But Will It Fit?!

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Chapter 1

Her hand pressed firmly against my face. A hard, sudden, unexpected blow that caused me to slip out of my well earned rest.

“Ouch!” I responded playfully as I pulled her hand off of me.

“Sorry,” she whispers back, still clearly asleep and hardly registering what even happened.

I turn over in bed and saw the time on the alarm clock. I had to wake up in ten minutes anyways. That’s just lovely. I reluctantly start to pull myself up and get out of bed. I grab some random bits of clothing, I don’t care that much about what I wear. As I head for the bathroom I almost trip over myself, clearly still to tired to be up.

I enter into the bathroom and drop the clothing I grabbed onto the floor. I then slip out of my pajamas. They are a simple, crimson red. Almost none descript in how plane they are. I look up and catch myself in the mirror.

Unlike my pajamas, I’m pretty far from none descript. I have very short, blond hair, cut just shy of an army brat’s length. My body is thin, but it’s clear I could very much hold my own in a fight. I have a very dedicated work out habit. My job is not to far away so I walk to it every day that isn’t raining or blistering cold. My eyes are a bright green and I’m a bit on the short side. I tend to wear earrings, but simple ones. A crucifix in each ear. I’m not the biggest fan of makeup, but I do put on a little bit to put my look together. Some black lipstick is what I most often go with. I’m 26, a woman, if that wasn’t already clear, and my name is Trix. My parents are quirky.

I am for sure on the shy side and pretty self conscious in the body department. Despite being together now for four years, Zoey has very rarely seen me naked. We don’t have a very traditional relationship, she does have sex with men on the side after all. We have a very loving relationship, a very sweat one, a very, I can’t function one hundred precent unless I see her by the end of the day one.

There really isn’t any reason for me to be ashamed of my body. As suggested, I’m pretty fit and I’m sure I would get a few more looks from people if I wanted to, of course, I don’t really want to. Besides for my nose, which is dented, the only other thing that really stands out about me is that I have a tattoo on the inner part of each of my arms. They are both dates. On the left arm is the date when Zoey and I first went out. On the right arm is the date where I came out of the closet.

I get in the shower and quickly fly through it. I am task oriented and officiant as I can possibly be. After I clean up and get dried off I slip into the clothing I grabbed. I then wander back into the bedroom, Zoey just starting to pull herself out of her deep rest.

“Hey sleepy head. You thought I was some kind of bogeyman come to take you away?” I say to her.

She stretches out her arms as she looks over at me.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you to bad,” she responds with a smile.

“I’m just glad we live up here in Canada. There wont be any medical bill over it when I have to see the doctor.”

She fakes a laugh in response.

She has very long, curly, black hair. Her body is thin and sleek, her eyes, soft and blue. She keeps herself in good shape as well and is far more fond of makeup and dressing herself up then I am. Currently she was wearing a black nightie that draped lightly over her body. She’s also tall, oh so tall. She towers over me and I can very easy just wrap myself around her and fall to sleep in her chest. I do so love falling to sleep with her body pulled around me, her breasts as a nice little pillow. That and kissing, I love kissing her, oh kissing so passionately sometimes, that is as far as we can go with each other though.

When we first started dating we did try out more. We experimented as it were, but my sex repulsion and us both not being into women in that way, kind of quickly torpedoed that. After we had been together for two months we started talking about the idea of Zoey seeing men on the side. That had gone very well; well, for the most part.

Her last sex partner, a man by the name of Kenneth, had convinced himself to have the wrong idea about her. He showed up at the house once, flowers in hand, spitting out poetry about their TRUE love and how she must belong only to him. There I was standing in full view, right beside Zoey, having to listen to a poem that pretty much said, cause you deep throated me I know our love is real. I know you couldn’t really love Trix at all cause I made you cum so hard. He was an asshole and Zoey rightfully kicked his ass the moment he was done talking.

If you still haven’t put it together, and that can be understandable, I’m asexual. I’m not drawn to other people sexually. I do like the idea of some sexual activities, but I can’t relate them to anyone I kaynarca escort know. People just don’t strike me that way. I am though very much drawn to being with Zoey in our comfy, loving bed, the two of us simply just cuddling together. Zoey on the other hand is a sexuality even less well known then mine.

She’s drawn to making love to men and being in love with women. She is not comfortable dating a man, just wanting him to fuck her without asking any questions, and she very much wants to be in the loving arms of a woman, but to never go farther then that. The proper term is cross orientation, To be attracted to different genders in different ways. Of course having to explain that to someone can get pretty tiresome so she tends to just say she’s bi.

So, we are actually very surprisingly compatible in the bedroom department, we both just want to cuddle with each other. Of course that is not the only thing we have going for us. We both have quirky senses of humour and we can both make each other laugh with ease. We both like a well made horror movie and often get annoyed about over done romance subplots. We both have an odd knowledge of lesser known details and facts. But like all love it really isn’t all the things you have in common, it’s well, it’s the fact that you just are made better by them and want to be with them as much as you can. The tenderness in which Zoey can hold me at times makes me just milt. I sometimes never want her to let me go.

“Now Trix, David is going to be coming over later today for some alone time, so when you get home from work remember to…” Zoey started to go into her standard explanation.

“Knock four times, I know, I know. I would never spoil your fun.” I say back.

“Well, I really need it right now,” she grumbled.

“They are working you to hard at that teaching gig.”

“They are, but this is my one day off so I am going to take full advantage of it.”

“Well taking full advantage of it would be to take me out for a meal tonight once you’re done with David.”

“What place are you thinking of?”

“Oh, I could really go for pigging out for a change. I think you could use that too. There’s that new Chinese restaurant that is close by.”

“Alright, you got yourself a date.”

“Yahoo!!!!” I comically jump up and down in joy.

“Now get going, you’re going to be late for work.”

“Somebody is excited about their alone time with David.”

Zoey quickly tosses a light green pillow at me and I carefully avoid it.

I smile, blushing lightly, and head straight for the door.

Where do I work? Well ironically at the local sex shop. Midnight’s Dungeon, we sell everything; lubes, porn, toys, silly body pillows of anima women, some stuff for animal role play. You name it, we got it. The shelves are full to the brim with random assortments and the store is surprisingly on the large size.

I originally worked there cause I literally couldn’t find anywhere else to, but it turned out I didn’t mind to much. I don’t like being naked in front of anyone, I am a bit sex repulsed after all, but not to much. It’s not to the point where it gets in the way of my job. Besides, the pay is good and the hours have gotten to be pretty flexible.

I stand behind the counter as the day slowly ticks away. The shirt that I slapped on has the tagline of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre written over it. ‘Who will survive and what will be left of them?’ The words are written in red with fake splats of blood around them on a simple black background. My jeans are comfy and warn. I stand there for a significant time, hating on myself for forgetting to grab a new book today to bring with me.

Customers are very slim at the start of the day, not really picking up until very much later on. That’s actually why I like working the morning shift. Some free time just to relax. A knock does come though at the door and I hurriedly head over to answer it.

“Sign here,” a pretty over weight man demands as he jams a clipboard into my face.

I do as told and pick up the delivery.

Said delivery is a box, which is massive. It’s left to reside in the front of the building, just after the door it was dragged in through. I honestly couldn’t remember what it could have been. We order so much random stuff in that it is very easy to not be able to keep track of it all. I grab a trusty exacto knife and open the thing, pulling out one of the mystery items inside.

“Is this a joke item? I’m going to get fired over this for sure,” I say looking down at the thing.

It was a box full of dildos. Nothing odd there of course. But all of these dildos had the name Titan written on them in a bright red lipstick font. The things were massive. I mean, comically so. I mean they couldn’t possibly fit orhanlı escort in someone massive. You would have to use both hands to lift the thing and it was basically like trying to fit a small tree trunk into yourself. It could split a woman like me in half, right down the middle. From the picture on the box you could see it was covered in small little bumps and ridges. It looked like it was battery powered as well. So clearly it was supposed to be used, but how?

Over sized dildos were a common comedy item in a place like this. I remember once We had gotten one that was twice the size of me. But that was the thing, it was a comedy item. You got one or two and somebody bought it as a gag. This was a box full of the things and they were pretty blasted expensive and they were clearly made to be used no matter how ridiculous it was. I was sure I wouldn’t be able to sell any and that was going to be a big problem.

The door smacked open behind me and I jumped with a start. I turned around, breathing heavily only to see a young lady in a red skirt with bright red hair. She had on dorky glasses and wore a very large amount of makeup.

“What’s that?” she asked like a chipmunk.

“Oh, some kind of joke item. Ridiculously big dildos,” I sighed

The girl yanked the one I was holding out of my grip and looked over it.

“I’ve had bigger,” she said.

“What?” I blushed.

“I think I’ll buy it though. The boyfriend could use a night off.”

I just looked at her stunned for a moment. She couldn’t be serious. I admit, I am a very unexperienced woman. You get that way sometimes when you are openly asexual and in a loving, purely romantic relationship. But even I was aware that the thing couldn’t possibly fit inside of someone. She bought it anyways though and quickly left.

The store became empty again and I started the task of trying to price these things. I sat behind the counter, writing down price stickers and slapping them each on these juggernaut items.

As I did this I couldn’t help but to just keep on wondering, just how? How was that little red head going to go about trying to get this thing inside of her? What would she do to pull it off? How much could she stretch herself out, how wet would she have to get? How wet would I have to be to…

I looked down at my jeans and then back over to the Titan in my hands. My privates starting to ach a bit. I was starting to get a bit flustered, a bit light headed, a bit taken with the idea. I started to blush to myself. As said, I do like some sexual ideas. Sometimes something can get me pretty curious even though I can’t relate that to others. This, this was getting me pretty curious.

The idea now of having this thing inside of me, that hit me just right. I was inexperienced, I only masturbated like twice a week, and often just softly with my hands above my underwear. I had never been penetrated. But, but the idea of this thing just going into me. Being jammed, deep inside of me to the point where it might be stuck in there for good. Filling me up fully and completely and then me turning on the power full force. It jamming in deep into me. It spinning around. My body being knocked down by its pure power.

I placed the dildo down on the counter and got up from where I sat. My hands then went straight to my jeans. Because of where I stood my hands would have been covered by the counter if someone came in, but they wouldn’t be covered very well. If I was caught doing this I would be rightfully fired. The idea of having to explain to Zoey that I got fired for jerking off at work was beyond dismaying.

I knew I should stop there and then, but I couldn’t. I started to unhook the belt of my jeans, I undid the top button, and I slid my pants lightly down. My right hand touched my white panties. They were already so wet. They were drenched.

I started rubbing my palm over them, up and down.

“Mmmmm,” I started to moan.

I needed to go all the way with this. It was still early, there was still a chance nobody would enter. Even if the place was stuffed I wouldn’t have cared though.

I yanked down my panties and my fingers started to play with my clit. My left hand stuck its middle finger softly into the lips of my pussy. As you can guess I don’t really bother to shave to much down there and even though I only had one finger inside myself, it was still tight as Hell.

My middle finger darted around inside of myself. It being my first time going to this extreme I didn’t find my most sensitive spots, but the intensity of it was still surprising all the same. My right hand stopped playing with my clit. I wished I had three hands, my clit throbbed, it still wanted more, but I wanted something else too.

My right hand felt up around my butt. I grabbed my backside tepeören escort tightly and then much like with my pussy, I slipped my middle finger into my ass. It darted around and I started to moan a lot more significantly.

“Fuck!” I said as I started to slip a second finger inside of my ass.

This wasn’t good. It wasn’t good at all. I knew right then and there I would have to buy that stupid ridiculously large and ridiculously over priced dildo and I wouldn’t even be able to fit it inside of myself. And what would happen if Zoey caught me with it? Oh God that would be so embarrassing.

“You like, you like being fucked?” I imagined her saying, looking down on me with disrespect. I had my pants down around my feet with this mammoth sized plastic dick partially inside of me.

“No! I like being filled. I don’t want to fuck I just, I just,” I pleaded to her. The Titan was spinning around wildly, my eyes rolling back in my head.

“I just want it jammed so deep inside of me it will never come out,” I actually said outload.

I started to finger myself, both the front and back, furiously. I was stabbing myself with my fingers like I was a wild animal and I, myself, was my own prey. My body was no longer under my control. It was going to make me cum weather I liked it or not.

My vagina then wrapped itself tightly around my left middle finger. My body shook and juices from myself spilled out. I came, I came so hard I almost lost my balance. I felt dizzy as I quickly tried to slip back on my panties and jeans.

Then the very second I got them back on the next customer came in. An older, well dressed gentleman.

I breathed deeply. My head was still a buzz, it was going to be that way for awhile.

‘That was so close,’ I thought to myself. He had almost stumbled in on me finger baning my butt! What the Hell had I been thinking?

And then to my pure horror he also bought a Titan. The moment He saw the thing he slapped down the money he had and then he was on his marry little way.

Well now I had to buy the thing just to see what all the hype was about.

The one I purchased was a dark purple. I had it stuffed behind my back in a bag as I walked home. Oh how I wished I would have driven to work. It was only six in the afternoon, the sun nowhere close to setting. This was so embarrassing, but none the less I had been compelled to purchase the item. If I could get in quick enough maybe I could sneak in without Zoey finding out about it.

From the fantasy I had of Zoey catching me in the act with this toy, you may think I don’t trust her enough. No, that is all me. My parents still haven’t accepted my sexuality. My sister came down on me very hard about it, giving me a speech about how once I bumped into the right man he would charm me over and then I would actually grow up. You hear stuff like that and it makes it so when you do want to try out sexual things you just don’t like yourself for it. I had grown a bad habit of sometimes doubting my sexuality. I think sadly it’s pretty common for people like me.

But, even if I was embarrassed and uncomfortable with the idea of using this toy on myself, I still had to do it. I still needed to at least try to get this big thing inside of me.

I walked up to the door of my home in a very hurried way. Our house was two levels, counting the unfinished basement. It had a bedroom, a kitchen and a dinning room which were the same room, a living room and a study for the computer. It was nice, small, and all we needed. The walls were all painted a simple white and it gave off this whole cozy feel. Its lawn though was a bit more impressive. A big, intimidating tree stood up, its leaves a striking green.

I opened the door and rushed inside. There was no lights on in the main area. A bit of light came spilling out from the bedroom, but the kitchen and dinning room beside it were nice and empty. There was still plenty of light coming through the windows for me to still do what I needed to. I pulled open the doors under the sink in the kitchen. Our big house clean was two days from today, I kept to my schedule like a religion, so it should be safe under there for now. I would have to find a better place to hide it tomorrow. I stuck the dildo in there and closed the door.

I breathed a sigh of relief. There, Zoey would be none the wiser. I was safe, for now.

I stood up tall and made my way to the bedroom. I approached the light streaming out of there, ready to stumble in on Zoey reading one of her alien invasion books. I entered into the room and then it dawned on me why she actually hadn’t heard me enter.

David’s hardened cock was deep inside Zoey’s ass. He sat underneath her as she sat on top of him, his muscular arms around her, his hands on her vagina. They were both butt naked and as I walked in on them they both looked at me with a slight bit of panic.

I covered my eyes, blushing wildly. I lowered my head and knocked on the wall beside me four times. I felt like I could drown in the embarrassment.

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