only on porn.”

“Look at me – this is the real thing.”

She lay on her back with her pussy right up in the air and her knees around her ears and separated her lips so that her vagina was visible and open.

“Can you see where it’s going to go? Put it in gently. You are very big and I want to feel every inch as it goes in.”

Gunter followed orders and he was soon deep inside.

“You think love is physical but I know it’s mental. I want you to move in and out slowly and I want you to keep talking to me. Just say anything that comes into your head that you think will please me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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