Masturbation and My Ex

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I’ve always loved watching. I watch porn because it feels voyeuristic. And I especially love seeing a man stroke his cock. And that’s what has me thinking about my ex. The man was addicted to masturbation, I swear, and I loved every second of it. I used to get him worked up and watch while he stroked his cock. It was so big, and it would get so hard, and I loved watching his hand sliding up and down it. I actually preferred when he wasn’t paying attention to me, because then it felt more like I was watching secretly. But there were all sorts of ways I’d keep him turned on, by interacting with him, and having him rub his cock on different parts of my body. I’d encourage him to keep going. Edging. On and on, sometimes for hours. I never wanted it to end.

There are times I can remember perfectly. A time in the shower. A time in the garage. A time on the couch in the living room. Where I just got to watch him stroke his cock and my cunt juiced up just watching.

But my favorite was a time I got him to masturbate in the back seat of the car. We were in a parking lot of a gas station along the highway, parked far from any other cars. We had stopped there because he wanted to fuck me, and I teased him along, but wanted to watch him stroke his cock so badly. We had climbed into the back seat and he reached in my low cut top and pulled out my tits- they’re very big and he loved groping and squeezing them really hard.

I couldn’t help but moan, and gasped, “pull bursa escort out your cock. Please. I need to see it in your hand and you stroking it.”

He pulled back a bit and eyed me suspiciously. He knew what I was trying to do. But he was also so turned on that he looked me in the eye, took one hand off my big tits, and with his other undid his pants, pulled out his cock, and wrapped his fingers around it.

I watched his cock throb in his hand as he manhandled my tits with the other. I was starting to pant with excitement.

He started to slide his hand slowly up and down that magnificent cock. “Do you want to be a good whore?” he growled.

“I want to be a good whore. I want to be a good whore,” I gasped, eager to excite him more. My pussy’s need to watch him jerk off had taken me over completely. I’d do anything he wanted as long as it kept him stroking his cock.

“Pull down your jeans and rub that cunt.”

I almost tore a button off my jeans in my eagerness to give him what he wanted. Now we were both sitting in the back seat, pants undone, masturbating, eyeing them other with insatiable lust in our eyes.

He took his hard from my tits and grabbed my hair, shoving my head down. As he pushed I protested. “I just want to watch you stroke!” But as my lips came in contact with that hard cock I couldn’t help but lick and kiss it a bit. Then I opened my mouth wide and sunk down a bit so I could feel him fuck his cock hard up into bursa escort bayan my mouth. His hips bounced off the seat as he fucked my mouth beautifully for a minute. “Now let me watch you. Please. Please.”

He acquiesced and let go of my hair. From being already leaned over with my head next to his cock, I fully reclined across the back seat, so I was laying with my head by his thigh as he sat upright- so I could turn my head and watch so closely as he slid his hand up and down that cock slowly, squeezing tight, giving a slight twist with each stroke.

He returned to gripping each tit in turn, sometimes working each nipple. Between how delicious that felt, and having my face so close, watching him stroke, eventually I was rubbing my slot so hard, dipping my fingers in to feel my wetness.

“Stroke harder,” I pleaded. There was real desperation in my voice, I need this so much. “Think about how you fucked my mouth last night and came all over my face. Think about what a good whore I am. How I need to be a good whore for you.”

My words were having the desired effect. As he kneaded my big tits harder with one hand, his grip on his cock tightened with the other. Stroking faster as my words encouraged him. I could see the look in his eye as he started to get to that place where he was completely immersed sexually. I wanted so badly to keep him going like that forever. It made my cunt more needy just thinking about it and my fingers were very escort bursa wet from how my body was reacting to the situation.

He gasped “I need to fuck you, slut.” It was a fine balance between keeping him completely turned on, but not letting him fuck me. His hand slid up and down that gorgeous cock. Slow here, faster there. never quite the same rhythm. Then he put his fingers in my mouth and I loved that too. The man had beautiful hands. I loved sucking on his fingers and playing with them with my tongue. And I loved watching the details of exactly how he stroked that gorgeous cock in reaction to feeling my mouth wrap around his fingers and my tongue swirl around them. He kept saying he needed to fuck me, and I was so close to giving in. My cunt was absolutely throbbing with excitement from this show.

“Give me your fucking pussy or I’m going to stop, whore.” I knew from the look on his face I had to give him what he needed now.

“Yes. Use my slot,” I whimpered as I pulled myself up and somehow managed to get on my hands and knees across the seat. He was immediately behind me and I felt that rock hard cock slam into my pussy, deep, and immediately start thrusting. It felt like every nerve in my body was in my pussy while he pounded away.

He didn’t make it more than a minute before I felt his grip on my hips tighten, and felt all his hot cum fill me up. It was the perfect ending to getting to watch him masturbate for so long. All I could do was whisper “thank you” for all the cum he had pumped into me.

I try not to think about him, and I hate that he still turns me on. But sometimes I can’t help but rub my cunt to the crystal clear memories I have of my ex masturbating.

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