Locked Down But Not Out Redux

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Gregor was playing an online board game when a direct message landed in his inbox. It was his third week of government enforced ‘shielding’ from the coronavirus pandemic. He suffered from severe asthma and was trying to find things to keep himself busy, to keep his anxiety in check, and, in turn, keep his breathing from deteriorating.

Recently, he had just broken up with his girlfriend, and unrelatedly, turned vegan. When he began to think about dating again, joining a Facebook vegan singles group seemed like the ultimate, “Well duh!” move.

Disappointingly, just about everyone in the group seemed to be from another country. People from the UK were thin on the ground and people from his own country seemed about as rare as the fabled Loch Ness monster. Still, they were a nice bunch of people and the banter was good. Plus, the fact that he was unlikely to ever meet any of the women he spoke to emboldened him to do a bit of harmless flirting.

About a week ago he saw a post in the group asking if anyone was up for a virtual pub quiz. Gregor, who loved a bit of a pub quiz with his mates, said to count him in. A date was set. He had totally forgotten about it when, four days later, he got a message saying that the quiz was about to start in 25 minutes. He was in the middle of playing an online board game with his friend. “Sorry buddy,” he said into his headset, “we’ll have to finish this later.”

Gregor poured himself a drink (Tia Maria and Coke, he’d run out of his usual, beer) and sat down in front of his laptop. He clicked the link on his message and joined the video chat.

He was greeted by a mirror image of himself. “Holy shit!” he said to no one in particular, “I look like shit!” Before he had started playing online games with his friend he had been gardening in an old Rick and Morty t-shirt and a pair of off-white joggers. They were both splattered in mud. “No, this won’t do,” he thought, “this won’t do at all.”

Luckily he still had 5 minutes before the quiz was meant to start. He ran upstairs, grabbed a nice pair of shorts and a pair of skinny blue jeans. He hastily threw them back on as he headed downstairs, narrowly avoiding tripping as he went. When he arrived back at his laptop bursa escort his fellow quizzers were beginning to arrive. “This is a total meat-free sausage-fest,” he muttered under his breath.

There were four video windows, including his own, and each was filled with guys in their thirties and forties. He couldn’t believe he’d put a shirt on for this shit. The one glimmer of hope was there were a couple of ladies taking part, but he couldn’t see them as they didn’t have their cameras on. He guessed they were shy. One was from Hungary and called Hanna and the other was called Amita, she didn’t say or type a word so he guessed she could be from anywhere.

The quiz got underway, it was mildly diverting, but he felt bad for the quiz master as despite his best efforts there was no banter or interaction between the participants. Gregor tried his best to enter into the spirit of things, but it felt more like a mandatory business meeting than a shits and giggles, fun activity.

During a short break Gregor grabbed another drink and logged back in. The only other person that was already back was Hanna. She still didn’t have her camera on but they started talking about the lockdown and she seemed to really open up. Every so often she would flick on her webcam, then she would laugh shyly and switch it back off again.

He didn’t know why she was so shy, she looked pretty damn good to him. Olive skinned with big brown eyes, her dark brown hair cut in a coquettish bob. It was a style that, for some reason, Gregor had always found unbelievably sexy. For the first time in a long, long time he felt a desire stir in him.

The rest of the participants returned to their laptops causing Hanna to turn off her webcam for the duration of the remaining questions. After the quiz, the host went through the motions of reading out the answers. One by one everyone turned off their webcams, glad that the disappointing affair was finally over. Just as Gregor’s mouse was poised over the red x in the corner of the app, a new webcam window binked on.

“Hiya”, said Hanna smiling coyly as she gave a little wave. The pair made a little bit of small talk. However, Gregor had to admit that he felt a little uneasy when she bursa escort bayan blurted out, “Do you like to fool around?” He sputtered and stammered like the foppish romantic lead in a Richard Curtis comedy. “Yes, yes I guess I do,” he finally managed to spit out. “But you’re in Hungary and I’m in Scotland, so unless you have access to a private jet and some PPE equipment, it isnae happening.”

“I meant wirtually, silly,” Hanna’s Eastern European voice was so thick with sex appeal that it turned “v’s into sexy “w’s”. “Oh, how does that work?” Gregor replied, feeling a slight sense of anxiety at being yanked out of his comfort zone. The anxiety was accompanied by an undeniable, and pressing arousal. “Don’t worry,” Hanna purred, “I’ll talk you through it.”

“I want you to close your eyes and open the top two buttons of your shirt. Can you feel my soft hands gently stroking the side of your face?” Gregor moaned in the affirmative. “Good, thenI push you against the wall and I lean in to kiss you. You can feel my hot breath whisper against your lips but just as you open your mouth to kiss me I pull back. I toy with you awhile and when our tongues finally entwine it’s that much sweeter.”

When Gregor opened his eyes again Hannah had already taken off her red cashmere blouse, and was beginning to slip out of her black, lacy bra. She caught his eye, never diverting her gaze as her full, pendulous breasts freed themselves of their lacy moorings. They didn’t drop far though, as they were pert and plump. He was slightly surprised at how pale and pink her areola were. Her darker, tanned hands fell on the polka dots, pinching her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, like an erotic “ok” gesture.

“Do you like what you see?” It was all Gregor could do to nod yes. He could hardly believe this was the same person who 10 minutes ago was too shy to even turn on her video camera. “Let me see how much you like it, zoom your webcam out and tilt it down.” He acquiesced and revealed his skinny jean clad crotch, his dick was already straining against the denim, making its presence known. “Take out your cock”, Hanna said forcefully, “I want to see it.”

Gregor’s horniness battled his self consciousness escort bursa for a split second, but really it was no contest. Unzipping his jeans and pulling down his boxer shorts caused his engorged penis to spring out with such force that there was almost a little bit of an aftershock, like a dart quivering in a dart board after being thrown with force.

Hanna giggled, “I guess you are ready.” She moistened her fingertip with her tongue and ran it over her plump red lips. “I want you to run the tip of your finger gently over the tip of your penis so you can just feel it and no more … does that feel good, I bet it feels like my tongue.” Suddenly feeling brave, Gregor said “lift up your skirt and slide your panties to the side. I want to see if you’re wet.” She did, and she was.

She continued to guide his masturbation, simultaneously fingering herself and rubbing her clit. At her prompting Gregor imagined he was inside her. He was surprised at how real it felt as he got more excited and started breathing rapidly. Hanna pulled her right leg to one side, and pulled her velvety, glistening pussy lips wide open. He hadn’t thought he could get any harder but it turned out he was wrong. His penis became even more engorged and he started stroking it more and more rapidly.

Hanna was obviously turned on by her effect on him and they were both beginning to get close now. “I’m nearly there”, Hanna gasped, “I want you to come inside me.” Gregor let go, his orgasm freeing itself in creamy, juddering spurts. When Hanna saw this she too began to cum, her eyes fell back in her head, her gorgeous face flush with blood and sensuality.

As they started to compose themselves and put their clothes back on Gregor was just about to say something when another video chat window suddenly popped up. It was Amita, she had been here the whole time, her audio and webcam muted. “That was so hot!” she exclaimed. Hanna looked like she had seen a ghost and immediately her window disappeared. Panic-ing Gregor followed hot on her heel, managing to a flustered “goodbye” as he did so.

For a few weeks after Gregor logged on to the virtual quiz but Hanna never appeared again. He even searched among the members of the Facebook group for traces of her but came up short. “I guess I’ve just had my first virtual one night stand,” he pondered. When he looked back on it he felt a little bit sad about what might have been, but aroused by the thought of what actually did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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