Caught in the Act

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In the bathroom, I apply a little shaving lotion, working it in. Hot water running, to rinse the razor. Just a little trim work. The stubble is light. Not playing catch-up today. A few strokes and the job is done. Rinse off and apply a little lotion. I check myself in the mirror; looks good!

My cock swells a bit in anticipation of what is coming. Not an erection, but movement in that direction. I like walking around naked, especially when there’s a little blood flow to the nether regions. It feels good.

Padding into the bedroom with a towel over my shoulder, I pull open the drawer in one of the nightstands and remove the cylinder. The clear plastic, marked with horizontal lines, lets you see your progress. Helps to motivate, I guess. The bottle of lube comes out, too.

Into the living room. I like to “exercise” here. There’s more room, and more light. And porn on a bigger screen than my laptop. It’s already running, sans volume. A video compilation of my own, gathered from various sites. The best deepthroat blowjobs I could find.

“Hello, ladies.” I settle into my big, overstuffed recliner, legs spread as far as possible. Plastic cylinder goes to the table on my left. Towel under my ass and stretched out in front of me.

I press the levered cap on the lube, opening it. Invert the bottle and squeeze a little into my palm. Now trade the lube for the cylinder. Apply plenty on the rubber seal at the bottom, and more to the whole area around the base of my freshly shaved cock. Wipe off the excess on the towel.

Press the base of the cylinder to the head of my cock. Push the button. Instantly, there is the soft sound of a motor. A slight tugging sensation on my penis. I love the feeling when the head first pushes through the hole in the rubber seal. The whole thing now starts to move toward my crotch.

Have to be careful when settling it in kurtköy escort place. Turn it off when it’s close. Can’t let any of the scrotum get sucked in, unless you like pain. Once it’s well situated, push the button again.

Now I watch as my cock grows. Having the blood drawn into your penis is a different sensation from having it flow in as a result of arousal. It’s less satisfying. Less sexual. More mechanical. Still enjoyable, though.

At a certain point, the suction becomes uncomfortable. The tiniest bit painful. Like there are ants taking little bites, mostly around the head.

Press the button again. It’s off. Now the other button. Instant release of pressure. Re-adjust the seal against my pelvis. Turn it on again. This time, my cock gets significantly bigger before the pain.

Repeat the process once or twice. When it’s reached its fullest capacity, turn the device off. There’s no pain now. Just a constant pressure. Time to relax and enjoy the visuals on the TV. And the vodka tonic that’s been waiting.

Ten minutes or so later, it’s time to release the pressure. The rubber seal has a tendency to cling to the skin when the cylinder is being removed. One of the big reasons to use plenty of lube.

Dick is free. A little manual manipulation now. Ah… That feels better. But, let it rest. Let the blood out some. After a couple minutes, back to work. A little more lube. Push the button.

A few minutes later, there are a couple of seconds of conversation outside, before the sound of a key in the lock. The front door opens. My wife walks in. With a friend. I have nowhere to hide. No time to react.

Two sets of eyes widen when they see me. Mikki knows exactly what I’m doing. There is already a smile on her face, and it grows. There is a mischievous light in her eyes, too. She is not surprised. This may have been planned…

The aydıntepe escort smile on her friend’s face, however, turns to more of a shocked O shape. Her forward movement into the room is stopped. Her eyes dart around; my cock, Mikki’s face, my face, my cock, the TV, my cock, Mikki, my cock.

Mikki laughs. Pulls Sandy inside. Closes the door. Crosses the room. Gives me a hot kiss. Invites Sandy to come close.

I already know Sandy. We have mutual friends. Sandy is in her 60’s. Her body is in its late 40’s. We’ve flirted at gatherings. Mikki has told her about how our relationship works. She’s seen each of us getting closer in public with other people than what might usually be considered acceptable. She hasn’t run away.

Mikki directs her to sit on the sofa. Immediately to my right. She is nervous. Not afraid. She looks carefully at my… arrangement.

Mikki presses the button. Releases the pressure. Pulls the cylinder away. Explains what I am doing. Strokes my cock. Invites Sandy to do the same. She does, and Mikki steps back to watch.

The blood is now being pushed, not pulled. My cock has never been bigger. Or harder. Sandy’s hand moves slowly. Gently. I sink back into the chair. Close my eyes.

The touch of a woman with experience is a different touch. I am lost in the sensations. Heat begins to build. From deep inside. There is soft moaning. It is not of my creation.

The sounds of movement. A momentary interruption in Sandy’s work. Someone between my legs, now. The stroking continues. I ignore everything but the heat. Until…

The tongue licks at the underside of my glans. Soft. Wet. Hot. I groan. Pressure now joining the heat inside. Soon…

Lips surround my cock head. God, the sweet warmth! Suction. The tongue continues to lap at the underside. There is no change to her hand motion. Still slow. Still gentle.

I tuzla içmeler escort am in heaven. THIS! THIS is how I want to die. Lost in inner space.

Then it comes. Unbidden. Without warning. Too soon, the surge is upon me. I cry out. Body tenses. Hips push forward.

The soft hand does not change its motion, its pace. The mouth accepts all that I offer. The tongue stops only for a moment, as my seed is consumed. Then begins again.

My chest heaves. My body slumps. I am drained.

The hand continues. Slowly. Softly. The tongue. The lips.

Again, the heat! The pressure! This time it builds slowly. Strongly. I strain to bring it forward. Into the warmth. The wetness.

This one takes time. It is a glorious torture. A desire to achieve a release that WILL come. It cannot be hurried. But the attempts to do so cannot be stopped. I try to be patient. Just enjoy. Just endure the wait. Appreciate the journey.

My cock is hyper-sensitized now. I twitch with her touch. My body knows how she will move, and when. But cannot wait. Cannot resist its response.

After an eternity, it arrives. I cannot vocalize any more. Can hardly breathe. I release the flow into her mouth. PUSH it into her mouth. It lasts forever. It is over in an instant.

I collapse again. This time, the mouth moves. Taking in more of my cock. ALL of my cock. Slowly. I open my eyes. To see what is next. What I surely will not live through. Her eyes meet mine.

Her lips crawl down the length of my member. Reaching forward. Pulling her head downwards. Pulling my cock into her mouth. Reaching forward again. Pulling again.

My shaft has softened. But not completely. I can feel it. I watch it disappear. I can feel the flat of her tongue wrapped around it. Moving gently forward and back. I am fucking her mouth without moving.

As her head raises up, I smile at her. She is a master. I am in awe. She kisses the tip as she pulls away. Flicks with her wonderful tongue. Smiles at me. Stands. Turns. Walks toward our bedroom. My wife follows.

I reach for the cylinder. I’m going to need a little help…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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