M Club Ch. 18

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The first rule of M Club is: You don’t talk about M Club. The second rule of M Club is: You don’t talk about M Club. Third rule of M Club: No touching anyone but yourself. Fourth rule: No recording devices. Fifth rule: No clothing below the waist. Sixth rule: If this is your first time at M Club, you must masturbate.


Vida dug into her backpack for something while standing outside the stage entrance door to the Highland High auditorium. “Is the coast clear?”

Sean looked down the hall in both directions and saw no one. Andy, Denby, and Lisa did likewise. Most looked as nervous as he felt. Overcoming nerves to get naked and masturbate with friends was one kind of nervous; this, breaking school rules, was something altogether different.

“Clear,” Lisa said.

Vida withdrew a credit or debit card and slid it through the door crack just above the handle. Moments later she pushed the door open and waved everyone inside.

“One of the drama teachers told me about this trick when I’d forgotten my stuff in the changing room,” Vida said. “Grade A crappy lock. Lucky for us.”

The door closed, leaving them in near darkness. They were in a cluttered hallway where doors led to the changing rooms used during school plays. The other end of the hall emptied into the backstage proper where curtains and old sets created a maze. A couple dim houselights over the stage seemed to be the only source of light in the oppressive silence.

Vida, undaunted, led them out onto the stage. Unlike Den, Vida, and Andy, Sean hadn’t been in any of the performing arts groups, so his experience on this side of the stage was limited. The feeble lights scarcely lit halfway back through the seating and it would have been impossible to see anyone sitting in the back.

“When you said you had a surprise for us today,” Andy said, walking out toward the edge facing the missing audience, “this wasn’t quite what I had in mind.”

“No, not at all,” Denby said, looking around like she expected a teacher to jump out at any moment.

“Nope, but it’s fantastic.” Lisa’s grin spread ear to ear. She raised her arms and spun around on the stage. “Too bad we don’t have an audience, though.”

Vida chuckled. “Thought about inviting some but didn’t think the administration would approve. Guess we’ll just have to pretend.”

Sean was still nervous, but with school out and nearly all extracurriculars done with scarcely a week left in the school year, it was unlikely they would be disturbed. Risky, but exciting in its own way. He felt himself drawn to Lisa’s enthusiasm, only slightly dampened by Den’s skeptical look.

He looked to Vida. “So, what? Were you thinking right here on the stage, then?”

She smiled. “I figured if the club’s gotta end, why not go out with a bang? You have to admit, we’ll remember this forever.”

“Probably make for a hell of a story at college parties,” Andy said, apparently warming to the idea.

“Exactly,” Vida said, giving him a fist bump. “So, everyone in?”

“Heck yeah!” Lisa was already tugging at the hem of her shirt, impatient to get everyone else on board.

Sean looked to Den, who appeared amusedly resigned. He nodded, and she agreed as well.

“Looks like we’re all in,” Andy said. “In the interest of not getting caught, though, I suggest we try to keep it quick.”

“Wimp,” Lisa said, giving him a wink.

Sean wasn’t sure how best to kick this off, since it didn’t quite have the organic spontaneity that got most of their club meetings rolling. Vida, however, seemed ready and eager to direct the proceedings by stepping up to the front of the stage and waving everyone up beside her. He did as she bid, standing on the left side with Denby beside him and Sean on the opposite end. Lisa eagerly took front and center.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Vida said, looking out toward the empty auditorium and raising her voice slightly as if addressing an audience. “Students and faculty. Welcome to the public debut of the Highland High M Club, where we prove that you can buy into those abstinence programs the school board’s been pushing and still have a sexy fun time with friends.”

Sean wondered where Vida was going when she started addressing the room, but he soon realized she was letting them all in on her imagination. Whether this was something she’d fantasized about during one of her drama stage appearances (did they ever actually talk about being in front of a naked audience, or naked in front of a clothed one?) he didn’t know. It probably had a lot in common with Lisa’s fantasies of being naked in front of a bunch of people. No wonder she seemed so giddy.

“I’m Vida and I’ll be your emcee for today’s festivities,” she continued. “Many of you probably know about my reputation with the boys and are wondering why I’d want to masturbate with friends when I can get as much of my boyfriend’s cock as I can handle? Well, the way I see it, why not open my mind as well as my legs? New experiences should be embraced and sought out, not feared or judged.”

That got a few bursa escort chuckles from the club and Sean could feel himself relaxing into the moment.

Andy chimed in, “Is it too late to get you to give the commencement speech?”

“Ask Lisa,” Denby said. “She’s your valedictorian.”

Sean hadn’t heard that, though he wasn’t surprised. He wondered when she’d found out and why he hadn’t heard yet. Lisa blushed, though, suggesting she was embarrassed by it.

“I don’t think they’ll let me abdicate,” she said.

“I’ll let you crib my material,” Vida said with a wink.

“Or you could just incorporate a striptease into the speech,” Andy said. “It’d certainly be a cure for the usual boredom.”

“I’d pay attention,” Sean said. “I mean, I would anyway, but…you know what I mean.”

He felt his cheeks warm, but Lisa just gave him an affectionate smile. “Yeah, I know,” she said, wiggling her breasts.

Vida reigned things in. “And on that note, let me introduce you to the other members. Might as well start with Lisa, your future valedictorian!”

Lisa twirled around and bowed to the imaginary audience.

“Lisa is more than just a pretty face and a brilliant mind,” Vida continued. “She’s got all the right curves and knows how to share them. There’s not a girl at this school more confident or eager to bare it all and show you how it’s done. Let’s all give a hand for the Luscious Lisa!”

Everyone clapped for Lisa as she took another playful bow. Sean thought that would be it until the introductions where done, but Lisa pulled her shirt up and off, revealing a lacy black bra contrasting sharply with her pale, freckled skin. She playfully twirled it around a couple times before tossing it off the front rows of the auditorium. Everyone clapped even louder.

Soaking up the attention, Lisa unzipped her skirt, let it drop to the ground, and kicked it after the shirt. Her sandals soon followed, and she spun around to give everyone a good look at her matching panties. Sean loved her body, soft and curvy, and adored her confidence. He could feel his cock swelling in response to her display.

Denby leaned in toward him and whispered, “Wasn’t planning on stripping. You know, in case someone came in.”

Sean shrugged. He hadn’t either. “No one says we have to. Don’t think we could have stopped Lisa, though.”

Den rolled her eyes and smiled.

Lisa pantomimed listening to the audience and acting surprised. “Gee, I think they want to see the rest of me,” she said over her shoulder. “Pudgy ol’ me?”

“Strip it all, baby,” Andy said. “Show em what’cha got.”

Lisa gave Andy an appreciative grin, then looked to the others. When she locked eyes with Sean, he gave her a quick wink and nod, to which he saw a twinkle in her eye.

Lisa shook her ass at the audience, then dramatically unhooked her bra and slid it over her shoulders. She covered her bare breasts with one arm and twirled the bra with the other as she turned back to face the auditorium. With a little wiggle, she toyed with revealing her breasts until finally dropping the arm and showing off her girls. She gave them a playful side to side shake and then tossed her bra toward the cheap seats.

Vida nodded approvingly and stepped back up, waving a hand at Lisa. “What’d I tell you? Impressive, huh?”

Lisa cupped each breast and gave her nipples a little pinch. She then lowered her hands to her hips and began wiggling out of her panties. Once they dropped to her feet, she kicked them out into the auditorium where the black fabric vanished in the darkness. Just like that, she was stark naked on the school auditorium stage. Despite the dim lighting, she looked radiant.

“Oh, ladies and gentlemen, check out that shaved pussy,” Vida said, pointing it out even as Lisa ran her hand over it and dipped a finger which she licked melodramatically. “Clearly she pulled out all the stops to ensure you all get a good view.”

Lisa took another, deeper bow. Sean admired the way her full breasts dangled from his side view, remembering vividly the way she’d dragged them across his cock before.

“Let’s hear it one more time for Luscious Lisa!” The group applauded their friend again as she took a couple steps back to join the others in the loose line.

Lisa smiled and blushed. “I’m so fucking wet,” she said, just loud enough to be heard by the club. There were amused and knowing smiles all around.

Vida turned her attention to Andy, who gamely took a step forward but didn’t get quite as front and center on the stage as Lisa had. “Next up, you’ll recognize him from his exploits on the gridiron and I can assure you he’ll attack his cock just as aggressively as he tackles wide receivers — Andy Martin!”

Andy took a short bow and waved to the auditorium, then cupped his cock outside his shorts suggestively.

“C’mon, Andy,” Vida said, “let’s show the girls what you’re packing.”

Andy gamely tugged his athletic shorts down just enough to fish out his erection — short, thick, and already throbbing red bursa escort bayan at the tip. He gave it a few strokes while Vida continued her introduction.

“Where Andy might not have it in length, he more than makes up for it in girth. This thick monster might not be the best choice for you virgins out there if you’re looking for a deflowering opportunity. For those willing to take on the challenge, he’ll fill you up like no other.”

Andy took her explicitly detailed introduction in stride, waggling his cock to the auditorium, and then retreated a couple steps back to his place on the end beside Lisa. He left his cock hanging out but didn’t shed any other clothes. Lisa whispered something to him, which caused him to shake his head and wave her off with a smile.

“And now, on my left, I can’t introduce one without introducing them both.” Vida turned to Sean and Denby, waving them forward. “Highland High’s cutest couple and the ones whose relationship made this club possible — Sean and Denby!”

Sean was wondering how she’d introduce them after her treatment of Lisa and Andy. Theirs, by comparison, was pretty tame and tactful by emphasizing their couple-hood. He wasn’t the sort to play act, but he was willing to play along enough not to ruin the moment. Denby appeared to be of the same mind and took his hand when he reached out. They took a step forward together and took a short bow.

Vida stepped around until she was able to squeeze in between them.

“Ladies,” she said, lowering her voice conspiratorially yet still talking to the audience. “I’m sure you’ve heard about the link between a guy’s shoe size and how long his…schlong…is.”

She looked pointedly down at Sean’s shoes, then wagged her eyebrows suggestively. “I can assure you, it’s true. Tell us, Long Schlong Sean, do you have to shop for shoes in the same stores as basketball players?”

Sean blushed. So much for getting off easily. He wasn’t nearly as long as Vida was suggesting, but he couldn’t help being flattered at her compliment.

Vida’s gaze shifted between his eyes and his crotch until he finally got the hint and unzipped his shorts. With a bit of finagling, he fished his cock out of the fly and let it point toward the cheap seats. Lisa’s show, still ongoing, had the usual effect on him.

“Yummie,” Vida said, again playing to the audience. “Should wrap that up in a bun and enjoy a filling lunch. Or dessert?”

Sean rolled his eyes but smiled at the girl’s silliness.

Vida turned her attention to Denby, the last to endure her “introductions.” Denby crossed her arms in amused reluctance.

“What can I say about Denby, Sean’s better half and the default masturbatory fantasy of nearly every straight guy in our class?”

Really? Sean figured Vida was exaggerating, but was Den really that much of a fantasy for his classmates? She’d been a fantasy of his before they’d started dating, so it wasn’t much of a stretch to assume other guys had harbored similar infatuations. Heck, even Andy had admitted as much. It made him feel a little uncomfortable, yet also proud that he was her one and only.

Denby clearly looked embarrassed at the insinuation, eyes wide and mouth open.

Vida pressed on. “She’s the classic girl next door — cute, sweet, and fun. And like all those girl next door fantasies, she’s got a dirty mind and the sex drive of a fox in heat. Introduce her to mom over dinner, then bend her over the dining room table later that night.”

Denby looked aghast but couldn’t help cracking a smile when Vida gave her an affectionate one-arm hug.

“Well, maybe after graduation, that is.”

Den sighed. “Eight days.”

“Maybe if we ask nicely, Dreamy Den will show us what she’s got that keeps Sean…up…at night!”

Sean already knew Den wouldn’t be near as comfortable stripping in school as Lisa had been, but with her best friend buck naked and both boys showing off erections, she undoubtedly felt pressure to do something. She sighed and gamely lifted her tank top, showing off a tasteful nude bra. Moments later, Den pulled the bra cups up, revealing her modest handfuls topped with their wonderfully suckable nipples. Sean felt his cock throb in his hand at the sight.

Vida nodded appreciatively. “What’d I tell ya — cute and perfect.”

Denby wiggled, even if her breasts were too small to swing or bounce appreciably. She smiled and seemed to be enjoying herself, which made it easier for Sean to relax.

“I guess that just leaves me to get this show started,” Vida said, extricating herself from between the two of them and stepping forward. “Since my chest is as flat as the school pizza, I’ll spare everyone the disappointment.”

Vida wiggled her short skirt over her narrow hips, then slid both it and her panties to the stage and stepped out of them. Sean couldn’t help but admire her curvy and athletic backside — butt, thighs, and calves. Definitely a tight body.

“Who’s ready for a show?”

Vida acted like the audience was going nuts, and Sean could almost escort bursa see and hear it in his own mind. It was nerve wracking enough to be doing this in the school without an audience. He couldn’t fathom what it would be like with actual people out there. But what if it was real? What if he was in the audience and it was other classmates up here about to do it? He’d be fascinated. Maybe a little uncomfortable but turned on and a little jealous of their utter confidence.

With that perspective in mind, Sean found it easy to start jacking off. To one side, Lisa was massaging her tits with one hand while the other snaked down between her legs. Andy, beside her, appeared to have an iron grip on his cock, but worked at a slow pace. His gaze seemed unable to settle on any one of the girls.

Vida had stepped back into their line. Her fingers appeared to already be probing her pussy and her body language suggested an extreme state of arousal. There had to be serious fantasy elements of this whole production for her.

Denby had returned her bra and tank to their proper places, probably unwilling to completely strip and uncomfortable to leave it bunched up above her breasts. In exchange, she’d unzipped her shorts and lowered them and her panties to her knees, revealing her lovely shaved pussy. Her fingers were slowly teasing around the labia. Her eyes, like his, moved between everyone else, but often seemed to settle on his cock.

Everyone took care of themselves in relative quiet for several minutes. There was still a nervous vibe, yet everyone was clearly enjoying the renegade act. For the most part, they weren’t the sort who’d gotten into trouble during their high school careers, making this feel like a last opportunity to experience that other side.

Lisa mixed things up by stepping up in front of the others and sitting and then laying down on the stage. She spread her legs for the audience and rapidly escalated the intensity of her finger play. Between moans, she said, “Might as well give them what they want, right?”

Sean just shook his head. Even for this group, she was and always would be the pure exhibitionist. He wasn’t so sure she wouldn’t just keep on going if a student happened to wander in.

Lisa glanced back at Andy and then Sean. “Either of you boys need a little target practice?”

Andy didn’t hesitate to step forward with a big grin on his face. He took a spot just above her right shoulder, stroking in the direction of her bare torso. She ran a hand up and down his leg encouragingly.

Denby gave Sean a short nod, encouraging him to go ahead and join his friend. A little self-consciously, he took position above Lisa’s other shoulder, enjoying the view of her splayed body beneath him. Her pale skin, even in the dim light, was blotchy with her intense exertion. Given the opportunity, he’d have knelt down and kissed every square inch of her. Memories of her taste and the gentle yield of her full breasts in his hand sent a surge into his cock.

Vida and Denby had quietly worked their way closer by the time Andy reached his climax. His cum splattered across Lisa from shoulder to hip, only a few drops missing and landing on the stage. Lisa moaned in appreciation, tracing the fingers of one hand through the gift while her other worked furiously between her legs.

Sean, taking it in, upped his own pace with a climax imminent. Lisa gasped and clamped her legs together, the orgasm taking full control of her body. The beauty of it nudged him over the top and he felt his cock erupt. Almost as an afterthought, he remember to point down at his friend. The first rope decorated her between throat and breast. He never saw where the second landed.

“What!? The!? Hell!?”

The voice took over the entire auditorium, resonating like a pronouncement from God. Sean’s heart stopped beating as he simultaneously whipped around toward the source while frantically trying to stop his climax and hide his cock back in his shorts. The net result was semen messily covering his hands and shorts while Dr. Weimer, Highland High’s no-nonsense principal, watched uncomprehendingly.

Sean, happily, didn’t know much about their principal. Pressed to speculate on the man’s history, however, he’d have guessed at a lineage including several generations of Marine drill sergeants. The guy was of average height but built like a bulldog. He was old enough to have gray hair, were his head not shaved bald. Even at this distance, with the principal standing in the wings of the stage, Sean thought he could see veins throbbing on that bald pate. His entire posture was erect and quivering.

Everyone else was scrambling to get dressed, just as terrified as he felt. For Andy and Denby, it was a simple matter of tucking in or pulling up. Vida’s skirt, however, was in a pile several feet away, and she was trying to simultaneously cover herself while pulling it back up one-handed.

Lisa’s predicament was on a whole different level, with all of her clothing somewhere out in the seats of the auditorium. That was almost irrelevant beside her compromising position and semen streaked body. His own embarrassment almost vanished under consideration for her state. She was clearly well-aware of the principal, looking his way, but seemed stunned into inaction.

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