A Couple Couples

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Double Penetration

The sky couldn’t be any bluer and the weather couldn’t be more perfect. Doug and Melissa had been looking forward for weeks to a double date with their close friends, Tom and Janine. Both couples had dropped their kids off with a babysitter, a mutual friend who agreed to watch all the kids together, and since it was a summer Friday night, there was no need to be back until late. They had chosen to meet their friends at Bar Lentill in Houston, a place that Doug and Melissa had fallen in love with for the secluded and adult atmosphere and for the incredible food and drinks.

Parking on a Friday night was always a challenge. Since they dropped the kids off together, the two couples had car pooled which made it a little easier to find a spot. Doug found a four-hour spot on the street, only three blocks from the restaurant, but the walk would be enjoyable on such a fine evening. The four climbed out of the car and gathered on the sidewalk while Doug started the meter on his phone. Taking Melissa’s hand, he started up the street, Tom and Janine following a few feet behind, also hand in hand.

“So how did you find this place?” Janine inquired.

“We were walking around Houston on a date night last summer and passed up several other places that were too busy before we made it into Bar Lentill. The food was spectacular!”

“I hope so. I’m starving to death!” Tom joked. Janine smacked him in the butt and told him he’d better behave.

The couples had decided to dress up a bit for the night. The guys were both in khakis and dress shirts while the ladies were both in nice summer dresses. Enjoying the chance to adult for an evening, both ladies were treating their husbands to a little more cleavage than normal. While waiting for a table, the couples stood next to each other watching the activity of the restaurant. Doug put his arm around Melissa’s exposed arms and pulled her close in a half-hug and kissed her gently on the top of the head. Tom and Janine were still holding hands.

Finally, the waitress came to seat the foursome, introducing herself as Heidi. They wound up in a back room which could probably seat ten to fifteen people, but they were the only ones there, in a back table with high booths. “Is this okay?” the waitress asked cheerfully.

Tom responded first, “This looks great.” The ladies sat down and scooched into the seats and the men sat down on the outside. The waitress handed each of them a menu and a drink menu and said that she’d be back in a moment to take drink orders.

Sure enough, Heidi returned a moment later with four ice waters and took their drink orders. Janine and Melissa both ordered moscatos while Doug ordered a local stout and Tom asked for a red wine. When the drinks arrived all four ordered their food.

Heidi collected the menus and left the room. The four sat there for a moment staring at each other until they all started chuckling. Melissa was the first to speak. “I thought it was just Doug and me that run out of stuff to talk about when we actually go out on a date.”

Doug added on, “Yeah, I always have things to talk about the next time we’re alone together, but then we actually sit down and there aren’t any kids and and it’s just the two of us and my mind goes blank!” Taking only a second sip of his beer, he added, “It’s probably just the alcohol.”

Everyone laughed and Janine responded playfully, “Yeah, Doug, you’re such a lightweight with your beer. I’m sure that’s what it is.”

Tom finally piped in. “Yeah, we have the same problem. We always have so much to talk about and nothing to say. Of course with me, I think I just stare at my beautiful wife and want to take her back to an empty house and get that dress off her!”

Melissa shot back, “Hey now! What you two do after your date nights is up to you, but right now the dresses are staying on.” Looking over to Doug, she half-whispered, “So sorry; I’m sure you’d like nothing more than to get this off, but it’s not gonna happen. You’d have to get a lot more wine in me than this.” And with that she took a large sip of her moscato.

Grinning at Tom, Doug responded, “I’ll find Heidi. I’m sure that could be arranged!” Melissa responded this time by smacking his leg and again, the whole table laughed.

Heidi arrived again, this time to take the food orders. They decided to skip appetizers in hopes that they’d all have room for dessert, but it still seemed like a long shot. Melissa and Janine were both making good progress with their glasses of moscato, while Doug and Tom were downing more water than anything. Silence covered the table once again and Doug was the first to break it this time. “We should have brought a deck of cards; we could have gotten a Euchre game in before the food arrives.” Looking around the table, he then noted, “Of course, I’d be stuck with Janine, and we don’t do so hot together.”

“Yeah, that hasn’t worked out well for you guys,” Tom put in. “But Melissa and I could rack up another win!”

Janine laughed, then quipped, “I know! We can kocaeli escort play truth or dare! It’ll be like high school… only the answers might be a bit more risque.” Again, the whole table chuckled, uncertain how serious she was. “Melissa, you’re first. Truth or dare?”

Melissa suddenly felt a little uneasy. Taking another sip of wine, she hoped the alcohol might settle her nerves a bit. She grabbed Doug’s leg under the table for some moral support and finally answered Janine. “I’ll take dare, I guess, but it can’t be too bad.”

“Bad? You think I’d give you a bad dare?!” Melissa couldn’t tell how to take that. “Fine, we’ll go easy on you this time. I dare you to kiss Doug. French kiss, right here at the table.”

Well that didn’t seem too bad. Somewhat jokingly, Melissa puckered her lips and straightened her hair out, then adjusted her dress a bit. Looking over at Doug, she gave him a longing stare and in her best lustful impression said, “Kiss me!”

Doug didn’t mind in the least. He laid his hand gently on Melissa’s cheek and their lips met. The kiss only lasted about ten seconds, but there was certainly tongue involved. Melissa slowly pulled away and turned back to Tom and Janine, blushing a bit. “Well, that wasn’t so bad.”

Doug looked back at her. “Wasn’t so bad? I’ll say. I thought it was pretty nice!” Looking back across the table, Doug jumped in. “Alright, Janine, since you went there, truth or dare?”

“Oh, I think I’ll go with truth. I’m scared to think what kind of dare you might dream up in here.”

“Hmm. Alright. Where’s the weirdest place you and Tom have ever made out?”

“Oh, I know. Well, it’s not as bad as it could be, but it was pretty awkward at the time. We were in a doctor’s office; it was my annual checkup at the OB’s office. Tom had come with me because I was a bit uncomfortable with my new – male – OB, and he agreed to come along. I had to change into my gown and take everything off, but before I got the gown on, Tom came up from behind and turned me around and just started kissing me! We giggled like a couple of school kids, but I went very quickly from awkward to wicked turned on, so I just let him keep going. Hands were all over the place…” Janine paused for a moment and, realizing what she was saying, backed things down just a bit. “Well, the doctor knocked on the door and I gasped and almost shrieked, ‘Not quite ready! Just a sec!’ I quickly got dressed and ready for my exam, but I giggled through the whole thing. I’m sure the doctor knew we’d been up to something because when he started… I mean, I was… Crap. Enough truth! Your turn, Doug!”

And with that, Janine took a huge drink of wine while everyone else at the table bust up laughing. Doug gave Tom knuckles for a job well done, resulting in more laughing. This time, Melissa spoke up. “Alright, my love. Truth or dare.”

“Why are you asking me? Anything I say will implicate you as well, ya know.”

“Well, I was hoping you might say dare.”

“Then I’m definitely not saying dare! I don’t even want to know what you’ve got cooking in that mind of yours.” To add to the awkward banter between Doug and Melissa, Janine ran her toes slowly up Melissa’s bare leg, inside the dress skirt. Melissa’s eyes bulged and she smacked Doug on the arm.

“How about you keep your hands to yourself, then. If you don’t want a dare, you don’t get to touch me.”

“What? I haven’t done anything! What are you talking about?”

Janine was laughing so hard she was turning red. “It’s my fault. I ran my toe up your leg. I didn’t actually think I’d fool you, though!”

Melissa settled down a bit. “Well, you keep your toes to yourself, too! It’s bad enough I have to worry about this one groping me in public, I don’t need two of you!” Melissa turned back to Doug when the laughing finally subsided. “Alright, truth then. Tell us the most awkward place we’ve had sex.”

Doug was a little shocked she’d ask a question that blunt. The wine must be really good. “Well, you were there, my love, so I guess I might as well be upfront about it. Melissa worked for a guy from our fitness club several years ago and sometimes I’d drop her off and pick her up after I was done working. One day I was a bit late getting there, and Larry was already gone for the day, so it was just the two of us in his whole office. After Melissa had gone to the bathroom, I jumped her with a huge kiss and one thing led to another. We gave each other hand jobs right there on the hallway floor, but I think that counts!”

It was Tom’s turn to give Doug a fist bump, and the table continued in uncontrollable laughter for a couple more minutes. When things settled down a bit, Doug looked over to Tom. “Well, it’s your turn I suppose. Truth or dare?”

Tom looked playfully at Janine. “I don’t know how much further you can go with the truth, so I think I’m going to have to say dare.”

“Fair enough. I’m not sure Janine can handle laughing that hard much longer. She’s about to explode, I think.”

“That’s kocaeli escort bayan what she said,” Tom quickly added. More laughter.

“Yes, thank you. Anyway. I dare you to… make out with Janine’s hand for thirty seconds.” Tom gave Doug a great, “Are you kidding me?” glare and then took Janine’s hand. He kissed it all over and then sucked each finger separately. Then he started making his way up her arm with gentle kisses before stopping at her shoulder.

“That’s more than enough! You’re going to have to leave it at that. Besides, I think that’s our food.” Sure enough, Heidi had just come into the room carrying a big tray with all four meals. Apparently she’d seen a little bit of the last dare, though, because when she handed Tom’s plate to him she quipped, “How about you stick to eating this. I’m sure it’s not as good looking, but it tastes fantastic!” Janine blushed and looked back to the table. She looked up to Melissa who gave her a reassuring smile.

During the meal, conversation mostly returned to normal, though a couple more stories did come up about making out outdoors, at an old church building, and rooms around the house where each couple had gotten it on. Both of the guys made frequent caresses of their wife’s legs, backs, shoulders and hair. They were also stealing glances down the dresses when they could afford to, and both wives noticed the regular glances, grinning at each other when a husband was caught.

When Heidi returned to collect the plates, the guys asked for coffees while the women stated they needed to visit the ladies room. Tom and Doug let them slide out and enjoyed the view as they slowly wandered toward the bathroom.

When they got to the ladies room, they were relieved to find no one else in there. Janine spoke up first. “Man, if we keep this up, we’ll have to tell the babysitters to keep the kids all night and we’ll have to get hotel rooms!”

Melissa chuckled. “Yeah, no kidding! I keep pushing Doug’s advances away, but he’s seriously got me turned on. I don’t know about all night, but we may just have to get some rooms for a couple hours before we pick up the kids! I’m so horny I could rip my own dress off me!”

Janine gasped at the language and the laughed out loud. “I can’t believe you said that! But I’m feeling the same way. Tom hasn’t been this frisky in a long time! I so enjoy our date nights when we don’t have to worry about kids! Adulting is fun when it’s like this!”

“Well, we’re going to have to compose ourselves for a while yet. We’re certainly not starting anything at the restaurant, and we’re not into foursomes! I wonder what the guys are doing out there.”

“Oh, they’re probably talking about work or something. Not a chance they’re having discussions about being…” Janine changed to an exasperated whisper before finishing her thought. “Horny!” They both laughed hysterically and again composed themselves at the mirror before returning to their husbands. Who, for the record, had been talking about the quality of the coffee and good places to find other quality roasts.

Heidi had returned with the dessert menu and given the couples a few minutes to look them over. “Why don’t we get dessert to go and then we can crash at our place for a while before we have to pick the kids up?” Doug suggested. “I think the cheesecake sounds amazing, but I’m going to have to give it some time before I’ll have room! And another nice cup of coffee.”

Tom responded first. “I think that’s a good idea. We told the babysitter we might be out past midnight and it’s not even eight yet. No way we can call it a night yet!” The ladies both agreed and finished off their wine. Moments later the bills were paid and the couples exited onto the street with dessert in one hand and the spouse’s hand in the other. The evening was still warm and the late sun felt amazing. Melissa caught Janine’s eye at one point and they both chuckled.

Doug looked at his wife and said, “Hey. What’s got you two giggling?”

“Absolutely nothing. I have no idea what you’re talking about. We’re just girls being girls. I love you.”

“I love you too. But I’m not sure I buy that explanation.” With that, Doug opened the door and let Melissa climb in, stealing one more glance down the front of her dress before closing the door and going around to get in the driver’s seat.

When they arrived home, they opened the sliding glass doors in the living room and let some fresh air in. The girls both kicked off their shoes. Melissa sat down on the loveseat while Janine laid out on the couch. “What a wonderful evening!” Janine exclaimed, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. “How about those desserts?”

“Sure thing,” Doug responded. “And would you all like coffee?”

“Actually, I don’t think I want something hot to drink,” Melissa said.

Janine suggested instead, “Yeah, how about another glass of wine? I think the first one is all worn off by now. I’m always up for wine!” Melissa laughed and nodded in agreement.

Doug kocaeli escort poured four more glasses of wine, giving the women quite a bit more than usual. He brought the wine into the living room while Tom brought in the desserts on plates.

“What are you trying to do? Get us drunk?!” Melissa asked Doug as he handed her the wine glass.

“Drunk wasn’t my first thought. Besides, you’re a sleepy drunk. I was more hoping to take you somewhere else.” Melissa smacked him in the butt and Janine chuckled as she’d watched the exchange. Tom was standing at the door looking out over the back yard.

“Did you guys ever get the pool running?”

“No, I’m still ready to shoot that stupid thing,” Doug answered. “But, we did get the hot tub running. That had fewer problems.”

Janine sat up. “Hey! We should hang out in the hot tub after dessert. Wine goes well with hot tubs!”

Tom sat down next to his wife. “Well, that sounds amazing, but we didn’t exactly bring our swimsuits.”

“Well,” Doug said, “you could borrow a pair of my trunks, but that doesn’t help Janine. But, aren’t a bra and panties about the same as a swimsuit for girls?” Doug laughed at his own joke, until Melissa slugged him in the arm. “Ouch! I was joking. Well, half joking anyway. I guess you could see if Melissa has something you could borrow.”

Melissa said that she’d see what she could find but was pretty sure she only had one one-piece so she’d need to share a two-piece.

“I’m sure Tom won’t mind that,” Doug said with a grin.

“Nope, absolutely won’t mind. Of course, I would have been good with the underwear!” This time, Janine smacked her husband on the leg.

“You two are terrible!” Melissa exclaimed.

When everyone was done with dessert, Doug went to change into his swimsuit and brought one down for Tom. He changed in the bathroom and the guys went outside to get the hot tub ready. Melissa and Janine went up to Melissa’s bedroom to see what swimsuits they could find. Melissa laid out three two-pieces for Janine to choose from and Janine picked one up. “Wait a second. If I have to wear a two-piece, so do you. It’s only fair Doug gets to see your skin if Tom gets to see mine!”

With that, Janine started taking her dress off. “Do you mind unzipping me?” she asked Melissa.

“Not at all.” Melissa pulled down Janine’s zipper and the dress dropped to the floor. She turned around and asked in return, “And could you get my zipper too?”

“Sure thing.” Janine returned the favor and Melissa’s dress also fell to the floor and she picked it up and tossed it to the bed. Janine had stripped off the rest of her clothes and was pulling on the selected swimsuit. Melissa turned to pick up another of the suits and Janine couldn’t help but look at her amazing breasts, particularly her hardened nipples. “Wow, Melissa, cold?”

Melissa blushed when she saw Janine’s gaze. She quickly covered herself with the top of the swimsuit and responded, “Heck no, Janine! I’m still wicked turned on and none of this is helping! You think these are something,” and to add emphasis she pulled her top back down exposing her hardened nipples, “I’m dripping wet about two feet lower!”

Janine finished putting her top on and said, “Yeah, I hear ya. I’m in the exact same boat. You know what we should do.. we should go turn the tables and torture the guys. They want to get us all,” pausing again, “horny like this, we should be able to fight back!”

The two women finished tying the straps for one another and then headed out to the hot tub. They were both wrapped in towels and came out to the edge of the hot tub where their husbands were relaxing. They both slowly removed the towels, receiving several whistles in response from the guys. The fun had only just begun though.

Both women crawled slowly and seductively over the edge and into the hot tub. Both husbands got long, intentional views of their wife’s breasts. Instead of sitting next to their husbands, though, they each climbed in onto their husbands’ laps facing them and blocking their views of the other couple. Melissa leaned forward against Doug and began kissing him passionately. “Show me that french kiss again, my love, but this time please don’t stop.” With that, she went back to kissing him, and he obeyed without hesitation.

Janine straddled Tom on the other side of the hot tub, pressing herself against his chest while pulling on his arms. They also shared a very intimate kiss. Doug reached his arms around Melissa and pulled her in tightly as they continued to kiss. But looking over her shoulder he noticed Tom was removing Janine’s bikini top.

Stopping the kiss abruptly and grinning, Doug piped up. “Hey, what’s going on over there?!”

Tom didn’t look up and Janine didn’t stop kissing his neck. “You’ve got your own girl. You’ll figure it out.” With that, Tom went back to his own french kiss.

Melissa sat up for a moment and grinned playfully back at Doug. “I can see you’re a little shy, so let me help you out.” With that she reached behind and untied her own bikini straps, letting the top slowly slide down her arms and wrapping it around Doug’s neck like a tie. She then pulled his hands up from the water and cupped one around each breast. Lustfully she said, “Making sense now?”

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